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UNDERDOGS OR ACHIEVERS? See: UPTON, MILLER, I’m for the Achiever! THE FREEMAN, 3/73, 1p, in PP 1755/56: 409. – Probably the achievers help the underdogs most, not only directly, via voluntary charity but through their examples and achievements. For instance, how many poor people are there who cannot afford a pen or pencil or a cheap digital watch, or a can of beans for 35 cents? – J.Z., 1.6.02.


UNEARNED INCOME, See: READ, LEONARD E., Unearned Riches, 4pp: 159, in PP 1560.

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UNEMPLOYMENT AND IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS, See: DAVIS, TONY, Homeless bound, 1p, in PP 1610: 116. – On train station signs during the depression: “Jobless men keep moving – we can’t take care of our own.” – Aren’t all immigration restrictions, formally legalized, based on the same ignorant, prejudiced and thoughtless approach? They really do not know, do not want to know and show no interest in the real causes and solutions. But then, this applies to most of the potential immigrants as well. Although they do favour freedom to migrate, they do not favour all those liberties that would make them welcome or independent anywhere, as self-supporting, peaceful, productive and trading people, living under their own laws and institutions, as long as they prefer them, individually. “Natives”, earlier immigrants and later ones should all be free to live legally, not geographically, as far apart and differently and independently as they want to. – PIOT, John Zube, 21.2.2000.

UNEMPLOYMENT, See: BAADER, ROLAND, Arbeit finanzieren statt Arbeitslosigkeit? “Recht auf Arbeit”? 3 S. , in PP 1617: 38.

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UNEMPLOYMENT, See: MANNERS, RON, Let’s Create Real Jobs This Time, 1992, 8pp, in PP 1614: 83. – Jobs do not have to be artificially “created”. They would develop spontaneously in growing and booming enterprises under full economic freedom, especially full monetary and financial freedom. – J.Z., 20.2.2000.

UNEMPLOYMENT, See: SENNHOLZ, HANS F., Jobs and Trade, THE FREEMAN, 7/96, 2pp, , in PP 1759/60: 330. – Although S. is a monetary freedom advocate – at least here he does not see and describe the connection between free banking and full employment. Naturally, wage, profit, rent and interest rates ought to be free as well. But everything cannot be blamed on meddling with them only. – J.Z.

UNEMPLOYMENT, See: SENNHOLZ, HANS F., Unemployment in Puerto Rico, THE FREEMAN, 6/83, 9pp, in PP 1759/60: 217. – Here, too, he seems to ignore the effects of monetary despotism. There is no freedom, there, either, for competing local currencies to compete for local labor. Later Dr. S. wrote an excellent book on free banking. Self-defeating restrictions like minimum wages tend to arise and to be maintained only under conditions of monetary despotism. They are not, by themselves, sufficient to explain the phenomenon of involuntary mass unemployment. – J.Z., 19.5.02.

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UNIONS & LABOUR LEGISLATION: See PP 1764 for at least 17 articles on this subject.

UNIONS, See: JOHNSON, PAUL, A Brotherhood of National Misery, 3pp: 118, in PP 1597. – An abridged version of his famous article on unionism that appeared in THE NEW STATESMEN a few years ago, says the introduction to this article in: PROGRESS, Sep. 1977.

UNIONS, See: POIROT, PAUL L., Combinations in Restraint of Trade, THE FREEMAN, 6/69, 3pp, in PP 1766-68: 138. – The worst of such combinations is any territorial government. It does not permit any competition with it in “its turf”, just like any other crime syndicate. – And “limited government” advocates uphold this monopoly! – J.Z.

UNITED MICRONATIONS, Home Page, 1p, in PP 1722: 189. – I do not expect much from all those who do not clearly indicate their main and positive freedom, peace or justice idea. – As far as I know the listed REPUBLIC OF FREEDONIA is somewhat libertarian. – J.Z., 29.6.01.

UNITED NATIONS, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948, 2pp: 72, in PP 1551. – One of the worst! – J.Z.

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UNITY, See: MOORE, RODERICK, The Causes of British Disunity, POLITICAL NOTES No. 160, 2pp, in PP1742: 79. – Disunity is natural. We are all individuals, not mass-produced robots: nationals, faithfuls or ideologues, no matter how hard the governmental miseducation and propaganda machine tries to achieve that. The Soviets did not achieve a nation of Soviet Men, the Nazis not a nation of Nazis. No other faith or dogma unifies all people in a territory, except their territorial spleens and other popular errors, myths and prejudices. – J.Z., 31.5.02.

UNIVERSAL LIFE CHURCH, The Minister Method, 1p, on tax strike, in PP 1656-1659: 107.




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UPDATE, II/7, July 82, 12pp: 128, in PP 1589-94.

UPRIGHT OSTRICH, THE, Milwaukee, published & edited by Peggy Poor (Mother O), incomplete set, 533 pp, in PP 1637-1640: 1. – It is not a “pure” libertarian publication but rather a patriotic and new age one. But it offers e.g., tax resistance, opposition to big government & to gun control and the drug war, and favours constitutionalism & a stable currency. On the other hand, it offers the usual conspiracy theories and odd economic notions, from opposition to “usury” and “free” energy projects to social credit notions. To be read very critically. – J.Z. The UPRIGHT OSTRICH issues in this compilation, all on hand, are the following: March 86; April 86; October 86; January 87; April 88; November 89; December-January 89/90; February 90; March 90; April 90; May 90; June/July 90; August 90; September 90; October 90; November 90; Dec./Jan. 90/91; February 91; March 91; April 91; May 91; June/July 91; August 91. – A letter from Peggy Poor, dated November 20, 1991 stated that publication of THE UPRIGHT OSTRIC is temporarily suspended for health reasons. As far as I know, it was not continued. – J.Z., 3. October 2,000.

UPTON, MILLER, I’m for the Achiever! THE FREEMAN, 3/73, 1p, in PP 1755/56: 409.

UPTON, MILLER, Political Freedom Is not Enough, THE FREEMAN, 9/74, 8pp, in PP 1757/58: 10. – Political freedom is not free without individual secessionism & panarchies. Economic freedom isn’t free without monetary freedom and freedom at the workplace. The limited government view provides only a limited perspective. – J.Z.

UPWINGER IDEA NET, Home page, 2pp, listing libertarian sites and organizations represented on the Internet: 187, in PP 1587. – There are still loads of sites I want to download – if and when I do get around to doing this. – J.Z., 9.11.99.

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UTILITY VS. JUSTICE, See: BIDINOTTO, ROBERT JAMES, Justice or “Utility”? , THE FREEMAN, 8/95, 3pp, in PP 1759/60: 269.

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UTOPIAS, See: HOSPERS, JOHN, Freedom & Utopias, THE FREEMAN, 9/83, 13pp, in PP 1765: 179. – Only the exterritorial, voluntaristic and tolerant utopias deserve the name. – J.Z.

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UTOPIAS, See: SOCIETY FOR UTOPIAN STUDIES, THE, 1/2p, in PP 1707: 114. – Will they dig up and appreciate all the libertarian utopias? – J.Z.

UTOPIA, See: TABLOID NEWS SERVICES, INC., New Utopia to Rise from the Sea! 2pp: 719, in PP 1601-04. Website: www.TABLOID.NETNEWS

UTOPIAS, The First American, See: MARBURY, RICHARD J., The Great Thanksgiving Hoax, , in PP 1737/38: 312. – Gov. Bradford’s story,

UTOPUS DISCOVERED, A most informal newsletter 1p, in PP 1677: 153. Society for Utopian Studies, contact: Naomi Jacobs, English Dept, Univ. of Maine, Orono, ME 04469-0122.

UV INCREASE, See: HOGAN, JAMES P., More Effects of the UV Increase that never Was, 1998, 2pp, in PP 1616: 115.

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VALENTURIAN GOVERNMENT, 1p, in PP 1689-1693: 686. – For the general Valenturian Home Page see under 93! – “Valenturian government is an Aristomeritocracy, government by the best, most qualified people who have earned their position. The rulers are appointed by the other branches of the government. They are held accountable and their power is kept in check by the Repeals in Council.” – The government mythology, that rule by others is better than self-rule, is continued here. Its most rightful and harmless expression is within volunteer communities that are only exterritorially autonomous. – J.Z., 5.7.01. – See: LIBERTOCRACY & GREG FLANAGAN.

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VANITY PRESSES, See: HIGH PRODUCTIVITY PUBLISHING, HPPUB, Home Page, 2pp of a vanity press, with many links: 140, in PP 1568. – e-mail: – Self-publishers should compare the offers of all vanity presses with their own microfiche self-publishing options. – J.Z.

VANITY PRESSES, See: WILDER IMAGES, Wild & Woolley/ Fast Books Newsletter, No. 18, Winter 1999, 4pp: 33, in PP 1571. – Another conventional vanity press. The more you compare them, their prices and conditions, the more attractive will the alternative self-publishing options, in affordable media, appear to you! – J.Z.

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VAZZONYI COLUMNS AND FEATURES, List of Links, 3pp, in PP 1680: 147. – Libertarian-conservative. It seems opposed to what it calls the “National Divide”. I hold that we need MORE national divisions – but only of the voluntary and exterritorial type. The conservative libertarians, too, deserve their own panarchy! – PIOT, J.Z., 24.5.01.

VEGETARIANISM, See: BALL, MARTIN, I Eat Meat! 1p, in PP 1708-1710: 201. – ANDERTON, PAUL, I also Eat Meat – But …, 2pp, in PP 1708-1710: 279.

VELASCO, GUSTAVO R., Either we Import Capital or we Export People, THE FREEMAN, 8/85, 3pp, in PP 1753: 127. – Under full monetary & financial freedom neither of his alternatives might be necessary to any large extent – but both of these actions should be quite free and voluntary. – People are not export goods, whose fate is to be decided by others than themselves. Don’t adopt the biased language of enemies! – Coercive actions against individual rights and liberties of this kind are more properly called: deportation. – Free cities import capital and people. – J.Z.

VERITAS BOOK CLUB, Advertising, 1p, in PP 1656-1659: 329.

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VICES & VICTIMLESS CRIMES, Links & abstracts, 2pp, FREE-MARKET.NET, in PP 1697: 9.

VICTIM’S RIGHTS, See: ANDREWS, JIM, Victim Rights, 3pp, in PP 1656-1659: 246.

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VIETNAM WAR, See: LABADIE, LAURANCE, Untitled Note on Vietnam War, n.d., 1p, (16) , in PP 1723/24: 265. – Numerous SF writers, anarchists and libertarians took a rather flawed and one-sided view on the war in Vietnam – and Revisionists seem to have largely ignored this subject – or went on being partisans of one or the other side. – J.Z., 30.5.02.

VIETNAM WAR, See: LABADIE, LAURANCE, Untitled Notes, Feb. 25, 1968, 1p, (87), on Vietnam War & corporations, in PP 1723/24: 320.

VIETNAM, See: BAUKNECHT, JAMES R. Vietnam: A Fate of Its Own, THE FREEMAN, 5/93, 5pp, in PP 1749/50: 55. – No country is a single entity. Nor are all its people. Collectivist language use should be avoided. – J.Z.

VIEWPOINT, Free Market Magazine in the Austrian Economics Tradition, Home Page, 3pp: 197, in PP 1568. – Australia’s first free-market online magazine. Later: NEW AUSTRALIAN, THE.

VIEWS & COMMENTS, No. 34, April 1959 & No. 42, Dec. 1961, 26 & 22 pages : 77-103, in PP 1547. – Sorry, but I found none of these articles worth listing. One letter exchange with Gaston Leval is of some interest. He had a better case, I think, than his opponents. – J.Z.

VILENCHIK, M.M., The Role of DNA Reparation in Longevity and the Elaboration of Approaches to Increase the Effect of DNA Reparation, 1p: 182, in PP 1589-94.

VINCI, LEONARDO DA, Parachute invention, 1485. Notice in TIME, July 10, 2000, that, after over 500 years someone has finally got around to try it out – and succeeded. TIME concludes that it took that long “to find a man with a brain small enough to actually go and fly it.” – I would rather say, that it took so long to find a man with a brain big enough to try it. For safety, he did take another chute along! But the real reason may have been that Vinci’s writings were not easily accessible, not even in cheap alternative media and may not be so accessible even now. – An Ideas Archive is more than ever needed now. Our very survival is at stake. – J.Z., 24.5.01. – 1p, in PP 1680: 189.

VINE & FIG TREE, Pierre Joseph Proudhon: A Man and His Garden, with URLs, 16pp, in PP 1694: 166.

VIOLENCE VS. FORCE, See: WILLIAMS, WALTER, When and under what Circumstances Should Violent Force Be Used? (c) 1995, Creators Syndicate, Inc., 2pp, in PP 1685/86: 105. – By my standards, rightful force isn’t “violent” but defensive. It upholds basic rights and liberties without offending against such rights of innocents and non-aggressive people. Aggressive people lose most of their rights, as rational beings, at least temporarily, while they are aggressive. Then they retain only the rights of animals, i.e., the right not to be unnecessarily killed or injured or treated cruelly. Violence is very different from defensive force. It always violates the rights and liberties of others. – J.Z., 26.5.01.

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VIOLENCE, See: HALLIDAY, ROY, Law and Violence, 10pp: 485, in PP 1601-04. – Sometimes one can ask: What’s the difference? Many territorial laws lead to violence and poverty rather than to peace, justice, freedom & wealth. – J.Z.

VIOLENCE, See: LIBERTYHAVEN.COM, Crime, Terrorism & Violence, article list, 1p, in PP 1754: 60.

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VIRTUAL COMMUNITIES & MICRONATIONS, See: IDEAFARM CITY, Home Page on a virtual community, 2pp, in PP 1707: 115. – “Freedom – Profit – Strength – Sustainability – Family – Equality – Truth – Jesus” – “a cultural focus on children, craftwork, software, and mathematical science”. – “IdeaFarm ‘tm’ City exists today as a (sparsely equipped) site where an individual can form associations, earn a livelihood, raise up children, and enjoy community, free from regulation, control, intimidation, and interference by any territorial power. When visiting our settlement, you are neither protected by, nor subject to, the laws and powers of the United States. You and I are subject to the laws of our territorial countries only as they apply on foreign soil.” – Traces of panarchism here but neither a developed theory nor practice. – J.Z. – MOONEY, EDWARD, JR., ImagiNations, Build Your Own Country, 2000, 1p, in PP 1707: 117.

VIRTUAL COMMUNITIES, See: Several articles in PP 1722.

VIRTUAL LIBERTARIAN CONFERENCES, See: SMITH, L. NEIL, Online Bookstore, 2pp, in PP 1616: 12. – With a link to VirtualCon 1: 21 Speakers, Live Audio. – We should have more libertarian conferences – of this kind & on microfiche, floppies and CD-ROM. The convenor would simply assure that all submissions to a theme will appear on at least one alternative medium and sold in on-demand production and distribution, in cheap duplicates. Text contributors might get one or several copies “free”, especially if they had paid a moderate administration fee to the convenor. Per page fee will differ probably for different media. Those insisting on print-outs or photocopies or audio tapes would have to pay correspondingly more. I’d prefer it if all submissions were not copyrighted. – J.Z., 27.1.2000. – Obviously, they should be more than mere libertarian chat sessions. Sufficient preparations and scholarship should be involved, as it is for libertarian papers delivered at conventional conferences. – J.Z., 16.3.00.

VIRUS ATTACKS, See: BUREAU OF PUBLIC SECRETS, Ken Knabb’s new translations of two more chapters from Guy Debord’s The Society of the Spectacle, 1p, in PP 16 & 17, 2nd edition: 409, with 1p virus warning re: “Subject: [filename, random]. Body: Hi! How are you? – I send you this file in order to have your advice. Or: I hope you can help me with this file that I send. Or: I hope you like the file that I send to you. Or: This is the file with the information that you ask for. – See you later. Thanks.” – They are getting really sneaky. So, if you do not know the sender, wipe it, rather than open it. – J.Z.

VOICE PRINT ANALYSIS OF SPEECHES OF POLITICIANS: AFP: Pick the mobile phoneys, A., 20.7.99. Short notice. Towards voice print analysis of politician’s speeches, in PP 1627: 110.

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VOLITIONAL SCIENCE LIBRARY, Bridge to Freedom, in collaboration with, announced on 3 pp, in PP 1700: 130, in one of many BRIDGE TO FREEDOM newsletters, all of a few books! What a library! – GALAMBOS. – J.Z. –

VOLOKH, EUGENE, Testimony of Eugene Volokh on the Second Amendment, Senate Subcommittee on the Constitution, Sept. 23, 1998, reprinted as “A Right of the People” by CALIFORNIA POLITICAL REVIEW, 11/12, 98, p. 23, 14 pp, in PP 1685/86: 270. Prof. E. Volokh, UCLA Law:

VOLUNTARISM, See: HOOD, DAVID, The Forgotten Right of Association, THE FREEMAN, 10/89, 3pp, in PP 1766-68: 348. – On clubs excluding women. – Even most libertarian advocates ignore that it must be extended e.g. to competing governments and societies (panarchies, polyarchies, voluntary communities, personal law bodies), to full minority autonomy under exterritoriality, to free banks and militias as well as to productive coops. – J.Z.

VOLTAIRE, Candide, See: HART, DAVID, Voltaire’s Candide (1759) Bibliography, 1p, in PP 1607/8: 271.

VOLUNTARIA, Home Page, 1p, e-mail: – 142, in PP 1568.

VOLUNTARISM, See: PAYNE, JAMES L., 80 Million Volunteers, but where Are the Voluntarists? THE FREEMAN, 1/91, 2pp, in PP 1749/50: 413 .

VOLUNTARISM, SELF-HELP, See: LOAN, ALBERT, Institutional Bases of the Spontaneous Order: Surety and Assurance, 9pp, in PP 1689-1693: 310, from HUMANE STUDIES REVIEW, 7/1, Winter 1991/92. – Tradition of voluntary mutual guaranty and self-help & mutual aid associations. – J.Z. In: ON PANARCHY, 20-24.

VOLUNTARY COOPERATION MOVEMENT, Home Page, with links, 1p, in PP 1733: 125. – A short anarchist reading list is included. “… an address exchange network linking individuals who favor education and self-organization as the preferred methods of achieving a voluntary, egalitarian and cooperative society.” – Alas, they are still hung-up on egalitarianism, although only in a voluntarist way. – J.Z.

VOLUNTARY STUDENT UNIONS, See: HUMPHREYS, JOHN, VSU: A personal statement on the economic and philosophical implications of VSU, 2p on Voluntary Student Unions, in PP 1611: 123.

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VOLUNTARY TAXATION, See: MURPHY, ROBERT T., The Stamp Tax Reconsidered, 8pp, in PP 1661: 136, with some notes by J.Z., on voluntary taxation. Still only from the territorial and limited government point of view. But it belongs into the whole discussion on voluntary taxation. – LFCT, 6 Sep 99.

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WATER SUPPLY, See under: TIME, Nor Any Drop to Drink, short note from April 3, 2000 issue, in PP 1676, making a not explicitly stated case against the monopolization of the supply of clean water. – I tried, in vain, to fight the local council’s “pricing policy”, which charges me about ten times as much for “the availability” of its water than for the water used, thereby not exactly encouraging the saving of water in a dry continent. Imagine your butcher, greengrocer and baker likewise charging you, separately, 10 times as much for their availability than for your actual purchases from them! Bureaucracy is just another term for irrationality, in a form that is, mostly, not curable by facts, ideas and reasoning. In other words, this is a monopoly which wastefully gives its assets away, at below cost – but then charges me highly for being available as a monopoly supplier, under the excuse that its wasteful and careless capital expenses and other costs are rather high. The old “costs plus x %” con-game. And it is complacently practised and accepted by the government-miseducated and misinformed majority, and, naturally, “covered”, by laws and regulations. – J.Z., 22.5.01. – On WATER SUPPLY MONOPOLIES: 22.

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WATNER, CARL, Once an Owner – Always an Owner, 6pp: 243, in PP 1569-70. – According to an appeal in the latest issues, Carl Watner looked for financial support for a conventional paper publication of the best articles from THE VOLUNTARYIST. Why does he not self-sponsor such an anthology or a complete edition in alternative media, in which he could even include most or all the relevant correspondence received, i.e., on floppies, microfiche or CD-ROM? When a person is a radical on many subjects, why not on this one? On demand publishing of a single book in affordable alternative media requires very little capital. If these editions would sell well enough then he might be able to risk self-publishing an edition on paper as well. LMP gladly microfiches all his writings that he makes available for this. Why does HE not offer ALL that he has to offer to all libertarians and anarchists in ALL of the affordable alternative media? He made a start with his website. And he did collaborate with me in putting out Lysander Spooner’s works and once dedicated one page of TV to the micrographics option. But, can long established reading habits be changed with so limited efforts? Or should one not even try and ignore this voluntaryist option to advance libertarian ideas? I have often pointed out that the first author who offered a book in all of the affordable alternative media could thereby probably get enough mass media attention to turn this book into a best-seller. Is no one game to try? – J.Z., 6.11.1999.

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ZUBE, JOHN, Compulsory Voting. My last letter on this, 1p, 23. August 99, in PP 1610: 115. – When I finally could no longer avoid paying a penalty for not voting – once again. This time I had actually forgotten this insignificant “event”. Apparently, they could not do without my informal vote. This penalty amounted, in practice, to a penalty for not voting informally! – J.Z.

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ZUBE, JOHN, Some Freedom Definitions and Notes, May 2,000, 101pp, in PP 1626: 1. – These are part of the upcoming SLOGANS FOR LIBERTY encyclopaedia, of which 7 volumes on 7 microfiche are out so far, 1470 pages, covering A – part of G.

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ZUBE, JOHN, to FREEDOM NEWS, 14.3.00, suggesting some improvements and more openness for input, to achieve a greater variety of opinions, more positive news, ideas, observations and arguments, with a critical note from the previous microfiche reproducing FREEDOM NEWS, 1p, in PP 1631-1633: 1. – According to FM News, 30.7.00, sheet 489: “Free-Market.Net now indexes almost 8,000 resources on freedom news reports, “policy studies, books, organizations, clubs, web sites, lectures & seminars, etc.” – Somewhere, there, LMP should be listed, too. But its publishing efforts have so far not been found newsworthy for inclusion there. – I also tried, in vain, to interest these newsletters in the libertarian CD-ROM project. – J.Z.

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ZUBE, JOHN, to LEFEVRE, ROBERT, 8 Oct. 1967, 7pp, in PP 1689-1693: 709. – This letter deals with panarchism only in the last part and at first only with property, land & Proudhon. – J.Z.

ZUBE, JOHN, to LEMIEUX, PIERRE, 25.4. & n.d., on downloading troubles & CD-ROM project. 3pp, in PP 1697: 105.

ZUBE, JOHN, to LESS GOVERNMENT <> , 1.6.01, 3pp, in PP 1687/88: 397. On CD-ROM project: came back, second time, with remark “user unknown”, after I corrected the e-mail address, adding the underlined “mailto:” and the (“) around the e-mail address. My programme does not permit me to print the address out in this way. – E-mail addresses seem to be changed all too often. I look forward to the time when everyone will have a permanent e-mail address or several ones, e.g. one for mail from friends and associates, one for business deals and one for junk mail. – J.Z.


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ZUBE, JOHN, to QUACKGRASS PRESS, 27 April 01, on CD-ROM project, 2pp, in PP 1676: 23. Is this the right address or: or: ? Or are all 3 correct?

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ZUBE, JOHN, to TOSCANA, JOE, 27.1.01, on CD-ROM project, ABC broadcasting corp., financing competitive broadcasting, 2pp, in PP 1701: 140. – To my knowledge he has not yet published anything on the CD-ROM project, although he promised to do so. – J.Z., 11.7.01

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ZUBE, JOHN vs. RIVAZ, JOHN DE, & vice versa, On Microfiching , CD-ROM, Cryonics, 2pp: 116, in PP 1554/55.

ZUBE, JOHN, What Has to Be Changed in All Constitutions to Make a Lasting Peace Possible and how Can these Reforms be Realized? 1962 German book manuscript, only title here translated, previously published in PP 399-401, is now available by e-mail, zipped, RTF format, 579 Kbs. (Unzipped it comes to 2.3 Mbs.)

ZUBE, JOHN, to WILBER, DAVE, 15.6.00, 3pp on monetary freedom, in PP 1629: 46.

ZUBE, JOHN, to WILBER, DAVE, 12.7.00, 13pp, in PP 1629: 51. – On monetary freedom. – I doubt that we will ever agree on many points – but, let 10,000 flowers bloom!

ZUBE, JOHN, With Affordable & Efficient Alternative Media Towards Liberty, 2pp, in PP 1654: 120.

ZUBE, KURT, A comment on him by his only son: Today would have been the 96th birthday of my dad, individualist anarchist, writer and publisher Kurt Helmut Zube, 1905-1991, if he had made it. A blood transfusion with infected blood spoiled his last five years and, probably, killed him prematurely. Always rely on government health services to safeguard you! Would he, otherwise, still have taken up microfiche, websites and CD-ROMs? I doubt it. We are all more or less stuck in our ways. He remained addicted to paper in print, although he suggested microfilms and computer use for his Ideas Archive proposals, since 1939. – I remain still stuck with microfiche, at least until I reach a self-set target of 2,000 PEACE PLANS issues. Others remain stuck on paper and online publishing, ignoring their CD-ROM publishing and reading options as they have their microfilm ones. – Months of trying to spread the CD-ROM project have so far led me only to 62 interested people. Can you gather more for this project, e.g. via your website? Why not try it? – PIOT, J.Z., 14.7.01.

ZUBE, KURT, Hints by DADA, DATENBANK DES DEUTSCHSPRACHIGEN ANARCHISMUS, to 2 titles published by Kurt Zube, one of them not even an anarchist but an astrological one. Four more of his contributions can be found under: SOLNEMAN. 2 S.V, in PP 1722: 169.

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