About LibertarianMicrofiche.com

If you’d paid attention to the Union Of Egoists site you’ll have noticed a great deal of material has been pulled from the Libertarian Microfiche Project that was run by John Zube from 1978 to around 2002. Over the course of time Mr. Zube committed about 500,000 pages of libertarian, anarchist, free market and other related material to microfiche in a series he called Peace Plans.

I have registered http://www.libertarianmicrofiche.com and resurrected the index to the Peace Plans from the grave of archive.org. To get an idea of the magnitude and importance of his work and the archive, spend a few minutes browsing the site.

We are establishing an archive of the microfiche here in North America, so that the work done by Mr. Zube and all those that he’s archived will not be lost.