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IDRIESS, ION L., The Great Boomerang, 1945 – 1953, 259pp, plus illustrations, in PP 1443/44: 171-242. – In a dry continent like Australia such a book should never have been allowed to get and remain out of print. Its publisher made much money at least out of the other books of Ion Idries. Nevertheless, I was informed that it was last reprinted in 1953! That is a crime in my books, even when not listed in the Crimes Act as such. I had to pay $ 30 for a second-hand copy. Once the publisher, author or his heirs make it available again, I would gladly withdraw this issue. In the meantime, I wish to uphold this and other such proposals for a continuing discussion and some actions. – In PP 20/21, on pages 138-148, I hinted at one possibility how the irrigation of deserts might be financed – whichever method of irrigation or rainfall increase might be used. Many different irrigation schemes have been proposed, for different deserts of the world, but mostly only government subsidies for them. But to all desert irrigation schemes the warning of Ulrich von Beckerath applies: It makes no sense to greatly increase agricultural production while farmers, who are somewhat free, are already producing more food than people are able either to eat or to pay for – while millions are starving. Thus the problem of selling agricultural produce, internally and internationally, ought to be solved first. Professor E. Milhaud and Ulrich von Beckerath have made some detailed proposals for the solution of this problem – and these are still unknown or neglected. Rather than doing away with the wrongs and damages of monetary despotism: central banking, a super central bank is being set up for Europe and some would want to see even a single central bank for the world. Do not forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing! – To finance extensive water catchment, transport and irrigation schemes, the ADDITIONAL produce, obtainable thereby, should be placed under mortgage claims that can be used to finance the water supply schemes. When farmers and graziers have only to pay with a fraction of their additional returns, varying annually, with these returns, they will have good reasons to participate. Moreover, payments of these mortgage debts only with certificates redeemable in their produce, would greatly facilitate payments for them. The introduction of freely transferable mortgage letters, on a stable value basis, tax-exempt and with interest rates fluctuating with agricultural conditions, could greatly improve the financial conditions of farmers and graziers and their independence from the existing banks. Those who try to become freeloaders to such a scheme could be charged for it indirectly, by participants in the scheme charging them extra whenever they have any dealings with them. When the sales problem for farmers and graziers is solved, then they will also be more willing to participate in such schemes. In every way possible they should be freed to turn their present and future produce into purchasing power or transferable capital assets. – Privately financed and constructed dams in Australia tend to cost about half as much as government ones. – One alternative scheme for Australia was described in: HOGAN, L.J., Man Made Mountain, Charter Books Sydney, 1979, 151pp. In it he proposed a huge North-South artificial mountain, in the middle of Australia, to increase rainfalls: 178km long, 4km high, 10km base, 2km plateau. According to him the project might require centuries to be completed. Automatic building methods and improved transport facilities, as well as better financing methods could greatly speed up the process. Compare the huge terraces for crops in mountainous areas and the Chinese Great Wall, built up with much less efficient equipment. Such projects would also provide enormous scope for garbage removal – if the transport costs could be sufficiently reduced. – A similar project was proposed by an English woman and reported by the INSTITUTE FOR SOCIAL INVENTIONS : A plastic and blow-up mountain chain, floating in the sea and mobile, to be towed and anchored to where it would do the most good, either by increasing rainfall, on the coast behind it, or by reducing it. At least in Western Australia there are some hills that rise to no more than 90 m above sea level and do, nevertheless, provide already significant rainfall differences. Such and larger artificial hills are certainly not beyond our capacities. – Mr. Keith Johnson, of the Progress Party of NSW, Box 200 Sutherland, NSW 2232, (02) 952 49618, pointed out a Lybian water project that used 4 m diameter reinforced concrete pipes, buried 2m deep, installing 4,000 km total length of pipeline system. He referred to North Queensland and Ord River areas of large rainfalls, with up to 55 inches in 55 days – but also large evaporation rates. Buried pipes would eliminate the evaporation losses. – They could lead to the water being used for irrigation somewhere else, possibly somewhere where evaporation would also lead to additional rainfalls. Pumping could be achieved via wind- and sun-power. According to some reports that I have read, up to 70% of the rainfall is due to evaporation of water from land. Thus the aim should not necessarily and always and everywhere be to minimize evaporation, but, rather, to let it take place, mainly, where it could do the most good – and where most crops could be grown before it would evaporate. Idries proposed using the old river beds largely as a cost saver. Widespread evaporation from these renewed rivers and lake systems would be a desirable side-effect of his scheme. Modern below ground and drip feed irrigation systems could also minimize water use in irrigation areas. – The ca. 500 km (or even longer?) Kalgoorlie water supply scheme is by now almost 100 years old. – Other proposals suggested utilizing the below sea level position of large areas to channel or pipe sea water into them. – There are also numerous proposals for efficiently and economically desalinating seawater. But none of them could compete with subsidized water prices. Wind and sunpower could be utilized to pump desalinated water long distances. – At some point in time and after much additional water supply in the “dead heart” of Australia, the point might be reached where the system would become largely self-supporting, most of the water supplied remaining in the continent as additional rainfall, more water being retained for longer, by a larger plant cover and the whole climate being changed. Less sunny days, all in all – would be the complaint of the tourists. – Idriess estimated that his scheme would have cost Australia less than its involvement in WW II did. He did not consider any private financing method, as far as I can remember the book. But all beneficiaries of the scheme could and should be properly charged for it, including the household water users in villages, towns and cities, to the extent that they, too, would benefit from it. – Artificial and controlled hurricanes or cyclones are also becoming an option. ANALOG, a while back, published a plan to build huge towers in cyclone alley, in the U.S., to defuse the natural cyclone process, producing rainfall and power at the same time. – Relatively small power inputs can have already large effects in this respect. It had been observed that the additional car traffic on U.S. highways that occurs on weekends die increase the formation of cyclones. Apparently, cars passing each other in opposite directions led to many small “whirlies” and some of these grew into larger ones. – Old alternative energy projects proposed huge conduits, led up on huge mountain slopes, to gather hot desert air, provide a channel for it and to lead to wind turbines and precipitation of whatever water it would have dissolved, when the air would be sufficiently cooled at higher levels. I remember at least one SF story in which an inventor supported a huge plastic tube in a desert, via balloon or kite, which sucked up hot ground air and provided rain around his place and also some power for his requirements. – Proper water pricing would be required, rather than water price controls and price subsidies or monopolistically overpriced water charges. – Good and bad ideas, if properly surveyed and discussed, can lead to better ones. No positive proposal should be altogether neglected for long. At present, even in developed countries, the conditions of many of the food producers is rather desperate. When 90% of a population lives, like that of Australia, in cities, then the rights and liberties, as well as the long term interests of country people, tend to be ignored in many of the majority despotic decisions of our democracies and republics. Their resources and their liberties and rights ought to be increased, for their own benefit and those of all others. If they were, Australia could offer a good living to hundreds of millions of people. That would naturally not be possible if, by political means, we are compelled to retain much of it in an unimproved wilderness state, if we come to value e.g. the “rights” of snails or lizards more so than those of human beings. – Indeed, some insist even on preserving the purity of the Arctic and Antarctic & of deserts. – PIOT, John Zube, 24 September 1997.

IEA CLASSICS, Books that made a difference, 2pp flyer, in PP 1281/82.

IEA PUBLICATIONS IN PRINT, September 1984, 10pp, 36x, in PP 719.

IEA, 1957-87, Publications in Print, July 1987, 10pp, in PP 814. – Of their 91 o.o.p. titles, among a total of 290, they seem to have microfilmed so far only 20, and, by my count, only 3 in the last three years. I have, sometimes, produced masters for 3 microfiche in a single day, which reproduce ca 6 pocket book sized titles. Since their booklets are beautifully printed, there is only limited labour involved and even up to 30 titles a day could be readied by a single person, on about 15 microfiche. How can a free enterprise institute be AS unproductive even when using an AS productive technology? If it had become seriously involved in microfiche publishing, 10 or 20 years ago, it could have offered thousands, if not tenthousands of titles by now and England could be a free country again, setting again an example for the world. They have, indeed, achieved much and we have to be grateful to them for that – but they could have achieved so much more, micrographically! Is the good the enemy of the best? – J.Z. 5/89. I heard of no progress from the I.E.A. in the meantime, in this respect. – J.Z., 10.6.1998.

IEA, Everything Half Price of Less, 6pp booklist: 97, in PP 1526. Further 4pp of IEA leaflets: 103. – Alas, not yet including their own microfiche for all back issues, at a fraction of the paper prices. – J.Z.

IEA, Everything Half Price or Less, n.d., 4pp book list, in PP 1334/35: 225. – If they bothered, they could offer all their writings at ca. 5 – 10% – on microfiche. As it is, they have kept many of them priced out of my reach and probably that of many others, because, essentially, they remain committed to a 500 year old technology: print on paper only. – J.Z.

IEA, INSTITUTE FOR ECONOMIC AFFAIRS, leaflet: IEA, 1957-1977: What the Press said about NOT FROM BENEVOLENCE… by Ralph Harris and Arthur Sheldon, the IEA’s 2oth birthday book, containing 11 press clippings in 5pp, 29x, in PP 424. -The IEA still owes me a reply on my formal submission to extend the microfilming of its work, at least to ALL of its own out of print works, as promised in its literature list – and to much beyond that. J.Z., 10.6.98.

IEA, Publications Subscription Service, 1p leaflet, in PP 813, Subscription Service Note, 1p, in PP 816. I had the chance to browse through the IEA library once and found only one title in it for the LMP series. Hopefully, the private libraries of its members are better. But I didn’t have access to them. – J.Z.

IF I WERE PRIME MINISTER, Leaflet on TV show, which included Chris Tame & Germaine Greer, 1p, in PP 1348: 124.

IFBG GOETTINGEN, Money and Payment Systems, 1p survey, 1996, on electronic payment systems, with a 1p note by John Zube, 1998, in PP 1534: 23.

IGGULDEN, JOHN, Australia as a Self-Appointed but Respected Policeman of the World – against the Danger of Nuclear Extermination, a 5pp, extract from his excellent science fiction novel “Breakthrough”, 24x in PP 12.


IGNORING THE STATE, PP 962. See SPENCER, HERBERT, SOCIAL STATICS, chap. 19 of early editions. See also Fichte on this and ON PANARCHY.

IGUANA, The Ideal American : Armed and Free, 3pp, in PP 1269. – He must be “armed” with correct ideas, too. – J.Z.

IHERING, RUDOLF von, Der Kampf ums Recht, 1872, 20. Aufl. 1921, 1925. Diese 1948 Ausgabe ist stark verkuerzt, aber die einzige, die mir zur Hand ist. J.Z. 39 S., in PP 1163.

ILLICH, IVAN & VERNE, ETIENNE, Imprisoned in the Global Classroom, London, Writers’ and Readers’ Publishing Cooperative, 1976, summary only, 1p, in LITERATURE OF LIBERTY, in PP 1200p490, headed: Deschooling and Autonomy.

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IMBERMAN, NORMAN H., Dr., Principle = Practice, 2pp: 394, in PP 1457/62.

IMMIGRANTS IN SEARCH OF FREEDOM, 1693-1983, German American Tricentennial, The Tricentennial Committee, 1983, 96pp, contains a number of libertarian essays, apparently from THE FREEMAN, in PP 1143.


IMMIGRATION & UNEMPLOYMENT: STOTT, DIANE, Migrants & Jobs: It’s a Balanced Act, 1p, in PP 1378/81: 466. – 80,000 immigrants per year can hardly cause 1 – 1.5 m unemployed in Australia. – J.Z.

IMMIGRATION PHOBIA: KENNEDY, JOHN, The Noble Wetback, 1p, in PP 1432/1439: 1267.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: BANNERMAN, DAVID S., No need for migrant control, 1p letter, 96, in PP 1393: 124. – Judging by Japanese figures, “Australia could support 2.4 billion people”. Government “actions” have managed to impoverish many of its present 18 million and rendered 1 – 1/2 million unemployed, among the youth up to 40%. – J.Z.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: KENNEDY, JOHN, The Noble Wetback, 1p, in PP 1432/1439: 1267.

IMMIGRATION, FREE, PP 418/19p282, 696, 729, 882, 957, 975, 1052-61 (LA Political Notes 61), 1111, 1139, 1143, 1171, see Freedom of Movement, in PP 957. See: LA Political Notes No. 61, 1991, 2pp: Open the Door! The Case for Abolishing All Immigration Controls, by CHATSFIELD, ADAM, in PP 1,052 – 1,061. See: WOLLSTEIN, JARRET B., Immigration and Totalitarianism, 1984, 11pp, SIL White Paper # 5, in PP 975. – Once I see enough essays on free migration, I intend to fill a whole special microfiche or even several with them. Too many libertarians, even famous ones, have still mental reservations about this very important liberty. – J.Z.

IMMIGRATION, FREE, See: BANDOW, DOUG, A Case for Immigration, 1p, in PP 277/278: 231.

IMMIGRATION, FREE: WETERING, VICTOR VAN, Let there Be Immigrants, 1p, in PP 1336 – 39: 319. Originally broadcast on RADIO LIBERTY’s “Soapbox”. See: FREE MIGRATION, FREE IMMIGRATION.

IMMIGRATION, See: BLOCK, WALTER, The Immigrant Peril, 1p: 15, in PP 1515. See: Free Migration.

IMMIGRATION: BANDOW, DOUG, A Case for Immigration, 1p, in PP 278.

IMMORTALITY, See: TUCCILLE, JEROME, Philosophy and Immortality, 3pp, extract from his book: “Here Comes Immortality”, in PP 1312/1314: 11. – See also: LONGEVITY BOOKS, LONGEVITY REPORT, CANADIAN CRYONICS NEWS, & KLAUS REINHARD, Wie der Mensch den Tod besiegt.

IMMORTALITY: LIBERTY’S FINAL FRONTIER, PP 1052-61 (LA Cultural Notes 27), see life extension, longevity, cryonics, death, anti-aging.

IMPERIALISM & CAPITALISM: ERNSBERGER, DON, Capitalism & Imperialism, 1p, incomplete, in PP 1409/10: 71.




IMPERIALISM, PP 369, 696, 864, 1052-61 (LA Historical Notes 9)

IMPERTINENTS SOCIETY OF AUSTRALIA, THE, 1p leaflet on an address by Dr. Madsen Pirie, in PP 834.

IMPRISONMENT WITHOUT TRIAL, LA Legal Notes 15 in PP 1052-1061.


IMWU INTERNATIONAL HEADQUARTERS, Slum lords are Bloodsuckers; & Newsletter, May 87, 2pp, in PP 1,044. (The kind of material that I usually omit as uninformative. What kind of mind produces such material and is attracted by it? J.Z.)

IN PURSUIT OF LIBERTY, Vol. IV, No. 2, Jan. 1980, a sample, 12pp, 29x, in PP 426.

INCENTIVE TAXATION, Aug-Sept. 76 & July 78, 8pp, 36x, in PP 381-382, July-August 1979, a sample issue, Georgist, 29x, in PP 631.

INCENTIVES, PP 174 – 176, 294-297.

INCENTIVES, See: SHANNON, RUSSELL, Incentives and Income Tax, 4pp: 301, in PP 1529-33.

INCENTIVES: HUTTON, EDWARD F., The Incentive to Produce, 2pp, in PP 1411/12: 204.INCOME TAX, ABOLITION, PP 484, 916. See Liberty Amendment & Voluntary Taxation, as well as Georgist titles.

INCOMES POLICY, in Australia, PP 396/7.INCONTROLLADO, The Confessions of an Ultra-Left Adventurist, 1p: 65, in PP 1488.

INDEPENDENCE & AUTHORITY, PP 696 (LA Personal Perspectives 2).

INDEPENDENCE INSTITUTE, Denver, introductory letter by John K. Andrews, April 23, 1990, to John Zube, 2pp, in PP 997.

INDEPENDENCE INSTITUTE, Golden, Co., Independence Issue Papers and Public Policy Calendar for 1990, 2pp, in PP 1256.

INDEPENDENCE INSTITUTE, Golden, Co., Introductory Leaflet, 8pp, 178, in PP 1456.


INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS, 2 articles, by John MacClaughry and Martin A. Larson, in PP 1,016. See Compulsory Licensing, Taxation, Unions, Regulations.


INDEPENDENT REVIEW, THE, Oakland, publication of THE INDEPENDENCE INSTITUTE, 2pp introductory leaflet: 205, in PP 1486.

INDEPENDENT THINKING REVIEW, I/3, 1994, Free Speech and Censorship Issue, 14pp sample, in PP 1325: 84.

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INDEPENDENT, THE, Newsletter of THE INDEPENDENCE INSTITUTE, V/1, n.d., 8pp, in PP 1233.

INDEPENDENT, THE, Time to license the drug trade, 89, 1p, on Policy Analysis No. 121, CATO CLIPPINGS, in PP 1139.

INDEX CLAUSES, CURRENCIES & NUMBERS, PURCHASING POWER PARITIES etc., PP 145/56, 337, 428ff (S.12, 18, 31, 39, 41, 44, 49, 50, 87, 100, 135, 149, 162, 163, 176, 177, 180, 224, 684, 687, 745.)

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INDEX ON LIBERTY, 1.) 4th. ed., 1985, compiled by Jan Sommerfelt Pettersen, 4pp. 42x, in PP 637. (Reduced print, hard to read at this further reduction. See PP 675 ) 2.) May/June 1986 edition, 12pp, 29x, in PP 675, 85/86 editions & 7th ed., 1988, on pp 637ff, 29x, in PP 862 & 863. 1989 version, 28pp, in PP 877. See: LINE and its booklets: Index on Liberty. – It is now supposedly on the Internet.

INDEX ON LIBERTY, 1991 Edition, An International Directory of Institutions and Publications of Interest to Promoters of Reason and Liberty, published by Ideer Om Frihet, Norway, and the ISIL, 36pp, in PP 1,020.

INDEX ON LIBERTY, An International Directory of Institutions and Publications of Interest to Promoters of Reason and Liberty, by Jan Sommerfelt Pettersen & Palle Steen Jensen, 1994, 20pp, published as supplement to LINE, No. 1, March 94, in PP 1189. PLEASE, SEND UPDATES OF ALL YOUR LIBERTARIAN ADDRESSES, ORGANIZATIONS, PROMOTERS, PUBLICATIONS, TO THIS INDEX! I am presently interested only in AUSTRALIAN FREEDOM ADDRESSES for a special listing, that I intend to keep updated, at least annually. – J.Z.

INDEX TO ESSAYS ON LIBERTY, FEE, Vols. I-XII, Compiled by Bettina Bien, 1965, 46pp, in PP 1,036.



INDEXATION, ABOLITION OF, Will there really be a “free for all” when indexation goes? (Wage indexation): PP 390.

INDEXED BONDS, PP 971. See Value preserving clauses, Inflation, Choice of Value Standards, Monetary Freedom.

INDEXES, See: BIEN GREAVES, BETTINA, vol. 17, Jan.- Dec. 67, 8pp: 83, – Index to THE FREEMAN, vol. 24, Jan.- Dec. 1974, 8pp: 191, – Index, The Freeman, Vol. 33, 1983, 8pp: 479, all in PP 1529-33.

INDEXES, Some of the indexes and indexed works in the PEACE PLANS Series: ANALOG: 413, THE INDIVIDUALIST, SPOONER’S WORKS, 16-18, 61-63, ESSAYS ON LIBERTY. Altogether, I counted, up to PP 1171, 173 entries in this list that are marked “indexed” and many of them should be consulted for special searches. That indicates also that many are not yet indexed, although books of ideas without indexes are worth usually only half as much, to a researcher, as the indexed ones. You can imagine that I cannot do all this indexing and combining of indexes for you. Can you imagine how long this listing would be, if I were able to include the ready indexes in this series? And how much longer still, if each of the separate indexes were already close to comprehensive for its title? Why don’t YOU get at least some of them scanned and automatically integrated on computers? Among ten-thousands of anarchist and libertarians computer users, there ought to be at least some interested in and capable of this. Same for bibliographies, abstracts and directories. Until libertarians mobilize all their intellectual resources and make them cheaply accessible to each other, they will not get very far or it will take them all too long to realize and maintain even some of the more obviously justified and necessary liberties. – J.Z.




INDIA: See: MAYO, KATHERINE, Mother India, in PP 1443, also, ibid, VOLUME TWO.

INDIAN LIBERTARIAN, THE, Oct. 1979 sample, 10pp, 24x, in PP 106. It is not very libertarian by my standards but it seems that other Indian publications are even worse in this respect. The second largest “nation” in the world without a comprehensive freedom publication – and the largest one, China, without any! These and most other “underdeveloped countries” could not be supplied sufficiently, with affordable freedom publications in print, on paper, even if all legal and openly dictatorial barriers against freedom of expression and information were suddenly removed. Both are now nuclear armed, Pakistan, probably, too. In the interest of our own survival we ought to work towards offering them all pro freedom writings, at least in English, as cheaply as possible, i.e. on microfiche. The paper tigers might not be able to enlighten these vast populations sufficiently, for centuries. And we may not have as much time left. – J.Z.

INDIANAPOLIS STAR, THE, The Farmer’s Two Masters, June 13, 1959, 1p, against government control of agriculture, in PP 1163.

INDIANHEAD LIBERTARIAN, sample copy of 1984, only on hand, 6pp, in PP 987.

INDICATOR, Anarchist Almanac, 1985, published where? by? In PP 1407: 145. – I did not find the contents worth listing. – J.Z.

INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY, No. 4, in Claustrophobia II/4, in PP 934.


INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY, Warminster, PA, Newsletter of the Society for Individual Liberty, SIL, later merged with LIBERTARIAN INTERNATIONAL into ISIL. Very incomplete, but all copies on hand and with some SIL Services Bulletins, in 4 microfiche, 437pp, in PP 1283-1286. Offered here are: 7/4=4/76; 10/6=6/79; 11/8=8/80 to 11/12=12/80; 15/3=3/84 to 15/5=5/84; 16/3=3/85 to 16/5=5/85; 16/7/8 (6/7?)=6/7/85 to 19/1=1/88; 19/3=3/88 to 19/7/8=Sum.88; 1912=Elect.88 to 20/1=Winter 89; 20/3=3/89 to 20/4=Spring 89 & 20/6=6/89.



INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, CIRCULAR RE 589/90, 685 & 725. Judging by the response, individual rights do not have much of a chance at present. I would like to be able to microfilm – or see microfilmed – modern defences of human rights like Tibor R. Machan’s “Human Rights & Human Liberties” and Ronal Dworkin’s “Taking Rights Seriously”. Alas, they are restricted by “copyrights”. If there were a single book that could save the world but, nevertheless, the authors or publishers or their heirs, were not prepared to publish or republish it on paper, or in any other medium, should we then be prepared to go under rather than spreading this book in cheap pirated editions, e.g. on microfiche? – J.Z.

INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, PP 1 & 2, 4, 16/18, 61/63, 399/400, 483, 589/90, see HUMAN RIGHTS, BILL OF RIGHTS.

INDIVIDUAL SECESSION, See: ROBERTS, MILES T., Needed: A Manifesto for the Green Revolution, 1p outline, favouring individual secessionism, in PP 1386/91: 15, 30. See also Declarations of Independence, ON PANARCHY.

INDIVIDUAL SECESSION: ANON., Bureaucrats, Get Out! 2pp, in PP 1430/31, between 155 & 158, on a farmer who declared his farm a tax free republic & designed his own gold standard currency. What became of him since 1987? How many such attempts were there? Where is their total record? – I collect all such experiences, too, in my ON PANARCHY sub-series. – J.Z. 9/97.

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, PP 12, 392, 399-401, 1020, 1051, see Carden in PP 1018, see ON PANARCHY, Le Grand E. DAY, Spencer, Social Statics, Fichte on French Revolution,


INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: DEITSCHLER, WESLEY, Individual Sovereignty advocate, 2 reports of 1989, 1p, in PP 1378/81: 263.

INDIVIDUAL, THE, Newsletter of the SOCIETY FOR INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM, SIF, London, April 91, October 91, January 92, September 94, January 95, April 95, 63pp, in PP 1252. May 94, 12pp, in PP 1234.

INDIVIDUAL, THE, Nos. 1-3, May 1980 – October 1980, published, edited & printed by G.W. Swain, 76pp, 24x, in PP 291.

INDIVIDUALIS, DIE, THE INDIVIDUALIST, South Africa, 3 samples: June, August 1976, June 1978, 32pp, in PP 789. 1980, Vol 5, No. 3, 14pp, 1981, Vol. 6, No. 6, 16pp, Vol. 9, No. 4, n.d., 14pp, all issues on hand, in PP 890.


INDIVIDUALISM & THE LAND QUESTION, A DISCUSSION, by Sir Roland K. Wilson, Bart., J.H. Levy and others, 1912, 111pp, 29x, in PP 403.


INDIVIDUALISM, PP 55, 209, 235, 290, 340, 356, 403, 537, 609, 774, 787, 961, 980, 1001, 1039, 1040, 1052-61 (LA Pol. Notes 14 & 38), 1120, 1127/28, INDIVIDUALISM, THE DIFFICULTIES OF, A Socialist View, PP 340.

INDIVIDUALIST ANARCHISM, An Archive for it is being built up in Berlin, Germany, by Jochen Knoblauch of AurorA, Knobelsdorffstr. 8, DW-1000, Berlin 19, Tel. (030) 322 71 17, Fax (030) 321 55 49, Germany. Includes so far, at least, most of the correspondence of K.H.Z. Solneman (Kurt Helmut Zube). Catalog and progress report not yet on hand for filming. But the German Mackay Gesellschaft is being revived. A special microfiche issue on this attempt is being prepared, with some relevant material. Need I stress that LMP tries to get at least the literature of individualist anarchism as complete as it can, onto microfiche? I hope to get around to offer a separate LMP list on its individualist anarchist titles. – J.Z.

INDIVIDUALIST ANARCHISM, PP 15, 247/73, 281 – 285, 386, 412(pp219 & 304), 392, 412p219, 484, 555, 648, 740, 806, 811, 897, 912, 959, 968, 975, 1000, 1014, 1043, 1098, 1113, 1154, see LABADIE, MACKAY GESELLSCHAFT, MACKAY SOCIETY, STIRNER, ANDREWS, ARMAND, REICHERT (PARTISANS), ROCKER (PIONEERS), SOLNEMAN, TIMM, TUCKER, ANARCHISM.

INDIVIDUALIST ANARCHISM, See: Anarchism, Syndicalism, Communist Anarchism, Market Anarchism, TUCKER, B.R.; SPOONER, LYSANDER; ARMAND, E.; HENRY MEULEN, MINUS ONE; S. PARKER.

INDIVIDUALIST ANARCHISM, See: JOHNSTON, DALE ALLEN, The American Anarchist: An Analysis of the Individualist Anarchism of Benjamin R. Tucker, 1973, 187ppp, a dissertation, in PP 1189.

INDIVIDUALIST ANARCHISM, See: KLINE, WM. GARY, The Individualist Anarchists, A Critique of Liberalism, 1987, indexed & with bibliography, 121pp: 1, in PP 1524. – Hans G. Helm’s bibliography of writings by and on Stirner, in his “Die Ideologie der anonymen Gesellschaft” comes already to 91pp. A complete bibliography of all individualist anarchist writings would, probably, come to over 1,000pp. Thus only some of the major individualist anarchist writings are dealt with and can be dealt with in this short dissertation. However, since all too little is in print on individualist anarchism and so much depends upon it, this is a valuable contribution. Author or publisher should THEMSELVES make it easily and cheaply accessible, on microfiche, etc. They could do so at a VERY small expense. In most bookshops and libraries it is presently invisible. – J.Z.

INDIVIDUALIST ANARCHISM, See: OTTO, THOMAS, Spiritueller Individual- Anarchismus, 3 S.: 108, in PP 1456.INDIVIDUALIST ANARCHISM, See: PARKER, S.E., Three European Anarchist Individualists, Some Notes on Armand, Martucci & Novatore, 3pp: 90, in PP 501.

INDIVIDUALIST ANARCHISM, See: ROTHBARD, MURRAY N., Individualist anarchism in the U.S.: Origins, 15pp: 8, in PP 1501.

INDIVIDUALIST ANARCHISM: MCELROY, WENDY, Individualist Anarchism vs. “Libertarianism” & Anarcho – Communism, in PP 1373/75: 130-134.

INDIVIDUALIST BOOKSHOP, The Philosophy of Individualism, a bibliography with an introductory essay on individualism in politics and economics, 1927, 95pp, 29x, in PP 482. (I would like to posses all these titles for microfilming – and to get sponsors for the costs involved – but would prefer it if others were to get their fiching act together. The same applies to: Henry Hazlitt: The Free Man’s Library – A Descriptive and Critical Bibliography, Van Nostrand, 1956, 176pp, listing ca. 500 titles, a bibliography which was long out of print and was supposed to have been microfilmed a few years ago, by University Microfilms, according to a letter by H. Hazlitt to R. Sagehorn. – Most of the titles listed in this book are still in limbo. Do not expect me to do them all on my own. I have not achieved immortality yet and we may not have as much time left as it would take me to finish as large a job. Nor would I have access to all of them. Only all the dispersed libertarians between them do have access to all the all to dispersed libertarian titles. Thus they must bring them to light in a division of labour process. And most of them could only publish their favourite rare titles on microfiche. – J.Z. 5/89.)


INDIVIDUALIST SECESSIONISM & PEACE, PP 16 – 18, 61 – 63, 399 – 401.

INDIVIDUALIST SECESSIONISM, PP 16-18, 61-63, 399 – 401, 984, see ON PANARCHY, SLOGANS FOR LIBERTY, PP 589/90, FICHTE on the French Revolution, HERBERT SPENCER: Social Statics, chapter 19 of the original edition.

INDIVIDUALIST, THE, Austin, TX, published and edited by Mitchell Jones, I/1 – I/4 ( Jan. 72 – Apr. 72), I/6 – I/9 (June 72-Sep.72), II/1 – II/5 (Jan. 73 – May 73), 104pp, in PP 1170.

INDIVIDUALIST, THE, Bradenton, March 1953, 5pp, 29x, in PP 725.

INDIVIDUALIST, THE, DIE INDIVIDUALIS, Northcliff, South Africa, all copies in this format that are presently available to LMP, 556pp, in PP 1430/31: 1. – It carries a note that is unusual for most libertarian and anarchist publications and that, seeing their publishing costs, their usually short lifespan and their remaining obscurity, ought to be widely imitated: “REPRINTING, in whole or part, permitted without consent or acknowledgment, except where we have reprinted with permission. Acknowledgment will be appreciated.” – Reproduced here are the following issues: VI/3, 1981; VI/7, 1981; VII/3, n.d.; IX/7 & 7, 1984; X/1-3, 1985; X/5-8, 1985; XI/1-4, 1986; XI/6-8, 1986; XII/1-3, 1987; XII/5-8, 1985; XIII/1-6, 1988; XIII/8, 1988; XIV/2, 1989. – So much good material remains so far buried in o.o.p. periodicals, papers and books, instead of being used to kindle the fires of freedom everywhere. What are YOU going to do about this? – J.Z., 12.9.97.

INDIVIDUALIST, THE, London, 3 candidates for new editor: Jillian Becker, Pauline Russell, G.W. Swain, 1p, with short statements, in PP 803. Nos. 1 & 2, March 80 & March 81, 30 pp, first issues since August 1978. Last? In PP 806. Pauline Russell became seriously sick and still is, unable to continue this journal and no one else seems to have been prepared to continue its few pages per annum, on paper, or mentally flexible enough, to continue it on microfiche. That does not say much for the individualists in the U.K. – and in the rest of the world. It was supposed to be a journal of a Personal Rights Association. But Meulen was far from being an advocate of personal rights and liberties. See my correspondence with him. – J.Z.

INDIVIDUALIST, THE, London, No. 1, 1975 – No. 4, 1978, edited by Henry Meulen, with appeal to supply missing issues to permit fiching of all back issues, with preliminary alphabetical index to The Individualist, 1937-1976 issues, 36x, PP 561. Issues 1962 – 1974 are now on hand for filming. Most prior issues are still wanted. Some cartons of material of his are still in storage by some of his relatives. I had no access so far. He had burned most of his correspondence (of which I regret especially his correspondence with Ulrich von Beckerath burned on the latter’s side in 1943 during an air raid) and his rare book collection was more or less buried, safe from photocopyists like myself, in the Goldsmith Collection of the British Library. I was not allowed to photocopy any title, even of those before 1900, until I could prove to the librarian that the copyrights were expired. Her reference books did not even mention these obscure writers. After a few such encounters, rather than wasting my time, energy and patience to fight such dragons, I resolved to concentrate on extracting, via photocopies, some libertarian treasures from private libraries instead. Fancy John Henry Mackay’s library being guarded even by Soviet librarians, for decades! The University library in East Berlin, under the communist regime, had even restricted some writings of Goethe! But I have to say that for Soviet librarians: They saw to it that many of their rare communist titles appeared at least on microfilm. – J.Z., 94.


INDIVIDUALISTISCHER ANARCHISMUS, Eine Autorenauswahl, 64 S., in ANARCHISTISCHE TEXTE, 6/7, in PP 1154. Contents not separately listed here. I may already have done so for a previous PP edition of this particular title. – J.Z.


INDIVIDUALISTS: Que veulent les individualistes? – Le Groupe du Reveil de l’Esclave, n.d., 1p, in PP 1,043. (How, otherwise, does one list such titles? – J.Z.)

INDIVIDUALS AND SOUND CURRENCY, PP 428ff:S.126, see monetary freedom schools,

INDIVIDUALS, INFLUENCE at critical moments, PP 643.


INDIVIDUALS, PP 7, 30/31, 525, 1123.


INDONESIA: HUNTER, EDWARD, Indonesia’s Little Kremlin, 2pp, in PP 1411/12: 305.

INDUSTRIAL DEMOCRACY, PP 294-298, 411, 418/19. See Cooperatives – Productive, Self-management. (I favour I.D. only over the own property, cooperatively or otherwise shared, voluntarily, with others, not over the property of non-consenting others. – J.Z.)



INDUSTRIAL POLICY, CASE AGAINST, PP 1052-61 (LA Econ. Notes 33 & 48), see Unions, Labour Laws.

INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION, revisionist view, PP903, 1052-61 (LA Study Guide 2), INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION: MANIS, ROD, The Factory Exploitation Myth, 3pp: 250, in PP 1457/62.



INDUSTRIAL WAR, PP 239. See Strikes, Unions, Labour Legislation, Cooperative Production, Industrial Democracy.

INDUSTRIAL WORKER, Jan. 1996, No. 1597, vol. 93, No. 1, 12pp, in PP 1367/68: 200, continues I.W.W. tradition. Now on line, too. From my point of view they understand little and have even less to teach. But I wish full exterritorial autonomy for them, nevertheless! – PIOT, J.Z., 4.12.96.


INDUSTRY-WIDE BARGAINING, PP 1005. See Collective Bargaining & Unions.

INEQUALITY, A DEFENCE AND CELEBRATION OF, PP 1043. (Heinrich Nienkamp’s utopia, in German.)

INEQUALITY, See: MISES, LUDWIG von, Inequality of Wealth and Income, 1955, 5pp: 29, in PP 1480.

INFANTICIDE, Female babies in Communist China, PP 1121. Many as the result of the official one-child policy & the absence of old age security. – J.Z.

INFLATION COUNSELORS, THE, introductory newsletter, 4pp, contents list, 1p, ca. 1942, 24x, in PP 79.

INFLATION example: German 50 Billion Mark note, 10 Oct. 1923, page 82 of PP 906. What would happen if you could issue such notes as legal tender? – J.Z.

INFLATION NEWS LETTER, published by Inflation Counsellors, dir. E.C. Riegel, N.Y., weekly, No. 1, 17 April 1942, to No. 21, 11 Sep. 1942, 85pp, 24x, in PP 80-82.

INFLATION OR DEFLATION? PP 731. See PP 19 A & B, and Stagflation.

INFLATION, 3 Samples of Hyperinflation in Germany, 1923: 20 Billionen Mark, 50 Billionen & 100 Billionen. 1p, in PP 1257. – Note, that the German “Billion” is equivalent to the U.S. “Trillion”. – J.Z.


INFLATION, LAND PRICES AND LAND TAXES, PP 381. (One of thousands of similar Georgist articles, almost all missing the main cause of inflation: legal tender, combined with the money issue monopoly. There are a few honourable exceptions, e.g. Dr. H.G. Pearce. Wrong ideas on inflation could fill a handbook. Such a handbook, with the best refutations so far found, should and could be provided – on microfiche. – J.Z.)


INFLATION, PP 8, 19A, 40, 56, 70-74, 79 – 84, 290, 309, 357/58, 396/97, 409, 418/19 (pp 247, 254, 265), 420, 428ff (S. 18, 30, 99, 103, 196, 198, 239), 490, 548, 626, 631, 731, 740, 742, 804/806, 814, 815, 818, 906, 995, 997, 1016, 1018, 1021, 1027, 1052-61 (LA Ec. Notes 37), 1114, 1130, 1165, see see essays by Beckerath, Borsodi, Greaves & Rittershausen, CONSUMER PRICE INDEX, LEGAL TENDER. (Maybe we should throw away or at least ignore all textbooks that do not even mention central banking powers and legal tender in this connection. – J.Z.)

INFLATION, RECESSION, STAGFLATION, See: ROTHBARD, MURRAY N., The Great Inflationary Recession Issue: “Nixonomics” Explained, 5pp: 301, in PP 1457/62.

INFLATION, See: DROSDIK, VINCENT A., III, Inflation, 1p, in PP 1404/06: 75. – One of ten-thousands of articles on inflation which all overlook legal tender as the cause and free currency issue & reflux competition and free market rating for competing currencies, as the cure. Mostly, they are bugged by the “gold bug” or some supposedly ideal but coercively exclusive “index standard”. Almost all are still blind to “free choice of currency value standards” as well as of exchange media and clearing methods. – J.Z.

INFLATION, See: DWIGHT R., Controlling Inflation by controlling Government, 4pp: 275, in PP 1529-33. – Just repeal legal tender and the central bank’s note issue monopoly! – Even some semi-despotic governments had honest currencies – for a while! – J.Z.

INFLATION, See: EDWARDS, JAMES ROLPH, The Politics and Economics of Inflation: Some Simple Analytics, 11pp: 138, in PP 1479. – As if monetary legislation, especially the issue monopoly of central banks and their legal tender power for their paper money had little to do with inflation. Just 2 hints are here towards monetary freedom, on pages 48 & 50. He considered this question “rather philosophically”, to speak in slang. – J.Z.

INFLATION, See: HAZLITT, HENRY, Inflation: A Tiger by the Tail, from THE FREEMAN, 2/70, 2pp, in PP 276: 104.

INFLATION, See: HOFFMAN, BETH A., Inflation Is …, 2pp: 271, in PP 1529-33.

INFLATION, See: MISES, LUDWIG von, Inflation and You, 1942, 6pp: 49, in PP 1480.INFLATION, See: MISES, LUDWIG von, Inflation Must End in a Slump, 1951, 2pp: 57, in PP 1480. – See my: The Soft Option, in PP 19B on this error. – J.Z.

INFLATION, See: MISES, LUDWIG von, Inflation, 1951, 2pp: 51B, in PP 1480.

INFLATION, See: MISES, LUDWIG von, Inflation: An Unworkable Fiscal Policy, 1951, 5pp: 52, in PP 1480.

INFLATION, See: MISES, LUDWIG von, Socialism, Inflation, and the Thrifty Householder, 1960, 5pp: 54, in PP 1480.

INFLATION, See: NEEDHAM, RICHARD, Inflation, an Historical Perspective, 11pp: 94, in PP 1506/07.

INFLATION, See: NORTH, GARY, Domestic Inflation vs. International Solvency, 6pp: 35, in PP 1529-33.

INFLATION, See: PETERBOROUGH LIBERTARIAN ASSOCIATION NEWSLETTER, Interest Rates & Inflation, 1p: 270, in PP 1506/07. INFLATION, See: SENNHOLZ, HANS F., Some Evils of Inflation, 10pp: 595, in PP 1529-33.

INFLATION, See: SKOUSEN, MARK, Friedman vs. The Austrians, Part II: Was There an Inflationary Boom in the 1920’s? 2pp from THE FREEMAN, April 1995, in PP 1519.

INFLATION, WELFARE & FREEDOM, PP 357/58.INFLATION: ANON., How to Cause Hyper-Inflation, a guide to budding bureaucrats, 3pp, in PP 1430/31: 18. – Only the legislators and the bureaucrats of the central banks are involved. All the other bureaucrats merely make use of the laws and the institution of monetary despotism, i.e., especially of legal tender laws and central banks. – J.Z.

INFLATION: CALLAWAY, HOWARD, The Sociological Impact of Inflation, 3pp, in PP 1409/10: 114. & 117.

INFLATION: FRIEDMAN, ROBIN, Unions Do Not Make Inflation! 2pp, in PP 1425: 10.

INFLATION: HAHN, L. ALBERT, On Forecasting Inflations, 2pp, in PP 1411/12: 76. – Is it really any more predictable than any other arbitrary, coercive and criminal act? It is merely rendered “legal” by the legal tender and issue monopoly privileges. – J.Z.

INFLATION: HUMMEL, JEFF, Inflation : The Federal Con Game, 2pp, in PP 1378/81 : 354.

INFLATION: MISES, LUDWIG VON, Inflation and Price Control, 1970, FEE, first publ. in: THE COMMERCIAL AND FINANCIAL CHRONICLE, Dec. 20, 1945, 12pp, here reprinted from: “Planning for Freedom, and other Addresses, 2nd. ed., 1962, Libertarian Press, in PP 1358.

INFLATION: PHELAN, TOWNER, Controls Won’t Stop Inflation, 4pp, in PP 1411/12: 408. – On the contray, controls, like “legal tender” clauses and central bank privileges do cause and maintain it. – J.Z., 3.3.97. – If one means e.g. price- & wage- and foreign exchange controls, one should say so. – J.Z., 10.10.97.

INFLATION: ROTHBARD, MURRAY N., Inflation: Playing Politics with Money, LP Position Paper, 1p, in PP 1382/85: 298.



INFORMATION EXPLOSION, DATA EXPLOSION, PP 907/10 (Richard Pree). How many freedom books can you store on or access with your PC? What would be your on-line costs or print-out costs? How many are offered now on floppies and CDs and chips and at what prices? What are their mailing costs and storage risks? Thou shalt recognize them by their fruits, not by their promises, prophecies and prayers. – J.Z.


INFORMATION PAPER No.5, Think Series, Central News Service, Where Is the Money, 2pp, 48x, in PP 740.

INFORMATION PAPERS, Think Series, Central News Service, ECIE, Laguna Niguel, Cal., Nos. 1-3, in PP 500. 4 & 5, 4pp, in PP 467.

INFORMATION REVOLUTION & DEATH OF THE NATION STATE, See: ANGELL, IAN, The Information Revolution and the Death of the Nation State, 95, 4pp, in PP 1334/35: 149. – Before the territorial nation state is really abolished it is going to kill millions more people. That is its very nature. War is the health of this kind of State or “society”. – J.Z., 30.9.97.

INFORMATION SYSTEMS AND SERVICES, see KRUZAS, A.T., Encyclopaedia of I.S. & S. Since then information services, especially electronic ones, have multiplied. But how many of them offer libertarian information? How much of it? At what prices? – J.Z.

INFORMATIONSZENTRUM BERLIN, Machtergreifung und Ermaechtigungsgesetz, 8pp, in PP 897. (On the “legal” putsch of the Nazis.)


INGALLS, J.K., Economic Equities, A Compend of the Natural Laws of Industrial Production and Exchange, 1887, 66pp, in PP 1198. – mainly a land reformer but he did also advocate some kind of free banking and at least attempted to state natural law as he saw it. – J.Z.

INGALLS, J.K., Labor, Wages and Capital, continued from Sep. WORD, ca. 5pp: 102, in PP 1481.

INGALLS, J.K., Letter, n.d., ca. 2pp: 76, in PP 1481.

INGALLS, J.K., Work and Wealth, 11pp, from Tucker’s RADICAL REVIEW, February 1878, 29x, in PP 373-375.

INGEBRETSEN, JAMES C., Can the United Nations Be United? 5pp, in PP 1392: 131.

INGERSOLL NEWS, Bible Absurdities, 20pp: 85, in PP 1493.

INGERSOLL NEWS, The Bible Contradicts Itself, 39pp, 1968: 170, in PP 1478.

INGERSOLL, C.H., War – or Scientific Taxation, 5pp, on Single Tax, in PP 1265.

INGERSOLL, CHARLES H., Present Status of the Single Tax Movement Here and Abroad, 5pp, in PP 1265.

INGERSOLL, DAVID E., American Legal Realism and Sociological Jurisprudence : The Methodological Roots of a Science of Law, JOURNAL OF THE HISTORY OF THE BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES 17, Oct. 81, 490-503, summary only, 1p, in LITERATURE OF LIBERTY, in PP1204p1648, headed: Legal Realism & A Science of Law.

INGERSOLL, ROBERT G., A Christmas Sermon and the controversy it aroused, 1891/92, in Haldeman – Julius Publication No. B-904, n.d., 30pp, in PP 1227.

INGERSOLL, ROBERT G., A few Reasons for Doubting the Inspiration of the Bible, 23pp, 29x, in PP 616.

INGERSOLL, ROBERT G., Art and Morality, in PP 1252.

INGERSOLL, ROBERT G., Crimes Against Criminals. An Address, January 21st, 1890, 32pp, LBB No. 139, in PP 1208. Also in PP 1253.

INGERSOLL, ROBERT G., Debates with the Clergy, Replies to Numerous Questions Raised by Ministers in Defence of their Religions, Haldeman – Julius Publication No. B-809, n.d., 47pp, in PP 1227.

INGERSOLL, ROBERT G., Essays by an Agnostic & Cricisisms by a Skeptic: Why Am I An Agnostic? Huxley and Agnosticism; Ernest Renan; Tolstoy and ‘The Kreutzer Sonata”, n.d., 39pp, in PP 1217.

INGERSOLL, ROBERT G., Faith or Agnosticism? The Field – Ingersoll Discussion, 1888, 48pp, Haldeman – Julius Publications, B-553, in PP 1223.

INGERSOLL, ROBERT G., How to Reform Mankind, in PP 1253.

INGERSOLL, ROBERT G., Inventions and Injustice, 1895, 5pp. – Not a libertarian writ. Reproduced here only because it was written by Ingersoll and because it shows his prejudices in spheres beyond his competence, in PP 496. – J.Z.

INGERSOLL, ROBERT G., My Reviewers Reviewed, A Reply to Various Clergymen who Had Criticized an Agnostic’s Lectures on Freethought, 1877, Haldeman – Julius Publication B-803, n.d., 32pp, in PP 1227.

INGERSOLL, ROBERT G., Rome or Reason, Cardinal Manning & Robert G. Ingersoll, edited by Lloyd E. Smith, 1925, LBB No. 129, 64pp, in PP 1224.

INGERSOLL, ROBERT G., See: DIETRICH, JOHN H., Robert G. Ingersoll, An Appreciation, 1929, 20pp, a lecture, in PP 477.

INGERSOLL, ROBERT G., Sixty-Five Press Interviews with Robert G. Ingersoll. What the great agnostic told numerous newspaper reporters during a quarter – century of public appearances as a freethinker and enemy of superstition, n.d., Haldeman – Julius Publications, B-813, 150pp, in PP 1223.

INGERSOLL, ROBERT G., Some Mistakes of Moses, 1879, Haldeman – Julius Publications, 92pp, in PP 1223.

INGERSOLL, ROBERT G., Some Reasons Why I Am A Freethinker, n.d., 19pp, edited by E. Haldeman-Julius, No. B-552, in PP 1211.

INGERSOLL, ROBERT G., The Crime of Superstition. She wears a robe of pictured legends, broidered with woven lies. A lecture, n.d., Haldeman-Julius series B-555, 24pp, in PP 1217.

INGERSOLL, ROBERT G., The Enemies of Individuality and Mental Freedom. A Lecture on why the Church Hates Thinkers, Haldeman – Julius Publication No. B-804, n.d., 32pp, in PP 1227.

INGERSOLL, ROBERT G., The Foundations of Faith. A critical examination of the Old Testament, a lecture, 22pp, Haldeman – Julius Publications, B-574, in PP 1223.

INGERSOLL, ROBERT G., The Liberty of Man and Other Essays, 1941, 127pp, in PP 1253.

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INGERSOLL, ROBERT G., Vindication of Thomas Paine, 1877, 64pp, LBB No. 88, in PP 1209.

INGERSOLL, ROBERT G., What Can you Believe in the Bible? Six interviews with the Rev. Talmage. And examination of the Scriptures, 1882, Haldeman – Julius Publications, B-810, 106pp, in PP 1223.

INGERSOLL, ROBERT G., What Great Infidels Have Done to Advance Civilization, n.d., from 1982 reprint, 30pp, in PP 1124.

INGERSOLL, ROBERT G., What Must We Do to Be Saved? A Study of the Christian religion, its creeds, and its sacred book, Haldeman – Julius Publications, B-808, 1880, 32pp, in PP 1223.

INGERSOLL, ROBERT G., Which Way to a Free World? A Consideration of the Difference between the Natural, and Supernatural, with Reasons why the Former Is the Better Way to Go, a lecture, n.d., 24pp, edited by E. Haldeman-Julius, No. B-551, in PP 1211: A Total of 458 pages.

INGERSOLL, ROBERT, Truth, Life, 1p: 85, in PP 1496.

INGLEBRETSEN, JAMES C., A Libertarian Platform, 52, 1p, in PP 1343/44: 2020.


INGRAM, JOHN KELLS, A History of Political Economy, N.Y., 1888, indexed, 250 pp, in PP 1,041. (Although prejudiced against natural liberty, he does review this school on 140 pp and dedicates 44pp to the historical school of political economy. – J.Z.)

INGRAM, PETER, Natural Rights: A Reappraisal, JOURNAL OF VALUE INQUIRY 15, 1, 1981, 3-18, summary only, 1p, in LITERATURE OF LIBERTY, in PP 1203p1475, headed: Grounding Natural Rights in Need.


INITIATIONS OF APPRENTICES ETC., See: NEALES, SUE, When Rites go Wrong, 3pp on “initiations”: 114, in PP 1496. – Not only statist anti-freedom customs and mores are still with us. Those who do appreciate individual rights and liberties fully or widely are few and far in-between. – J.Z.


INK, San Diego, Editor Susan Love Brown of WORLD RESEARCH, I/1, Oct. 76, I/2, Nov. 76, I/2, Nov. 76 (different issue!), 22pp: 103, in PP 1500.

INKATHA: ESTERHUYSE, WILLIE, Prof., Inkatha, 1985, 5pp, in PP 1430/31: 116.

INMAN, TERRY & GUNDERLOY, MIKE, Some correspondence, 1986-88, 9pp, in PP 478.

INMAN, TERRY, Do Government Schools Brainwash? 2pp, in PP 478. – 4pp, in PP 1,031.

INMAN, TERRY, Gangs and Drugs in the U.S., 89, 1p, letter to the editor, in PP 478.

INMAN, TERRY, Libertarian Innovators, 1p, in PP 1382/85: 297.


INMAN, TERRY, to ZUBE, JOHN, 29 June 89, 1p, in PP 907-910.

INNOVATOR, 1964 – 1969, 29x, PP 592- 594. INNOVATOR, special issue: Revolution in Enterprise, 4pp, 29x, in PP 294-297.

INSIDE INDONESIA, April 89 issue, page 10: Thirteen Years of the Democratic Republic of East Timor: An Exclusive Interview with Fretilin’s Abilio Araujo, 3pp, 29, in PP 871. – However, how free would East Timor be under a native government? It might even be more despotic and state socialistic. – J.Z.

INSIDER BULLETIN, Adam Smith Institute, n.d., 4pp, in PP 931.

INSIDER NEWSLETTER, by The Heritage Foundation, Nos. 111 & 112, March & April 86, 41pp, listing publications, in PP 851. (All available from the Foundation on microfilm – but only at almost the paper print price!)

INSIDER TRADING, In Praise of, 1052-61 (LA Economic Notes 18). See also CARL WATNER’s defence of insider trading: 1152/53.

INSIDER TRADING, See: WALKER, MICHAEL, Insider Trading or Just Doing Business? 1p: 74, in PP 1515.

INSIGHT, Journal and Review Publishers, literature and audio tape listing, 13pp, in PP 1,017.

INSTEAD OF A MAGAZINE, An Organ of The Lysander Spooner Society, March 1982 sample issue, 12pp, in PP 786. Vol. 2, # 12, May 1982 sample, 15pp, in PP 890.

INSTITUT FUER HANDEL UND WANDEL, Implementierungsplan, 2 S. und Entwuerfe fuer eine Zeitschrift, AGORA, Nr.. 1 & 2, 28 S., in PP 1,006.

INSTITUTE FOR ADVANCED STUDIES, Princeton. Bericht: USA-Institut vereinigt beruehmte Gelehrte der Welt, 4 S., Forschung, Gelehrtenzentrum, IDEEN ARCHIV, in PP 1330-1332: 116. – Wie produktiv war es fuer die Wissenschaften, bisher? – J.Z.

INSTITUTE FOR COMMUNITY ECONOMICS, Letter and statistics on Community Land Trusts, 1989, 4pp, incomplete, in PP 1394: 87.

INSTITUTE FOR ECONOMIC AFFAIRS, THE, London, IEA, Australian literature listing, 14pp, 24x in PP 50-54. See above under IEA, too.

INSTITUTE FOR HUMAN STUDIES, 21 Essays, in PP 1114 & 1115. They are separately listed by author.

INSTITUTE FOR HUMANE STUDIES, 1990, 1p, listing of awards, in PP 1,052 – 1,061. Report for 1966-67, 6pp, in PP 927. Introduction, 6pp, 29x, in PP 727, & 24x, p. 88 of PP 14, Literature list, 16pp, 24x, in PP 50-54. (From its excellent library I got photocopies for a few of the LMP titles. But even it has still all too many gaps. If only one could get it to act micrographically, too, by undertaking some microfiche self-publishing on its own account! But at least it has set up a microfilm corner, with a donated machine and a donation, by a friend, of most English language LMP books and aims at a complete freedom library via freedom titles from other microfilm publishers. I am trying to get some of its newsletters together for microfilming. I have finally got around to film its outstanding “Literature of Liberty” review series, which was, unfortunately, discontinued. On film it could and should have been continued and expanded indefinitely, largely self-managed than managed, even if that would have meant a lower average quality. So what. Any faulty review could, in this format, be easily and soon supplemented by a better one. All critical letters could be included. – There were so many entries in this review that I found it rather laborious and time consuming to list them all, by key-boarding. – J.Z.)

INSTITUTE FOR HUMANE STUDIES, Leaflets, 2pp, for 2 books: ROTHBARD, MURRAY N, Power and Market & MACCALLUM, SPENCER HEATH, The Art of Community: 310, in PP 1457/62. – With snaps of both as young men.

INSTITUTE FOR HUMANE STUDIES, Literature List, 1p: 24, in PP 1463/64.

INSTITUTE FOR HUMANE STUDIES, People and Ideas, Highlights from Recent Programs, 70 pp, contains write-ups on associated scholars and also a number of articles, in PP 1,017.

INSTITUTE FOR LIBERTY AND COMMUNITY, A Decentralist Bookshelf, 3pp, 24x, in PP 64-65, prospectus, 6pp, 29x, in PP 484. Compare Carol Moore’s Decentralist Directory.

INSTITUTE FOR LIBERTY AND COMMUNITY, Bibliography, Free Banking and Currency Competition, 2pp, 1986, in PP 971. (An as yet not updated LMP list on this subject, in PP 1022, has already 124pp. More entries are welcomed. During the last few years received only one other separate list from Robert Carnaghan. – J.Z.)

INSTITUTE FOR SOCIAL ECOLOGY, THE, Brisbane, 5pp, in PP 1392: 136. – 4pp, in PP 467. – Leaflet, 2pp: 157,in PP 1515.

INSTITUTE FOR SOCIAL ECOLOGY, THE, Cultivating the Ecology of Freedom, 2pp: 111, in PP 1526.

INSTITUTE FOR SOCIAL INVENTIONS, 4 leaflets: Best Ideas, Publications, The Institute, Social Inventions Salon, 4pp, in PP 500.

INSTITUTE FOR SOCIAL INVENTIONS, Best Ideas, A Directory of Social Inventions, 1p leaflet, in PP 1420/22: 560.

INSTITUTE FOR SOCIAL INVENTIONS, Circular by Nicholas Albery, 1p, in PP 1356: 120.

INSTITUTE FOR SOCIAL INVENTIONS, ISI, 7 leaflets, 14pp, including: Learning Computer Programming in one day, 2pp, in PP 890. Circular, 5.8.92, 1p, in PP 1130. Inventing Ourselves, 4pp of news, in PP 1,016. Literature list, 1p, in PP 1271.

INSTITUTE FOR SOCIAL INVENTIONS, London, 1.) Best Ideas Directory,1986 & 2.) prospectus, clippings, sample pages from journal, letters, 187pp, 48x, in PP 633, 3.) leaflets, 6pp, 29x, in PP 725, 4.) 2 leaflets, on “Alternative Moscow – a guide” and “The Book of Future Changes” by Conrad Hopmen & address list of contributors, 10pp, 29x, in PP 767, 6.) leaflet, 1p, on a new meeting procedure being tried out, in PP 861, 7.) 5pp of leaflets, in PP 834, 4pp, in PP 1119. Publications of ISI, 1p, with ISI-Events leaflet, 1p, 24x, in PP 922.

INSTITUTE FOR SOCIAL INVENTIONS, Re-Inventing Society, a substitute for SOCIAL INVENTIONS, Nos. 31 – 33, 280pp, in PP 1263.

INSTITUTE FOR SOCIAL INVENTIONS, Social Innovations, a handbook, 180pp, a substitute for SOCIAL INVENTIONS, Nos. 29 – 30, in PP 1263. Leaflet on this book, 2pp, in PP 1262.

INSTITUTE FOR SOCIAL INVENTIONS, THE, Form letter of 1996, 1p, in PP 1538: 206. – Freedom lovers should make much more use of its GLOBAL IDEAS BANK on the Internet, at: http://newciv.org/GIB/> – Better still, they should start their own. – J.Z.

INSTITUTE FOR SOCIAL INVENTIONS, THE, Circular, 7/96, 1p, with interesting note by N. Albery on search engines, in PP 1395: 125.INSTITUTE FOR SOCIAL INVENTIONS, Who’s Who of Social Inventions, July 1994, 24pp, in PP 1262. On hand: BEST IDEAS, a Compendium of Social Inventions, Sep. 95, 288pp – an experimental substitute for SOCIAL INVENTIONS JOURNAL, numbers 34-36. At least Nicholas Albery, among its 4 editors, would love it if anarchists and libertarians would send in concise statements of their particular pro freedom proposals, preferably on disks or via e-mail or in news clippings or book reviews about any socially innovatory developments, with date and sources mentioned. No covering letter is required. Good old ideas and practices are welcomed, too, if they would be innovative for our times. But only 5 – 10% of the clippings are used. – I find it hard, too, to share the interest of others in their clippings, and too time consuming to arrange all of them, or my own, for filming. This book is to be filmed, soon, too. It points out the ISI Internet connection and several related institutions on this network. – J.Z. – Compare PP 21/21 & 183.

INSTITUTE OF INTERNATIONAL LAW, THE, International Declaration of the Rights of Man, 1929, 6 articles, mostly statist, 48x, in PP 589/590.

INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC AFFAIRS, Victoria, Post War Confusion (on Rent Control ), 1980, CIS, 7pp, 29x, in PP 397.

INSTITUTE SCHOLAR, Institute for Humane Studies, Nos. 1 & 2, 1980, samples, 29x, in PP 576.

INSTITUTIONS OR PEOPLE? What or who needs to be changed first? Must it be either or? Or both? May one neglect one side? 808. Or ought change first to occur not in people or institutions but in ideas? See Ideas Archive. – J.Z.



INSURANCE, PP 337, 665, 1104. Only private, cooperative, voluntary and competitive insurance is or can be reassuringly insuring – provided it is not under interest and investment prescriptions, confiscation threats and tributes, compulsory membership, the monetary monopoly and legal tender imposition (i.e. the inflation and depression risks), or compulsory licensing, supervision and regulations, all imposed by governments. – J.Z.



INTEGRITY, See: READ, LEONARD E., Flight from Integrity, 6pp: 455, in PP 1529- 33.

INTELLECTUAL AMMUNITION: WIENER, DANIEL, Sounding Board. On a planned book: Concise Libertarian Answers to Tough Questions, 3pp, in PP 1445: 105. – Compare my SLOGANS FOR LIBERTY and the projected ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF THE BEST REFUTATIONS. – J.Z.


INTELLECTUALS & SOCIALISM, P 1114. (It might be better to speak of “literati”, pop philisophers and socialism. J.Z.)

INTELLECTUALS & THE MARKET: GRAY, JOHN, The European Intellectual and the Marketplace, 2pp, in PP 1430/31: from L.A., London: 45. – To the extent that they do not even understand some general principles and facts of free markets they can hardly be considered as intellectuals. – J.Z.


INTELLIGENCER, THE, No. 1, Dec. 86, English Language Soc., ed. George Hay, a hand-written magazine, with a response by John Zube, 16pp, 29x, in PP 725.

INTENTIONAL COMMUNITIES, ADDRESSES, see 2 lists, 1985 & 1989, in PP 956. Much larger directories of this kind do exist but a community feeling for such community addresses has not yet developed. These printed editions are copyrighted and no cheap and comprehensive ones are offered on microfiche or floppies or on line, as far as I know. As voluntary communities even those with communistic prejudices and practices are of some interest to freedom lovers, at least as deterrent examples. – J.Z.



INTENTIONAL COMMUNITIES, See: HILL, ROCK, Cities in Flight, 1p: 19, in PP 1465. – On intentional communities as a prelude to space colonization.

INTENTIONAL COMMUNITIES, See: LOCKWOOD, GEORGE B., The New Harmony Movement, 1905, 1970, 416pp, with index and bibliography, in PP 1309: 1-105.

INTERCOLLEGIATE STUDIES INSTITUTE, ISI In the Fourth Decade, To Educate for Liberty, Achievement Past & Present, 31pp, n.d., in PP 1,011.

INTEREST & USURY: SCHMITT, KLAUS, Jenseits von Marxismus und Neoliberalismus, 10 S.: 24, in PP 1456. – Zinsgegner & Gesellianer! – I visited him once, together with S.S. and K.S. almost threw a fit when he found out that I dared to DEFEND interest, although not that of monetary despotism. To him interest is the PRIMARY EVIL. See under Usury. – J.Z.

INTEREST RATE CONTROL, See: GREAVES, PERCY L., Jr., Lower Interest Rates by Law, 8pp: 185, in PP 1529-33.

INTEREST, Defences of interest: PP 617.INTEREST, Enemies of interest: PP 616/7, 736/7, 793.

INTEREST, PP 337 547, 337, 428ff (S.2199), 731, 732, 737, 803.

INTEREST, See: ABBOTT, F.E., The Abolition of Interest Unjust and Impossible. No rate excessive if the booty is “equally shared”, 2pp: 12, in PP 1481.

INTEREST, See: MISES, LUDWIG von, Capital and Interest: Eugen von Boehm-Bawerk and the Discriminating Reader, 1959, 2pp: 68, in PP 1480.

INTERESTED PARTY, THE, St. Paul, 7/73, 8/73, 11/73, 1/74, 3/74, 11/75, 24pp, published by Dennis E. Kurk, in PP 26.

INTERESTED PARTY, THE, St. Paul, published by KURK, DENNIS E., July, Aug. & Nov. 73, Jan & Mar 74, Nov. 75, 24pp, all issues on hand, in PP 26. – Libertarian NL.

INTERITAGE SOCIETY, 19pp, no author, date, address, paging or publisher named. Supplied by Ken Riggs, Denver, 1990, an active and informed libertarian. Of some interest to decentralists, retreatists, traditionalists & intentional community people with a self-help & freedom commitment, in PP 1,031.

INTERNATIONAL SOCIAL DEFENCE NETWORK, Wollongong, Resist Repressive Regimes, 6pp leaflet, n.d., in PP 890.

INTERNATIONAL ANARCHIST CONGRESS, THE, London 1958, Record of Decisions Taken, Libertarian League, N.Y., 17pp, in PP 966.

INTERNATIONAL ARBEITER ASSOZIATION, Die IAA – Geschichte der Internationalen Arbeiter – Assoziation, ANARCHISTISCHE TEXTE 25, in PP 1155.

INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF INDEPENDENT PUBLISHERS, See: COSMEP NEWSLETTER, The International Association of Independent Publishers, vol. 21, No. 5, Feb. 1990, 8pp. This issue shortly reviews LMP’s efforts but this newsletter is still mainly riding the paper tiger. – J.Z.

INTERNATIONAL BLACKLIST – An Anti-Authoritarian Directory, left-anarchist, ca. 1979/80, 33pp, 29x, in PP 389.

INTERNATIONAL BLACKLIST 1991, by Left Bank Distribution, Seattle, 242pp, in PP 954. Few of these addresses seem to last even a year or two. Are anarchists able and willing to produce, between them, an updated international list, every year? Will they be sensible enough to use e.g. microfiche and floppies for this? Will they bury their antagonisms at least for such listings and include e.g. anarcho capitalists, free market anarchists, and individual anarchists? – J.Z.


INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON PRIVATIZATION, Washington, Feb. 17-19, 1986, 243pp, in PP 1,014.

INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL, Free Trade for a Free World, 6pp leaflet, in PP 274.




INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION FOR INDEPENDENCE, I.F.I. Monthly Bulletin, Vol. 1, No. 1, Nov. 1966, 6pp, 24x, in PP 55.


INTERNATIONAL FUTURES LIBRARY in Salzburg, Robert Jungk Foundation, 2pp leaflet, 36x, in PP 718. Apparently, they wanted my material as a hand-out but were not prepared to offer anything in exchange or to become micrographically active themselves. Consequently, like most libraries, they will tend to stagnate and offer only a tiny fraction of the information that they could and should offer. The microfiche option, if used, means: Anybody could compile his own special research library at home and could take much or all of it with him on his travels. And he can exchange duplicates of his for those of others, without this becoming an intolerable burden. – J.Z.

INTERNATIONAL HARRY SCHULTZ LETTER, THE, Flyer, 1p, in PP 1287/89p324 & 354. – I wish the libertarian financial newsletters would provide them, in addition, or separately, in a general format, containing general freedom information only, which anyone should be invited to copy, provided only that they do also point out the second format, which could be merely a special insert, sent only to financial subscribers, containing confidential financial information. That special offer could be shortly stated by the NL itself, in the general issues and it could thus reach, through a much cheaper general newsletter, larger circles. Then much of their general freedom information would not be largely lost, buried or inaccessible to the general public, which cannot afford to subscribe to the expensive financial information and has not enough to invest, anyhow. – J.Z. – Alternatively, they might state : After one year reproduction is free & desired.

INTERNATIONAL HARRY SCHULTZ LETTER, THE, samples of Oct.27, 1981 & June 1986, 20pp, 48x, in PP 739, end-Sept. 87, 12pp, 29x, in PP 866.

INTERNATIONAL IMAGING SOURCE BOOK, Questionaire, 1996, 1p, in PP 1308: 125. – It is misleadingly sub-headed: Republishers. As if microfilm publishers would not often publish unpublished material, too. All these separate directories to micrographic publishing haven’t done much good yet. Nor has their recent part-integration with directories to electronic publishing. Anarchists and libertarians have so far not bothered to publish a directory to all their writings, in print and out of print, on fiche, on disks etc. – J.Z.


INTERNATIONAL INDEPENDENCE INSTITUTE, I.I.I. NEWSLETTER, October 1971, by Bob Swann, 4pp, in PP 793, Robert Swann letter, 10 Dec. 75, 2pp, 29x, in PP 865.

INTERNATIONAL INDEPENDENCE INSTITUTE, June 1970 report, 6pp, 24x, in PP 55.


INTERNATIONAL INDEPENDENCE INSTITUTE, The Community Land Trust, A Guide to a New Model for Land Tenure in America, 1972, with bibliography, 118pp, in PP 1394 : 1. – This fiche is the result of a Piet Bouter compilation from my files on land reform. He pretends to care about land reform, but, typically, he did not care enough to make this set complete. He left my files and library in a worse disarray than I had managed myself. I will not waste my time searching for the missing page or pages, especially since this topic is not the most important one to me. With such “friends” or helpers, who needs enemies? – To give the devil his due: He dusted the mess. – Anyhow, with this compilation the land trust ideas is probably sufficiently documented for those who want to experiment with this form of land reform. – J.Z.

INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL HISTORY, Amsterdam, 1968 Introduction, 55pp, in PP 1254. – While archival preservation is important, such treasures should also be shared, as cheaply as possible. Towards that aim they should accept sponsorships for microfiching and to promote that they should first publish, on microfiche and or on floppy disk, a catalog of their collection, with an appeal to all potential sponsors. Since interests among their potential readers are diverse, in this way sponsors for almost every title could sooner or later be found. But, do they try anything in this direction? Or do they bury themselves in their ivory towers? I do not know. – J.Z.

INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL HISTORY, Amsterdam, Annual Report 1978, 58pp, in PP 1254. – I have not yet found out how many anarchist and libertarian titles they posses – among their over 350,000 books and magazines and how many of these they have so far microfilmed and whether they sell any microfilm duplicates of them. Instead, they sent me x-mas cards! I was told that they make photocopies expensive for outsiders. On their micrographic activity, in 1978 alone, very impressive, see p. 24. How much have they microfilmed by now? Has that led to a sales offer and a list of it? I would gladly film it. Or do they produce only single master films for their archives, for preservation purposes? I had never yet the chance to visit the IISH and may never get it. Ed Weber, of the anarchistic LABADIE COLLECTION (20,000 titles, with 8,000 still not catalogued by 1990), reckons that the IISH possesses many more. The CIRA in Switzerland has ca. 17,000 titles. As far as I know, neither of them do so far offer themselves any of their treasures on microfiche. However, Chadwyck-Healey do offer anarchist pamphlets from the Labadie Collection, on microfiche. – J.Z.

INTERNATIONAL LAND REFORM or ABOLITION OF NATIONAL LAND TENURE, PP 5. See On Panarchy, Exterritorial Organization, National Sovereignty, Minority Autonomy, Individual Secessionism, Individual Sovereignty, Henry George.


INTERNATIONAL LIBERTARIAN ACTION: BERKMAN, GENE, International Libertarian Action, 4pp, in PP 1432/1439: 1482. See: ISIL, PP 16-18, 61-63 and WERNER ACKERMANN’s COSMOPOLITAN UNION.

INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND, Gold Prices in August 1988, 8pp, 29x, in PP 866. (A leaked paper, but I do not see what is so special about it that one would want to keep it confidential. – J.Z.)

INTERNATIONAL PAPER COMPANY, Why International Paper is Helping to Develop a 1,000,000-acre Forest on Land it Doesn’t Own, 1p. adv., 76, in PP 1317: 140.


INTERNATIONAL RECIPROCAL TRADE ASSOCIATION, 7 leaflets on bartering, 14pp, 29x, in PP 905.

INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS: BRYANT, KIM, International Relations, 1p, in PP 1336 – 39: 446.- Favours freedom of association but does not develop it. Wears territorialist blinders, too. – J.Z.

INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS: WILSON, SCOTT, International Relations, A Libertarian Perspective, 2pp, in PP 1336 – 39: 384, which neither discuss territorialism as the main problem nor exterritorialism based upon individual sovereignty and voluntary associationism, as the solution. – J.Z.

INTERNATIONAL SITUATIONIST, Of Student Power, 6pp, 36x, in PP 412, p268.

INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR HUMAN RIGHTS, ISHR, 2pp leaflet of a National Section of Die Internationale Gesellschaft fuer Menschenrechte, in PP 1,006. According to my own and, admittedly limited experience, it is hard to interest most of the organized human rights advocates in more than the classical human rights or in some of the modern “social” and “welfare rights” or rather unfounded claims. It is extremely difficult to impossible, in most cases, to interest them in economic rights. They rather subscribe to thoughtless and misleading slogans like: “human rights above property rights.” Most of their human rights writings I would not want to include in this series, since they amount more to obstacles to than promotions of individual human rights and liberties. – Beware of the fallacies and prejudices of your supposed friends! With such friends, who needs enemies? – J.Z.

INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY, 210pp, in PP 1445: 14. – Please note its recent address change: ISIL, 836B Southampton Rd. # 299, Benicia, CA 94 510. – You might also want to help it finance its planned large, 180pp, international libertarian directory. I would gladly put it out on microfiche, at my expense. ISIL could do the same or offer it on floppy disk, in ASCII, before it gets around to produce a paper book issue of it. – Why maintain, at great expense and risk, an addiction to print on paper? – J.Z.


INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY, A History of Jury Nullification, 5pp, n.d., but recent, with new addr.: 48, in PP 1504.

INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY, Circular of August 1, 1998, 2pp: 83, in PP 1526. – See: ISIL.

INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY, Intellectual Ammo, “the movement’s best literature”, list of its leaflets, some tapes and books, 2pp. Note new address: 207, in PP 1486. – I do hope ISIL will get enough support to bring out, soon, its enlarged international libertarian directory, planned before they lost their storefront bookshop. I can only advise them to sell it at least on disk and would gladly microfiche it and send them 50 free fiche duplicates of it and more, upon demand, at a discount. Desirable would be an entry of it on the Internet, one that would make corrections and additions possible, by the general libertarian public, perhaps via an e-mail channel, should some form of screening, against e.g. practical jokers, be considered necessary. I think an appeal for donations, from users of this IN list, would not be entirely unsuccessful, seeing how much they could save, in wasted postage, alone for outdated addresses, and how many new contacts this directory would open up for them. But it could also serve as a self-advertisement for ISIL, across all libertarian groups. Will there be some fund- raising for it at the August 98 ISIL conference in Berlin? If all anarchist addresses were included as well, all the better, for many anarchist minds do need input from libertarians on economic freedom options and economic harmonies. At least some cross-fertilization would result. It would be nice if we had already agreed upon a classification scheme and could then indicate the particular bend of each group, publication or individual by a corresponding short code. I recommend LeFevre’s. If this directory were to be offered only in expensive print on paper, then it would not get into as many hands as it should. Nor could it then be as easily, cheaply and often updated as it should be. – PIOT, John Zube, 21. May 1998.

INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY, ISIL, 6pp leaflet of former LIBERTARIAN INTERNATIONAL, in PP 916. Free World Pledge, 1p, 29x, in PP 902. Leaflets, 4pp, in PP 920. See also under former name: Libertarian International and its periodical under FREEDOM NETWORK NEWS. Runs annual international conferences, which I can’t afford to participate in. But I would love to microfilm all their lectures – if I could get them. – J.Z.

INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY, Sep. 97, circular and literature list, 4pp: 122, in PP 1499.

INTERNATIONAL TRADE COUNCIL, Free Trade for a Free World, 6pp leaflet, in PP 274.

INTERNATIONAL UNION FOR LAND VALUE TAXATION AND FREE TRADE, 1.) 1982 International Conference in Holland, Handbook, Notes & Papers, 295pp, 48x, in PP 626, 2.) A Declaration of Human Rights Based on Equal Freedom, 1962, 2 basic Georgist points, 48x, in PP 589/590.

INTERNATIONAL UNION FOR LAND-VALUE TAXATION AND FREE TRADE, Declaration of Human Rights Based on Equal Freedom, August 1984, 4pp, in PP 1543/45: 740.


INTERNATIONAL WORKING MEN’S ASSOCIATION, ROCKY MOUNTAIN DIVISION, Declaration of the Rights of Man, 1884, 20 points, 48x, in PP 589/590.

INTERNATIONAL WORKING-MEN’S ASSOCIATION, Aims, Objects & Principles, 3pp: 4, in PP 1525.

INTERNATIONALE ANARCHISTISCHE BIJEENKOMST, 15 t/m 19 mei, Programma, incomplete in the Dutch parts, because of a faulty photocopy. Complete in its English translation, 40pp, 29x, in PP 877. Only material on this conference that I have on hand. Supplied by ANTONIO, of Jura Books. – J.Z.

INTERNATIONALE BIBLIOTHEK FUER ZUKUNFTSFRAGEN, Salzburg, clipping, 1p, 29x, in PP 725. See above under International Futures Library.

INTERNATIONALE, DIE ERSTE, 1864, ANARCHISTISCHE TEXTE 17, 44 S.: RAMUS, PIERE, Nach 40 Jahren, 1905, 15pp & ZOCCOLI, HECTOR, Die Erste Internationale, 26 S., aus Zoccoli: Die Anarchie, Neudruck von 1976, in PP 1155.

INTERNATIONALER WAEHRUNGSFOND, Anteil der einzelnen Waehrungen an den gesamten Waehrungsreserven der westlichen Laender in Prozent. – Nur eine Tabelle. FAZ, 17.2.87, in PP 1323: 36. Eine gesunde Waehrung braucht “Reserven” ebensowenig wie Meter, Kilogramm, Kilowatt & Liter Reserven brauchen. – J.Z., 3.5.96.

INTERNATIONALIST, The Origins of the Anarchist Movement in China, with a foreword by Stuart Christie, London, n.d., 34pp: 93, in PP 1489.

INTERNATIONALIST, The Origins of the Anarchist Movement in China, with a foreword by Stuart Christie, Coptic Press, London, 1968, Solidarity, Chicago, 1971, 18pp. Deals only with the 20th century origin of communist anarchism in China. In PP 1,018.

INTERNET CONTACTS FOR LIBERTARIANS, MISCELLANEOUS, 96, 3pp, provided by Piet Bouter, in PP 1395: 122. – See also: FREE MARKET ENTERPRISES, ibid.

INTERNET CONTACTS, MISCELLANEOUS, supplied by Piet Bouter, 2pp, 33, mainly libertarian sites: 124, in PP 1471.


INTERNET EXTRACTS ON DISKS: SAMIZDAT EXPRESS, THE B & R SAMIZDAT EXPRESS, West Roxbury, published by Richard Seltzer, published on disk with the appeal: “Please Copy This Disk”. 144 pp, in PP 1409/10: 243. – On floppy disk publishing see the SOFTSERV attempt, by NEIL SHULMAN & VICTOR KOMAN, which, alas, failed on the first try, by 1995: SOFTSERV TOOLKIT, 1990, incomplete, 232pp, in PP 1022.

INTERNET, LIBERTARIANISM: IN THE TEETH OF THE WIND – MEMOIRS OF A LIBERTARIAN LAWYER, Miscellaneous entries on libertarian entries on the Internet, 1995, copy supplied by Piet Bouter, 3ppL 123, in PP 1364. – Many more such hints are welcomed here but more so the full text entries. – J.Z., 3/12/96.

INTERNET, See: BARLOW, JOHN PERRY, A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace, 96-02-09, 3pp, in PP 1355: 107.

INTERNET, See: CARDELL, ROBERT, Networking, A New Perspective on the Computer Revolution, 2pp, with The Anarchist’s Guide to the Internet, part 1, in PP 1191. – See: Books on Disk, Electronic Publishing & Softserv. – See: KEMP, WILL, Message Sticks in Cyberspace, 41pp, in PP 474.

INTERNET, See: KEMP, WILL, Message Sticks in Cyberspace, 41pp, in PP 474.

INTERNET, See: WOJDYLO, JOHN, Keep laws of electronic communications, 2pp letter, A., 96? 97?: 119, in PP 1501.

INTERNET, See: ZUBE, JOHN, compiler, Clippings and Notes on Electronic Libraries, Internet, CD-ROM publishing etc., 1992-94, ca. 60pp, in PP 1197.

INTERNET: JAVAIN, LINDA, On-line is out of order: give me real life, 1p clipping from THE AUSTRALIAN, May 16, 1995, in PP 277/278. – Many referred me to computer options but only few to computerized offers of libertarian and anarchist information, proving to me that these options remain still largely under-utilized and, apparently, have not even outproduced the largely single-handed efforts of LMP, operating with a supposedly outdated technology, supported by computerized word processing and sorting. Nor have anarchists and libertarians jumped upon the very affordable chance to offer all their information, in combination, on VERY affordable and text only CD-ROMs. Only two have so far responded, somewhat, to my offer, to sponsor the first such CD-ROM, but without stating how many MBs they could contribute to its 650 MB. – All too much freedom information is still unpublished or out of print or available only in all too expensive paper editions. – J.Z., 7.10.97.

INTERNET: Some time ago, the Main list of LMP, in PP 1278, was put on the Internet and with some luck you might still be able to find it there, under Usenet Alt.Soc.Anarchy – Typically, so far, I received no enquiry from these dozens of millions of information freaks, mostly more interested in games than liberty. The list is buried, like a book in a large library, without a catalog and with chaotic shelving. – Worse still, it is largely confronted by people who want their freedom information on paper or screen or not at all. They would rather die without liberty than having freedom ideas supplied to them in any other format. And this while they fail to use their favourite formats, sufficiently, too, for this purpose. – J.Z.

INTERNOSCIA, JEROME, NEW CODE OF INTERNATIONAL LAW, NOUVEAU CODE DE DROIT INTERNATIONAL, NUOVO CODICE DI DIRITTO INTERNAZIONALE, 1910, 1003pp, 5657 paragraphs, with alphabetical index, tri-lingual private draft, with English, French and Italian text side by side, offered “…in the hope that all will cooperate to bring about the era of universal peace foreshadowed by this code.” Highly recommended by Ulrich von Beckerath, as a basis for private international arbitration. Deviations from this code should require, according to B., a justification in each case, in public. 24x, in PP 85-95 (11 microfiche).

INTERPRETER, THE, Brookville, II/11, Nov. 55, edited by Mildred J. Loomis for the School of Living. Subject: Peace and good will, 2pp, in PP 1386/91: 1. – Contains short reviews of peace notions of Mildred J. Loomis, Dr. Stephen C. Torney, Bill Graham, Vernon Hone, Ralph Borsodi, E.A. Opitz, Robert D. Benton & of Alfred Hassler on the Fellowship of Reconciliation. Most peace writings are as far away from rightful and correct solutions as are most economic, political, psychological, philosophical futuristic and historical writings. – J.Z.

INTERVENTION, See: VELASCO, GUSTAVO R., Intervention Leads to Total Control, 15pp: 119, in PP 1529-33.

INTERVENTIONISM, BUREAUCRATIC, AFTER NATURAL CATASTROPHIES. See: HALM, JOE, Alaska’s Second Disaster, 10pp, n.d., a Freedom School – Pine Tree Press pamphlet, in PP 1308: 119-121. – On the bureaucratic interventionism after an earthquake disaster. Reminded me of a similar disaster after a hurricane destroyed most of Darwin’s supposedly hurricane proof government housing and of a similar one recently reported in Japan, after the earthquake destroying Kobe. Perhaps all such instances should be collected in a book – to undermine statism. – J.Z.

INTERVENTIONISM, PP 3, 997, 1021, 1143.

INTERVENTIONISM, See: CARSON, CLARENCE B., Primitivism: The Thrust of Government Intervention, 11pp: 399, in PP 1529-33.

INTERVENTIONISM, See: MISES, LUDWIG von, Deception of Government Intervention, 1964, 3pp: 34, in PP 1480. – And the other essays in this anthology.

INTERVENTIONISM, See: SENESE, DONALD J., Government Intervention Creates Chaos, Not Jobs, 9pp: 269, in PP 1529-33.

INTERVENTIONISM, See: STEINER, BOB, Is Forcible Interference Ever Justified? 3pp: 220, in PP 1506/07.INTERVENTIONISM: BRAKEMAN, ROBERT, William Borah – Foe of Interventionism, 5pp, in PP 1404/06: 350. – Morally, and by utilitarian rules it is easy to condemn most governmental interventions. But there are also, although not widely enough recognized as yet, obligatory libertarian interventions, even though only in cases of severe suppressions of individual rights and by volunteer forces only, motivated, trained and armed for the defence of individual rights. – See MILITIA. – J.Z., 10.10.97.


INTOLERANCE: LORD, STEVE, Intolerance. The Psychology of Fear, 2pp, in PP 1409/10: 240.

INTRAPRENEURS, 2 clippings, 1985, 2pp: 142, in PP 1505.

INVASION OF THE LIBERTY SNATCHERS, Film & Book by Forest, 2pp leaflet: 192, in PP 1478.

INVENTIONS, See: INSTITUTE FOR SOCIAL INVENTIONS, IDEAS ARCHIVE – in PP 193 and PP 20/21 on a Free Market for Freedom Ideas.

INVENTIONS, SIGNIFICANT, PP 15, 678, 1028/29 (HOUSING), 740 (Climate Control), 1034 (Septic Tank Innovation), 1127/28; (Wunderofen), see NOW WHAT (1028/29), SEAWATER AS SOIL NUTRIENT, IN MODERATE USE, 1000, 1028/29.

INVENTORS, See: HOLAHAN, JAMES & STARCHILD, ADAM, Does the Individual Inventor still Have a Chance? 7pp: 54, in PP 1506/07. – Without an Ideas Archive and Talent Registry, establishing a special free market, to bring supply and demand in these spheres together, they never had much of a chance. And without these institutions the chances for social reform innovators, not loaded with popular prejudices, are much smaller still. – J.Z., 27.5.98.

INVEST IN AMERICA FOUNDATION, Summer to Winter 1989, 3 newsletter samples, 12pp, with 6pp of leaflets, in PP 1,014.

INVESTMENT PERSPECTIVES, by Jerome Smith, June 1984 sample, 8pp, 48x, in PP 739. (What I have seen of his output is excellent – but I can’t afford to subscribe and do invest only in microfiche. – J.Z.)

INVESTMENT TECHNIQUES, PP 738. I would rather like to see more investments in all kinds of precious ideas. See Ideas Archive, an PP 183 & PP 20/21. Numerous expensive investment letters exist, somewhat for free markets. But they charge too much for me and are not offered cheaply on microfiche. Occasionally, I do film samples of older ones. At least their general pro free market educational contents should be made cheaply accessible, on microfiche, floppies and text-CD-ROMS, even while they continue to expensively sell their specific investment advice. – J.Z.




INVISIBLE HAND, THE, See: READ, LEONARD E., The Invisible Hand, pp: 172, in PP 1529- 33.

IRAN, SHAH of, PP 418/19p55.IRAQUI & AMERICAN WAR, What Am I Going to Do About It? 2pp leaflet, in PP 1151. – When the “steamrollers”, now the jets of war, have already started, no immediately effective counter action is possible or likely to succeed. Resist the beginnings. Peace lovers ought to be at least as well informed, trained and equipped, to some extent even with rightful weapons, as the military professionals are. Most peace lovers to not want to go as far. Many confine themselves even to prayers and demonstrations and remain unaware of how far they themselves are war mongers through their own ideas and through the territorialist institutions they do still uphold. – J.Z.



IRELAND, PP 247 – 273 (LIBERTY Nos. 69ff), 816, 915, 925, 1006. See also under Terrorism, see STEELE & LESTER, in PP 925.

IRELAND, ULSTER, A Different View, PP 925.

IRRADIATION OF FOOD: ROSS, PHILIP, Irradiation vs. Irrationality, 1p, in PP 1336 – 39: 286. “… environmentally sound, completely safe…” – Once they said this on X-Rays, too. – In this respect too many libertarians go uncritically with the mainstream “thinking” of government owned or trained “experts”. As themselves largely ignored voices they should at least listen to other ignored voices. – J.Z.

IRRADIATION OF FOOD: STAPLETON, JOHN, Bacteria-free foods ripen in the glow of a nuclear future. Would you buy irradiated produce? 1p, A. 16.4.96, in PP 1367/68: 247.

IRRIGATION, See: NEW DAWN, Eighth Wonder of the World, 1p, on Libya’s Great Man-Made River Project: 86, in PP 1465.

IRRIGATION: IDRIESS, ION L., The Great Boomerang, 1945 – 1953, 259pp, plus illustrations, in PP 1443/44: 171-242.

IRVINE, LEIGH H., What Is Americanism? An Analysis of the Principles of the Republic of the U.S., 1920, new ed. 1940, 31pp, with an alphabetical index on p. 31 (sheet 86): 76, in PP 1501.

IRVINE, LEIGH H., What Is Americanism? An analysis of the principles of the Republic of the United States, San Francisco, 1940, 31pp, in PP 956.

IRVINE, WILLIAM B., Basic Rights and Meta-Rights, 2pp, from THE FREEMAN, Dec. 89. (Rather: “Metaphysical claims under the pretence of rights”! J.Z.) In ???

IRVINE, WILLIAM B., Giving Ohio’s Parents a Choice, 1989, 3pp, Heartland Institute, in PP 1105.

IRVINE, WILLIAM B., The Ohio Lottery: A Sucker’s Bet? 1988, 3pp, for the legalization of gambling, Heartland Institute, in PP 1105.

IRVINE, WILLIAM B., The Private Video Library: A Bright Beginning, An Uncertain Future, 1988, 28pp, Heartland Institute, in PP 1103.

IRVINE, WILLIAM B., The Rise (And Fall?) of the Video Store, 1987, 6pp, on “competition” from “free” public libraries, Heartland Institute, in PP 1104.

ISCA, VALERIO, Ida Pilat Isca, Translator, Writer, Activist, Friend, 1896 – 1980, 12pp: 91- 93, in PP 1518.

ISCA, VALERIO, Remembering Rudolf Rocker, 1958, 3pp, with the Italian published original, 2pp: 83, in PP 1518.

ISCAR, COSTA, La Internacional Pacifista, Sobre un libro de Eugen Relgis, 10pp, in PP 1400: 96.ISENBERG, TOM, Get your letters to the editor published, 1/2p, in PP 493.ISENBERG, TOM, Libertarian Talk Show: Let’s Make it Happen! 1p, in PP 493.

ISHILL, JOSEPH, 4 clippings and 1 letter regarding the output of Joseph and Rose Freeman Ishill, 5pp, in PP 1309: 117-121. – The COURIER-NEWS, 26.9.61; DISPATCH, Aug. 15, 63; Boston University Library Letter, Jan. 15, 1963; THE NEW YORK TIMES, Aug. 31, 58; THE DISPATCH, March 6, 1958 and an undated obituary notice. – From a batch of Joseph Ishill ephemera supplied to me by Jack Sanders, San Diego, from his rich libertarian collection. I did not have the time and opportunity to photocopy more of his libertarian periodicals collection. I admire the readiness of such collectors to spend much on acquiring and to care for such rare texts but not their failure to make them accessible to others, via affordable copies, e.g. on microfiche. But he and quite a few others did let me photocopy some of their libertarian treasures. If they made them accessible, via affordable duplicates, would the collectors’ value of such items increase or decline? I think it would increase, seeing that e.g. copies of famous paintings have not reduced their value. Thus, why don’t collectors, in their own commercial interest, engage in such duplication efforts? – J.Z.

ISHILL, JOSEPH, Correspondencia Selecta, Seleccion, Traduccion, Prologo Y Notas de VLADIMIR MUNOZ. 125pp, 104, in PP 1474.

ISHILL, JOSEPH, Elisee & Elie Reclus, In Memoriam, compiled, edited and printed by Joseph Ishill, The Oriole Press, 1927, 362pp, in PP 990.

ISHILL, JOSEPH, introduction, 3pp, to Eugen Relgis, The Principles of Humanism, in PP 1239.

ISHILL, JOSEPH, Ishill’s “Valorium”, cover only, of a booklet published by I.’s Oriole Press, 2pp, in PP 1419: 142. – Collectors of rare prints and rare book dealers worry about his editions, pay & get high prices for them. Freedom lovers, apparently, do not. Otherwise, they would, long ago, made all of them cheaply and permanently accessible, at least on microfiche. Help LMP to realize that aim, by providing excellent photocopies of your originals, or engage in this kind of publishing yourself. Almost anyone can afford it. – J.Z., 5.5.97.

ISHILL, JOSEPH, Small printed items, ephemerals, produced by Joseph Ishill, e.g. to advertise exhibitions of his rare prints, 6pp, in PP 1316. – The Joseph Ishill items came all from the Jack Sanders collection at his home in San Diego. He said: “They are so ephemeral that I don’t even know what they are.” ISHILL, JOSEPH, Some Glimpses from the Past, 2pp on Rocker, in PP 1401.

ISHILL, JOSEPH, Theodore Schroeder, 71pp, in PP 987.

ISHILL, JOSEPH, Thoreau, The Cosmic Yankee, 1946, 1954, 34pp, in PP 1063.

ISHILL, JOSEPH, Tucker, Benjamin R., A Bibliography, with an appreciation by G. Bernard Shaw, compiled and edited by ISHILL, JOSEPH, Oriole Press, Berkeley Heights, N.J., 1959, 27pp, in PP 1158. Note: LMP seeks all Ishill publications for microfilming that are of interest for anarchists. Excellent photocopies will

ISHILL, JOSEPH: Unsung Libertarian, PP 55.


ISI PUBLISHING, 1p leaflet for comparison of LMP publishing with INSTITUTE FOR SOCIAL INVENTIONS publishing, 1p, in PP 915. (Similar comparisons and comprehensive comparison charts are always welcome here. LMP does not fear competition but welcomes it, in every sphere. J.Z.)

ISIL GARAGE SALE, Booklist, 12pp: 85, in PP 1526. Those too late for this garage sale should use this list as a short freedom bibliography. – From its vice president, Jim Elwood, visiting Hal Soper in his home yesterday, I heard that ISIL continues to offer some libertarian literature, mainly titles not offered by LFB but in demand. – Its libertarian directory had to be postponed – because of computer troubles since its editor became too demanding for the limited funds available to ISIL. I would rather like to see it compiled and published – in alternative media – as a labour of love, with free and plentiful input from the grassroots. An address listing hardly needs an editor, but corrections and input from many sources. Alternative media would have almost unlimited space for comments. Make it, for the near future, a listing of, let us say, 30,000 pages, if special interests of individuals and groups are detailed. – J.Z., 21.11.98.


ISIL WORLD CONFERENCE, Rome 97,leaflet, 1p, in PP 1440/42: 599.

ISIL, A Holiday Message from Vince Miller, President, 10pp, in PP 1440/42: 88.

ISIL, Be Part of the Solution. Join ISIL – The Premier World Freedom Movement, 6pp, recent leaflet: 50, in PP 1504.

ISIL, Circulars, Dec. 89, April 19, 91; April 13, 94; & Membership Form, in PP 1287/89p1-10. (Sheets 7 & 8 are left out here, since they can be found in PP 1286, pp 499 & 500.)

ISIL, Holiday Greetings and an ISIL Progress Report from Vince Miller, December 1977, 8pp: 117, in PP 1526.

ISIL, INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY, introductory 3 pages of Libertarian International under the new name, after fusion with the Society for Individual Liberty, SIL, in PP 930.

ISIL, International Society for Individual Liberty, See: FREEDOM NETWORK NEWS.

ISIL, Join the International Society for Individual Liberty. Be a part of the Solution for a troubled world. Freedom In Our Time, 6pp, in PP 1445: 14.

ISIL, leaflet, 1p: Michael Andregg, A Call to Action & John Elmer, Commentary, in PP 1076. See: INTERNATIONAL …

ISIL, See: LIGGIO, LEONARD P., International Libertarianism, 8pp: 243, in PP 1506/07.

ISIL, See: POKRANDT, KURT, Invitation to ISIL conference, 6pp, in PP 1376: 347. – With my reply, why I haven’t attended so far. J.Z.

ISIL, Third World Sponsorships, Expansion into Eastern Europe & ISIL Pledge Form, 3pp, in PP 1445: 84.

ISIL, Vince Miller letter of June 16, 97, 4pp, in PP 1440/42: 600.

ISLAM, See: MAINE, COLIN, The Dead Hand of Islam, 1979, 1982, 1985, The Rationalist Association of N.S.W. Copyright by C. Maine, 21pp: 55,in PP 1477.

ISLAND ONE SOCIETY, Home Page for Future Space Colonists and Business People of a Libertarian or at least Live and Let Live Bent, with links, 1997, 2pp, in PP 1537: 205.

ISOLATIONISM, PP 1052-61 (LA Historical Notes 11, Historical Perspectives 20, Foreign Policy Perspectivers 14, Richman/Hollick paper.)ISOLATIONISM, See: DOENECKE, JUSTUS D., The Literature of Isolationism, a guide to non-interventionist scholarship, 1930-1972, Ralph Myles Publisher, Colorado Springs, 1972, 89pp, indexed by authors, in PP 1278: 168.

ISOLATIONISM: PAUL, RON, Come Home, America! 2pp, in PP 1432/1439: 1255.

IS-OUGHT CONTROVERSY, See: CAPLAN, BRYAN, The Is-Ought Problem: What Government Does Is Wrong, PHILOSOPHICAL NOTES No. 41, 2pp: 61, in PP 1487.

ISRAEL & ARAB COUNTRIES, See: LESER, DAVID, Giving peace a chance, 4pp, SMH 6 Sep. 97: 120, in PP 1493. – On peaceful coexistence between Arabs and Jews in ONE village in Israel. In almost every major world city one can see many instances of e.g. Jews and Arabs living peacefully together and yet apart in this common environment. But there neither of them has any exclusive territorial privileges or aspirations. This and other contemporary and historical lessons are habitually ignored by such well-meaning and supposedly “peace-loving” territorialists. They neither know nor care what really makes for peace. – PIOT, J.Z., 1.1.98.

ISRAEL & PALESTINE, See MAYBURY, RICK, The Thousand Year War, 7pp, in PP 1243/44, for ONE libertarian outlook on the Middle East, with some references to its part-panarchistic tradition but not with a consistent application of panarchistic principles. He goes beyond the usual democratic constitutionalism and limited governmentalism. – J.Z.

ISRAEL, KIBBUZIM, See: HEIMRICH, BERNHARD, Ein sozialistisches Experiment das funktioniert. Die israelischen Kibbuzim…1 S, 85, in PP 1400: 121. – Die 2. Generation wanderte meist ab, unzufrieden! – Moreover, subsidizing them in areas populated by other people and not granting these others exterritorial autonomy for their volunteer communities, does not make these closed communities, based on race and religion, very popular with outsiders. Some of the original Kibbuzum were established by anarchists. Do any of them survive to today? – J.Z.

ISRAEL/ARAB PROBLEM, PEACE, PP 12, 683-685, 1005M 1017, 1139. See also: ON PANARCHY.

ISRAEL: LILIENTHAL, ALFRED M., A New Look at the Zionist State of Israel, 2pp review of 4 books on the subject by NOAM CHOMSKY, FRANK H. EPP, WALTER LAQUEUR & DALE R. TAHINEN, in PP 1367/68: 45.

ISSUE BRIEFING, IFF, Nos. 3 & 4, April 26 and June 10, 1991, on Green Trade Barriers, 3pp and Official Development Assistance, 5pp, in PP 1,002.


ISSUES, Leaflet, 4pp, on a unique series of books: 121, in PP 1516.

ITALIAN ANARCHISM, PP 349.ITG VERTRIEBSRING, IDEEN-ARCHIV, Kaufen Ohne Geld, 1950, Nr. 9, S. 431, 3 S., in PP 913, pages 127-128.

IT’S TIME, Caboolture, Queensland, by Christians Speaking Out, V/5, May 96. Subtitled: Pro God, Pro Family, Pro Constitution, Pro Freedom, Pro Common Law, Pro Heritage.” – Gun Fight Special, 16pp, in PP 1349: 41.

ITZKIN, ELISSA S., Bentham’s CHESTOMATHIA: Utilitarian Legacy of British Education, JOURNAL OF THE HISTORY OF IDEAS 39, April-June 78, 303-316, summary only, 1p, in LITERATURE OF LIBERTY, in PP 1200p322, headed: Utilitarian Liberalism.

IVAN, What about Russia? 1p: 120. Part II, 2pp: 124, in PP 1480. – “Statism Not Socialism”.

IVENS, MICHAEL & TAME, CHRIS R., Is Freedom Selfish? A Debate, 1985, 4pp, LA Philosophical Notes No. 2, in PP 1,052 – 1,061.

IVENS, MICHAEL, Prophets of Freedom and Enterprise, here only in a 5pp review, by Lauchlan Chipman, titled: An Alternative Tradition, in QUADRANT, 36x, in PP 418-419, p198.

IVISON, D.H., Futilitarianism – A Libertarian Dilemma? 1p: 102, in PP 1471.

IVISON, D.J., Orgasm Theory, 3pp: 98, in PP 1471.

IWAI, YUJIRO, See: MOUNT PELERIN SOCIETY, THE, Tribute to Mises, 1974, 27pp, with contributions by F.A. Hayek, Yujiro Iwai, Fritz Machlup, Gustavo Velasco, Murray Rothbard, George Roche III, Margit von Mises, in PP 1251. – Why are not more talks of the MPS made available, at least on microfiche? I have seen and possess only VERY few of them. Market market ideas! Publicize freedom ideas. Do not keep them hidden or locked up by copyrights. – J.Z.

IWW, in America, PP 412pp60, 90, 166, in Australia: PP412p348, in Canada: PP 1116 & 1165. See 1034 on The Workers’ Union, a forerunner. See under Syndicalism, Unions.

IXIGREC, Le vrai de Sade, L’Unique supplement aux 122-12, 14pp, in PP 814.




J., A., Fahrenheit 451. Review of the film, 1p: 46, in PP 1465.

J.,A.W., Education: Tool of a Free Society, 2pp: 183, in PP 1480.

JACKMAN III, DAVID, An End to Tyranny, 1p, in PP 1132.

JACKMAN III, DAVID, Collectivism or Reason, 1p, in PP 1132.

JACKMAN III, DAVID, No Compromise, 1p, in PP 1132.

JACKMAN III, DAVID, Violence as a Way of Life, 1p editorial, in PP 1132.



JACKSON, ANN, Free the Children! 1p, in PP 1432/1439: 310.

JACKSON, GERARD, Viewpoint, n.d., 4pp, in PP1534: 165.

JACKSON, J. HAMPDEN, Less Free Trade, or More? 1885, 2pp, Cobden Club leaflet, in PP 1101.JACKSON, JAMES O. & BRUCE VAN VOORST, Nuclear Time Bombs, 92, 2pp, in PP 1116.JACKSON, JOHN A., Police Action, 1p, in PP 1132.

JACKSON, JOHN G., Pagan Origins of the Christ Myth, Austin, TX, n.d., 29pp, in PP 1093.

JACKSON, M.W., To Each His Own, reviewing Personal Destinies, by D. Norton, 2pp, in QUADRANT, 36x, in PP 418-419, p206.

JACKSON, ROBERT G., Nie mehr krank sein! Besprechung und Auszug aus dem Buch, 7 S., in PP 1351.

JACKSON, ROBERT, Gold as a “Barbaric Relic”: A Modernist Myth, NOMOS, Autumn 83, 2pp, 48x, in PP 740.

JACKSON, WES, Call for a Revolution in Agriculture, First Annual E.F. Schumacher Lecture, 1981, 29pp, in PP 1254.

JACKSON, WILLIAM D., Glass-Steagall Act, updated March 29, 89, CRS Issue Brief, 10pp, in PP 1240.

JACOB, PAUL, Why I resist draft registration, 1p, in PP 1283-1286.

JACOBITTI, EDMUND E., Hegemony before Gramsci: The Case of Benedetto Croce, THE JOURNAL OF MODERN HISTORY 52, March 80, 66-84, summary only, 1p, in LITERATURE OF LIBERTY, in PP 1202p1191, headed: Croce’s Hegemony: How to Win Minds.

JACOBS, JANE, Cities and the Wealth of Nations, 1p review only, by CAROL MOORE, in PP 1382/85: 239.

JACOBS, JANE, Cities and the Wealth of Nations, here only 3pp of reviews, in PP 1,015.

JACOBS, VERNON K., Is Saving Taxes Worth the Trouble? 4pp: 92, in PP 1506/07.

JACOBSON, PHILIP E., MARKETGUARD, from TC, No. 100, of 12 Nov. 81, 16pp, 29x, in PP 869. – There are so many excellent but all too dispersed and inaccessible pro-freedom minds like his. Why does not more of their thinking reach me and the public? Because it is not at least microfiched or duplicated on floppies and text-CD-ROMs! Help to overcome this catastrophic waste of the best that we have to offer! – Help to establish an ideas and talent market that is not dependent on mass media, expensive conventional publishing or “experts”. – The Internet is not enough of a PERMANENT record for such treasures. Some archives have already been set up that merely go fishing there and then preserve and make accessible specialized “catches”, e.g. via floppy disks. – But the task is so important that all suitable and affordable media should be used for it. – J.Z., 11.6.98.

JACOBSON, PHILIP E., Note on fiche, fiched TC-style APA & Libertarian Reading Room, in PP 907-911. Current address wanted. – J.Z.

JACOBSON, PHILIP E., notes in TC No. 121, of 29 July 84, with comments by John Zube, part of 17pp, 29x, in PP 879.

JACOBSON, PHILIP E., notes on panarchism, in TC 123-155, with comments by J. Zube, in ON PANARCHY, No. XVI, 126pp, 29x, in PP 901.

JACOBSON, PHILIP E., to John Zube, 8 Nov. 84, 1p, with 2pp reply of 12 Dec. 84, still undelivered due to change of address. New address wanted. 29x, in PP 869.

JACOBSON, PHILIP, notes on panarchism in TC 106, commented on by J. Zube in TC 108, part of 7pp, 29x, in PP 870.

JACOBSON, PHILIP, notes on panarchism, in TC 119 of 29 Apr. 84, with comments by John Zube, 29 July 89, part of 15pp, 29x, in PP 870.

JACOBSON, PHILIP, panarchist notes in TC, No. 120, of 10 June 84, with comments by John Zube, 31 July 89, part 16pp, 29x, on PP 870.

JACQUES, ELLIOTT, In Praise of Hierarchy, 1990, 7pp, in PP 1071.

JAG, 1963 – 1989, incomplete, 36x, in PP 891.

JAG, 2 samples, Vol. 26, No. 7: INDEPENDENTS, Vol. 27, No. 8: VIOLATION – V, 2pp, 29x, in PP 929.

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JONES, PETER A., Excessive Government Spending Causes Unemployment, 1p. LP leaflet: 125, in PP 1528. – While government taxation and spending contributes to poverty and economic distortions, it is NOT the main cause of involuntary mass unemployment and inflation. Monetary despotism is. To me it is so obvious: The exchange medium is monopolized. That must affect exchanges harmfully. And so must the coercive and fictitious and deteriorated paper “value standard”, based upon “legal tender” or forced value and forced acceptance. Competitive, refusable and discountable government money could not cause an inflation, either, of any prices and wages measured in sound and self-chosen value standards. But the majority of libertarians and anarchists remain still blind to this kind of despotism and what it brings about and blame secondary wrongs and evils instead or even non-contributing factors. – J.Z., 13.11.98.

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Or are they afraid that such complete publishing would also bring all the truthful criticism of Georgism to light, which would at least destroy its commitment to the single tax? I know many Georgists but doubt that they would be as censorious. So what is holding them back? When I suggested once to the Georgist circle around “GOOD GOVERNMENT” in Sydney, that they should microfiche all their back issues, I received only one and a rather resigned reply: Nobody would bother to read it. I can understand it if they had an as low opinion of Non-Georgists, but of themselves? Haven’t they read at least some writings by H.G. over and over again? Couldn’t they use a reference work to all their own publishing efforts, automatically indexed and also abstracted for every fact, idea and argument that is relevant? As a “landlord” of 1/2 acre, I have my own absurd experience with the taxing of unused and unimproved land. I use only half of it but am heavily taxed for both halves, while at the same time I am not allowed to sell the second half. The official evaluation is supposedly based on the market value of the undivided lot but takes not into consideration the prohibition of further subdivision and sale of the unoccupied section. So what George expected to result from the single tax alone, namely, that I would willing and able to sell the unused portion, does not take place, since I am not allowed to do so, in this supposedly free country. Central land planning comes in and the restrictionism of history fans, that want to preserve a historic village, full of fake historical style buildings. At one stage these planners even wanted my house razed or removed, because its style did not suit them. These “conservationists” are only concerned with bricks and mortar but not with the preservation of ideas and literature. Anyhow, taxing land and prohibiting the owner from selling part of it, is, obviously, wrong, apart from the wrongfulness of all taxation. In some cases the rates have become so exploitatively high that people, unable to afford to pay them out of their incomes, were forced to sell their lifetime homes. In these cases the expropriation aspect of the land rates became rather obvious. The fact that, by living in their own homes, they had not to pay rent, was considered as an ADDITION to their taxable income. The historical accident that their lot location had become valuable, if they wanted to sell it, which mostly they did not want to, was taken as an excuse to tax them heavily, even punitively. Governments have taken the single tax proposals as an excuse not to abolish and replace other taxes but to add just one more tax. But then, what else should one expect from any territorial government with involuntary subjects? Each of us derives many values from living in society. It provides much of one’s education and skills, a market for one’s goods and services, a high degree of division of labour and thus of productivity. Our artificial caves and clothing provide more value to us than we could provide ourselves, etc. No one can make a pencil or a can of beans – as Leonard E. Read pointed out. They are “social products” of millions, of the past and present. Should all these “unearned” values, the values from association, also be taxed away? Tools and machines are also largely a “social” product. Should they thus be taxed in their “unearned” value, as the Georgists want to tax land? Georgists would then stress that land is untypical, since it cannot be multiplied. But they ignore that its living surface can indeed be increased in many ways, e.g. by multi-story and underground buildings, by ships, houses on stilts or houseboats, by the damming and draining of lakes and filling of coastal strips, by artificial islands and, temporarily, by zeppelins, air liners and balloons. Even if we were confined, forever, to this planet only, we could live IN it, in dozens to hundreds of layers, just like ants and termites do in their artificial caves. Moreover, by now we can build space habitats. Only recently did I see, for the first time, an admission by a Georgist that only ca. 80 – 90% of the “unimproved value” of land are to be taxed away by the single tax, not 100%, so that the remainder would still act, to some extent, as a price to distribute the land properly and achieve location value. With ALL of this value taxed away, e.g. fashion boutiques would be no better off in fashionable suburbs than out in the country. To visit it would impose unnecessary transport costs upon its customers. Moreover, it might never become sufficiently known to stay successfully in business. The economics of location for businesses would largely disappear. I pointed this out several times to Georgists but could not get them to admit it. – Now, on principle, if the single tax is right, then it should be right to gather not only a fraction but all of it. If, admittedly, only a fraction, although a large fraction, of the unimproved value, is to be taxed away, then this throws doubt upon its justification. Another aspect of the “land reform” issue not or not sufficiently dealt with by the Georgist is the fact that numerous different land reform schemes have been proposed. If none of them is to be taken by their adherents as a cause for a supposedly justified civil war against all those not subscribing to their particular land reform scheme, then all land reformers have to come to a live and let live agreement a) with each other and b) with the existing land tenure and land property systems. That is in my opinion one of the most urgent tasks which land reformers have before them. They have to find a modus vivendi or way of coexistence and, at the same time, an opportunity to advance their particular land reform scheme in a voluntaristic and tolerant way – if they can convert more people to it. Of such a discussion little can be found, as a rule, in Georgist – or other land reform publications. That, in my opinion, is their worst defect. For the problems arising from historical conquests and forceful land distribution are still with us. Attempts to reverse the situation violently has led and still leads to much bloodshed and no long-lasting and just solutions. Here we should systematically examine how free market and long term private or cooperative purchases, by believers in particular land reform schemes, could be organized and realized, e.g. by purchases on terms, out of future earnings from land, using stable value reckoning, independently from other such experiments by other groups of true believers in their kinds of land reform. Moreover, the MAJOR LAND MONOPOLY claim, namely that of TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS ought to be tackled first by all the diverse believers in various land reform schemes. The statist ones among them ought to find out how they could realize them among themselves, e.g. via “proprietary communities”. If a free and peaceful competition between all land holders and land reformers were organized then, PERHAPS, in the very long run, a single land reform scheme would be generally agreed upon, world-wide, however unlikely this may seem to be at present. But this would not be necessary, either, as long as all land owners or land renters etc. would have learnt to get peacefully along with each other, regardless of the system they subscribe to. Would any irreconcilable differences remain, e.g. between nomads and agriculturalists, conservationists and developers? Each group could organize its own purchasing power to finance its own ideals in this respect. – SINGLE TAX? RATHER : NOT A SINGLE TAX – EXCEPT AMONG VOLUNTEERS! We could achieve the same mutual tolerance in this sphere as we have already achieved, at least in some countries and to a considerable extent, in religion. – PIOT, J.Z., 19.5.1998.

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JURA BOOKS, 110 Crystal St., Petersham, Sydney, NSW 2049, tel. 02 9550 9921. Cheapest & largest source of new anarchist printed books and magazines in Sydney, in Australia and perhaps in the world. In several languages but French and German are very badly represented. They have remained prejudiced against the micrographic options, perhaps because I do not follow their line close enough and dare to uphold property rights. One of my fiche readers, on loan to them, disappeared from from library. A set of early LMP fiche remained buried in their still disordered library and was returned to me only recently, after years of x reminders. However, free marketeers like the C.I.S. in Sydney, while prepared to swap, and to grant me the usual non-exclusive and revocable reproduction permission, that I want, always and only, for their libertarian publications, were no more ready to display my collection in their library, which is accessible, large and well ordered. One can be too much addicted to paper and I do not know as yet how to effectively induce an addiction to microfilm. If I did, I would become one of the most active “pushers”. Compare BOOKLISTS. J.Z.

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