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German School on Money is more advanced. – J.Z.

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GILDEMEISTER, OTTO, Der Hexenmeister auf dem Hochseil, Interview mit DAVES, HARRY, 2 S., Besondere Faehigkeiten, IDEEN ARCHIV, in PP 1330-1332: 169. – Man sollte eine so gute Idee wie das Ideen Archiv nicht mit Dreck verkleistern! Solche Geschichten gehoeren in die Massenmedia, nicht in ein Ideen Archiv. Vorschlaege, die verbleibenden Freiheiten noch weiter einzuschraenken, d.h., etatistische “Ideen”, gehoeren gleichfalls nicht in ein solches Archiv. Von diesen Fehlern sollte man lernen, fuer kuenftige Versuche einen weltweiten Markt fuer Ideen und Talente zu schaffen, auf dem Angebot und Nachfrage auf diesem Gebiet sich leicht und schnell treffen koennen. Kurt Zube, in seiner Absicht keinerlei “Zensur” auszuueben, ging dabei zu weit und nahm allzuviel Unsinniges und Populaeres an. Die Etatisten, New Age Leute und populaeren Interessen sollten sich ihre eigenen Archive schaffen. – Und die Anarchisten und Libertaeren sollten endlich ihre eigenen Ideen ernst genug nehmen um sie alle zu sammeln und leicht und billig zugaengig zu machen. – J.Z., 29.9.97.

GILDEMEISTER, OTTO, Die Methoden der Unterwelt (I), 5 S., in Ideen Archiv, in PP 1330-32: 28. Kniffe und Tricks, Kriminelles Warum das hier? Die Ausrede: Zum eigenen Schutz, ist etwas fadenscheinig. – J.Z.

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GLASSER, GEORGE H., Rotter runs for Congress, 2pp, in PP 1287/89p601. – I was thinking that almost ONLY “rotters” ran for Congress. – J.Z.

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GLENNIE, MARY MARGARET, An Invitation to Libertarians, 5pp: 1, in PP 1491.

GLENNIE, MARY MARGARET, Project coordinator of Freedom Now, Fort Collins, a number of leaflets, surveys and clippings on her attempt to concentrate at least 1,000 additional libertarians in Fort Collins, in order to achieve a significant difference in Fort Collins, 100 sheets: 1, in PP 1491. – Pages and pages are dedicated to job opportunities and other attractions of Fort Collins. Demographic & shopping centre notes, climate and recreation survey, chamber of commerce members, major employers, etc., all the details you might want when considering such a move. – I would rather have seen a study of what a monetary freedom revolution in Fort Collins might mean for Fort Collins and the rest of the world. See my note on: 35. – I would rather see libertarians keeping sufficiently in touch with each other through an encyclopaedia, library, bibliography, index, abstracts and review compilations, directory specifying libertarian interests, mail, telephone, on-line, via microfiche, floppies and text-only CD-ROM. – Personal meetings are not necessarily the most fruitful ones and some political influence in a large town is just not good enough. – J.Z.

GLOBAL 2000, Another pyramid scheme, a leaflet inserted in LONGEVITY REPORT. 1p: 538, in PP 1293/95. – Why do so many libertarians fall for pyramid schemes, system gambling etc.? Isn’t the gamble on freedom ideas and the prizes of their realization enough? Are they, like the State Socialists, full of wishful “thinking”, too? Do they have to play “something for nothing” or “zero sum” games? – The rich are not really free, nor are they, mostly, interested in promoting liberty. Would many rich libertarians remain active libertarians? I am rather interested in how poor libertarians could promote freedom for themselves & for all others who want it. – J.Z.

GLOBAL IDEAS BANK, Private Monetary Systems and no Bank of England, 1p summary of Kevin Dowd, Private Money, I.E.A., 1988, 71pp, in PP 1534: 25.

GLOBAL IDEAS BANK: ALBERY, NICHOLAS, letter on GLOBAL IDEAS BANK, ISI, 96, 1p, in PP1349: 21. – If only enough anarchists and libertarians were to send in all their freedom ideas, in abstracts, to this archive, preferably on disk, then, as a general market for ideas, it could also work for them. – I am so involved in getting more texts onto microfiche that I have not got around to send N.A. many short versions of freedom ideas. – But, sooner or later, I do hope to get around to abstract many of what I perceive to be the most important freedom ideas in my series. To some extent that was done, in two of my books, in PP 16-18 & 61-63. – J.Z., 9/97.

GLOBAL RESOURCE BANK NEWSLETTER, THE, 2pp on another odd money foundation attempt, in PP 791.

GLOBAL WARMING? See: LINDZEN, RICHARD, Global Warming – Fact or Fad? R.L. interviewed by Lindsay Perigo, 3pp, in PP 1336 – 39: 316.

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GOLD: PAUL, RON, New Role for Gold? 2pp, in PP 1432/1439: 877. – Even gold weight units for clearing and accounting purposes only, is not really a new role for gold. In form of supplementary coins for daily exchanges, it has always and can only play a limited role with regard to the possible and desirable exchanges. Even at the highest possible circulation speed and even if it were and remained the most stable and precious and convenient medium for coinage, but also one of the most expensive ones, one has to consider that a single commodity can hardly serve as a general and exclusive exchange medium for the exchanges of millions of different commodities among billions of people, with many of these millions of other commodities existing in much larger quantities, and being of greater value for our survival and also of greater total commercial value. If ever transaction had to be paid in gold coins, how many of today’s daily transactions could take place? Settlements are often done much faster and more convenient and cheaply than by payment in gold coins. Even gold should not become an exclusive and forced currency and value standard – but just an optional currency and value standard – and clearing and accounting unit. For that, theoretically, a single gold coin in the whole world would suffice. – If you want to adopt e.g. an ounce of blue veined cheese as YOUR value standard, you should be at liberty to do so. But do not simply assume that the quantity of that cheese, which exists now, or that could be produced, would be sufficient to mediate all exchanges in this world, not only as and abstracted value standard but also as an exclusive medium of exchange. – J.Z., 10.10.97.

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GROSSBERG, MICHAEL, A burning issue, 2pp: 3. On flag burning and freedom of expression. – A “free press” that is still tied to paper, print and the postal monopoly isn’t fully free. – J.Z., 4.3.98. – I wish libertarians would finally ignore mass media and mass media laws and regulations and concentrate instead, on optimally using, for their causes, ALL the alternative media that they can afford and that are under few if any restrictions, like microfiche, floppy disks, Zip disks and text-only CD-ROMs and online. With them, even if initially used by only a few hundred freedom lovers, they could, probably, achieve more for liberty, and this in a few years, than they have achieved via the mass media and conventional publishing over decades. Nevertheless, these options have so far been barely discussed among them, and far less practised. Why? Are they too “cheap”, “easy” and efficient for them? Are they blind to their microeconomics, their self-financing and self-management opportunities? Do they believe that freedom of expression and information should not be practised in these affordable formats? Are they ignorant or prejudiced on this subject? I for one would welcome some investigative journalism on this. To the shame of freedom lovers, the world over, the communist regime of the former U.S.S.R. and other governments have made more use of their microfilm options, for their propaganda purposes, so far, than libertarians have for libertarian purposes. Should libertarians, “on principle”, ignore the alternative media because the governments have used them extensively or because most of the mass media ignore THESE alternatives, TOO? – PIOT, J.Z., 20 May 1998

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