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BANK BAIL-OUTS, See: MAURICE, CHARLES S., Who Should Bail Out the Banks? 2pp: 79, in PP 1469. – When bankers malinvest billions (A$ 905 billion in Japan alone, according to Sydney Morning Herald, 9 May 98) then at the very least all those working in a bank, as well as all shareholders in banks, should be held personally responsible with all of their private property for such losses. In this sphere limited responsibility companies should be ended. That should make them a little more responsible in their supervisory efforts and in the granting of loans. However, even the sharpest discipline would be no substitute for full

BANK OF DANZIG, Revival attempt, 742, 810. (What could happen, if monetary freedom advocates got hold of the charter of a defunct central bank of issue and revived it, somewhere, locally, or even internationally, as a bank of note issue, not for a forced currency but for one a freely competing one, with local note – issuing branches, operating on sound principles of note issue for a local and competitive currency and operating a free clearing network? For such a permission a revived Bank of Danzig should be prepared to renounce all claims to its gold reserves, which were, I believe, stored in London. By now there would be few surviving citizens of the Danzig Free State of 1939. But their children and grandchildren should be able to raise such claims, too, in part restitution of the wrongs committed by the Nazi Regime. I am afraid that my father, a former Danzig citizen, may have had its gold reserves in mind with his plan or just seen in it another opportunity to realize his ESAG plan. As for me, I prefer more direct approaches towards monetary freedom. On the black market, at least various central bank issues do already compete locally with the inflated, deflated or stagflated paper money of the locals State’s central bank. But that offers not enough choice, opportunities, liberties and monetary rights. – J.Z.)

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BARTER, 80-82, 423, 577, 645, 731, 739, 865, 867, 905, 912, 971, 995, see CLEARING. Much of the computerized “barter” trading taking place today is actually computerized clearing, using for its payment settlements, in its circles, an optional monetary standard but no physical means of exchange. I can become fully effective only once is can be freely extended to the payment of wages and salaries. Two recent Australian barter firms promised to send but have not sent me information on their business. Apparently it is for contributing members only and, with the usual short-sightednes, they fear rather than welcome imitators. One of them is BARTER CARD: (008) 804800, the other TRADE BANK, Sydney, (02) 796 4411. The latter offered “interest free loans”. I called both, in vain, on 15 Nov. 93. Perhaps you can extract some more information from them – and share it with me? The local LETS EXCHANGE promised me a paper & I paid for it, months ago, but still have not received it. The organizers objected against me handing out monetary freedom leaflets at one of its public meetings, in which Michael Linton spoke. The visitors would only be confused thereby! They promised to send them to members rather. They may have done so. Anyhow, no response at all was received from them, either. Linton, according to his talk, some questions and a short exchange, seems to have rather simple-minded notions regarding the unlimited growth and usefulness of his system. I explained to him that membership would be useless to me. The local yokels do not want my output: microfiche, and I am not interested in their all too limited listed offers. He wanted me to join, nevertheless! Unlimited clearing would, indeed, be to everybody’s benefit. But computerized garage sales and some computerized internal and external exchanges between businessmen are simply not enough to establish it. Most monetary reformers proceed as if monetary legislation and authorities did not exist. But it is interesting that Linton was so far not bothered by them. – J.Z.

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BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, Nachdenken ist immer nuetzlich, 1 S., in PP 1351: Ueber Pazifismus und Arbeitsbeschaffung. Der Titel war wieder von Kurt Zube gewaehlt. Ueber den Teil von B.’s Berlin Programm, der Berlin in ein Kapitalfluchtland haette umwandeln koennen. Hier nur interessant weil es anscheinend einer von nur zwei Faellen ist, in dem Kurt etwas von den militaerischen und finanziellen Ideen Beckerath’s reproduzierte. Kurt glaubte ein Sammler und Publizist fuer Ideen zu sein. Von einem Archiv fuer sie war bei ihm aber Nichts zu finden. Wenigstens die vielen und sozialreformerisch bedeutenden Ideen von Ulrich von Beckerath, den er fuer viele Jahre kannte und mit dem er eine ausfuehrliche Korrespondenz und viele Sitzungen hatte, hat er fuer Jahrzehnte vernachlaessigt. Warum? Wahrscheinlich weil sie ganz verschiedene Meinungen hatten z.B. ueber Zins, Astrologie, Roulette Systeme, Geldfreiheits – Moeglichkeiten, den WIR Plan u.s.w. und weil Beckerath seine Interessen und seine wenigstens voruebergehende Begeisterung fuer viele Ideen und Lehren, oft nur weil sie unorthodox waren, nicht voll oder genug teilte. Ich zaehlte einmal ueber 200 Sozialreformvorschlaege von Ulrich von Beckerath. Von denen ist in Kurt Zube’s Schriften ueber das “Ideen Archiv” fast Nichts zu finden. Aber, stattdessen, viel ueber Haar- Restorierungsmittel, Schoenheitssalben, Verkaufskniffe und dergleichen. Fast jeder Quack, Betrueger und Selbstbetrueger war fuer ihn, wenigstens fuer eine Weile, ein vielversprechendes “Genie”! – Kein Wunder, dass B. fuer Kurt Zube’s Art von Ideen – Archiv kein grosses Interesse zeigte. Mehr unter dem Einfluss von Ulrich von Beckerath als unter dem meines Vaters, seit 1952, habe ich mich mehr fuer ein Archiv von Sozialreformvorschlaegen und von “Peace Plans” interessiert. Kurt hat es wahrscheinlich oft bereut, dass er mir im Jahre 1952 empfahl doch einmal seinen alten Bekannten, Ulrich von Beckerath, zu besuchen. B. war damals schon 70 – und schon nach wenigen Minuten, in seiner von Buechern vollgestopften Wohnung (Buecher auch auf und unter Tischen und Stuehlen – und er wusste genau wo jedes war und jede Stelle darin, die er brauchte!), belehrte er mich ueber den Zwangskurs und seinen Zusammenhang mit der Inflation, den ich bis dahin garnicht beachtet hatte, ebensowenig wie die meisten Professoren der Volkswirtschaft. Von da an wanderten Kurt Z. und ich immer mehr auf verschiedenen Pfaden. Z.B., Kurt erwaehnte Mikrofilm als eine Moeglichkeit fuer sein Ideen Archiv – aber erforschte niemals niemals seine Kosten- und Arbeitsersparnisse und gebrauchte sie nicht. Als Verleger wurde er daher nicht hundertmal so produktiv wie er es mit Mikrofilm haette sein koennen. Er blieb am Papier kleben. Und das kostete ihn ein Vermoegen. – J.Z., 31.10. 1996.

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BIARCHY, 1051. That’s like giving a man only the choice between 2 women for marriage and a woman only that between two men. Or a religious person only the choice between two churches, a sportsman only the choice between 2 sports, a reader only that between 2 books etc. I suppose that e.g. a two-party State is better than a one-party State. However, if you want a truly free society, then only the multi-archies and and multiple non-archic choices of panarchism, that could peacefully coexist in the same territory, will be able to satisfy the aspirations of all but territorial totalitarians. All people are different, in all too many ways, to fit them into any bed of Procrustes. See ON PANARCHY. J.Z.

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BIBLIO QUEST INTERNATIONAL, Bowral, 7pp leaflet of a local book hunter: 865, in PP 1484/85. – I heard that many 2nd. hand books are now offered on the Internet as well, as are many new books, with prices sometimes down to $ 20.- J.Z.

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BIBLIOGRAPHIES: MARIEN, MICHAEL, Basic Decentralist Reading List, 2pp, in PP 1386/91: 853.

BIBLIOGRAPHY , see, under “BOOKLISTS” a compilation of just the PP Nos. in which some bibliographies or books for sale lists are reproduced. See: INSIGHT, Journal and Review Publishers, literature and audio tape listing, 13pp, in PP 1,017. See also under Buchliste in PP 932, for 1975 list of books in print in Germany: undogmatische und anarchistische Schriften, 53 S. There are probably other bibliographic or books for sale listing that I have not mentioned here or under booklists. Give me time or help me. I have begun a libertarian and anarchist bibliography but have not yet included all of the above and x other sources. Any help in that project is welcomed, especially on disks, in ASCII, alphabetically, by author. A proper data bank could be filled in later, using this as raw material and via network participation by many. You might start helping by listing the rarer books of this kind in your own library. Since I hate such boring keyboarding jobs, submissions in form of ASCII discs would be most welcome. I would also gladly swap such listings or offer some of my fiche in exchange. – J.Z.


BIBLIOGRAPHY OF COOPERATIVE etc. writings, PP 64/65, 145/56.




BIBLIOGRAPHY, A IS A NEWSLETTER, ACIF: 3pp on its books and cassettes on individual rights and limited governments, in PP 1111, point 7.

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BIBLIOGRAPHY, Libertarian Directory 1972, edited by Dale Haviland, a publication by A IS A, Writings on Freedom and Individualism, 1972, 67pp, in PP 1141. Still useful as a historical and bibliographical guide. It provides a short list of articles in the libertarian press and an index to them. J.Z.

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BIBLIOGRAPHY, Mackay, John Henry, Kurze Titelliste der Bibliothek von Mackay, 1925, 19pp, in PP 932. This library was bought by the Soviets and should now have become accessible again. Who will help to reproduce it on microfilm, via photocopies? At least to the extent that its titles have not already been fiched by LMP, Chadwyck Healey or others? J.Z.

BIBLIOGRAPHY, Madison Group, a federation of free market think tanks, 11pp, in PP 1107. Not yet prepared, apparently, to produce the output of their members permanently and together on fiche, floppies and tex CD-ROMs. Why not? I certainly can’t afford their limited output in print on paper. Neither can they afford to print on paper & disctribute all their materials. Just another newsletter and set of conferences does not bridge the major information gaps. -J.Z.

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BIG BUSINESS, 370, 928, 1016, 1139. – It should sponsor or engage in optimal use of e.g. micrographics, for enlightenment, rather than spend big bucks on expensive think tank activities. The finance for one of the large ones could already have achieved complete libertarian publishing on microfiche. For fine literature of Europe, a sponsor has already come forward and SAUR, Munich, will soon offer much of Europe’s o.o.p. titles of fine literature on microfiche. For freedom writings LMP still needs competitors and they need not even be rich, just active and sensible. Nor need there be very many of them to cover the field & catch up with the backlog. All marketing efforts for liberty do not make much sense until the product offer is nearly complete & available upon demand, at prices most people could afford. I love Spencer’s & Sumner’s writings – but could not afford their reprints at $ 1200 – $ 1300. Without that coverage, without most of their intellectual resources, even most freedom lovers remain insufficiently informed. J.Z.)

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BLUESTEIN, ABE, Fighters for Anarchism, Mollie Steimer & Senya Fleshin, 85pp, Libertarian Publications Group, in 2 fiche edition by Richard Gaska, not very well reproduced. Available from LMP. for $ 2. Good as sample of filming mistakes to be avoided. – J.Z.

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BOANZA, JOSE M.S., The Real CNT Stands Up, 4pp, in PP 493. – Let ALL CNTs and all parties, movements and communities of volunteers “stand up”, on their own, fully & exterritorially autonomous, under their own personal laws, customs or contracts, self-responsible, “self-governing”, based on individual consent – and individual secessionism. An obvious anarchic implication – but how many anarchists see it and comprehend it and propose it as the fastest and most rightful avenue towards the realization of their own ideals? They act as if all people could turn from religious fanatics to fanatical anarchists, without the intermediate development stage of religious liberty or religious tolerance. Thereby they mostly defeat their own efforts. – J.Z.

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BOARDMAN, GEORGE, What Protection? 11pp, n.d., in PP 1161. Karlis Paucitis used to publish Boardman’s writings. I seek the address of K. Paucitis, if he is still alive and of all remaining writings by George Boardman, for filming. – J.Z.

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BOAT PEOPLE DEPORTATION: A picture speaks more than a thousand words: On the coercive deportation of Vietnamese boat people from a Hong Kong prison holding them. – SMH, 15.4.96, in PP 1349: 119. Also in: PP 1378/81: 476.

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BOAZ, DAVID D., Time for a Brake on Taxes! 2pp, in PP 1432/1439: 368. – A mere brake or slowing down of tax increases is not enough for me. I insist upon a stop sign for all compulsory taxes, by replacing all by voluntary taxes only. Moreover, I insist upon my share in the remaining governmental assets. – J.Z., 10.10.97.

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BOAZ, DAVID, President Bush’s call to arms. He’s undermining American values, 1p, 89, CATO CLIPPINGS, in PP 1139. But he is adding billions in black market values to drugs, of which rarely more than 1/10th are confiscated. Thus I can imagine drug lords wanting to sponsor the war on drugs. The top men are rarely caught and politicians can always use sponsors and have x cover-up facilities. The higher street price attracts more pushers and induces the users to commit more robberies and murders. That boosts the image of politicians as “protectors”. Meanwhile, under the drug war pretence, cash deals are more and more restricted or lead even to arbitrary police seizures – which directly and indirectly increases the crime called taxation. Thus politicians and bureaucrats get more powers and more unofficial and official funds. A neat protection racket, protected by unthinking voters granting the sanction of the victims. J.Z.

BOAZ, DAVID, Privatize Social Security, 90, 1p, CATO CLIPPINGS, in PP 1139. That would also require the repeal of legal tender and of the money issue monopoly, as preconditions for inflation, the repeal of interest regulations and of trustee acts that assure “investments” in tax slaves and of interest regulations that prevent high interest and credit insured productive investment of e.g. old age private security funds. Under this freedom most old age pensioners could become millionaires. Politicians and their “measures” and “programmes” prevent us from becoming so rich. Seeing that it is always harder to rule rich people, politicians may feel more secure when, once again, they increased the number of the dependent poor. – J.Z.

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BOOG, The 2 Big Lies of Capitalist Economics, 1p, in PP 1110. I disagree with Boog and believe that enemies of “capitalism” are usually still more full of “crap”. However, if one wants to engage in discussion, one has to start somewhere. I am still looking for the newspaper article by Hans Habe, during the forties, in defence of capitalism, which drew thousands of reader responses. I collected a number of general and explicitly defensive books on capitilism, most of them still under copyrights claims. I wish someone would bother to gather permissions for them and produce a combined series of them and other such titles on microfiche. I can’t do it all by myself. Do your bit! – J.Z.

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BOOK DISTRIBUTION, PP 200. – Check your premises: Most books are not or no longer published and not widely enough distributed, either. – J.Z.


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BOOKCHIN, MURRAY, Remaking Society, Quebec, Black Rose Books 1989, here only in review, by GRAHAM PURCHASE, 2pp, 29x, in PP 921. – I do not like Bookchin’s writings enough to want to reproduce most of them, at my expense, on fiche, even if I could get permission for this. However, left anarchists and eco-anarchists should be willing to do so. How many forests have the green anarchists turned into paper, largely filled with prejudices, so far? – J.Z.

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BOOKNET, electronic catalog of ca. 1 million books in print in Australia, 1/2p, in PP 907-910. – How many of them are freedom books? The Australian National Library is supposed to have electronically listed all the books in public libraries, with their locations. I have not yet made use of their printouts from this catalog, for freedom titles and the library to library loan service, within Australia, through which one can probably access most but the oldest, rarest and most brittle ones. But I intend to, once I have finally caught up with my backlog – which may be still years away. – J.Z.

BOOKS FOR LIBERTARIANS, Leaflet, introductory, 4pp: 1-4, in PP 1468.

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BOOKS ON DISK, From the Internet, See: DISKS FROM THE INTERNET: SAMIZDAT EXPRESS, THE B & R SAMIZDAT EXPRESS, West Roxbury, published by Richard Seltzer, published on disk with the appeal: “Please Copy This Disk”. 144 pp, in PP 1409/10: 243.

BOOKS ON DISK, See: SOFTSERV TOOLKIT, 1990, incomplete print-out, 232pp, in PP 1022. It had already failed by 1995. But a less formalistic approach, with less in insistence upon copyrights and profits might succeed, at least by teaching more people on how to best make use of this self-publishing option and encouraging them to use a common listing – and one integrated with books in print on other media, too. – J.Z., 16.10.97.

BOOKS WANTED BY JOHN ZUBE, in 1979: PP 50-54 & 64-65. An upcoming freedom bibliography will indicate which ones I have already acquired in the meantime and many more that I still want. A combined wanted and for sale list could be, among other things, a step towards a complete libertarian bibliography. PC use would facilitate such information exchange but few seem to use their PCs for the promotion of liberty, in any way. – Start by listing the rare titles you want and those you already have, as well as those you are prepared to sell or swap with. And do begin to share your treasures micrographically! – J.Z.

BOOKS WANTED BY LMP, from titles once offered by The Libertarian Book House, Bombay, 1p, 48x, in PP 645.

BOOKS, ELECTRONIC ONES, See: HOWE, PETER, Extending books’ shelf life, 1996 clipping on a “book” whose pages can be loaded and reloaded with any text at all, from Wordsworth to Web pages, 1p: 109, in PP 1491. – In other words, electronic screens in more conventional form. – I am in the habit of reading several books, alternately, at a time. If, for each of them I had to get one of these screening books…. – But then electronic memory seems to grow almost without limits. Tiny handheld devices, with a small screen, do already permit the loading of books, up to about 1 MB and to scroll up book pages on its screens. Early this year I met someone who loaded up all Sherlock Holmes stories from his business computer into this shirt-pocket sized reader and then reads them from it, anywhere and anytime when he is not otherwise busy. Gutenberg Press and Books on Line offer now, between them, ca. 9,000 titles. – A few of them are of interest to freedom lovers, too. When will freedom lovers make all their pages so accessible, instead of just dreaming about it or expecting me to do it for them? – J.Z., 1999.

BOOKS, THE USE OF, PP 1012. I would rather like to see a monography on ‘The non-use of certain books and its catastrophic consequences.” – J.Z.

BOOKSELLING QUESTION, in PP 200. Books can now be produced and duplicated in a variety of media. The different costs and conveniences of these, for publishers and readers, should be tabulated, to make more informed and cost-saving decisions possible. I believe that microfilm would be one of the winners in such a survey. Conventional book production, storage and distribution costs are much too high. Electronic production upon demand is technically possible – but, are YOU prepared to foot the scanning or keyboarding and proofreading costs involved, even for your own favourite titles? Do not try to pass this buck on to me! – I am mainly trying to find the 100 – 300 freedom activists who, between them, could put all freedom writings cheaply and permanently at least onto microfiche. If not as many or few can be found, in the whole world, what chance has freedom got in the face of such apathy even among people who call themselves freedom lovers, freedom advocates or students of liberty? – J.Z.

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BOOSTERS BULLETIN, March 1990, 8pp, Newsletter of the Walter Williams Boosters, in PP 1135. I met him once in 1990 and liked him but did not like some of his remaining errors, which he shared with many of the conservative libertarian advocates of constitutional and limited governments. While reading now his excellent book “All it takes is Guts”, consisting of collected columns, I am reminded how helpful frequently updated microfiche editions of such freedom books would be, that would include all kinds of comments and corrections from all kinds of readers, thereby advancing the thinking of these and other readers further, and providing much needed feedback to the author, so that his future editions and other books would become even better. – Presently the updating of books is all too limited, rare and censorious, monopolized by authors, editors and publishers. If a book has won dozens to millions of readers, they should become involved to make it even better. On microfiche, on floppies, on CD-ROM text combinations, that could be achieved. But it would have to be seen as desirable and would have to be organized and the copyrights obstacles would have to be overcome.- The only books that I can think of, right now, which included the wisdom of thousands of others, over the centuries, is the Talmud, and its wisdom is self-limiting, within its religious premises and aims. The other is Chemical Abstracts, now computerized, after printing on paper never caught up with the input from numerous sources. Let us try to micrographically boost all excellent writers and their works. – Perhaps the original version should just be the starting point and a historical landmark for a fully developed book title? – Individuals, too, should naturally become fully developed, towards their highest potential, too, as the result of their own efforts and all of their friends. Boosting anyone, even a Walter Williams, into any high or the highest office, is not the kind of boost that I wish for them, unless they would become leaders of volunteer communities only. – J.Z.

BOOTH, ARTHUR, Atomic Bombs and Human Beings, INTERNATIONAL SOCIAL SCIENCE JOURNAL 30, 1978, 377-392, summary only, 1p, in LITERATURE OF LIBERTY, in PP 1201p802, headed: Atomic Warfare and Human Suffering.

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BOOTH, ROBIN, The Last of New Zealand First, 2pp, in PP 1336 – 39: 222. – An attack on conventional referenda. Too many overlook that there is a limited libertarian case for referenda: a) When applicable to volunteers only and b) When in FAVOUR of individual rights. – Libertarians should oppose only those referenda that are territorially applied to dissenters or those that restrict individual rights of those ready to claim them. – Within panarchies volunteers would enjoy or suffer under the direct or representative democratic systems, or any other, that they have chosen for themselves. – PIOT, J.Z., 9/96


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BORGIUS, WALTHER, Dr., DIE SCHULE – EIN FREVEL AN DER JUGEND, mit einem 8 S. Nachwort: Der Staat, 1930, 1981, 216 S., 29x, in PP 331. My father had to keep that classic anarchistic book, one against State education, out of print, on paper, for over 50 years, because such editions are so expensive. And that was 1981, so that by now it is probably out of paper print, again! He did not learn enough from this example – to become a microfiche fan. Will you? – J.Z.

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BORSODI, Ralph, Dr., The Constant, 2pp, 29x, in PP 732. – If someone provided me with non-exclusive and revocable microfiche permissions, I could and would microfiche more of his writings, although I do disagree with quite a few of his theses and assumptions. – Ideally, the Borsodi fans should undertake this kind of publishing themselves. – J.Z.

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BOSCH, JOHN, Dragons & Dragons, 3pp, 36x, in PP 412, p451.

BOSNIA, ANNEXATION OF BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA, 1908, in PP 1023. I heard only yesterday on TV a charitable appeal in favour of financial help for women in 16 torture, rape and murder camps in Yugoslavia. If true, commando raids to close these camps could probably do more good, immediately, than charity contributions. The enormous “defensive” military establishments of the world do let such mass murders happen in some countries, and in some countries they help organize or tolerate them, just as they did during WW II. But all over the full discussion of the panarchist and monetary freedom alternatives can probably do more to end and prevent such atrocities than anything else and turn victims into welcome and exterritorial autonomous refugee communities. Such discussions costs neither further lives nor money – just sufficient interest and thought – and readiness to sacrifice some ancient prejudices. They go to the roots: What motivates some people to commit atrocities, terrorism, oppression and mass murder. Here religious political, ideological and social intolerance are probably combined and the world discusses only territorial non-solutions. “Ethnic cleaning” is one of the atrocious consequences of “collective” responsibility and of the immoral spleen of “territorial integrity” and “territorial unity”. Nuclear “weapons” are another. To that extent the Nazis among us are still winning. – J.Z.

BOSNIA, PP 1088. – On the blindness and helplessness of territorialism. Compare: On Panarchy. – J.Z.

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BOSTON ANARCHIST DRINKING BRIGADE, No War, 1p leaflet, 29x, in PP 896. – I guess that anarchists under the influence would not have to say anything more or better on the subject. Alas, many of them, when they are sober, haven’t, either! – J.Z.

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BOVA, BEN, Pay, Pay, Pay, Pay, Pay As You Go, Aug. 77, 4pp on voluntary taxation, which, alas, to my knowledge, has not led to a major discussion of this topic in ANALOG or elsewhere. J.Z. Did Bova ever take this subject up again, in OMNI? – Why aren’t all voluntary taxation proposals and discussions combined in one handbook, on fiche and floppies, as a first step to counter ten-thousands of books in favour of one or the other kind of coercive taxation? – J.Z. See : Voluntary Taxation.

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BUY AUSTRALIAN? 423. See Protectionism. Why not proceed, logically, to: “Buy only from yourself!”? – Rather: Buy from anyone you like – but, preferably, with money tokens or clearing certificates issued by yourself, upon your own goods and services! – J.Z.

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