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HOUSING, FOR EMERGENCIES: DACHHAUS or Roof House (A frame) or emergency accommodation for victims of catastrophes. Can be quickly erected out of steel. Clipping, German, 1p, in PP 1393: 119. Tents are not as solid but cheaper to build & transport. – J.Z.



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HUMAN EVENTS, Leaflet, 1 page, on which 100 conservatives express their views on its first 25 years. Extreme magnification would be needed if you actually want to read their views on it. Since such praise rarely contains positive ideas, I did not bother to magnify and hand-correct the tiny and flawed print. But I liked much of what I have seen of this journal, whenever, very rarely, I did come across a copy & had time to browse in it. Kraus International Publications offers at least the years 1944-62 & 67-70, on microfiche, but at a high price. – Regarding microfiche the conservatives may be less conservative than libertarians and anarchists are. Another and more legible 1p adv. is on sheet 171, in PP 1457/62. – It might cost HUMAN EVENTS less to get ALL of its back issues microfiched, through a micrographic agency, than Kraus IP charges for one incomplete set. Then H.E. could get duplicates made and offer them for sale on its own account. It would have to get them produced them only upon demand, in small batches, just like I do, i.e., with a minimum outlay and risk. Will it be as “progressive” or conservative towards its own back issues as that? Could it persuade at least a significant number of its conservative fans to resort to microfiche reading? Would it recognize its chance to publish additional books and pamphlets in this way? – J.Z.

HUMAN NATURE & CAPITALISM, See: CRUM, RICHARD H. Capitalism and Human Nature, 5pp: 519, in PP 1529-33.

HUMAN RIGHTS CLAIMS THAT ARE NOT GENUINE, see Beckerath’s 10 points of 6 Dec. 60, in 589/90.HUMAN RIGHTS CONVENTION, 1995, called A Festival of Rights, 6pp program, sent by L.A., in PP 479.

HUMAN RIGHTS DECLARATIONS, See: READ, LEONARD E., Every Person Should Be Free…, 1p: 456, in PP 1529-33. – His short human rights declaration. – Let individuals also be free to choose, for themselves only, a condition of non-freedom, as long as they can stand it. See: ON PANARCHY. – J.Z.

HUMAN RIGHTS DRAFT, by U.v.Beckerath, E.M. Zube & J. Zube, 29x, in PP 506, 36x in PP 61-63, 24x in PP 4, 48x in PP 589/590.HUMAN RIGHTS vs. PROPERTY RIGHTS? 679. HUMAN RIGHTS, 4, 16-18, 61-63, 174/76, 386, 399-401, 418/19p288, 506, 589, 590, 616/17, 683/85, 740, 864, 918, 931, 961, 995, 1006, 1010, 1020, 1052-61 (LA Historical Notes 7, Foreing Policy Perspectives 18), 1124, 1132, 1139, 1170, see MONETARY FREEDOM, RIGHTS, NATURAL LAW, NATURAL RIGHTS, LAW, LEGISLATION, MILITIA.

HUMAN RIGHTS, D-DAY, Decriminalization Day: Bill of Rights, Voidwhere Prohibited by Law, 2pp leaflet, in PP 1,010.

HUMAN RIGHTS, INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR HUMAN RIGHTS, ISHR, 2pp leaflet of a National Section of Die Internationale Gesellschaft fuer Menschenrechte, in PP 1,006. (According to my experience it is hard to interest these people in INDIVIDUAL & ECONOMIC rights. – J.Z.)


HUMAN RIGHTS, MILITIA, TORTURE, RESISTANCE, SOLDIERS: Rights Soldier Faces Jail Term, clipping, May 95, 1/4p, in PP 1239, about a soldier concerned about the torture of political prisoners in Haiti. No matter how wrongful governments acts, they still have the law on their side, especially against those who actively resist them. Any effective and rightful volunteer militia must be inspired by and organized in accordance with individual rights. – J.Z.

HUMAN RIGHTS, Natural Law, in PP 961. See Natural Law.

HUMAN RIGHTS, Postpischil, Eric & Committee for the Bill of Rights, in PP 961.


HUMAN RIGHTS, See: ANONYMOUS, Ethical Theory, Ethics, Human Rights, Literature. Bibliography, Survey of Websites and Bibliographies, n.d., 3pp, in PP 1534: 90. – I miss a survey of discussions of genuine individual human rights. – J.Z.

HUMAN RIGHTS, See: ASHFORD, NIGEL, Human Rights: What they Are & what they Are not, 95, 2pp, in PP 1334/35: 139.HUMAN RIGHTS, See: MACHAN, TIBOR R., Human Rights and Human Liberties, 1p review by JACK WHEELER, in PP 1367/68: 132.

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HUMAN RIGHTS, See: SULLIVAN, MARK A., Last Rights, 2pp: 26, in PP 1505.

HUMAN RIGHTS, See: THORNLEY, KERRY WENDELL, Human Rights and Rational Behaviour, 3pp: 23, in PP 1505. – He defines “rights” as “what humans need IN ORDER TO FUNCTION RATIONALLY.” Also: “Rights are the maintenance requirements of the machine known as the human animal.” – I would rather say that they are self-responsibilities that make self-maintenance possible and easy, IF ALL the economic individual rights are included as well. – J.Z., 27.5.98.

HUMAN RIGHTS: POLLS, DAVID, Human Rights and the Draft, 1p, in PP 1378/81: 320.

HUMAN RIGHTS: TAYLOR, JOAN KENNEDY, The Rights of Man, 2pp, in PP 1376: 33.

HUMAN RIGHTS: WALKER, KARL, Demokratie und Menschenrechte, 1947, 104 S., in PP 1360: 21. – Er tritt hier ein fuer Experimentierfreiheit fuer Minderheiten, z.B. auf S. 100. Vergl. “On Panarchy”.

HUMANE STUDIES REVIEW, THE, A Research and Study Guide, Published by the INSTITUTE FOR HUMANE STUDIES. Originally edited by DAVID M. HART. INCOMPLETE. For years I tried in vain to get a complete set, e.g. from its former editor and by a visit to the Institute. The first one who sends me a missing copy, in original or, better still, an excellent photocopy, can get 5 LMP microfiche of his choice in return. I am no longer willing to delay any further the fiching of the copies that I do have on hand: I/1 -4; II/1-4; III/1 & 2; IV/1-3; V/1 & 2; VI/1 & 2 ( Winter 1988-89), 244pp 1-244, in PP 1463/64.

HUMANE STUDIES REVIEW, Vol. 9, no. 1, Summer 1994, 14pp, in PP 1541/42: 253.


HUMANISM, PP 1076. (In Dutch?)

HUMANIST SOCIETY, NSW, 1p leaflet, 29x, in PP 724.

HUMANISTISCHE PARTEI, 14pp, 36x, in PP 876.

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HUMBOLDT, WILHELM von, The Sphere and Duties of Government, translated by Joseph Coulthard, 1854, 203pp, 24x, PP 205. (“Ideas in an attempt to define the limits of the effectiveness of the State” – is a more accurate rendition of the original German title. – J.Z.)

HUMBOLDT, WILHELM von, Vom Geiste der Menschlichkeit, 153 S., mit 1 S. Anmerkungen von Ulrich von Beckerath, 29x, in PP 426.

HUME, DAVID, Essais sur le commerce, le luxe, l’argent, de l’argent, les impots, le credit public etc., in PP 778-783.

HUME, DAVID, Von der Freiheit der Presse, 5pp, in PP 1357.

HUME, DAVID, Von der Unabhaengigkeit des Parlaments, 7pp, in PP 1357.

HUME, DAVID, Von Parteien ueberhaupt, 9pp, in PP 1357: 101.

HUMMEL, J.R., Legalization of Heroin, in pp 21-24 of PP 15, 24x.

HUMMEL, JEFF, Inflation: The Federal Con Game, 2pp, in PP 1378/81: 354.

HUMMEL, JEFF, People Killed by Government in the 20th C., in PP 1393: 121. These mass murders by governments interest me much more than some court cases against some more or less innocent anarchists. – J.Z.

HUMMEL, JEFF, War: Greatest Threat to Liberty, 3pp, in PP 1378/81: 346.

HUMMEL, JEFFREY ROGER, An Open Letter to Libertarians, critical of Clark’s campaign, 1p, in PP 1283-1286.

HUMMEL, JEFFREY ROGERS & RICHMAN, SHELDON, Nuclear War Fighting and the Logic of Deterrence, 3pp, in PP 1297.

HUMMEL, JEFFREY ROGERS, A Revisionist View of the Origin of WW II in Europe ( only the continuance of a previous issue! ), 7pp, in PP 1249.

HUMMEL, JEFFREY ROGERS, Artificial Fluoridation, Part I, Compulsory Mass – Medication, 1p, in PP 1249.

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HUMMEL, JEFFREY ROGERS, Should We Repudiate the National Debt? 2pp, in PP 277/278: 38.

HUMMEL, JEFFREY ROGERS, The Federal Reserve & the Mechanics of Inflation, 2pp, in PP 1404/06: 115. – Without Legal Tender and its other legalized privileges the FED & other central bank systems would be harmless. But that aspect is rarely ever discussed. – J.Z.

HUMMEL, JEFFREY ROGERS, The Influence of Col. House on American History (1), 2pp: 141; (2), 4pp: 153, in PP 1404/06. – 10pp, in PP 1249.

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HUNDREDTH MONKEY EFFECT, A compilation of some remarks on the Hundredth Monkey Effect, as observed or stated e.g. by Ken Keyes, Jr., Lyall Watson et al, and refuted by others, 15pp, in PP 1072.

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HYDE, JOHN, No-go Areas Impede Growth, 1p, A.9.1.95, in PP 1378/81: 488. – My local council prevents me from sub-dividing, through which I could gain ca. $ 60,000. – Many people want to live in Berrima – but access to land is largely blocked by confinement to minimum size: 1/2 acre. – J.Z.

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