L-5 NEWS, # 3, in Claustrophobia II/4, in PP 934.

LABADIE COLLECTION, THE, Home Page, 1p, in PP 1538: 196. “Much of the more fragile material has been microfilmed to facilitate its use by readers and to protect the originals.” – If anarchists instead of State librarians had done the filming then they could not only have preserved such material but sold cheap duplicates of it, upon demand. – State librarians are not allowed to do so and do have a vested interest in remaining, to some extent, monopoly suppliers of information they have gathered, largely at the expense of taxpayers or from donors like Joe Labadie, Laurance Labadie and Carlotta Anderson. – J.Z.

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LABADIE, JO, GREAT LIBERTARIANS, Some Aphorisms from Great Libertarians, compiled by J.L., 1p, in PP 1393: 51. – Herbert Spencer, Ralph Waldo Emerson, William B. Greene.

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LABADIE, JO, POEMS BY JOE LABADIE & some others, in PP 1392: on sheets 1-116. As complete as I could get them. – J.Z. – Arranged by Piet Bouter. Listed alphabetically and in sequence.

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LABADIE, LAURANCE, see: WARD, FRITZ, Laurance Labadie and the Origins of Modern Radical Libertarianism, 34pp, n.d., in PP 966. – I have now got all or most of his essays from the LABADIE COLLECTION in photocopies, or from Carlotta Anderson, with filming permissions. It is just a matter of time and labour to get them ready for filming. I consider him to be one of the top individualist anarchists. And he managed to keep his essays short, so that they will form something like a personal anarchist encyclopedia, once combined. – J.Z.

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LABADIE, LAURANCE, Why Americans Need to Kill Vietnamese, 3p, in PP 1315. – It would have been more interesting to explore, thoroughly, why “Vietnamese” killed “Vietnamese”. The single and uniform nation, with a single national aspiration was a myth, there, too. Americans are not all “Americans”, either. – J.Z.

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LABOR AS PROPERTY VS. LABOUR AS NATURAL RESOURCE: DAWSON, DAVID J., The Draft: Part III — Labor as Property vs. Labor as Natural Resource, 15pp, in PP 1376: 313.



LABOUR LAWS, LABOUR MARKET, See: WALKER, MICHAEL, Succession Rights Create Economic Hazard, 1p: 99, on labour-law interventionism, in PP 1515.

LABOUR LAWS, See: DAVENPORT, JOHN A., Why Not Deregulate Labor? 4pp: 438, in PP 1529-33. – Although a counter-measure to collectively imposed labour legislation, in itself, it would be a collective imposition, too, upon all the advocates of labour legislation. The libertarian approach demands only that individuals become free to opt out of this legislation or whole territorial States with such and other non-libertarian constitutions, laws and jurisdiction, and also free to practise their libertarian beliefs in exterritorialy autonomous communities of volunteers. If they demanded this liberty ONLY for themselves, they would not have much chance to become as free. However, they could use the varied opposition forces and aim at: “To everybody the government or non-governmental society of his or her dreams”. That aim could lead to a very powerful international federation that could turn the majority in most countries into allies of libertarians and anarchists, for none of the existing majorities is lasting and monolithic. – At last not only full freedom of expression and information, using ALL opportunities for them, but also FULL EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM in the political, economic and social spheres, all only among volunteers and at their risk and expense. THAT would teach ’em! – J.Z., 3.11.98.


LABOUR MONOPOLIES, see Unions, Collective Bargaining, Wage Control, Arbitration – compulsory.



LABOUR THEORY OF VALUE: ERNSBERGER, DON, The Labor Theory of Value, 6pp, in PP 1445: 38.

LABOUR vs. CAPITAL, PP 373/75. See Anti-Capitalist Mentality, Unions, Wages, Capitalism, Socialism.


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LAGRANGE, Essai d’arithmetique politique, in PP 778-783.

LAGUE, DAVID, $ 17m plan to boost ministers’ protection. On protection for politicians rather than citizens, in an undated clipping, with some comments by me. – J.Z., 1p, in PP 1355: 125. See: Gun Laws, Gun Control, Militia. – Today a gun-buy back scheme for automatic weapons expired, involuntarily financed by taxpayers. Over 600,000 such guns have been handed in and destroyed. Each of these, in case of an invasion, could have been used to either kill, or induce to desert (based on an attractive political and economic liberation program for their country), ca. 1-10 “enemy” soldiers. Politicians and other criminals may feel safer now. Are we? – J.Z., 30.9.1997.

LAGUE, DAVID, Australia joins ban on mines, 2pp clipping against land mines: 116, in PP 1475.

LAGUE, DAVID, Australia unarmed. Soldiers without guns; planes that are grounded; tanks that break down. Australia’s defence is a disgrace. SMH, June 17, 1995, 3pp. Under present conditions rather a powerful and efficient defence force would be a disgrace. But it is a good article in attacking the myth that we do need the government to defend us and that it does actually provide effective defensive services. And why waste any money, materials etc. and manpower on an inefficient defence force, against an undefined enemy? – J.Z.

LAIDLER, DAVID, Adam Smith as a Monetary Economist, THE CANADIAN JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS 14, May 81, 185-200, summary only, 1p, in LITERATURE OF LIBERTY, in PP1204p1852, headed: Smith as a Monetary Economist.

LAIRD’S CORNER, Prince John of, PP 832. See On Panarchy, Individual Secessionism, Tax Strike.

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LAISSEZ FAIRE BOOKS, Rothbard Titles offered by LFB., 2pp, n.d., in PP 1534: 88.

LAISSEZ FAIRE BOOKS, Anarchist Catalog, 1983, edited by Carl Watner, 16pp, in PP 875. (I have not yet heard about a new edition.)

LAISSEZ FAIRE BOOKS, June 1993, 42pp, in PP 1131. A monthly survey and summary of books, tapes and videos on liberty, in print and offered by that bookshop. It still claims to be the world’s largest selection of books on liberty. But do compare the number of its titles, their range of subjects, their languages, their prices, their date of first publication or reprint and their postage costs, with those of e.g. LMP and Chadwyck Healey. I think their claim applies only to in print on paper books of this kind. It would be helpful if all the reviews published in this periodical were pulled together and indexed on microfiche. Too much of a job for me, at least at this time. It mentioned my LMP efforts, upon the urgings of Kurt Schuler, once, I believe in April 1990. There are only few overlaps with the LMP list, which seems to confirm my view that most of the freedom writings are o.o.p. By using their 10% discount offer, for those depositing book purchase money in advance with them, in $ 250 lots, one could get quite high annual interest returns – in savings – upon one’s book purchases from them, Add to this whatever knowledge – interest you can derive… – As for me, I find myself usually too busy to send them another order and cheque. – And when I finally get my order and see how few print on paper books I get from them, for $ 250, I often have second thoughts, since, for $ US 250, I could put out, on microfiche, ca. 12 more libertarian books and keep them permanently in print and sell them much more cheaply than LFB can afford to offer its selection from many different publishers. – J.Z.

LAISSEZ FAIRE BOOKS, Leaflet, 1p: Behind the cover sheet, in PP1526.

LAISSEZ FAIRE BOOKS, Literature List, 60pp, 24x in PP 50-54. New titles, 1p, 29x, in PP 333. Fall-Winter 1979-1980, catalog & review, 49pp. 1982, 8pp, 29x, in PP 423, March 87 list, 34pp, 29x, in PP 676, March 89, Literature List, 34pp, in PP 845.

LAISSEZ FAIRE BOOKS, Nov. 95, “The World’s Largest Selection of Books on Liberty. Readers in 90 Countries.” 41pp, in PP 1315: 73-114. – If you define books only as printed books. However, it offers video and audio tapes, too, and some disks – but no microfiche. Compare the size of this offer, from x publishers, with the size of the offer from LMP: one publisher and republisher. – I can buy some of their expensive paper titles only to the extent that I get U.S. orders for my microfiche. – J.Z.

LAISSEZ FAIRE BOOKS, October 1997, 42pp: 68, in PP 1527. – Freedom publishers and book traders should cooperate in providing a common sales catalog, at least in one of the alternative media. They could start by getting all of them published separately but in one compilation. Obviously, to do so in print on paper would be expensive and might be unprofitable. But alternative and affordable media are waiting to be so used. To produce it speculatively and in a large edition might also not be a paying proposition but production only upon demand would suffice to reduce production costs and risk to a bearable minimum – once all the information is finally assembled. – Seeing that freedom bookshops are still very few and far in-between, such a combined catalog could be the best now achievable substitute to book-browsing. Many of the catalogues, like that of Laissez Faire Books, do contain abstracts and even reviews. Some freedom loving Internet user could probably do this job on his own initiative. I doubt that any of the list providers will object to being thus listed together. Thus a list of all freedom titles in print, in all media, could be achieved and some price competition. It should be followed, with the aid of its users, by a complete bibliography of all freedom writings, which could sufficiently stimulate the reprint of unpublished or o.o.p. writings in at least some alternative and affordable medium. This would set us on the road to complete freedom library and information services. Whole small freedom libraries could and should appear not only on microfiche but also, even cheaper still, on CD-ROM. Instance: For my eldest grand daughter I bought recently a single CD-ROM, containing “The Library of the Future”, with ca. 3,500 titles, for only $ 20. Even with microfiche I cannot beat such a price. A combined second-hand title offer and search list should also be provided. When will freedom lovers finally take up all affordable and convenient freedom of expression and information options? Desirable would also be compilations of all reviews and abstracts and the gradual build-up of an alphabetical index to all of them. The enormous labours involved could be done cooperatively by the readers of freedom writings – if they are appropriately appealed to do so. – Help to get the whole case for liberty finally together. – It would also contain numerous helpful hints, ideas and programs on how to realize liberties for those who do want them. – J.Z., 14.11.1998.

LAISSEZ FAIRE BOOKS, The nut file, a collection of the best of crank letters received, compiled by Sean Haugh, 22pp, in PP 1440/42: 366.

LAISSEZ FAIRE BOOKS, Towards Peace & Freedom, 4pp leaflet, in PP 274: 159.

LAISSEZ FAIRE ET LAISSEZ PASSER, PP 302, 311, 385, 633, 794, 1019, 1052-61 (LA Pol. Notes 21)

LAISSEZ FAIRE IN RAILWAYS, PP 1052-61 (LA Economic Notes 24).

LAISSEZ FAIRE REPUBLIC, THE, Letter from an Individualist, 3pp, in OPTION, in PP 1,028/29.

LAISSEZ FAIRE REVIEW, Dec. 82, 6pp, in PP 1,036.

LAISSEZ FAIRE REVIEW, Nov. – Dec. 1974, by Laissez Faire Books, 4pp, in PP 935.


LAISSEZ FAIRE, See: WOLLSTEIN, JARRET B., Public Services under Laissez Faire, IV, The Telephone System & Fire Departments, 6pp: 15; VI: The Roads, 7pp: 51.; VI: The Roads, continued, 5pp: 77, in PP 1457/62.

LAISTNER, HERMMANN, Oekologische Marktwirtschaft, 1 S. Flugblatt zum Buch, 29x, in PP 897.

LAKOS, G. & ZUBE, JOHN, Common Beliefs, 2pp, 1965, 24x, in PP 3.

LALONDE, ROXANNE, Unity in Diversity, Acceptance and Integration in an Era of Intolerance and Fragmentation. – Edited extract from a M.A. thesis published April 1994, 1997, 6pp, with note by J.Z.: 191. – The title did intrigue me but its treatment disappointed me. The author is opposed to “fragmentation” and does not explore exterritorial autonomy for all volunteer communities or question the unity of territorial State powers. Only minor cultural diversities are to be preserved. Even the Nazis and Soviets did this, to a limited extent. – I am reminded of several books on tolerance that I have. They are not tolerant of or even knowledgeable about the exterritorialist tolerance and experimental freedom options. Teritorialism blocks their views and thoughts. – J.Z.

LAMARTINE, A.v., Von der Progressivsteuer, (On progressive taxation) 1850, an early criticism, 5 S., 29x, in PP 392.

LAMBERT, HENRI, Le Nouveau Contrat Social ou L’Organisation de la Democratie Individualiste, Essai de Synthese, 1921, 351pp, in PP 1253. – I reproduced it as the book of a free trader and peace lover, found in Ulrich von Beckerath’s library but could not evaluate it. By letter of Dubuc VINCENT, REC. 5.10.95, I got the following comment about it from him: “I don’t think that you will like the result. First of all, H.L. seems to be closer to liberalism than free trade. In this text he develops a social idea, a kind of ideal world (an ideal world for his mind, of course). Before telling you what is wrong (for me of course) in this text, I had to say that there are things of interest in it: H.L. seems to be some kind of “bourgeois” (excuse this term but it fits well in this special case) that wants to make a better world. So the aim was good. Alas, the way he did it isn’t very good: A government made of 3 sections, one of labour, one of knowledge and one of capitalism. Each member of the country votes three times, one time in each section. Thus he thought that there won’t be any more party that forbids evolution. About association and individual rights, he thinks that the main thing is responsibility, i.e. a contract should not be stopped before it is finished, so there is no right for an individual secession. About anarchism, he is against libertarianism (see: “individualisme ou communisme in appendice VIII) and thought that “liberty is a destructive force” (*) and that general interest is more important than that of individuals. If you are interested, I could send you more information about his “ideal” society (way of living, etc.) but this man definitely shares no common point with individualism in an anarchist way.” – (*) Yes, for destructive forces! – Compare his other book title, showing him as a radical free trader. He was also, I believe, after Prof. Edgard Milhaud, a long-time editor of the Annals for Cooperative and Collectivist Economy. – Whether these, after Milhaud, published much else of libertarian or cooperative production interest, I do not know. I have seen a large set of it only once, in the library of the Volkswirtschaftliches Seminar, Universitaet of Freiburg, Breisgau, but had no time on hand to peruse it. – I would welcome your comments on other books in this series, either for entry into the catalog or separately, in one of the LMP microfiche. – J.Z., 16.10.97.

LAMBERT, HENRI, Le Nouveau Contrat Social our L’Organisation de la Democratie Individualiste, Essai de Synthese Sociale, 1921, 351pp, in PP 1253. – A book from Ulrich von Beckerath’s collection. H.L. was a radical free trader and peace lover, see his book in PP 611, a friend of H.L. Follin, and he continued, for years, Edgard Milhaud’s ANNALS, the series in which, under Milhaud, monetary freedom writings by him, Ulrich von Beckerath, Heinrich Rittershausen, Walter Zander and some others did appear. Due to my insufficient knowledge of French I cannot properly evaluate this book and am not certain how far he appreciated e.g. individual sovereignty and individual secessionism and their institutional and voluntaristic consequence: exterritorial autonomy for freely and individually chosen communities, like Follin & Beckerath did. Milhaud, Rittershausen and Zander did not appreciate this alternative, either. – J.Z.

LAMBERT, HENRI, Pax Economica. La Liberte des Echanges Internationaux, Fondement necessaire et suffisant de la Paix universelle et permanente, 1920, 321pp, 29x, in PP 611. Compare the similar free trade title by Joan Kennedy Taylor.

LAMBERTON, LANCE, Water Pollution & Private Property Rights, 1p, in PP 1283-1286.

LAMBRO, DONALD, The Federal Rathole, 1p review by JAMES DALE DAVIDSON, in PP 1367/68: 116.

LAMBROS, DONALD, The Federal Rathole, See: CAPON, ELLIOTT, The Unephemeral Rathole, 1p review of: LAMBROS, DONALD, The Federal Rathole, in PP 1311: 108.

LAMOREAUX, NAOMI R., From Antitrust to Supply-Side Economics: The Strange History of Federal Intervention in the Economy, in: Essays in Supply Side Economics, ed. by David G. Rabov, Institute for Research on the Economics of Taxation, Washington, D.C., 1982, 151-173, summary only, 1p, in LITERATURE OF LIBERTY, in PP1204p1672, headed: Patterns in Federal Intervention.

LAMPE, DAVID, Why not Grow a Building Underwater? 5pp, 29x, in PP 678.

LAMPRECHT, ROLF, Die Gewalttaeter in den roten Roben, 1986. (Ueber Nazi-Volksrichter.) 2pp, 29x, in PP 725.

LANCASTER SYSTEM OF EDUCATION: GRANT, R.W., The Case Against Public Education, 6pp: 278, in PP 1457/62. – Discusses Lancaster’s Monitor System.

LANCASTER, F.W. & FAYEN, E.G., Information Retrieval On-Line, 1973, ch. 16: Interfaces with Document Delivery Systems, 16pp on the computer & fiche marriage, in PP 907-910.

LAND & LIBERTY, London, Nov. & Dec. 1978, 16pp: 179, in PP 1470.

LAND AND LIBERTY, An Experiment in India, 1p, 29x in PP 294-297.

LAND AND LIBERTY, Essays on Liberty, Personally Speaking, Georgist Spokesmen, reprinted from Land and Liberty, 39pp, 29x, in PP 643.

LAND BANKS, 381, 813, Mortgage bonds, issuing in their discounts of mortgages, standardized mortgage letters, as convenient securities, are possible and desirable but land banks issuing currency upon land are not, because such issues are out of proportion to the daily wanted and offered consumer goods and services, which are the real backing, reserve, cover or redemption fund for any currency that is “current”, i.e. “liquid” enough to serve as a currency. – J.Z.

LAND MINES, See: LAGUE, DAVID, Australia joins ban on mines, 2pp clipping against land mines: 116, in PP 1475. – Remove territorial borders and no further land mines would be planted. – J.Z.

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LAND RIGHTS? See: LOOMIS, MILDRED J., The Equal Right of All Creatures to Live on the Land, 2pp, in PP 1386/91: 607. – No right to live above the land, in Zeppelins or in space, or under the land, or on the sea or under the sea or in multi-storey buildings above the land? Some land reformers define all these options as land, too. At least with regard to living in space this goes too far. And while we have the right to try to migrate and live in space and on other planetary bodies, we hardly have a right to such land, land that others would have to provide for us. In space stations “land”, to live on, would have to be artificially created first. And if we managed to live on or near the poles, the land, terra firma, might be hundreds to thousands of meters below us. If fish could protest, they would, too. They rather live in the sea, lakes and oceans. – Moreover, if someone managed to raise an island, by stimulating a submergerd volcano or by shipping-in solid land fill, to build up the island from the sea floor or a mere reef, then who else could claim a “right” to that land? Those who live on their private yachts or river boats etc., would also decline to share this private property with others as a matter of an imagined duty. – J.Z., 2.10.97.

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LAPTOP COMPUTERS, A Survey, incomplete and not up to date, 37 brands, 108pp, in PP 689, largely to help avoid the radiation hazard discussed in 655. Since then dozens of new and better models and a few new types and less risky screens appeared and many and better surveys, e.g. in the magazine “Portable Computer”. I do not use any of the cathode tube systems if I can help it. – J.Z.

LARC SYSTEM, Local Area Recirculating Credit System, see: WILSON, CARL, in PP 25.

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LAUGHTER, PHYSIOLOGY OF, 380. It is more in the mind than in the body. If only we could produce enough attractive mind games and jokes to make the even the interventionists laugh about their own efforts. Most attempts at libertarian humour were so far rather far fetched and poor. But I can recommend THE Southern Libertarian MESSENGER & THE VOLUNTARYIST in this respect and would like to see all of the best collected and published, at least on microfiche. Wanted, a libertarian encyclopedia of jokes – for almost any occasion. – J.Z.

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LEACOCK, STEPHEN, Wanted – More Profiteers, 1988, 2pp, LA Libertarian Reprints No. 10, in PP 1,052 – 1,061.

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LEAGUE OF NON-VOTERS, 3pp for immediate release, Dec. 13, 1972, in PP 1,034. (I got only in 1990 a chance to copy them. J.Z.)


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LEAMING-BEY, HUGO PROSPER, Hidden Americans. Maroons of Virginia and the Carolinas, 1979, 678 pp, in PP 1447/49. With bibliography & notes, in 3 microfiche, alas, somewhat incomplete. Use 36x -48x lenses. Notes by J.Z. to this book: This is a revisionist history of a much neglected aspect of American history. It demonstrates that conventional and agreed upon “history” is largely an “agreed-upon” fable. I’m sorry that I could not get the text more complete and in a more legible format. Maybe University Microfilm offers it complete for ca. $ 50 or more. It reports on aspects of libertarianism that I find interesting, apart from e.g. laissez faire economics, individual rights codes, monetary freedom and panarchism: It brings details on escaped slaves and serfs, and their communities, early, unofficial & independent settlements, the early history of religious and racial tolerance, of which traits can still be found e.g. in the tri-racial isolate communities mentioned on pages 648/649. It reports marriage law alternatives, various militias, from pirate & robber band types to guerillas against slavery, and “regulators” for slavery, resistance actions to rebellions of slaves, volunteer & underground communities & their self-help and protection efforts, black markets and black labour, neglected details of the American Revolution & the Civil War. Their local communities were “libertarian” only in comparison with some puritan ones. The limits and the extent of Quaker influence are shown. Some details are given on PSI or ESP talents and alternative medicine like herbalism. Alas, also all too many tribalist, religious, magic hang-ups are reported which prevented the achievement and spread of an enlightened kind of libertarianism. Moreover, these rebels did not only deny property in the persons of others and their labour, as well landed property based e.g. on conquest, extermination of natives or royal grants, but also other property rights of people somehow involved or believed to be involved in some of the above wrongful property claims. They somehow helped themselves, under difficult circumstances, but had not general liberation program, either. I also found some hints on desertion interesting, e.g. on pp 344 & 347. – J.Z.

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LEFEVRE, ROBERT, You Don’t Have to Go Ape to Go Free, an article in his Journal, 24x, in PP 174-176. – I would love to put all his newspaper columns on film – if I had them. Some years of them I do have, but have not yet readied them for filming. To buy all of the freedom newspapers in which they appeared, could be an expensive pleasure, even for the microfilm editions. Why don’t the freedom newspapers themselves put out a collection of all their pro freedom articles on microfilm? I believe I have never actually seen a copy of any of these newspapers. Their freedom articles were, supposedly, written not just for local communities and passing interests but for the world and all times. Writers & editors, according to reports, took great care with even short pro freedom editorials, for ideas contents and consistency, quite apart from style. In newspaper archives they remain largely buried. And to those who saw and read them, when they appeared, the old adage largely applies: Out of the newspapers, out of the mind. And for each researcher to separately to wade through all these newpaper files, in case they are accessible to him, would simply be too much of a job. Noblesse oblige! You might help in this project by contacting the FREEDOM SCHOOL LIBRARY, POB 6100 – 161, Costa Mesa, CA 92 6238. Set beautifully in a large and very attractive private home. Visits only by private arrangements. An Opening of this library to the public was attempted for a while but not found financially feasible in the long run. The owners had, as a labour of love, almost finished a computerized data bank catalog of this library and were considering publishing it, when I visited them in 90/91. Such catalogues, computer combined, could form a worthwhile bibliography. However, not all books in that library appeared to be libertarian to me. Many were just e.g. reference books for students. Naturally, I was mainly looking for titles that I could film without too many hassles. And I saw only a tiny fraction of their huge collection of material in file drawers. – J.Z.

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LEGAL TENDER, See: CARDINALLI, SAL J., Lawful Money & the Federal Reserve, 2pp, in PP 1247. In one sense, lawful money is really lawless money and, in another sense, lawless money is really lawful money. – J.Z.

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LEGISLATION BY CLAMOUR, PP 239, 242. Compare: Direct Democracy, Referendum, Parliaments.

LEGISLATION, A RECORD OF, to deter all further legislative attempts, with tabulation proposed by Herbert Spencer: 1. Reasons for the Enactment, 2. Provisions of Enactment, 3. Date & Title, 4. Effects, 5. Repeal: in PP 200. Under 4 one might add: a) intended & desirable effects (if any), b) unforeseen & undesirable side effects. To 5) one might add: Admitted and unadmitted reasons for repeal. And one might add, under 6): How many times that same meddling has been tried, with good intentions but in vain, in the past, always with the same undesirable results. Spencer, alas, did not find a sponsor for this project. Computers could facilitate and cheapen it now. Here is a useful job for e.g. lawyers and computer fans, building up such a data bank. However, lawyers are unlikely to do it because it would make them, ultimately, largely superfluous. And even well equipped computer fans might be overwhelmed by the avalanches of past and existing legislation. Also by the translation jobs involved. Thus a start should be made, perhaps, with English language legislation only. One might also try at first dealing only with selected subjects of e.g. economic interventionism. But we should try to collect & direct these avalanches of disproving information against all the current ignorant and prejudiced legislative attempts. Legal minds are moved more by precedents than anything else. Let’s use that fact. Compare the title on price control legislation, tried again and again, for the last 4,000 years. One can learn from history – if one tries, seriously. – J.Z.


LEGISLATION: Clipping on the absurdity of much of modern legislation: “… the E.C. directive on the exporting of duck eggs has 28,911 words!” In PP 1258.



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LIBERTARIAN ALLIANCE, CIRCULARS, 20.10.93: 2pp; 10.4.94: 2pp; 24.7.94: 2pp; 27.11.94: 2pp; 26.3.95: 2pp, in PP 1281/82.

LIBERTARIAN ALLIANCE, CULTURAL NOTES, Nos. 15, 17 – 30, 74pp, in PP 1,052 – 1,061. For others see also PP 695/97 & 864. – No. 35: HELLEWELL, DAVID, The Hecklers are Right about the Musical Avant Garde, 2pp, 95, in PP 1334/35: 3. – At least on radio or TV one can turn them off and no one is obliged to attend their concerts, buy their records, disks or tapes. – I wish one could treat the offers of politicians similarly: buy them or not buy them, in deals over the counter or consumer boycotts. See: ON PANARCHY. – J.Z.

LIBERTARIAN ALLIANCE, Dear Complimentary Subscriber, letters of 18.4.93, 24.7.94, 19.11.95, 24.6.96, 14.7.96, & an undated special message from Chris Tame, How You Can Help the L.A., 12pp, in PP 1334/35: 207. – Seeing that I as a poor person can, nevertheless, afford to reproduce all its publications on microfiche, one has to ask how much FINANCIAL assistance the L.A. would still require if it, too, resorted to publishing exclusively on microfiche, which would “merely” require that it would be able to persuade its members and sympathizers to adopt this alternative reading and publishing option for themselves, which would open many freedom of expression and information opportunities for them. That is still a white, i.e. an unexplored and unused area on most libertarian and anarchist maps and no imperial or colonial or democratic power lays any exclusive claim to it. – One of many neglected opportunities to utilize and promote liberties. – J.Z., 30.9.97. – If one cannot persuade freedom lovers to use this opportunity, in their interest, then how can they hope to persuade non-freedom lovers to accept numerous other freedom opportunities? – J.Z., 13.10.97.

LIBERTARIAN ALLIANCE, ECONOMIC NOTES, Nos. 6, 17-48, in PP 1,052 – 1,061. For others see also PP 695/97 & 864. Nos. 51-53, 55-62, in PP 1281/82. – No. 14 & Nos. 66 – 71, in PP 1334/35. Missing still: 13, 54, 63-65.

LIBERTARIAN ALLIANCE, EDUCATIONAL NOTES, 4-12, in PP 1,052 – 1,061. For others see also PP 695/97 & 864. – Nos. 15-18, 21, 23, 24, 26, in PP 1281/82. Missing still: 13, 14, 19, 20, 22, 25.

LIBERTARIAN ALLIANCE, FOREIGN POLICY PERSPECTIVES, Nos. 7, 8, 12-22, in PP 1,052 – 1,061. For others see also PP 695/97 & 864. – Nos. 23 & 27, in PP 1334/35. Missing: 25 & 26. LIBERTARIAN ALLIANCE, FREE SPEECH SEMINAR, leaflet, 1p, on M. Grossberg, The Struggle for Free Speech, in PP 1,052 – 1,061.

LIBERTARIAN ALLIANCE, HISTORICAL NOTES, Nos. 6-19, 21, in PP 1,052 – 1,061. For others see also PP 695/97 & 864.

LIBERTARIAN ALLIANCE, LEGAL NOTES, Nos. 1, 3, 5 – 16, in PP 1,052 – 1,061. For others see also PP 695/97 & 864. – Nos. 24 & 25, in PP 1335/35. Missing: 22 – 23.


LIBERTARIAN ALLIANCE, LIBERTARIAN HERITAGE No. 1 – 6, 8, 8, in PP 1,052 – 1,061. For others see also PP 695/97 & 864. – No. 16, in PP 1334/35. Missing still: 9-11 & 15.

LIBERTARIAN ALLIANCE, LIBERTARIAN REPRINTS, No. 10 in PP 1,052 – 1,061. For others see also PP 695/97 & 864.

LIBERTARIAN ALLIANCE, London, 5 Leaflets, all except No. 1 separately listed: 1.) Our Enemy the State – A Brief Introduction to some Libertarian Views, 11pp, 29x, in PP 424.

LIBERTARIAN ALLIANCE, London, ANOTHER COMPILATION OF ITS MAILINGS, still incomplete, 250 pp, 29x, on 2 LMP microfiche, in PP 1334/35. Publications List Update, Aug. 95 – July 96, 1p: 1.

LIBERTARIAN ALLIANCE, London, Another Compilation of Publications of the Libertarian Alliance, as supplied, in some batches to LMP, by Nov. 95, 29x, 252pp, in PP 1281/82. Still incomplete. Roughly covering 1993-95.

LIBERTARIAN ALLIANCE, London, First Collection of Minor Papers, 1.) Some Periodicals, Pamphlets, Papers, Notes and Leaflets, Incomplete, 31 titles in all, 371pp, 29x, PP 695-697, 4pp introductory leaflet, 36x, in PP 688, 2.) Our Enemy the State, leaflet, expressing 4 basic principles, 48x, in PP 589/590, 3.) Purpose and Strategy of the -, Tactical Notes No. 1, 1981, 2pp, 29x, in PP 697.

LIBERTARIAN ALLIANCE, London, Poland St. breakaway group, leaflets, 7pp, in PP 920. Introductory leaflet, 4pp, Rules for the Administration, 8pp, in PP 925.

LIBERTARIAN ALLIANCE, London, PUBLICATIONS RECENTLY SENT TO LMP, 126pp, 1998, in PP 1487. – I have almost given up hope of ever getting all of them complete – but whichever issues are sent to me I do intend to fiche, in batches. – J.Z.

LIBERTARIAN ALLIANCE, London, Second Collection of Minor Papers, still incomplete, 1989, 126pp, 29x, PP 864.

LIBERTARIAN ALLIANCE, London, Third LMP collection of publications, February 1993, leaving still some gaps, 1178pp, in PP 1,052 – 1,061. The papers and most major articles are listed separately, under authors.

LIBERTARIAN ALLIANCE, Now available, 4 books, leaflet only, 2pp, in PP 1334/35: 233, announcing: 1.) TIM EVANS & RUSSELL LEWIS: Europe at Risk; Bureaucratic Betrayal of the European Ideal, 35pp, 2.) RUSSELL LEWIS, The Environmental Alphabet, 44pp, 3.) ALISON ASSITER & AVEDON CAROL, Bad Girls & Dirty Pictures, The Challenge to Reclaim Feminism, 185pp, 4.) MARK PERRYMAN, Altered States: Post-Modernism, Politics & Culture, 285pp.

LIBERTARIAN ALLIANCE, One Day Conference: Aids: Dissenting Voices, 1p, in PP 1,052 – 1,061.

LIBERTARIAN ALLIANCE, PERSONAL PERSPECTIVES, No. 4, in PP 1,052 – 1,061. For others see also PP 695/97 & 864. – No. 7 & 8, in PP 1334/35. No. 5 is still missing.

LIBERTARIAN ALLIANCE, PHILOSOPHICAL NOTES, Nos. 1-3, 5, 9, 11-25, in PP 1,052 – 1,061. For others see also PP 695/97 & 864. – Nos. 26, 34-36 & 38. In PP 1334/35. Missing still: 27, 28, 33, 37.

LIBERTARIAN ALLIANCE, POLITICAL NOTES, Nos. 21, 22, 25, 27, 31-69, 71-73, in PP 1,052 – 1,061. For others see also PP 695/97 & 864. – Nos. 74, 76, 78, 81 – 94, 96, 97, 99 -103, 114 – 124, 126, 128, 129, in PP 1334/35. Missing still: 1-2, 75, 77, 79, 80, 95, 98, 104 – 113, 125, 127. – Why don’t they send all? – At least they are working at making them available on the Internet. – J.Z.

LIBERTARIAN ALLIANCE, PSYCHOLOGICAL NOTES, Nos. 2 – 8, in PP 1,052 – 1,061. For others see also PP 695/97 & 864.

LIBERTARIAN ALLIANCE, PUBLICATIONS LIST UPDATE, Nov. 92 – Apr. 93, 1p, in PP 1334/35: 203.

LIBERTARIAN ALLIANCE, Publications List, April 1994, with advertisements for FREE LIFE & Supplements to July 96, 24pp, in PP 1356: 73. – Those titles already microfilmed in the PEACE PLANS series are marked here. Most of the rest will follow. At least I was promised them. But L.A. does not intend to reproduce some of the early o.o.p. titles. Instead, it will reproduce, selectively, only some of the articles. – If they sent me good enough photocopies, I would do the lot of them. – J.Z.

LIBERTARIAN ALLIANCE, Publications Lists to June 1998, 27pp, in PP 1516.

LIBERTARIAN ALLIANCE, RELIGIOUS NOTES Nos. 1 – 5, in PP 1,052 – 1,061. – No. 6, in PP 1334/35. – For others see also PP 695/97 & 864.

LIBERTARIAN ALLIANCE, SCIENTIFIC NOTES, Nos. 2 – 6, 9, in PP 1,052 – 1,061. For others see also PP 695/97 & 864.

LIBERTARIAN ALLIANCE, See: ROTHBARD, MURRAY N., The War in the British Movement, 1p, in PP 1312/1314: 229. On Libertarian Alliance. See also the short open letter on p 259.

LIBERTARIAN ALLIANCE, SOCIOLOGICAL NOTES, Nos. 1, 7, 8, in PP 1,052 – 1,061. – No. 24, in PP 1334/35: 21. Missing still: 2-6, 9-18. – For others see also PP 695/97 & 864.

LIBERTARIAN ALLIANCE, Special seminar, Diversity, The Campaign for Lifestyle Freedom. Why the Age of Consent Should Be the same for Homosexuals as for Heterosexuals, 1p, 94 , in PP 1334/35: 239.

LIBERTARIAN ALLIANCE, Special Seminar, On Deregulation & the Economy, 94, 1p , in PP 1334/35: 240.

LIBERTARIAN ALLIANCE, Special Seminar: Ian Lambert: The Philosophical Foundations of a Free Market & a Free Society, 95, 1p leaflet , in PP 1334/35: 241. Microfiche would have room for the papers of all such special seminars. If they remain merely on paper, then the L.A. will mostly have to leave them unpublished. – J.Z.

LIBERTARIAN ALLIANCE, Stop Persecuting Prostitutes, 15pp pamphlet of the Poland St. schism group, in PP 925. (Now one might ask: Even if they have AIDS & continue to practise their profession? Here a charge of multiple murder attempts might be more appropriate. – J.Z.)

LIBERTARIAN ALLIANCE, STUDY GUIDES Nos. 2 & 3, in PP 1,052 – 1,061. For others see also PP 695/97 & 864.

LIBERTARIAN ALLIANCE, TACTICAL NOTES Nos. 2, 4-11, in PP 1,052 – 1,061. – 12, 16, 17, in PP 1334/35: Missing still: 15. – For others see also PP 695/97 & 864.

LIBERTARIAN ALLIANCE, The World of Liberty, Major Libertarian Magazines & Publications, 2pp, in PP 1,052 – 1,061. (LMP is not mentioned, although by its sum total of original pages, reproduced in its series, – not by distributed duplicates of them – it has outproduced probably several of these in combination. – J.Z.)

LIBERTARIAN ALLIANCE: I have got their leaflet and pamphlet collections so irregularly and with gaps and they can be listed in several ways, that some omissions in listing are likely. But I have listed all their publications received by author and title, while getting them ready for fiching in batches. See e.g. separately, under TACTICAL NOTES, authors, and in the PEACE PLANS listing by PP Nos. – J.Z., 11.6.98.

LIBERTARIAN ALLLIANCE, London, LETTERS, LEAFLETS & NOTES, compiled in 1998, 124pp, in PP 1516. – Most of the longer L.A. publications have still not yet been sent to me. I will film them if and when I get them. – NOTE that the L.A. is in the process of digitizing all its output and then publishing it on line. It seeks help in this process but, apparently, has not yet acquired a good scanning system for this job. – I would like to see cost comparisons between e.g. the “on demand” publishing via photocopiers, which the L.A. has engaged in to far, the microfiche on demand publishing of all its output, somewhat approached by me, the costs of maintaining a website with all its material, e.g. per annum, and how much it would cost if all this material, and possibly more, were offered on a single CD-ROM. CD-ROM blanks are here offered for A $ 1.95 and duplication of multiple CD-ROMS for as little as A $ 1.15 each. Thus I believe that the last option would be the cheapest one. Micro-economists and advocates of competition in free markets, should explore and publicize such options for freedom of expression and information. To my knowledge the L.A. has so far published nothing on such alternatives. Why not? – Furthermore, I believe that most of their literature was already written into computers and printed out from them. So why is more key-boarding required? – J.Z.

LIBERTARIAN ALTERNATIVE NEWSLETTER, San Diego, in PP 1325: Oct. 82, 4pp, 34, Nov. 82, 6pp, Dec. 82, 4pp, Jan. 83, 6pp, Feb. 83, 4pp, March 83, 4pp, April 83, 6pp, May 83, 4pp, June 83, 5pp. – This is the last edition produced by Sara Baase. Later someone – else continued the newsletter under another name. I had only time enough to copy these few samples. Sara Baase and Jack Sanders are both collectors of rare libertarian books. Alas, I had not much time to talk with either of them, since I was very busy photocopying from Jack’s library. What are needed now are collectors of excellent photocopies, combined in central freedom libraries and producers and readers of cheap duplicates e.g. on microfiche, floppies & text-only CD-ROMs. The love of rare print on paper does a preservation job and provides the collectors with some individual satisfaction. But it should not always take precedence over the completeness and cheapness of texts in alternative media. To achieve this we must defeat the notion that publishing must be expensive and must be done in conventional or expensive high technology media. – J.Z., 9/96.

LIBERTARIAN ALTERNATIVE, Amnesty for Draft Evaders, 1p, in PP 1351.

LIBERTARIAN ALTERNATIVE, Education – A Competitive Approach, 1p, in PP 1351.

LIBERTARIAN ALTERNATIVE, Hollywood, 1p. leaflet, inserted by J.Z., on government guaranty to Lockheed, in PP 1420/22: 266.

LIBERTARIAN ALTERNATIVE, Hollywood, CAL., 1971/72, some leaflets and letters, 26pp, in PP 1351: 166-193.

LIBERTARIAN ALTERNATIVE, In America, almost anyone can grow up to be The Godfather, 1p, in PP 1351.

LIBERTARIAN ALTERNATIVE, Introduction, Declaration of Principle & Directory, 3pp, in PP 1351.

LIBERTARIAN ALTERNATIVE, Lockheed – An Opposing View, 1p, in PP 1351.

LIBERTARIAN ALTERNATIVE, Ontario LP, I/1, April 88, 20pp, in PP 1272: 99.

LIBERTARIAN ALTERNATIVE, Private Fire Departments, 1p, in PP 1351.

LIBERTARIAN ALTERNATIVE, Private Postal Services, 1p, in PP 1351.

LIBERTARIAN ALTERNATIVE, The Dangers of National Health Care, 1p, in PP 1351.

LIBERTARIAN ALTERNATIVE, The Draft – A Libertarian View, 1p, in PP 1351.

LIBERTARIAN ALTERNATIVE, Toronto, Ontario LP, Oct. 88, 24pp, in PP 26.

LIBERTARIAN ALTERNATIVE, Wage and Price Controls – A Dangerous Policy, 1p, in PP 1351.

LIBERTARIAN ALTERNATIVE, Wage and Price Controls – A Step Backwards, 1p, in PP 1351.

LIBERTARIAN ALTERNATIVE, Wage and Price Controls, 4pp, in PP 1351.

LIBERTARIAN ALTERNATIVE, Welfare – The Moral Issue, 1p, in PP 1351.

LIBERTARIAN AMERICAN, San Antonio, A Forum of News Commentary and Dialogue, incomplete: I/1, Feb.- March 67 – I/4, Oct/Nov. 67, I/6, March-June 68, II/a, Nov. 68 – II/3, Aug/Sep. 69, in PP 1401: 2.

LIBERTARIAN ANALYSIS, Village Station, I/1, Winter 1970; I/3, Sep. 1971; I/4, n.d., 203pp: 1, in PP 1501.

LIBERTARIAN ANTHOLOGY, by Libertarian Bookhouse, Bombay, n.d., 90pp, 29x, in PP 392.

LIBERTARIAN BIBLIOGRAPHY, compiled by Paul Geddes and Steve Vanagas, GVLA: Greater Vancouver Libertarian Association, 1992 – 1999, 28pp, in PP 1541/42: 344.

LIBERTARIAN BOOK CLUB, 1p leaflet appeal, 42x, in PP 644, 6pp of leaflets, 29x, in PP 669, Catalog, 1985, 36x, in PP 636.


LIBERTARIAN BOOKHOUSE, Bombay, MEET KROPOTKIN, var. authors, n.d., 56pp, 24x, in PP 281.


LIBERTARIAN BOOKSHOP, Kalgoorlie, Booklist & leaflets, 1993, 1994, 18pp, in PP 1214. – See also under FEE, AUSTRALIA & MANNERS, RON.

LIBERTARIAN CAUCUS SING OUT FOR FREEDOM, Anonymous. 6pp, in PP 1170. (The guilty one did not want to confess about these crimes against lyrics, poetry, spelling and copying standards, I suppose, J.Z.)

LIBERTARIAN CHRONICLE, THE, San Diego, 10/82, 5pp, 11/82 2pp, inserts to LIBERTARIAN ALTERNATIVE NEWSLETTER, in PP 1325.

LIBERTARIAN CHURCHES, PP 1021. Until churches, too, can become exterritorially quite autonomous, the separation of church and State is not complete, neither are religious liberty and tolerance. The political, economic and social equivalent to religious churches, panarchies, cannot be legally and juridically established now, fully independent of the territorial State. Not even tax exemptions can be. But the aim should always be clearly upheld, as a just war and peace aim, a program for liberation and revolution, e.g. for the former USSR, for Yugoslavia, for Israel – and the rest of the world. And seeing how widely spread communist and socialist prejudices still are, one must also demand full exterritorial autonomy for e.g. communist and socialist “churches” of volunteers. When communist and socialist communities are fully self-responsible and have to pay their own bills, their false notions on economics will sooner or later evaporate. And under exterritorial autonomy individuals who have learned their lessons earlier can opt out. Libertarians will not get their own fully autonomous “churches” until after they have begun to demand them for all others, too. – J.Z.

LIBERTARIAN CLUB OF THE UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA, Leaflet, 1p, 1990 or before, in PP 1252.

LIBERTARIAN COMMUNITIES, See: CULLINANE, KEVIN, Libertarian Harmony, 1p: 5, in PP 1465.

LIBERTARIAN COMMUNITIES, See: HILL, ROCK, Cities in Flight, 1p: 19, in PP 1465. – On intentional communities as a prelude to space colonization.

LIBERTARIAN COMMUNITIES, See: HUDSON, THOMAS, Atlantis, 1p, on establishing a sovereign libertarian city in the Atlantic, 1p: 6, in PP 1465. – Compare: MINERVA, NEW HEBRIDES, NEW COUNTRY MOVEMENT.

LIBERTARIAN COMMUNITIES, See: LIBERTYTOWN FORUM, Lexington, KY, “A Reader Participation Newsletter”… “To facilitate the discussion of the creation of libertarian communities…”, I/1, April 1988, I/2, June / July 1988 & I/3, August-September 1988, last issue, 35pp, in PP 1465. – On microfiche all such projects could and should be discussed in details. On print in paper the discussion ended all too soon. – J.Z. – Compare the Fort Collins Project.

LIBERTARIAN COMMUNITIES, See: STUMM, JIM, Founding Libertarian Communities in the USA, 3pp, from his RANDOM WRITINGS, Dec. 1985 issue: 23, in PP 1465.

LIBERTARIAN CONFERENCES, PP 384 (ORDER WITHOUT DESIGN CONFERENCE, 1980, 3 papers.), 736 (Open Mind Festival, 1986), 890 (L.I., Selcon 85, Stockholm, 86, Lowlands 87) 830 (SWAZILAND, 88) & 997 (Lowlands, 1987). See ISIL, formerly LI. These are only hints towards material that ought to be brought to light: I can only wish that all ISIL Conference papers will be made accessible on microfiche. Only few can afford to attend in person. Thousands might be interested in the papers. Only a fraction of these is likely to be otherwise published. The papers of meetings of the Mount Pelerine Society seem to be as inaccessible, in most cases. And most anarchist conferences are so unorganized that they never get all their papers together and published. Why? Why do they put up with this? These all too temporary national and international meetings, with a few dozen to a few hundred people being able to attend and usually able only to attend a fraction of the different meetings that do take place, often at the same time, should be turned into permanent world conferences, micrographically. People should be able to add criticism and additional material years to decades later and to access any of the original or later submitted papers. – J.Z.


LIBERTARIAN DAILY NEWS, Extra, Jan. 1, 1987, 1p leaflet of Dagny Enterprises. Headline: 16th Amendment Repealed! Federal Reserve Act Repealed! In PP 1170. (How long will we have to wait for such headlines? How can we best speed them on their way? J.Z.)

LIBERTARIAN DEFENCE CAUCUS, Leaflet, 1p, in PP 1432/1439: 1064.

LIBERTARIAN DIGEST, THE, January – August 1981, ed. by Fred Foldvary, a survey of libertarian interest publications, listing, abstracting or quoting their contents, 89pp, 29x, in PP 389, Nos. 9-35, 9/81-7/85, ed. by Fred Foldvary, 336pp, 29x, PP 683-685.

LIBERTARIAN DIRECTORY 1972, edited by Dale Haviland, a publication by A IS A, Writings on Freedom and Individualism, 1972, 67pp, in PP 1141. Still useful as a historical and bibliographical guide. It provides a short list of articles in the libertarian press and an index to them. – J.Z.


LIBERTARIAN ENCYCLOPAEDIA, See: ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF LIBERTARIANISM, Contract signed with Garland, 1986 notice, in PP 1348: 29. – What has happened here, by 97? NEW ZEALAND’s ‘THE FREE RADICAL’ has offered a libertarian A-Z in its magazine. I have a collection of pro-freedom A-Z’s and would like all of them – AND MORE – merged into one. Can one get the authors’ & publishers O.K. for that? – Wouldn’t YOU want an almost complete & frequently updated and also very affordable libertarian encyclopaedia? Do your thing towards it! – J.Z.

LIBERTARIAN ENCYCLOPAEDIA, See: HENDERSON, DAVID, The Tastiness of a Fast Food Education, 2pp, in PP 1336 – 39: 50.

LIBERTARIAN ENCYCLOPAEDIA, See: HESS, KARL, Tools of Technology Are Tools of Liberty, 1p, in PP 1382/85: 376.

LIBERTARIAN ENCYCLOPEDIA, Proposed in 20/21 and many other issues in this series. If PC fans had compiled an address list of libertarians according to their special interests, this and many other projects could be started easily. Compare the 1000 libertarian projects listed for collaboration in 20/21.

LIBERTARIAN EXPRESS, LP of Canada, No. 3, 4pp, in PP 1271.


LIBERTARIAN FAMILIST, THE, incomplete, 328pp, in PP 1373/75: 1-328: LPCR NEWSLETTER, THE, Libertarian parents for children’s rights, El Paso, I/2, Spring 82. Continued as: FAMILIST, THE, LPCR Newsletter I/3. Continued as: FAMILIST, THE, Voice of the Familist movement, I/4, Fall 82, LIBERTARIAN FAMILIST, II/1, Jan/Feb. 83, II/2, continued: FAMILIST, II/3, May/June 83; II/5, Sept/Oct. 83, then as: NATURAL LAW FAMILIST, THE, II/6, Nov/Dec. 83 to III/8, Nov/Dec. 84, continued as: FAMILIST, THE, III/1, Jan/Feb. 85 – V/4 (except V/2), then LIBERTARIAN FAMILIST, THE, V/5, Sept/Oct. 86 – VIII/3, Spring 90 – except VIII/6, Oct, see the Mar/Apr. 83 issue. – I do hope no further name changes will follow. Imagine parents trying to change the names not of their brain children but of their biological children as often! – Would not that infringe the rights of the children? – J.Z.

LIBERTARIAN FAQ, Talks, Answers, a list, 1 ½ pp provided by Oxford Univ. Libraries… , in PP 1541/42.

LIBERTARIAN FEMINISM, PP 1052-61 (LA Pamphlets 7).

LIBERTARIAN FORUM, THE, 1969-1971, Vol. I, Nos. I-XVII, II, Nos. 1-24, III, Nos. 1-4, Editors : Murray N. Rothbard, Karl Hess, Publisher : Joseph R. Peden, 205pp, 36x, in PP 369. (I would like to see ALL issues on fiche. Some years ago, University Microfilms had some copies of 1972 on microfilm & promised more upon demand. Has this demand arisen and been satisfied? Since I typed out the headings in my PP by Nos. listing, on 3 pp, I will not attempt to indicate all of them here, but just of some of the signed articles. J.Z.)

LIBERTARIAN FORUM, THE, Madison Square Station, Sep. 1971 – Dec. 1983, very incomplete. Editor : Murray N. Rothbard, publisher Joseph R. Peden, 291pp, in PP 1312/1314: 1-291. – III/8, IV/4, IV/10, 11, V/2, 4-12, VI/1,6,12, IX/12, X/7&8, XVI/1-9, XVII/1 (Jan.83) – June 83 & Nov./Dec. 83. – Why the editor or publisher or another fan, with a complete set, never bothered to put all issues permanently and cheaply on microfiche, I may never know. Should I wait further years or even decades, until I get all issues complete or until, perhaps, someone else does the job? Better fiching some now than maybe all much later. And perhaps this incomplete set, with the previous one, for 1970/71, will induce someone to finally complete it, on fiche, on disk, on line, on CD-ROM? – I do have some duplicates to trade. Such an accumulation of libertarian thinking should be made fully, permanently, cheaply and easily accessible. – J.Z.

LIBERTARIAN FUTURIST SOCIETY, providing the Prometheus libertarian SF award, 37pp, in PP 1280.


LIBERTARIAN HEALTH ASSOCIATION, Health Care: The Free Market Alternative, Fairfax, n.d., 8pp, in PP 1,037.

LIBERTARIAN HERITAGE, Nos. 12-14, L.A. series, 8pp, in PP 1281/82. (Missing still: 9-11.) – See: LIBERTARIAN ALLIANCE.


LIBERTARIAN ICONOCLAST, Vol. 3, No 1, June 1968, by Alliance of Libertarian Activists, 6pp, sample, 29x, in PP 859.


LIBERTARIAN INTERNATIIONAL, Contra Project, 1p, in PP 893, 2 leaflets, 3pp, in PP 925, 6 leaflets, in PP 890, Free World Pledge, 1p, in PP 915, Tools for Liberty, 2pp literature list, Paris ’89, 4th Libertarian International Conference, Registration leaflet, 2pp, in PP 890. (I have so far not received any collection of papers given at its conferences, for microfilming, and doubt that they have been otherwise published in most cases. As if human hearing and memory of the few who were able to attend, were good enough! J.Z.) See also under FREE WORLD CHRONICLE.

LIBERTARIAN INTERNATIONAL, “Spooner” issues to raise funds, 1p, in PP 791, circular, 28 June 85, on its publication at that time: FREE WORLD CHRONICLE, 1p, in PP 860, Free World Pledge, 1pp, 1989, in PP 823., Referral Form, in PP 827, 835, 848, 850, 851, Tools for Liberty, 2pp list, in PP 823, Tools for Liberty, L.I. issue papers, 6pp list, in PP 852, 4pp introductory leaflet, in PP 813. Some Leaflets, Letters & Newsletters, 30pp, 29x, in PP 388. 1.) 1p leaflet, 42x, in PP 637, 2.) introductory 6 pages, 36x, in PP 718. Now renamed ISIL: International Society for Individual Liberty.

LIBERTARIAN INTERNATIONAL, Peace, Brotherhood, Freedom. Building a Free World, 6pp, in PP 1445: 16.

LIBERTARIAN INTERNATIONAL: FREEDOM NETWORK NEWS, Nos. 1-3, 6-20, July 76 – Feb. 89, in two microfiche, PP 860 & 861.


LIBERTARIAN LAW NOTES, Los Angeles, Fall 1977, Spring 1978, Fall 1978, Fall 1979, Winter 1979, incomplete set, 20pp, in PP 1356: 97.


LIBERTARIAN LEAGUE, THE, N.Y., Provisional Statement of Principles, n.d., 7pp, in PP 957.


LIBERTARIAN LETTER PROJECT, Simi Valley, CA, I/ 1 & 2, May & Sep. 1984, 13pp, including a 2pp letter by Daniel Wiener, the organizer, to Jim Stumm, August 16, 1984, in PP 1,001.

LIBERTARIAN LETTER, Wheaton, MD, I/1, Oct. 78 – I/4, Jan. 79, incomplete? 27pp, published by Maryland LP, in PP 1417: 118.

LIBERTARIAN LEXICON: FISKE, SYMOND, Libertarian Lexicon, 4pp, in PP 1430/31: 128. – Who is willing to continue indefinitely with such a collection and publishing effort? I would gladly make thousands of LMP pages available for such an effort. – J.Z., 9/97.

LIBERTARIAN LIBRARIES, Short note on 3 of them: A.P.E.S. and LPVA & Alderman Library, in PP 279.

LIBERTARIAN LIBRARY, Denver, a 2pp, 1985 leaflet, in PP 848.


LIBERTARIAN MAGAZINES & NEWSLETTERS, PP 36 – 39, 48-55, 76 a-d (4 fiche), 79 – 82, 106, 149/54, 156, 173-177, 209, 247 – 273 (Index to LIBERTY in 960), 283/85, 291/92, 350/54, 369, 381/2, 384, 388/9, 426, 428 – 466, 501, 515 – 522, 526/27, 530, 544, 546, 561, 564, 567, 569, 574 – 576, 582, 586/87, 591 – 595, 603, 608, 614, 632, 636 – 640, 669, 676 – 678, 680 – 685, 694 – 700, 710, 714, 724 – 727, 729, 739, 741, 743, 746/52, 754, 757/58, 768, 789, 804, 806, 812, 814, 817, 824/25, 835 – 837, 840 – 845, 847/49, 851, 854 – 864, 866/7, 878, 882, 889, 890, 891, 894, 895, 897, 899/900, 903, 905/6, 911, 914, 917/18, 920, 922, 925 – 931, 933 – 935, 937 – 954, 957, 961, 963/65, 975/6, 980, 983/4, 987, 991 – 993, 995, 997 – 1000, 1007, 1009 – 1011, 1015, 1017/8, 1019, 1021, 1027 – 1029, 1031, 1040, 1051-61, 1077, 1080 – 1086, 1089, 1096, 1099, 1105, 1107, 1108, 1111/2, 1115, 1117, 1121, 1124, 1129, 1132, 1133, 1137/39, 1142, 1150/51, 1153, 1158, 1161, 1165, 1170, 1171. ON PANARCHY, issues I – XVII are in: 505 – 507, 510, 554, 585, 671/2, 689, 755, 832/3, 869, 870, 879, 901, 1051.

LIBERTARIAN MAILING LISTS, 3 pages from Oxford University Libraries…., in PP 1541/42.


LIBERTARIAN MICROFICHE PUBLISHING, Alphabetical AUTHOR Listing of Titles that were available in March 1982, 11pp, 36x, in PP 61-63.

LIBERTARIAN MICROFICHE PUBLISHING, c/o John Zube, P.O.Box 42, BERRIMA, NSW 2577, Australia, Tel. (02) 48 771 436. No fax. E-mail: jzube@acenet.com.au & jzube@telstra.easymail.com.au Catalog available on fiche or disks (much more expensively on disks). $ 5 in cash gets you an information kit and a credit for 5 LMP microfiche. See: PEACE PLANS, ON PANARCHY, SLOGANS FOR LIBERTY, ZUBE, JOHN.

LIBERTARIAN MICROFICHE PUBLISHING, Directory Appeal, 2pp, 29x, in PP 387.

LIBERTARIAN MICROFICHE PUBLISHING, Go Fiching – for Liberty, PP 647. Program for future publishing, preliminary listing, 4pp, in PP 46. (Compare to what extent the program has been abided by.) Do ESP & MICROGRAPHICS have anything in common? PP 333.

LIBERTARIAN MICROFICHE PUBLISHING, Literature for Libertarians, supplied by other Microfilm Publishers than LMP, 61pp of titles, in PP 1512: 68-128.

LIBERTARIAN MICROFICHE PUBLISHING, Literature List, August 1983, with hints towards literature of interest to libertarians and offered by other microfilm publishers. Also introductory booklet by John Zube: Gone Fiching – for Liberty, 55p, 48x, in PP 589/590.


LIBERTARIAN MICROFICHE PUBLISHING, PP 647, 649, 707/08, 907/10. LIBERTARIAN MICROFICHE PUBLISHING, Program for Future Publishing, 4pp, 24x, in PP 134.

LIBERTARIAN MICROFICHE PUBLISHING, Some 1980 leaflets, 14pp, 29x, in PP 247.

LIBERTARIAN MICROFICHE PUBLISHING, Some information on LMP, compiled by John Zube, 54pp, in PP 1,030. Literature list PP 869 to PP 1021 in PP 1022.

LIBERTARIAN MICROFICHE PUBLISHING: LMP PRICE & EXCHANGE CHANGES, FROM JAN. 96, 1p, in PP 1347: 4. Also in PP 1420/1422: 144. – Another change, offered in 1997: If an initial enquirer to LMP, about his micrographic self-publishing and reading options, encloses $ 5 in cash, then he gets a basic information kit plus a credit for 5 LMP microfiche of his choice. – In other words, the basic information is given free, if you commit yourself to buying at least 5 of LMP’s microfiche. – Their possession might then induce you to look around for a cheap 2nd – hand reading machine. Too many simply “sat” on the information I sent them for $ 3. Will they similarly sit on this $ 5 credit? People are certainly not always rational enough to really act in their own interests. Thus my “bait” has to be sweetened. What kind of bait is needed to get 100 – 300 libertarians and anarchists interested in publishing ALL RADICAL freedom writings in this or a comparably affordable format? I had hoped that this option would be enough by itself. But this idea, too, seems to be too large to be comprehended by most as a practicable proposition, in which they could play a significant role. Most of us seem to be descendants of slaves or serfs, with a corresponding and small-minded mentality. – J.Z., 10.9.97. “Every journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – The difficulty lies often in taking the first few steps and in not losing the end in sight. – So few could do so much with this medium – if they only bothered to do so. – J.Z., 30.9.97.



LIBERTARIAN NEWS, One & Two, 1983/4, Libertarian Alliance, London, 16pp, 29x, in PP 695.

LIBERTARIAN NEWSLETTER, THE, Laissez Faire, II/1, 1976. Published by Gary Courtney. Only copy on hand, 8pp, in PP 1315: 114-121.

LIBERTARIAN OPTIMISM, Sydney, 1978-1979, all issues, 29x, PP 516. A sample only: 4/78, 8pp, 24x, in PP 48-49.

LIBERTARIAN ORGANIZATIONS & PUBLICATIONS, Dec. 1998, currently maintained by Bob Bickford, 22pp, in PP1534: 177.

LIBERTARIAN ORGANIZATIONS, compiled by Robert Bickford, 2/99, 27pp, in PP 1541/42: 372. – A 1998 version, was fiched on 22pp in PP 1534, sheets 177ff. – Still only major and well known

LIBERTARIAN ORGANIZATIONS, List from the INTERNET, April 95, version 11, 12pp, in PP 474. See: Addresses, Directories.


LIBERTARIAN ORIENTED ORGANIZATIONS, Compiled by Advocates of Self-Government, 1995, 9pp, in PP1534: 199. – This may be one of the in-between files which led finally to the file above under 49.

LIBERTARIAN OUTLOOK, San Francisco, I/1, August 85, only copy on hand, 34pp, in PP 1165.


LIBERTARIAN PARTY CONVENTION, 1977, San Francisco, 12p prospectus, 29x, in PP 725.

LIBERTARIAN PARTY INTERNATIONAL, 1p advertisement, in PP 1432/1439: 1495.

LIBERTARIAN PARTY NEWS, Vol. 5, No. 12, Dec. 1990, 12pp, in PP 1358: 88. This issue did not fit with my major compilation of this newsletter. – Sometimes even a microfiche does not have enough frames for extra pages. – J.Z.

LIBERTARIAN PARTY NEWSLETTER, later: LP NEWS: 497pp, 1972-90, incomplete, in PP 1382/85: 5ff. no 3, Feb/72 – no 9, Sept/72, thereafter LP News, no 11, Nov/Dec 72, no 12, Jan/Feb 73, no 16, Sept/Oct 73, no 17, Nov/Dec 73, no 19, Mar/Apr 74, no 23, Nov/Dec 74, no 27, July/Aug 75; vol VI/38, Sept/Oct 77, vol VI/45, Jan/Feb 79, vol VI/48, Jul/Aug 79, Sept/Oct 83, Mar/Apr 84, Mar/Apr 85, vol I/2, Spring 86, vol I/4, Jul/Aug 86, vol I/6, Autumn 86, vol I/7, Nov/Dec 86, vol II/2, Mar/Apr 87, vol II/4, Jul/Aug 87, vol III/2, Mar/Apr 88, vol III/3 May/Jun 88, vol IIII/3 May/Jun 89, vol IIII/4, Jul/Aug 89, vol IIII/6, Nov/Dec 89, vol V/1, Jan 90 – vol V/11, Nov 90 except for no 7 (Jul) and 10 (Oct). – Even from the H.O I could not, in 1990, get a complete set to microfiche it for them free of charge. – Previously, they had asked someone for a quote, got it: $ 300, but could not, then and there, afford the mere $ 300. – If they had bothered to ask for sponsors, they would probably have got it from those who would rather keep keep back issues on fiche in a small bocks than a stack of newspapers. How many households have proper storage for such stacks? – In the meantime they are supposed to have got all their publications on the INTERNET. – J.Z., 11.6.98.

LIBERTARIAN PARTY OF CALIFORNIA, Questions and Answers, 88, 4pp, in PLP 1270.

LIBERTARIAN PARTY OF CALIFORNIA, Statement of Principles, 1p, in PP 1415: 142.

LIBERTARIAN PARTY OF CANADA, Important News for Taxpayers, 1991,2pp: 151, in PP 1515.

LIBERTARIAN PARTY OF MINNESOTA, If you believe in civil liberties and economic freedom, n.d., 4pp leaflet, in PP 491.


LIBERTARIAN PARTY OF MINNESOTA, Platforms, 1980, 5pp, 1982-84, 5pp, 1989, 8pp, in PP 491.


LIBERTARIAN PARTY OF RIVERSIDE COUNTY, Invitation to a meeting, Feb. 15, 90, 2pp, in PP 497/498.

LIBERTARIAN PARTY OF WISCONSIN, What is the L.P.?, n.d., 6p: 5, in PP 1504.

LIBERTARIAN PARTY ON THE ISSUES, 5 papers all unsigned: Poverty, 7pp; International Trade, 5pp; Controlled Substances, 5pp; Health Care, 5pp; Agriculture, 5pp, in PP 1270. See also LP Platforms.


LIBERTARIAN PARTY, 15th Annual Convention LP of N.Y., 1987, 14pp: 38, in PP 1504.

LIBERTARIAN PARTY, 1972 & 1974 Platforms of the LP, 22pp, 78, in PP 1453.

LIBERTARIAN PARTY, 1976 Platform of the L.P., The Party of Principle, adopted in Convention, N.Y.C., 1975, 12p: 15, in PP 1504.

LIBERTARIAN PARTY, 1978 Platform, 10pp, 24x, in PP 109-110. 1980 Platform, 6pp, 29x, in PP 724.

LIBERTARIAN PARTY, 1990 Platform, 12pp, in PP 1378/81: 452.

LIBERTARIAN PARTY, 6th Annual Libertarian Party Convention, San Francisco, 1977, Prospectus, 8pp: 110, in PP 1514.

LIBERTARIAN PARTY, Aurora, A Political Party that Wants to Abolish Taxes. A Way to Stop Paying Federal Income Tax… Forever, 2pp leaflet: 33, in PP 1504.


LIBERTARIAN PARTY, NATIONAL HQ, Houston, n.d., TAX PROTEST! An American Tradition, 1p leaflet, in PP 1270.

LIBERTARIAN PARTY, New Political Times, a 2pp leaflet, n.d., of LP, USA, 29x, in PP 895.

LIBERTARIAN PARTY, New York Libertarian Convention ’86, 8pp leaflet: 34, in PP 1504.

LIBERTARIAN PARTY, Platform in brief, 2pp, in PP 1382/85: 293.

LIBERTARIAN PARTY, Platform, 1982, adopted in Convention at Denver, 8pp, in PP 1273.

LIBERTARIAN PARTY, Pot, Helmets, Vitamins & You, 6pp: 27, in PP 1504.

LIBERTARIAN PARTY, PP 19c, 109/10, 724/5, 852, 895, 916, 957, 1027, 1031. Compare the Australian LP under WORKERS PARTY & PROGRESS PARTY, ACTIVISM, POLITICAL ACTIVISM, LIMITED GOVERNMENT, PARTIES.

LIBERTARIAN PARTY, Q & A about the Libertarian Party, 17p 114, in PP 1491. – Another and shorter version of this is in PP 1239.

LIBERTARIAN PARTY, Responsible Gun Ownership, 4pp: 29, in PP 1504.


LIBERTARIAN PARTY, See: BIESER, SCOTT, A Cartoonist’s Introduction to The Libertarian Party of Texas, 1983, 13pp: 142, in PP 1501.

LIBERTARIAN PARTY, See: NOLAN, DAVID F., Present at the Creation, 2pp, in PP 1350, on the libertarian party movement: 35. – What could have been done otherwise, with the enthusiasm, man hours and funds sunk into libertarian party attempts? – Could they not have been mobilized for more fruitful endeavours? – J.Z., 30.9.97.

LIBERTARIAN PARTY, See: NOLAN, DAVID F., The Case for a Libertarian Political Party, 3pp: 512, in PP 1457/62.

LIBERTARIAN PARTY, See: PRESIDENTIAL CONVENTION, 1975 National Libertarian Party Convention, N.Y.C., Aug. 28 – Sep. 1, 1975, prospectus, with ads, 52pp, in PP 1274.

LIBERTARIAN PARTY, See: ROTHBARD, MURRAY N., Libertarian Party, 1p, in PP 1312/1314: 98.

LIBERTARIAN PARTY, See: ROTHBARD, MURRAY N., The Need for a Movement and a Party, 2pp, in PP 1312/1314: 62.

LIBERTARIAN PARTY, See: ROTHBARD, MURRAY N., Why Have a Libertarian Party? 1p excerpt only from address, March 73: 45, in PP 1498.

LIBERTARIAN PARTY, See: STRAUSS, ERWIN S., The Case Against a Libertarian Political Party, 1980, 42pp, 116, in PP 1450.

LIBERTARIAN PARTY, Should we Re-Legalize Drugs? 4pp: 25, in PP 1504.

LIBERTARIAN PARTY, Taxes. Break Free, 4pp, n.d.: 23, in PP 1504. – Break free – of print on paper as well! – J.Z., 27.4.98

LIBERTARIAN PARTY, Temporary platform, 3pp, in PP 1382/85: 1.

LIBERTARIAN PARTY, The Libertarian Alternative, Libertarianism, A Political Philosophy whose Time Has Come, 2pp: 147, in PP 1515.

LIBERTARIAN PARTY, The Libertarian Party Represents You! 4pp, n.d.: 14, in PP 1504.

LIBERTARIAN PARTY, The Libertarian Party. The ONLY political party that wants to change the drug laws! 6pp: 7, in PP 1504.

LIBERTARIAN PARTY, The New Children’s Rights Plank, 1p, 83, in PP 1373/75: 53.

LIBERTARIAN PARTY, THE, 4th of July, In Celebration of Liberty, 4pp leaflet, year not given, in PP 1425: 120.

LIBERTARIAN PARTY, Washington, D.C., Q & A about the Libertarian Party, n.d., 12pp, in PP 1239.

LIBERTARIAN PARTY, What Is the L.P.?, 1986, 4pp: 3, in PP 1504.

LIBERTARIAN PARTY, Why Join the National L.P.? 4pp: 9, in PP 1504.

LIBERTARIAN PARTY, Yes, by R.F. & J.T., 1972, 1p; No, by John BROTSCHOL, 1972, 1p, in PP 1,027.

LIBERTARIAN PEACE MOVEMENT, A short notice only with some links, ½ page , in PP 1541/42.

LIBERTARIAN PERIODICALS, directory to ca. 130, compiled by Jim Stumm, August 1985, 29x, in PP 594. (For other & later issues see under Directories.)

LIBERTARIAN POLITICAL ACTION, Advice on Effective Campaigning, n.d., no author, 55pp, in PP 967.



LIBERTARIAN PRESS ASSOCIATION, 1p, 24x in PP 12, list of publications, 1970, pp 81-82 of PP 13, 24x.

LIBERTARIAN PRESS ASSOCIATION, THE, Listing, 1p: 167, in PP 1457/62. – Help to make all these and other libertarian periodicals permanently and cheaply accessible, at least on microfiche! – J.Z.

LIBERTARIAN PRESS, 2pp leaflet on Hans F. Sennholz: Money and Freedom, in PP 791.

LIBERTARIAN PRESS, Appeals, Challenges, Circulars & Open Letters of John Zube to the Libertarian Press regarding its microfilm options, in PP 907-910. Responses? Mostly dead silence! It seems that most would rather be dead than be seen cheaply, completely and permanently but on microfilm only. And, as paper addicts, they manage to ignore the fact that at their expense they could have, from microfilm, all the paper print outs they want. At the same time, they love to be merely mentioned or quoted, however incompletely and distortedly, by the mass media, in SF books and on the microfilm of entertainment films. I have not yet understood their apathetic attitude in this respect. Do they see in microfilms an admission of their failures & of the unprofitability of most of their efforts? Why do they expect instant profitability from microfilm editions, which they do not expect from paper editions? And if all freedom efforts were to be directed by financial profits only, how many would have been undertaken and would have persisted? Why are they not satisfied with making all their o.o.p. editions available at least in this format – and all the material that they cannot afford to print on paper? Is some sort of intellectual snobbery involved? Are they blinded by the promises of the computer industry and the hopes and predictions of computer fans? Then why do they ignore the fact that microfilms and computers have long been intermarried in scanning and print-out options and data storage, in which microfilm has been very cost effective. Is envy involved that they have been outproduced on microfilm and that their paper avalanches have often to be micrographically reduced? Does it mean nothing to them, not even a news article, that an individual like me can out-produce them, when resorting to microfilm? Do they believe that the number of titles sold means so much more than the number of titles permanently offered on demand? Have they learned nothing from the rarity of libertarian titles in new and second hand book stores, in public and private libraries? Are they so involved with their paper tigers that they cannot stand back and view them objectively? Are they afraid that large donations might disappear, once they resort to as affordable a medium? I cannot work them out, although I once was one of them. When the micrographic options were finally pointed out to me, I jumped for them. Why don’t they? Please, do send me your answers for filming. – J.Z.

LIBERTARIAN PROPHETRESS ALICE LENCHINA or: Maximum Extension of the Principle of Religious Freedom and Tolerance, 2pp, 1965, in 3. See On Panarchy, Competing Governments, Experimental Freedom, Exterritorial Organization, Personal Law, Tolerance, etc.

LIBERTARIAN PUBLISHERS, Bombay, 1p literature list, 24x in PP 50-54, 1970 list of publications, 1p, 24x, in PP 106.

LIBERTARIAN REPORTER, THE, The Journal of the LP of Canada, I/1: Dec. 89; II/i: Jan. 90; II/2: Feb. 90; II/3/4: March/April 90; II/2: Nov. 90; II/3: May 91, 38pp, in PP 1271.

LIBERTARIAN REPRINTS, LIBERTARIAN ALLIANCE, No. 12: Chris Cooper, Crocodile Fears: On the Opposition to a Free Market in Broadcasting, 2pp, 29x, in PP 864, Nos. 1-9, 11, 28pp, 29x, in PP 696. See also PP 1052-61. – Croc Tears???



LIBERTARIAN REPUBLICANS, A Vision of Liberty, Platform Planks for a New Republican Majority, n.d., 35pp, in PP 975.

LIBERTARIAN REVIEW, Australia, literature list, 10pp, 24x, in PP 50-54. I doubt that this supplier is still operating. – J.Z., 94.

LIBERTARIAN REVIEW, Mona Vale, N.S.W. several 1977 book reviews, in PP 1347: MISES, LUDWIG VON, The Anti-Capitalist Mentality: 120. FRASER INSTITUTE, The Illusion of Wage and Price Control – Essays on Inflation, its Causes and its Cures: 121. IEA, Not from Benevolence, 122. FRASER INSTITUTE, Rent Control – A Popular Paradox: 123. HAYEK, F.A., Full Employment at any Price? IEA: 124. – I think its business was first taken over by Centre 2000 and then by COMMENTARY BOOKS, which still exists, as far as I know. – J.Z., 9/97.

LIBERTARIAN REVIEW, Washington, III/10, Oct. 74 – IV/5, May 75; IV/9, Sep. 75 – IV/11, Nov. 75, 146 pages, in PP 1367/68.

LIBERTARIAN REVISIONIST ZINE, No. 9 & 10, 4pp, in PP 1418: 53 & 86.


LIBERTARIAN REVOLUTION, See: BAKER, ROBERT P., Some Aspects of Libertarian Revolution, 12pp, in PP 274: 104.


LIBERTARIAN SCIENCE FICTION: FOREST 1994 SF COMPETION: Book: Invasion of the Liberty Snatchers, 7 stories, introduced by George Hay: Here only a 2pp leaflet, sent by L.A., London, in PP 1430/31: III. – MCLEOD, KEN, The Star Fraction, 1995 SF book, pointed out by L.A., London, 1p, in PP 1430/31: IV., in PP 1432/39. – In my FREEDOM BIBLIOGRAPHY, in the works, I attempt to include an as complete listing of libertarian SF titles as possible. – Please, submit your favourite titles and their details, preferable on disk. – J.Z.


LIBERTARIAN SOCIALISM, See: LOUDON, TREVOR, Psst, Buddy, Wanna Buy some Libertarian Socialism? 2pp, in PP 1336 – 39: 166.

LIBERTARIAN SOCIALIST ORGANIZATION & LIBERTARIAN WORKERS FOR A SELF-MANAGED SOCIETY, A New Society: The Anarchist Alternative, 6pp, n.d., ca. 1994: 91, in PP 1493.


LIBERTARIAN SPECTRUM, THE, 1973, 3pp, in PP 274.

LIBERTARIAN STUDENT CLUBS WWW NETWORK, Home Page only, 1p, in PP 1535: 168.

LIBERTARIAN TALK SHOW, See: ISENBERG, TOM, Libertarian Talk Show: Let’s Make it Happen! 1p, in PP 493.



LIBERTARIAN UTOPIA, PP 20/21, 420, 650, 872.

LIBERTARIAN VANGUARD, San Francisco, published by the Radical Caucus of the LP, incomplete: I/3: 8/79, with special supplement; II/6:June81; No. 21: Aug. 82 to No. 28, Feb/March 84, a total of 160pp, in PP 1296/97.

LIBERTARIAN VIEWPOINT, LP of Georgia, n.d., no number, 4pp, contains unsigned 3pp article: On Taxation, Crime and Liberty, in PP 1270.

LIBERTARIAN WORKERS FOR A SELF – MANAGED SOCIETY, God, Ruler and Country. (The most common excuses for mass murder since the beginning of time.) No date, 2pp leaflet on the Gulf War, in PP 1255.

LIBERTARIAN WORKERS FOR A SELF – MANAGED SOCIETY, Melbourne, Towards an Anarchist Society, Position and Activities 95, 16pp, in PP 1254.

LIBERTARIAN WORKERS FOR A SELF-MANAGED SOCIETY & ANARCHIST MEDIA INSTITUTE, Melbourne, Anarchism towards the 21st Century, 32pp, n.d., distribute 1995, in PP 1229.

LIBERTARIAN WORKERS FOR A SELF-MANAGED SOCIETY, Anarchists: Yesterday’s People, using yesterday’s strategies to change yesterday’s society, 4pp leaflet, June 89, 29x, in PP 873.

LIBERTARIAN WORKERS FOR A SELF-MANAGED SOCIETY, Melbourne, PP 423. So far they are still rather authoritarian in their insistence that their primitive anarchist programme, of equal wages & equal decision making power, is the only rightful and possible one and must be realized, willy nilly, for all people. I’d be glad to hear about any mellowing or change of mind. – J.Z.

LIBERTARIAN YEARBOOK 1972, ed. by Serrins/McCaffrey & Frazier, 132pp, in PP 274.


LIBERTARIAN, NORTH COUNTY, Newsletter of the LP of Wisconsin, Fall 85 (III/2), 13pp, in PP 494.

LIBERTARIAN, Published by the Libertarian Society at Sydney University, No. 3, Jan. 1960, 19pp: 85, in PP 1471.

LIBERTARIAN, THE GEORGIA, Cartersville, GA, A publication of the LP of Georgia, 12/2, Oct. 84 & 13/1, Jan. 85, 32pp, in PP 499.

LIBERTARIAN, THE MICHIGAN, VI/3, April 78, 12pp, in PP 499.

LIBERTARIAN, THE, Greenville, S.C., V/5, Nov. 1925. Special Georgist issue, the only one on hand. 93 pp: 1, in PP 1477.

LIBERTARIAN, THE, LP of New Mexico, Feb. 13, 1987, 8pp, in PP 1270.

LIBERTARIAN, THE, Taxation is Theft, 3pp leaflet, Australia, n.d., no author, distributed when the Workers Party was active in Australia, in PP 1257.

LIBERTARIAN, THE, Wenonah, N.J., Monthly Journal of Ideas, ed. By Lillian R. Boehme, incomplete. Here only Vol. III, Nos. 1-12, Nov. 1967 – October 1968, 92pp, & Vol. IV, No. 3, Jan. 69, 9pp. Only copies of this journal, while it was in A4 format, that are on hand, in PP 1,031. Dec. 69, Feb. 70 – Aug. 70, Oct. 70 – May 71, ca. 420pp, in PP 1138. Can you add some of the missing issues? During all my searches I only ever saw these copies once, in one private library. As if such journals were produced to remain out of sight and forgotten. – J.Z.

LIBERTARIANISM – ROOTS, A 1p chart, by? date? source? On the tradition of promoting individual liberty over political authority, in PP 1269.


LIBERTARIANISM AND AYN RAND, See: CHILDS, ROY A, Jr., Ayn Rand and the Libertarian Movement, 5pp, in PP 277/278: 88 & 100. LIBERTARIANISM vs. CONSERVATISM, PP 1052-61 (LA Pamphlets 14).


LIBERTARIANISM, PP 165, 167, 174 – 176, 182, 212/13, 290, 369, 384/5, 391, 416, 418/19(pp194 & 209), 542, 596/98, 633, 696/7, 861, 916, 957, 967, 975, 995, 999, 1006, 1018 – 1020, 1034, 1052-61 (E.g.: LA Personal Perspectives 4, Political Notes 32, LA Philosophical Notes 21 & LA Pamphlets 14, LA Libertarian Heritage 5), 1098, 1112, 1146, 1158,

LIBERTARIANISM, See: ROGGE, BENJAMIN A., The Libertarian Philosophy, 5pp: 92, in PP 1529- 33.


LIBERTARIANS FOR LIFE, Abortion and the Question of the Person, 3pp, 36x, in PP 61-63.

LIBERTARIANS FOR LIFE, An Open Letter to All Libertarians, 1978, by Doris Gordon, 1p, 36x, in PP 61-63.

LIBERTARIANS FOR LIFE, Biological Facts and the Abortion Issue, 1p, 36x, in PP 61-63.

LIBERTARIANS FOR LIFE, If the Unborn Child Is a Person, Entitled to Rights, Abortion Is Aggression, 2pp, 36x, in PP 61-63.

LIBERTARIANS FOR LIFE, LFL Reports 1, 4-9, from ca. 1982 – 93, with 27 other anti-abortion contributions, 125pp, in PP 1,121.

LIBERTARIANS FOR LIFE, Questionaire, 1p, 36x, in PP 61-63.

LIBERTARIANS FOR LIFE, Sovereignty and Liberty, 3pp, 36x, in PP 61-63.

LIBERTARIANS FOR LIFE, The Abortion Debate from the Libertarian Pro-Life Perspective, 15pp, 36x, in PP 61-63.

LIBERTARIANS FOR LIFE, Two Questions, a leaflet, 2pp, 29x, in PP 424.

LIBERTARIANS FOR LIFE, Why Do Parents Have the Obligation to Care for their Children, Born and Unborn? 3pp, 36x, in PP 61-63.

LIBERTARIANS FOR LIFE, Why the Statement “A Woman has the Right to Control her Own Body” Begs the Basic Question in the Abortion Debate, 2pp, 36x, in PP 61-63. (For years I have collected more material for the case against abortion, on demand and for the sake of convenience, rather than in the few real life-saving cases, where otherwise both would perish, and apart from spontaneous abortion. But only recently did I get around to combining some of this material, mostly from LFL, in one special PP No. 1121, 125pp. If you were to send me more photo-ready material on this then this would, most likely, appear sooner or later, too, on one of my microfiche. If you want it added soon, as a filler for other fiche, just say so. My own longest contribution to this subject, so far, can be found in Peace Plans No. 15. Abortion outdoes even wars and totalitarianism as a

LIBERTARIANS IN ACTION, News of the LP of Iowa, Nov/Dec. 78 & April 79, 12pp, in PP 1271.

LIBERTARIANS ON GOVERNMENT, Some harsh words by…, leaflet by LABADIE, JOE, 1p, in PP 1393: 50.

LIBERTARIANS ON THE AIR, Links to US Libertarian Radio Programmes, 3pp, in PP 1541/42. – Hopefully, someone will record all these programmes and make them accessible to those unable

LIBERTARIANS, 914, 1952-61 (Young et al, Tories, Toughies & Libertarians),.


LIBERTARIANZ, More Freedom, Less Government, A Political Party like no other, 1p adv. for new N.Z. party, in PP 1336 – 39: 496.

LIBERTAS REVIEW, 3 samples, 5/3, 6/1&2, 12pp, published by SLL, 24x, in PP 182.

LIBERTAS, Santa Ana, I/1, I/6, n.d., II/1 (Sep. 70) – II/5 (Dec. 70), III/1 (Jan. 71), 53pp, editors: John C. Schureman, Doug Kennel, Patrick Dowd, in PP 1133.

LIBERTE, LP of Canada, No. 37, Winter 1978, 4pp, in PP 1401: 141.


LIBERTINISM, See: SHEPARD, OLIVIA F., Libertinism, ca. 3pp: 78, in PP 1481.











LIBERTY & THE GREAT LIBERTARIANS, An Anthology on Liberty, A Hand-book of Freedom, by C.T. Sprading, PP 220/21.

LIBERTY ADVANCEMENT, A LEARNING, NOT A SELLING PROBLEM, PP 246. Read had not learnt nor has FEE by now, that learning requires not just some but sufficient to complete learning resources. In print on paper FEE could not bring sufficient together of this, in close to 50 years of great and expensive efforts. Altogether it is likely to have collected and spend millions of dollars on print on paper. Micrographically it could have come close to this degree of perfection. But so far it has not produced a single microfiche or owns a single microfiche reading machine. Almost all of the other, by now ca. 60 libertarian think tanks, seem to be intent on repeating this mistake. When the learning source is almost complete and functioning as a light tower, its services will almost sell themselves. And it is much cheaper to see the light by the light of a reading machine. – J.Z.


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LIBERTY BOOKS FOR SALE, see BOOKLISTS. I have still a box full of booklists on hand, that I intend to film, sooner or later. And I do intend to film the CIRA Bulletins & LITERATURE OF LIBERTY by the IHS. – J.Z.

LIBERTY BOOKS, 2pp leaflet, 36x, in PP 654.

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LIBERTY FUND, Inc., Liberty Press/ Liberty Classics, New and Recent Books, n.d., 2pp leaflet, in PP 1232. They keep all their titles in print and offer them very cheaply in very readable type. Thus there is no urgency about getting their titles on fiche. – J.Z.

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LIBERTY, Boston, 1881-1908, Nos. 1-403, edited by B.R. TUCKER, 3610pp, including the German issue LIBERTAS, Nr. 1-8, 1888, partly 29x, partly 24x in PP 247-273, 27 microfiche. A 77 page contents listing is reproduced in PP 247. (For $ 27 this is still the cheapest microfilm reproduction of Tucker’s classic magazine that is on the market. Several other and more expensive microfilm editions are offered by others microfilm publishers. As far as I know, the expensive paper reprint is out of print. J.Z., 5/89.)

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LIBERTY, Port Townsend, Why Liberty? 1p flyer, in PP 1,021. – LIBERTY has appeared, successfully, for several years and become perhaps the first or second most important or most widely spread radical libertarian printed periodical. According to some, it has become better and remained more radical than REASON. The few copies that I saw, seemed to contain mainly general and philosophical articles rather than programs for action. Alas, it has so far shown no interest in getting its back issues microfilmed and I did not get around to meet its publishers during my U.S. trip. It seems that one get so involved with just getting the next issue out that one never gets around to keeping all back issues in print, at least on microfiche. It is a shame that they do not make such an encyclopedic information offer, with all their back issues, readily available on microfilm – and sufficiently indexed by one or several of their fans on PCs. Back issues of REASON are available on microfilm – but only from University Microfilms. – J.Z.

LIBERTY, PP 174 – 176, 202, 242, 396/97, 408, 571, 607, 696, 711, 838, 890, 959, 975, 987, 1020, see Anarchism, INDIVIDUALISM, FREEDOM, LIBERTARIANISM, HUMAN RIGHTS etc.

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LIBRARIES: CARLSON, OLIVER, A Slanted Guide to Library Selections, 3pp, in PP 1411/12: 239. – On how a little old lady, Miss Helen E. Hains, a librarian’s librarian, with her guides, largely determined which titles go into public libraries! – Most librarians are government “educated”. Need on say more? Micrographically or on text only CD-ROMs, book lovers could have easy and affordable access to all books – and could provide it for themselves, making themselves independent from professional librarians, publishers and book traders, their prejudices and book sale speculations. – Alas, most book lovers are still not enlightened enough for that. – J.Z.

LIBRARIES: POOLE, ROBERT, Innovations Make Public Libraries Obsolete, 1p, in PP 1378/81: 390. – I can only wish that libertarians and anarchists, at least, would care for their kinds of literature enough to provide a comprehensive library and information service for themselves, using alternative and affordable technologies. So far, they have almost criminally neglected their moral obligations and technical opportunities in this sphere. “Noblesse oblige!” If provided on microfiche then duplicates could be cheaply and fast enough for most purposes sent by sea mail all over the world. A distribution centre in each major country could speed things up a bit more. If they were also microfiche publishing centres and exchanged with each other, they collections could grow fast. See my pamphlet: A Libertarian Information Paradise – Is Without Our Reach, 1989, 8pp, in PP 873 & 875 and, sometimes, available in photocopy. – Has “reason” had enough reason to produce an accumulated alphabetical index? I would gladly microfiche it for them and myself and others who might be interested. – I have a number of objections against that magazine but not that they failed to arrange for its microfiching. It’s done, I believe, through University Microfilms. – They allowed me to fiche their FRONTLINES newsletter. – J.Z., 9.10.97.

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LIFE EXTENTION, See: HAYFLICK LIMIT BROKEN, Clipping of 15.1.98: 828, in PP 1457/62: – Life Extension & Cell Reproduction Limit. – And some people still believe that there are never any good news! – J.Z.

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LIMIT, May 78, Vol. IV, No. 11, sample of the newsletter of THE

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LISTENING, WHO IS? PP 306. I might ask: Who is bothering to read and publish LMP microfiche? I can only lead the horse to the water. – If all the advocates of free market or micro-economics are unable to recognize the micro-benefits of microfiche self-publishing and reading then I can only shake my head, regret this but can do nothing to change their attitude and actions, their addiction to paper in print, or commitment to push-button information only. – J.Z., 11.6.98.

LITERATUR DER FREIHEIT, a Freenetwork compilation, 6pp, 29x, in PP 731.

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LITERATURE LISTS, See: CATO INSTITUTE, Book List, 2pp, n.d. , in PP 1534: 86. – Many of its titles are listed as no longer in print and are not offered on microfiche, floppies or CDROMs. – See: LAISSEZ FAIRE BOOKS, Rothbard Titles offered by LFB., 2pp, n.d., in PP 1534: 88.

LITERATURE LISTS, See: DEVIN-ADAIR PUBLISHERS, List of Books in Print, with 2 letters by John Zube, 4.5.94 & 8.10.94, 5pp, in PP 1253. No reply was received upon my 2nd letter. The usual stance towards problems is their denial. – J.Z.

LITERATURE LISTS, See: FREEDOM BOOKS, Books on Economic Freedom & on Political Freedom, 1998, 4pp, in PP 1534: 95 .


LITERATURE LISTS, See: FREETHOUGHT BOOKS, The Rationalist Association, Sydney, 10pp, a recent list, in PP 1252. – These “rationalists” are, apparently, not yet sufficiently enlightened about their microfiche options or they are religiously prejudiced in favour of print on paper. – J.Z.

LITERATURE LISTS, See: INDEPENDENCE INSTITUTE, Golden; Left Bank Distribution; Liberty Tree; Libertarian Literary Society; SPUNK PRESS; TERRA LIBRA CATALOG, Jan. 95, 9pp, in PP 1252.


LITERATURE OF LIBERTY, A Review of Contemporary Liberal Thought, Vols. I – V, 1978 – 1982, 2004 pp, 36x reduced, in 7 microfiche, in PP 1199- 1205. I doubt that a better over-view is offered anywhere, by anyone. I was informed that the INSTITUTE OF HUMANE STUDIES has set up a microfiche corner in its library, with a donated fiche reading machine and with the aid of microfiche from LMP (thanks to one donor, SPENCER HEATH MACCALLUM) and from other microfilm publishers, intends to work towards a COMPLETE FREEDOM LIBRARY! Such news SHOULD make headlines in ALL libertarian publications – but probably will not. – J.Z.

LITERATURE OF LIBERTY, Cato Institute, catalog, introduction, 8pp, 24x, in PP 50-54.


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LITIGATION LUNACY: ALLEN-MILLS, TONY, Toddler tort adds cream to the cake of litigation lunacy, 1p, 96, in PP 1367/68: 242. It becomes more and more a lawyers’ world! – J.Z., 4.12.96. – Will we reach the stage again where a cry like: “Hang all the lawyers!” will become popular again? – J.Z., 11.6.98.

LITTERMAN, BOB, Rape! 4pp, in PP 1425: 8.

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LITTLE BLUE BOOKS & other HALDEMAN – JULIUS PUBLICATIONS, mainly in PP 1206 – 1213 & 1217 – 1229. Separately listed.

LITTLE BLUE BOOKS, 13 titles, by Haldeman-Julius Co., Girard, Kansas, Nos. 677, 935, 937, 1791, 1215, 1407, 568, 1383, 1144, 324, 1509, 113, 1098, QUOTABLE QUOTES; INDEX TO QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS, vols. 1-25; & SAMPSON, Society Without the State. Total: 742pp, in PP 1206.

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LITTLE BLUE BOOKS, Edited by E. Haldeman-Julius, Nos. 575, 1334, 1228, in PP 1189. – Thanks to Michael Coughlin I have an extensive set of these and other editions of E. Haldeman-Julius. – J.Z.

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LITTLE GUY, Fullerton, I/1, Oct. 79, Editor/publisher: Jack Matonis, The Newsletter for Citizens Strike, a non-profit organization dedicated to resistance against big government and taxation, 18pp: 81, in PP 1495. -Little guys have many options which they do not, as yet, appreciate and use sufficiently. E.g.: Self-publishing and reading on microfiche and text-only CD-ROMS. – J.Z.

LITTLECHILD, S.C. & OWEN, G., An Austrian Model of the Entrepreneurial Market Process, JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC THEORY 23, 1980, 361-379, summary only, 1p, in LITERATURE OF LIBERTY, in PP1204p1769, headed: An Austrian Model of Price Adjustment.

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LIU, SHIH SHUN, EXTERRITORIALITY, Its Rise and Its Decline, 1925, 237pp, 24x, in PP 383. (A primer on the subject, full of facts and thoughts. Once day it will be considered a classic. Minority autonomy ought to be everyone’s concern. J.Z.)

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LIVE AND LET LIVE, Nos. 15 – 17 of 1979 & Nos. 32 – 42, 1983 – 88, 61pp, irregularly published by CELL, The Church of Eternal Life and Liberty. In PP 1249. I have not heard of them for years. – J.Z.

LIVE AND LET LIVE, Redwood Valley, pro-life – animal rights – libertarian, issues 7 & 9, March & Dec. 94, 34pp, published by James N. Dawson, in PP 1315: 1- 34.

LIVE FREE, Harvey, Ill., old leaflet, 2 pp, in PP 1323: 78. It had an ambitious programme but is probably defunct now. I have not seen it listed for years. But whatever treasures it had accumulated, in writing, should at least be brought to the light of microfiche reading machines. J.Z., 6.5.96.

LIVING FREE, Buffalo, A Personal Journal of Self Liberation, edited & published by Jim Stumm, Nos. 1-30, March 1979 – June 1985, 29x, PP 574-576, a 1p introduction by Jim Stumm, 24x, in PP 80-82., Nos. 31 & 32, 1985, 29x, in PP 594, No. 31, Aug. 85 to No. 44, June 88, 126pp, in PP 836, No. 44, June 88 to No. 48, March 89, 36pp, in PP 837. Nos. 49 – 63, April 89 – August 91, 120pp, in PP 1171. Nos. 64, of Sep. 91 to 94, Nov. 95, 248pp, in PP 1318/1319: 1-248. – Jim Stumm also offers a range of booklets and papers for sale and a photocopying service for o.o.p. libertarian magazines and has been very helpful towards LMP. His sharp mind brightens almost any discussion in print. He brought out special compilations on monetary freedom and on panarchism. While I do not always agree with him, I do appreciate what he has to say. He specializes on the freedom – now options, even for life in suburbia. – J.Z.

LIVING LIBERTY, PP 1052-61 (Konkin to Rothbard). – Without resorting to microfiche he cannot even keep his periodical alive and regular. – J.Z.

LIVINGSTONE, John J., In defence of the tax avoiders, 1985, 1p, 29x, in PP 724.

LLEWELLYN, MARC, India’s Denial of Death, Review of a film on AIDS in India, 1/2p, in PP 1257.

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LMP, LIBERTARIAN MICROFICHE PUBLISHING, 1994 literature list, by authors, covering PEACE PLANS 1-1171, in PP 1172, 42x, 450pp, somewhat indexing ca. 350,000 pages in the series, including the ON PANARCHY, SLOGANS FOR LIBERTY and MONETARY FREEDOM sub-series. Already but only to a limited extent cross – indexed by subjects.

LMP, Literature List, August 1983, on Peace Plans 1-426, together with hints towards literature of interest to libertarians but offered by other microfilm publishers, 72pp, 48x, in PP 647.


LMP, Price & Exchange Changes and Conditions, Jan. 96, 1p, in PP 1399: 124. – Additional rule since then: If you are a first enquirer and send at least $ 5 in cash, then you get the usual information kit PLUS a credit of 5 LMP microfiche of your choice. – J.Z.

LMP, Some LMP – PEACE PLANS P R I C E & EXCHANGE CHANGES, Jan. 96 & 97/98, 1p: 193, in PP 1478.

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LMP, SUPPLEMENTARY L M P LISTING, to PP 1295, 39pp, in PP 1297. – Alas, my computer files of it, on floppies, got somewhat corrupted. So I had reconstruct and partly keyboard its contents in again, for the 1997 supplementary listing. – J.Z.

LMP, Supplementary Listing, 1998, of the PEACE PLANS series of LIBERTARIAN MICROFICHE PUBLISHING, covering mainly PP 1446 – 1507, 105pp, in PP 1536: 1.

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LMP, The Emerging Microfiche Connection, Address List, 8/86, 6pp, 48x, in PP 647. – Once that list is 100 x as long, many of our information problems will be on the way to being solved and thus the problems they refer to, also. Or will we perish because not enough of us are prepared to change our reading and publishing habits? Microfiche are at least ten times easier to get involved with than PCs are, cost less, are less trouble-free and have reproduced many more libertarian writings than computers have. Still, many more libertarians know of and use computers than microfiche. WHY? Surely, most of these computer users are not captivated by computer games or are they? PCs are ideal for the compilation of address lists, indexes, abstracts and bibliographies – but even in this respect they have not yet been extensively used by libertarians. Thou shalt recognize them by their fruits. If such grudge remarks sound envious, you may be right. Libertarians tend to accuse Socialists as suffering from envy towards the rich. Is there such a thing as envy among libertarians towards the most productive libertarian literature producer so far: LMP? Do libertarians imagine that mine is a large and profit-making enterprise that could hardly use the publicity and customers they could provide? I run my massive continuing production mainly from a low superannuation income. Thus if I can continue to publish, almost anybody could – provided they want to. I still run it subsidized – for shortage of customers, although I offer more, from a single source, than other suppliers offer from many sources. Should the love for and interest in libertarian writings be unable to overcome ignorance of, suspicion and dislike of microforms.? Will we continue to keep most libertarian writings unpublished, out of print or priced or located out of reach, rather than resorting sufficiently to microfiche to cover the field? A few dozen activists like myself could do it. Can they be found? Can the libertarian periodicals be persuaded to look for them & use microfiche in their own enterprise, at least for all their back copies? If microfiching had taken off, 5 years ago, among the supposedly highly innovative people and technology and science fiction fans as libertarians are, or tend to be, then all libertarian writings, intended for publication and still existing somewhere, could by now have been microfiched – and indexed, and abstracted, and reviewed, and discussed and covered by a comprehensive bibliography. How long to self-liberation then with such a tool readily available? If it had taken off 10 years ago, where could we be now? J.Z. May 89. – That list seems to grow glacially slow and sometimes more seem to drop out of micrographics use than in. People don’t beat paths to the better mouse traps. – I aim to reach PP 2,000 and to point out the maybe 8,000 or even more pro-freedom microfiche offered by others. – Alas, ignoring good points and adopting bad ones instead is a very wide-spread habits, even among the “radicals” for liberty. – Liberty is for most still more a religion than a science. – J.Z., 11.6.98.

LMP, Titles on Property in Land, Land Monopoly and Land Reform, 5pp, 48x, in PP 647.

LOBBY FOR LIBERTY: LIBERTARIAN ADVOCATE, At Last A Lobby for Liberty, 1p, in PP 1432/1439: 188. – Parliament and government offices might be the least suitable places to lobby for liberty. – Why not rather consider e.g. ALL the enlightenment technologies now available to us, & individual secessionism, exterritorial autonomy, & the only peace program that is worth anything: a consistently libertarian one, a libertarian ideas and talent registry and information service, a libertarian encyclopaedia, monetary and general libertarian revolutions, or such advice to revolutionaries already fighting some oppressive regimes somewhere? The parliamentary channel is such a narrow one, for rather narrow-minded people. – J.Z. 10.10.97.

LOBINGER, CHARLES SUMNER, The People’s Law or Popular Participation in Law-Making, from ancient folk-moot to modern referendum, a study in the evolution of democracy and direct legislation, with an introduction of George Elliott Howard, N.Y., 1909, 450pp, in PP 1126.

LOCAL CURRENCY: SWANN, ROBERT, Towards an Economy of Permanence. The Place of a Local Currency, 2pp, in PP 1386/91: 869.


LOCAL GOVERNMENT FINANCING, PP 385. Local governments of present sizes, powers and privileges, can be just as exploitative, prohibitive and expensive as state and federal governments are. And State and Federal Legislation have seen to it that they have become almost uniformly oppressive, so one can’t flee from one to the other. They are also a farce of self-government. Compare J. Toulmin-Smith on Local Self-Government. – J.Z.


LOCAL GOVERNMENT, See: SHERMAN, ALFRED, Restoring Local Government, 13pp, 25, in PP 1450.

LOCAL GOVERNMENT, See: SHERMAN, ALFRED, The End of Local Government? 20pp, 63, in PP 1450.



LOCKE, JOHN, HAAKONSSEN, KNUD, Traditions of Liberalism, Essays on John Locke, Adam Smith and John Stuart Mill, ed. by Knud Haakonssen, CIS Readings 8, 1988, indexed, 221pp, see in PP 1146.

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LOCKE, PP 1146.

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LOCKWOOD, ALAN L., Values Education and the Right to Privacy, JOURNAL OF MORAL EDUCATION, UK, 7, Oct. 77, 9-26, summary only, 1p, in LITERATURE OF LIBERTY, in PP 1200p307, headed: Public Schools vs. Privacy.

LOCKWOOD, DAVID, What a three-hull hullabaloo, 96, 1p, in PP 1399: 125. – A clipping on the usual resistance to a new idea or invention. Indirectly, on the need for an ideas and talent market. – J.Z.

LOCKWOOD, GEORGE B., The New Harmony Movement, 1905, 1970, 416pp, with index and bibliography, in PP 1309: 1-105. William Bailie wrote its chapter XXI on Josiah Warren. The book contains some other details on labour exchanges and offers some explanations for the failures of socialistic and some cooperative and community experiments. Since they were all voluntaristic ones, all could learn something from them. Whether they did or not or will is another matter. – J.Z.

LODGE, HENRY CABOT, Senator Lodge’s Comments to Herbert Spencer’s The Coming Slavery, 5pp, in PP 1316.

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LOESCHE, PETER, Anarchismus, Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, Darmstadt, 1977, 169S., 29,- DM. Aus der Sammlung von K.Z., hier nur eine Besprechung, aus ZEIT, 30.9.77: in PP 1321.

LOEVINSOHN, ERNEST, Liberty and the Redistribution of Property, PHILOSOPHY AND PUBLIC AFFAIRS 6, Spring 1977, 226-239, summary only, 1p, in LITERATURE OF LIBERTY, in PP 1199p220. Headed: Liberty, Property, and Social Welfare.

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LOFTON, JOHN, Freedom of Expression since WWII, The Press as Guardian of the First Amendment, Columbia, South Carolina, U of Carolina P, 1980, 231-278, summary only, 1p, in LITERATURE OF LIBERTY, in PP 1202p1169, headed: The First Amendment & Freedom of Expression. – The Press hardly ever defended free speech in open air forums, in competitive broadcasting and by the use of microfilm self-publishing. Out of ignorance or design or prejudice? – J.Z.

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LOGORIGHT, PP 1052-61 (LA Philosophical Notes 5). Compare Copyrights.

LOGSDON, GENE, Amish Economics, 4pp, 29x, in PP 737.

LOHR, STEVE, Barter Is His Stock in Trade, from BUSINESS WORLD, n.d., 4pp, 29x, in PP 865.

LONDON, JACK, The Scab, 1905, 13pp, 24x, in PP 203.

LONDON, JACK, The Sea Wolf, review by JEFF RIGGENBACH, 1p: 51, in PP 1468. – This is one of my favourite books, too. An illustration of: “It’s not just all brute strength and stupidity!”, as the rowing master said to his crew. The story of a shipwreck from which may freedom lovers could learn how much one man can do for himself and for others, if he uses his intelligence, persistence, whatever strengths he possesses and the tools on hand or within reach or to be fashioned by him. One of the stories of Victor Hugo is somewhat similar. The Sea? – All too many people give up all too early in the freedom struggle, without having tried out all their options or even considered them. – J.Z.

LONDON, M. & I.D. & TA-LING LEE, Bread, Rice & Freedom, 1983, 9pp, 29x, in PP 530. A criticism of communist agriculture. – J.Z.

LONE WOLF COLLECTIVE, THE, An Anarchist View of Marxism, 5pp, in REVOLUTION, in PP 1170. (Marx has been discussed at least a hundred-thousand times too often. J.Z.)

LONE WOLF, Bulletin No. 5, Washington, DC, 8pp, in PP 1417: 23. – Yes, Once Again: What Is Anarchism? – What can one conclude from these endless repetitions of definition attempts? That the writers have their own doubts? That they have that one-man-out feeling? That they do not want to think much beyond the definition and their declaration of faith in it? – Most definitions still do not recognize individual sovereignty, voluntarism and exterritorial autonomy as basic requirements for anarchism. Instead, they usually introduce irrelevancies like communistic, socialistic, unionist or egalitarian individual preferences as if they were primary or essential to anarchism. – J.Z., 3.10.97. – Anarchism without freedom economics amounts not only to “zero” but to a “minus”! – If intolerantly practised then it can be worse than some religions and some dictatorships! – Its actions should be tolerated only when they are tolerant towards other anarchists and towards all tolerant statists. Are there tolerant statists? Well, many anarchists are still alive and run their “collectives” as they see fit. – Often one can rather ask oneself: Are there many tolerant anarchists? – Or are all too many of them “true believers”, i.e., fanatic adherents to doctrines that they can convey convincingly only to a tiny minority. – Nevertheless, they want them practised world-wide and this often as a result of revolutionary actions,rather than free experiments among themselves or freedom for all kinds of self-responsible alternative institutions. Thus e.g. Robert LeFevre called himself an “autarchist” and Ulrich von Beckerath preferred “cosmopolitan republican” to “anarchist”, although both favoured individual secessionism. LeFevre was the only one I know of who fully reprinted P.E. dePuydt’s article on Panarchy. Beckerath introduced me to panarchism and monetary freedom & hundreds of other freedom ideas. He was a student and advocate of freedom ideas and practices for over 70 years! For me it will be 50 years in 1999. And there is still so much that I never knew or do not recall readily. My admitted ignorance rather than my knowledge drives me ahead. My appetite for freedom ideas and practices is insatiable. I am often starved for them and for people who have at least some significant glimpses of them. – PIOT. J.Z., 11.6.1998.

LONG LIFE MAGAZINE, previous title: LIFE EXTENSION MAGAZINE, Chicago, 1p cirular, n.d.: 419, in PP 1292.


LONG, BOB, Greenhouse Hokum, 4pp, in COMMON SENSE, No. 47, in PP 920.

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LONGEVITY REPORT, Porthtowan, Nos. 29, Oct. 91 – 52, Sep. 95, in 3 microfiche, 529pp, in PP 1293/5.



LONGEVITY, PP 47, 675, 902, 1000, 1035, see HEALTH, MEDICINE.

LONGEVITY, see Cryonics, in PP 937-953.

LONGEVITY, see PP 47, and PP 873 under P.D. and PP 902.

LONGEVITY, See: WALKER, MICHAEL, Can you opt for a long life? 2pp: 121, in PP 1515.

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LOOMIS, MILDRED J., Borsodi’s Third Trip to India, 2pp, in PP 1386/91: 1053.

LOOMIS, MILDRED J., Clarifying the Economics of Peace, 11pp, 24x, in PP 55. 1966, 6pp, in PP 913, 6pp, in PP 1315. – 8pp, in PP 1386/91: 194. – I wish she had! – M.L. had many strong points – but freedom economics and peace requisites were still among her few weak points. – Everything good is as yet rarely together in one person. But we could put it together in alternative media, as a group effort. See my notes on building a “God”, as a genuine servant rather than a master, in PP 20. – J.Z., 11.6.98.

LOOMIS, MILDRED J., Creative Technology, 1p, in PP 1386/91: 75. – On Sanivac-Vacuum Toilets & flywheel cars.

LOOMIS, MILDRED J., Decentralized Human Well-Being, 3pp, in PP 1386/91: 329.

LOOMIS, MILDRED J., E.C. Riegel as a Monetary Freedom Advocate, 1p, 24x in PP 55.

LOOMIS, MILDRED J., Evacuation Would Be Impossible. Mobilize for Survival. Eliminating the Mushroom Clouds? 2pp, in PP 1386/91: 454. – Some believe that evacuation of Earth by the sensible ones is possible and desirable. Leave it to the fools, earthbound and digging their own graves. Dancing in the streets, when their government has got anti-people mass murder devices as well! – J.Z., 11.6.98.

LOOMIS, MILDRED J., Four Worlds in Economics, 1981, 4pp, in PP 1386/91 : 862.

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