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financial and monetary freedom. – J.Z., 17.5.98.



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FINANCING A FREE MARKET FOR FREEDOM IDEAS, PP 20/21. Compare PP 183, the PEACE PLANS project and my pilot scheme of LIBERTARIAN MICROFICHE PUBLISHING. Most heads seem still to be blocked up against the establishment of such a special market, often under the delusion that it would already exists. – J.Z.





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floppy disks, microfiche, ZIP disks etc., for their publishing and reading requirements? Why do they remain tradition- and custom-bound paper addicts, to what it also a paper tiger, as far as their efforts are concerned? Why don’t they at least bother to properly survey all their alternative media options, using the Internet for this, to the extent that they can? – J.Z., 23.5.98.

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FLOW CHART DISCUSSIONS, 61/63, 399/401, 896 (in German). Now they could be cheaply reproduced and often updated on microfiche and with special programs on computer screens, too. But the visual impact is still best on large sheets of paper. Several people could easily participate in building up an extensive discussion of this kind on paper. I produced my first one on 31 Dec. 1957 – and have still a stack of them to be readied for microfilming. Hypertext relationships can be achieved with pen and paper. Such discussions can be much more fruitful than oral ones and bookish ones, which tend to proceed merely lineally, page by page, often either losing track or making readers lose track. They could revolutionize the discussion of controversial issues and almost guaranty progress and results, instead of endless repetitions of the same old arguments. – J.Z.

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FOOTE, EDWARD BOND, Biographical Notes and Appreciations, N.Y., 1913, prepared by the Free Speech League, 85pp, in 2 badly filmed fiche published by Richard Gaska, Erie, sideways filmed! Thus legible only with a rotatable platform on a reader. From LMP for $ 2 as a result of a bad swap deal – sight unseen, upon which even the Australian Customs demanded their protection racket cut of ca. $ 140, because ca. 500 duplicates were sent in one large batch. Heavier paper books are excepted from tariff “duties”, microfilmed ones, when they detect them, are not. Do not expect sense from such legalized criminals and criminal laws. – I wish I could turn these scraps into cash, or recover at least from the legal looters. For reading in a normal reading machine, one would have to cut the fiche up, frame by frame, i.e. 2pp at a time, and insert these, right side up, in a fiche jacket. Such efforts give microfiching a bad name. LMP has already filmed separately 2 of the few titles in the 10 Gaska fiche, one by Schroeder & one by Bluestein. I would probably have done the lot in a mere 2 fiche. But as lessons on mistakes that one ought to avoid, when taking up microfiche publishing, the Gaska fiche are excellent and cheap. When I make such blunders, and I have made many, I usually get the material refilmed and discard the flawed ones. Proofreading before and after microfilming is essential. LMP will make no more large quantity and sight unseen swap deals. Send samples first, of the fiche you want to exchange. Quality counts here, too, perhaps even more so, because it is not so obvious to the naked eye. – J.Z.

FOOTNOTES, Are they essential? PP 1052-61 (LA Tactical Notes 11). Some say: “yes!” some say: “Only a kind of scholarly snobbishness or pretence is involved”. Often they do give away how little an author has read up and what essential titles he has not studied, and thus indicate the limitations of his thinking on a subject. If a complete libertarian bibliography existed and the relevant section of it were not merely copied by an author, or if he has not merely used abstracts, with the full text works remaining undigested, then the bare bones of most reference lists would soon be revealed. – How proud could an author be if he could e.g. point out only that he had somewhat read and understood 100 of 10,000 relevant references? An honest scholar would then add at the bottom that he had dealt only with abc of xyz references so far existing on the subject. Please note, also, how many older and relevant works are often neglected, as if most wisdom were contained only in the latest academic writings, and how only a few of the famous classical writers are re-digested over and over again, by multitude of “scholars”, who have often little to add to them, except new terms and classifications. – J.Z.

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FORBES, VIV, Alphabetical Filing System, 1p hint of a system that has also been adopted by Ron Manners for the filing of libertarian materials, in PP 1214. I wish they would microfilm their well-ordered libertarian files, as their contributions towards a libertarian encyclopaedia and information service. J.Z.

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FORD, Carolyn, How to Squat – it’s Official, clipping from Daily Telegraph, 19.9.85. (On a book by squatters that was government subsidized with $ 10,000, to support this kind of massive theft, by which you might lose your house during your next holiday or even while on a mere shopping trip. As experience has shown, at least in Europe, government will sometimes support the thief rather than you. Well, government squats on your property anyhow. It’s just one squatter supporting another! J.Z.) 1p, 29x, in PP 679.

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FOREIGN DEBT: FINANCIAL MAIL, Foreign Debt. Breaking the Myths, 3pp, in PP 1430/31: 240. – Overlooked is here often the distinction between private and public debts. Private debts should pay for themselves, out of productive investments. When repayable via free clearing or the own private money issues, repayments become much easier, too. Pro-head the rate of this indebtedness is often not very high – unless very wasteful government spending of government to government credits is involved. – J.Z.


FOREIGN INVESTMENTS, Capital Xenophobia, PP 719.

FOREIGN MILITARY BASES, withdrawal, PP 3. Compare Standing Armies, Militia, Defence, Collective Security, Alliances.

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FOREIGN RIGHTS IN CHINA, THE “UNEQUAL TREATIES”. Some Notes by John Zube to “Foreign Rights and Interests in China”, by Westel W. Willoughby, 1927, 3pp, 1987, in PP 689. History might have taken a different turn if the rights of Chinese, living among the “Barbarians” had also been recognized, and equally so. Our one-sided imposition of the “unequal treaties” was more a barbaric act of colonial powers than a civilized act. Only equal rights treaties could be rightfully imposed upon dissenting rulers, in the interests and to uphold the rights of many of their subjects. And the empire builders could go on building them, on a voluntary and exterritorial basis, founded on consumer satisfaction, largely like multinational corporations do. See on this Liberation Wars, On Panarchy, Individual Secessionism, Consular Jurisdiction, Capitulations, Personal Law, Exterritorial Organization. – J.Z.

FORES, MICHAEL, The Myth of a British Industrial Revolution,

FOREST 1994 SF COMPETITION: Book: Invasion of the Liberty Snatchers, 7 stories, introduced by George Hay: Here only a 2pp leaflet, sent by L.A., London, in PP 1430/31: III. – One can temporarily take or suppress the liberty of others but one cannot gain in individual liberty and rights through this. “Every leash has two ends!”. On the contrary, freedom choices for most people are increased by more other people enjoying the full range of individual liberties and rights. Who wants to be the cock crowing proudly and loudly – on a dung heap? – What rational and moral being would want to preside, over mass exploitation, mass suppression, mass slaughter? One cannot sit comfortably on the points of bayonets, as someone once said. – J.Z., 10.6.98.

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FOREST, The Smokers’ Manifesto, 4pp, in PP 1214.

FOREST, WAVES, see NOW WHAT, I & II, in PP 1,028/29.


FORESTS: See: INTERNATIONAL PAPER COMPANY, Why International Paper is Helping to Develop a 1,000,000-acre Forest on Land it Doesn’t Own, 1p. adv., 76, in PP 1317: 140.

FORFEITURE LAWS, See: WOLLSTEIN, JARRET, The Looting of America. How over 200 Civil Asset Forfeiture Laws enable police to confiscate your home, bank accounts & business without trial, 6pp, ISIL leaflet, revised 5/97: 58, in PP 1504.

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FORMOSA: SZE, ALBERT Y, Double-Talk on Formosa, 2pp, in PP 1411/12: 20. – Every talk on territorial “units”, as if they were individual living beings, is double talk! – J.Z., 10.6.98.

FORMULATIONS, II/3, Spring 1995, sample, 20 pp. FNF, in PP 1365: 95. – This newsletter, of which I have obtained by now a few more copies, contains some panarchistic articles, as if such ideas were new discoveries. They are still mixed in with some territorialist notions and so far neither editor nor writer have shown any interest towards previous and different writings on their main idea. Thus they seem to be blinkered. They are copyrights fanatics, too, so I leave their further material alone, at least until they change their minds. – J.Z., 3.12.96.

FORSCHUNGSINSTITUTE: EINE BRUTSTAETTE FUER ERFINDUNGEN, 2 S., Forschung, Selbstfinanzierung. Ueber die private Forschungsstaette von Dr. Ing. A. Bartel, IDEEN ARCHIV, in PP 1330-1332: 126.

FORSTER, G.A., 12 Reasons Why Georgist Reforms Are Needed Now, 1p leaflet, 29x, in PP 643.

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FORSYTH, WILLIAM, History of Trial by Jury, 2nd. ed., 1875, indexed, 398pp. In PP 477. Alas, not an anarchist or libertarian book but only of some historical interest, mainly from a lawyers point of view, of English juries and their development, or further deterioration, during the last few centuries, written with the prejudices to be expected from most layers. One may consider it as a record of one of the most prolonged and successful cover-ups in history, one that largely continues into our times, resulting in the present distortion of the free jury system by legislators, rulers, judges and layers, involved in a kind of “demarcation dispute” stretching over centuries, in which they usurped more and more power to themselves, at the expense of a popular, powerful and free jury system. – J.Z.

FORT COLLINS PROJECT, See: GLENNIE, MARY MARGARET, Project coordinator of Freedom Now, Fort Collins, a number of leaflets, surveys and clippings on her attempt to concentrate at least 1,000 additional libertarians in Fort Collins, in order to achieve a significant difference in Fort Collins, 100 sheets: 1, in PP1491.

FORT COLLINS PROJECT, See: SMITH, CATHY L.Z., Liberty – Fort Collins Style, 2pp: 18, in PP 1465.

FORT COLLINS PROJECT: ASAKAWA, GIL, Fort Collins, Move Over, 2pp from WESTWORD, 24-30 Jan. 1990 on Mary Margaret Glennie’s attempt to concentrate libertarians in Fort Collins, in PP 1415: 140.

FORT COLLINS PROJECT: CLARK, GREG, The Fort Collins Project, 1p, in PP 1378/81: 125.

FORTEAN TIMES, 2pp leaflet, 29x, in PP 725.

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FOSSEDAL, GREGORY A., Homelessness and the U.S. Housing Mess, 1990, 1p on William Tucker, The Excluded Americans, CATO CLIPPINGS, in PP 1139.

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FOSTER, DAVE, Prison & Retribution. Market Alternatives, 1p: 82, in PP 1498.

FOSTER, ELLERY, Letter, 11 Dec. 87, on a local clearing of acknowledgements of value received, based on the primitive “labor standard” notion, 1p, 48x, in PP 740.

FOSTER, ELLERY, Letters, 4pp, 1983-85: 43, in PP 1470. – On money reform, mutual aid and militarism.

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FOSTER, SARAH E., Counter-revolution in Paradise, 3pp, on NaGriamel secession, in PP 1297.

FOSTER, SARAH E., Free Choice in Home Birth, 1p, in PP 1356.

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FOUNDATION FOR ECONOMIC EDUCATION, A literature of freedom survey, 17pp, 24x in PP 50-54. Literature List 1979-1980, 4pp, 24x in PP 107-108, A Literature of Freedom, 1980-81, 4pp, 29x, in PP 316-318, A Literature of Freedom, 1983/84, 16pp, 29x, in PP 503, Books from FEE, A Literature of Freedom, 1988-1989, 31pp, in PP 818. Books from FEE, A Literature of Freedom, 1988-89, 31pp, in PP 920.

FOUNDATION FOR ECONOMIC EDUCATION, Cliches of Socialism, 93pp, 76 entries, from the loose leaf version produced by FEE, 24x, in PP 75.

FOUNDATION FOR ECONOMIC EDUCATION, FEE List of online Articles, 1995, 2pp, in PP 1537: 115. – LMP has not yet downloaded these essays. Please note that LMP offers many more articles from FEE and many of its books, but not online but “only” on microfiche. LMP would also offer still more, if so many of its “Essays on Liberty” and “The Freeman” issues would not contain one to several copyrighted articles.

FOUNDATION FOR ECONOMIC EDUCATION, FEE, In Memoriam L.E. Read, 1898-1983, 8pp, with: A Literature of Freedom, 1983/84, 16pp, 29x, in PP 503.

FOUNDATION FOR ECONOMIC EDUCATION, FEE, What’s Past Is Prologue, A Commemorative Evening to the Foundation for Economic Education on the Occasion of Leonard Read’s 70th Birthday, FEE, 1968, 62pp, containing short contributions by Perry E. Gresham, Lawrence Fertig, Henry Hazlitt, William F. Buckley, Jr., Milton Friedman, Trygve J.B. Hoff, Friedrich von Hayek, Benjamin R. Rogge & Leonard E. Read, in PP 1,036. – We ought to get all the “prologues” for liberty together and easily, cheaply and permanently accessible before we can man a free, concerted and well enough informed play for liberty for all – to the extent that they want it for themselves. – J.Z. 10.6.98.

FOUNDATION FOR ECONOMIC EDUCATION, Notes from FEE, July 1979, 4pp, 24x, in PP 64-65. I would gladly film the whole set, if I could get it complete, in excellent photocopies. – J.Z.

FOUNDATION FOR HUMAN DEVELOPMENT, Abortion, A Woman’s Right to Choose? 5pp, in PP 1428/29: 371. – Against abortion.

FOUNDATION FOR HUMAN DEVELOPMENT, Rape! Incest! Abortion? 5pp, in PP 1428/29: 380.

FOUNDATION FOR HUMAN RIGHTS & DEMOCRACY IN CHINA, Partial Arrest and Disappearance List Post June 3-4, 1989 Massacre in China, 10pp: 125. – Merely conventional humanitarian or democratic concern with the dozens of millions killed, tortured, incarcerated or and hundreds of millions of exploited victims of totalitarian communism – although quite justified, is simply not enough and will not shake its foundations. But publication of libertarian and liberating programmes of alternative governments and free societies for Chinese people, according to their own individual and free choice (once they are given that chance), could, if they are sufficiently publicized and discussed, lead to almost non-violent libertarian revolutions or military insurrections and also to the destruction of the anti-people or mass murder devices in the hands of these totalitarians and, finally, of all others. How tyrannicide, amnesty and nuclear disarmament could be combined, minimizing the risks for hundreds of millions, I have described in my peace program in PEACE PLANS 61-63. Does a still better peace and liberation program exist anywhere? Please, do point it out to me. While economic liberalization does lead to degrees of political liberalization, too, at least in the long run, this kind of limited and also, territorially still totalitarian and limited political liberalization is not enough to end these tragedies fast and prevent even worse ones. The libertarian alternative must “build golden bridges” even to the remaining communist faithful. They must get their chance to continue to practise their own ideals, at their own expense and risk, under exterritorial autonomy in their own volunteer communities. With that way-out opened to them, they will not desperately resist the liberation of the non-communists and of the dissenting communists and socialists. A start might be made by recognizing exterritorial autonomy for Chinese volunteer communities, of whatever kind, first in one country and then in many, most and finally all countries in the world. Only much better ideas, combined with their practice, can defeat totalitarians without further huge costs in lives, liberty and property. Even rats, if they are cornered, will fight back. These rats have nuclear weapons, so the conventional resistance against them and their like is too risky. Among the many alternative to be offered are almost instant, productive and paid jobs to dozens to hundreds of millions of Chinese unemployed and under-employed, which only the introduction of monetary freedom – which may have been first practised to some extent in China – can make possible. Now this tradition is forgotten there and not yet sufficiently known, appreciated and developed in the West. While mass unemployment exists anywhere, any existing degree of authoritarianism and totalitarianism could easily get worse rather than better. The same applies to fast inflations, like that currently existing, still under the communist central banking system, in Russia. – PIOT, J.Z., 1.1.1999.

FOUNDATION FOR PPSS, We can blow the whistle on government waste!, 22pp in PP 851.FOUNDATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF MONETARY EDUCATION, THE, NY, FAME, home page and publication list, provided by Robert Carnaghan, 5pp, 1996, in PP 1395: 114.

FOUNDATION REPORT, No. 4, in Claustrophobia II/4, in PP 934.

FOUNDATIONS: HAYSOM, CHEETAH, Generous Americans, 1p, in PP 1430/31: 273.

FOUR LAW DRAFTS TO FIGHT DEFLATION, PREVENT INFLATION AND LOWER INTEREST RATES, PP 40, 315, 394, 428ff(S.285ff, 390ff, 421ff), 523, 534, 598, 2785; 806, 890 (French in 778-783).

FOURTH WORLD REVIEW, No. 40, contents list and subscription appeal only, 1p, in PP 1262.

FOURTH WORLD, First Assembly, leaflet, n.d., 4pp, 29x, in PP 878.

FOURTH WORLD, leaflet, 1p, 29x, in PP 741.

FOWLE, DAVID ALLYN, Rebuttal of “The Trouble with Anarchy” – Part III, 1p, in PP 1311: 63.

FOWLER, CHARLES T., Corporations, in THE SUN, a bi-monthly publication devoted to Co-operation, I/3, new series, May & June 1886, 28pp, “with special reference to railways and telegraphs”, in PP 1124.

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FOX, EMMET, I Love You Love, a poem 1p, n.d. – I’m under the impression that poetry and songs mainly help to perpetuate sheer nonsense. – J.Z.

FOX-GENOVESE, ELIZABETH, Physiocracy and the Overthrow of the Ancient Regime, paper delivered at the Western Society for French History, Dec. 4-6, 75, summary only, 1p, in LITERATURE OF LIBERTY, in PP 1200p316, headed: Individualism, Property and Revolt.

FOXWELL, H.S., Bibliography of the English Socialist School, chronologically, to 1885, 76pp, including many coop and some related anarchist, utopian & currency reform titles,, in PP 1308: 75- 93.

FOXWELL, H.S., Introduction to MENGER, ANTON, The Right to the Whole Produce of Labour, 110pp, in PP 1308: 2-29. – See my note to Menger’s book. – J.Z.

FRACKENPOHL, A., Alte Methoden – neue Wege in der Werbung, 1 S., Treuhaender, IDEEN ARCHIV, in PP 1330-1332: 208. – K.Z. las, schrieb und veroeffentlichte viel ueber die “Werbung” und so wenig ueber die gegenseitige und fast kostenfreie Werbung die in einem gemeinsamen Markt, hier fuer Ideen, besteht. Manchmal sieht man den Wald vor lauter Baeumen nicht. – J.Z., 30.9.97.

FRACTAL REPORT, Porthtowan, Letter by John de Rivaz, 9 Oct. 92: 407; & 11 Sep. 92, 1p: 409, J.Z. to J.de R., 25.9. 93, 3pp: 411, in PP 1293/95.


FRACTIONAL vs. 100% RESERVE BANKING, 787, 791, 911. – I favour monetary freedom vs. both exclusive currency systems. – J.Z.

FRAGEN DER FREIHEIT, Zahlen zum Nachdenken, ueber den deutschen Geldumlauf, 1913-1966, Sept. 68, 2pp, in PP 814. (I would love to see e.g. an updated tabulation, covering ca 100 years, of this kind, for each of the major countries, perhaps side by side with a gold price or other index, with indications on where and when legal tender and central bank monopoly came in. J.Z.)

FRAGER, J.M., A Look at Gustav Landauer, 2pp: 61, in PP 1501.

FRAGMENTS, A Quarterly Journal of Individual Opinion, incomplete, 68pp, in PP 934.

FRAGMENTS, January 1963 – December 1985, all issues by middle 1990, chief editor Jack Schwartzman, with some letters and clippings, 377pp, in PP 963-965. (This periodical demonstrates very well the uphill struggle one begins when one attempts to publish a printed periodical, on paper, rather than frequently microfilming all the texts one desires and can obtain, and making them thus permanently and cheaply accessible upon demand. For every addiction there is a price to be paid. J.Z.)

FRAGMENTS, Leaflet, 1p, of August 1998, 125, in PP 1518. – It calls itself the “World’s Oldest and Greatest Individualist Magazine”. Is it? – J.Z.

FRAGMENTS, vol. 33, summer 95, 13pp, in PP 1312/1314: 253-365.FRANCE, ANATOLE, See: NOMAD, MAX, Comrade Anatole. The Political Evolution of Anatole France, 1959, 14pp: 64, in PP 1471.

FRANCHISING, PP 988, 1105,

FRANCIS, DAVID R., Has America Become a Socialist Country? 1p, on pension funds socialism, 29x, in PP 294-297.

FRANCIS, MARK, Herbert Spencer and the Myth of Laissez-Faire, JOURNAL OF THE HISTORY OF IDEAS, 39, April-June 78, 317-328, summary only, 1p, in LITERATURE OF LIBERTY, in PP 1200p323, headed: Spencer and Laissez-Faire. I pointed out 2 gross errors in this short summary. – J.Z.

FRANCIS, TONI, Dauerwellen – selbst gemacht, 1 S., IDEEN ARCHIV, in PP 1330-1332: 136. – Solche Neuerungen sollte man doch den Massenmedien ueberlassen. – J.Z., 7.6.96.

FRANCKE, LINDA BIRD, A Clean, Well-Lighted Place, 83, 2pp, in PP 1407: 46. – A crisis nursery for battered children in immediate danger.

FRANK, HERMAN, Moral Decay of Our Society, 2pp, 1951, 29x, in PP 542.

FRANKE, DAVID, Volunteer Army vs. National Service, The Case for a Volunteer Army, 1969, 30pp, published by Constitutional Alliance, Lansing, Michigan, in PP 965.

FRANKEL, CHARLES, Sociobiology and its Critics, COMMENTARY 63, July 79, 39-47, summary only, 1p, in LITERATURE OF LIBERTY, in PP 1200p606, headed: Sociobiology’s Program and Weakness.

FRANKFURTER ALLGEMEINE ZEITUNG, Einzelhandel will eigene Kreditkarte, 1 S., 87, in PP 1400: 121. – An das eigene Ladenfundationsgeld denkt er immer noch nicht. – J.Z.

FRANKFURTER ALLGEMEINE ZEITUNG, Frankreichs Katzenjammer nach dem Rausch der Verstaatlichungen, 1988, 2 S.: 191, in PP 1478.

FRANKFURTER RUNDSCHAU, Computer hilft beim Tauschen, 1p, 24.10.88, 29x, in PP 867.

FRANKLIN, B., La science du Bonhomme Richard et autres opuscules, in PP 778-783.

FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN, An Apology for Printers, edited and with an introduction by Randolph Goodman, a prefatory note by Philip Wittenberg; and wood engravings by John De Pol, Book Craftsmen Associates, N.Y., 1955, 41pp, in PP 986. (For how long have the book craftsmen left this classic defence of freedom of the press out of print? – J.Z.)

FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN, Autobiography, condensed, with an introduction by D. Milton Whiteside, 1944, 29pp, in E. Haldeman-Julius Publications, Digest 15, in PP 1164.

FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN, see MCCABE, JOSEPH, The Dawn of the Modern Spirit, Sketches of Voltaire, Rousseau, D’Aranda, Franklin and Diderot, Haldeman-Julius Co., n.d., 63pp, vol. XI in the series: 100 Men who Moved the World, Character Sketches of the Greatest Creative Forces of History, edited by E. Haldeman-Julius, No. 464 of his series, in PP 1164.

FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN, See: CLARK, RONALD W., Benjamin Franklin, Random House, N.Y., 1983, 530pp: 431, in PP 1529-33.

FRANSON, ROBERT WILFRED, The Shadow of the Ship, Review, 1p, of this SF story, by William H. Stoddard, in PP 1325: 76.FRANZ, JAMES J., Review of BURRIS, ALAN, A Liberty Primer, 1p & 1p adv. for the book, in PP 1382/85: 207.

FRANZ, WANDA, Dr., Post Abortion Syndrome Explained, 1p, press report only, QRTL, in PP 1428/29: 417.

FRANZEN, DON ERIK, Science and the First Amendment: The Case of Wilhelm Reich, LAW AND LIBERTY 4, Spring 78, 1-3, 6-8, summary only, 1p, in LITERATURE OF LIBERTY, in PP 1200p505, headed: Freedom of Scientific Inquiry.

FRANZEN, DON, Forethoughts of the Post-Revolutionary World, 1970, 1p from PROTOS, in PP 1409/10: 183.

FRANZEN, DON, The Ideas. Forethoughts on the Post-revolutionary World, 2pp: 87, in PP 1468.

FRANZEN, DON, The Individual, the State & the Draft, 1p: 98, in PP 1469.

FRANZI, EMIL, 1776: A Buffoonery, 1p, in PP 1312/1314: 264.

FRANZI, EMIL, Rednecks and Radicalism, 1p, in PP 1297.

FRASER FORUM, May 1984, a sample, Fraser Institute, Canadian equivalent to the IEA, 24pp, in PP 814.

FRASER FORUM, Vancouver, The Fraser Institute. Some samples, all of this publication that are in my possession: July – October 1989; December 1990 & January 1991, 260pp: 1, in PP 1515. – If I had them all, I would be tempted to microfiche them all. Why don’t YOU fiche them all and supply a FULL index to ALL the publications of the Fraser Institute – and others, all on the road to a libertarian encyclopaedia? Some are very short articles- but they can be all the more effective for that very reason, in at least some instances. Who reads whole tomes? So many excellent articles are all too dispersed, unknown and inaccessible. Most could be combined on a few CD-ROMs or a few thousand microfiche. Do not keep freedom’s wisdom statements apart and dispersed or expensive and inaccessible. – J.Z.

FRASER INSTITUTE, See: MILLER, VINCENT H., The Fraser Institute, 4pp: 267, in PP 1506/07.FRASER VALLEY PEACE LETTER, Jan. 91, 8pp, reproduced as is, in PP 1270.

FRASER, BYRON, vs ROSENBLUM, HENRY, on Anarcho – Individualism, transcript of a letter exchange of 1980, 5pp, with 1p of notes by J.Z. & 2pp of a letter by J.Z. to B.F., 29.3.95, in PP 1256.

FRASER, IAN, Acting on Principle, 3pp, in PP 1336 – 39: 24.

FRASER, IAN, Club Sovereign International, “People Who Are Achieving Privacy, Prosperity and Peace of Mind”, 1998, 6pp, in PP 1537: 183. – There are limits to achieving that within the nation-wide territorial concentration camps and under nuclear “umbrellas”.- J.Z.

FRASER, IAN, Earth Worshippers, 1p, in PP 1336 – 39: 259.FRASER, IAN, Global Cannibalism? 1p against foreign aid, in PP 1336 – 39: 70.FRASER, IAN, Slaying Socialism, 1p. On State Socialism, in PP 1336 – 39: 287. S. has numerous forms. At least some are very close to libertarian free enterprise and free market capitalism. – J.Z.

FRASER, IAN, The Liberation of Learning, 1p, in PP 1336 – 39: 343.

FRASER, MICHELLE, Multiple Connections; Anarchism & Feminism, 8pp: 41, in PP 1481.

FRASER, SUZANNE & RANCE, JAKE, Free speech: Whose speech, whose freedom? 7pp: 47, in PP 1481. – Neither showed ANY interest in the freedom of expression opportunities provided by microfilm. – Tunnel vision! – J.Z.

FRAUENGRUPPE IM LIBERTAEREN FORUM, Anarchismus u. Feminismus, 2 S.: 96, in PP 1476.

FRAZER, HUGH, Skirmish Politics, 29x, 3pp, in PP 516.

FRAZIER, MARK, A Heretical Approach to Urban Problems, 3pp, in PP 1158.

FRAZIER, MARK, Introducing Left – Right Libertarianism, 1p, in PP 1158.

FREDERICK, DANNY, Amsterdam Revisited, PERSONAL PERSPECTIVES No. 9, 2pp: 57, in PP 1487.

FREDERICK, DANNY, Casual Sex & Morality: A Kantian – Libertarian Analysis, 1992, 4pp, LA Philosophical Notes No. 18, in PP 1,052 – 1,061.

FREDERICK, DANNY, Defending Pornography, 96, 4pp, in PP 1334/35: 177.

FREDERICK, DANNY, Feminists Against Censorship: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, 4pp, in PP 1281/82.

FREDERICK, DANNY, Freewill: A Leibnitzian – Libertarian Solution, 92, 4pp, in PP 1334/35: 65.

FREDERICK, DANNY, Radical Feminism: An Expose, 92, 2pp, in PP 1334 / 35: 39.

FREDERICK, DANNY, Sexual Liberation, 1991, 4pp, LA Political Notes, No. 64, in PP 1,052 – 1,061.

FREDERICK, DANNY, The Futility of Egalitarianism. Some reflections inspired by Julian Le Grand’s STRATEGY OF EQUALITY, 96, 2pp, in PP 1334/35: 9.

FREDERICK, DANNY, The Tyranny of the GUARDIAN – Readers, 94, 4pp, in PP 1334/35: 107.

FREDERICK, DANNY, Why Compulsory Competitive Tendering for Local Government Services Is not as Good as Privatisation, 2pp, in PP 1281/82.

FREDERICKS, SHIRLEY F., A Proposal for Freedom, 4pp: 95, in PP 1482. – She discusses Stirner somewhat but makes the involuntary joke, judging by life spans, that “Max Stirner… helped Godwin and Proudhon lay the theoretical foundations of anarchist thought.” – Godwin, 1756-1836, Stirner, 1806-1856, Proudhon, 1809-1865. Godwin may have had an influence on young Stirner and Proudhon but hardly otherwise around. Only half of Proudhon’s writings seem to be published so far. Does he anywhere refer to Stirner? – J.Z.

FREE AMERICA … FROM THE INCOME TAX HOAX AND THE FEDERAL RESERVE FRAUD, a compilation by? date? Obtained where? 44pp, in PP 1247. – It contains, alas, some Social Credit ideas.

FREE AMERICA INSTITUTE, 2pp, 1992, in PP 1186. See: Terra Libra in PP 1189. 15pp in PP 1192.

FREE AMERICA INSTITUTE, Letter from Frederick Mann, 15 Oct. 1992, 1 p, in PP 1214. – For his later efforts see TERRA LIBRA.

FREE BANKING PROFESSORS, DIRECTORY, First compilation, n.d., supplied to me by Theo Megalli, 3/89, 1p, 29x, in PP 865.


FREE CHOICE, See: ROBERTS, CHARLES S., The Land of Free Choice, 6pp: 15, in PP 1529-33.

FREE COINAGE, PP 905, 969, 1111 (Silver, with legal tender! “Free” official coinage, subsidizing silver mining ).

FREE COINAGE, Private, Competitive, without Legal Tender Privileges, PP 731. See Monetary Freedom.

FREE COINAGE, See: GROSECLOSE, ELGIN, Manning the Sea Walls, 5pp: 352, in PP 1529-33. – Favours free coinage to maintain the value standard, not monetary freedom for exchange media and clearing avenues. – J.Z.

FREE COINAGE, The Free Coinage Scheme is Impracticable at every Point, PP 237/38 (Sumner, 1896). “Free” silver coinage at a legally fixed price against gold and with legal tender value against all creditors, is hardly an example of “free coinage”. – J.Z.




FREE ECONOMY, See: DILORENZO, THOMAS J., Public Policy & the Free Economy, 18pp: 324, in PP 1529-33.

FREE ENERGY OPTIONS, 9pp, in NOW WHAT, Nos. I & II, Fall 1987 & Spring 1989, published by Waves Forest.


FREE ENTERPRISE SERIES, Sydney, 8pp, in PP 852.

FREE ENTERPRISE SUPER, 2pp leaflet, 29x in PP 729.




FREE ENTERPRISE, MORAL CASE, PP 1052-61 (LA Philosophical Notes 1)

FREE ENTERPRISE, See: ANON., Popular Myths about Socialism & Free Enterprise, 2pp, in PP 1430/31: 153.

FREE ENTERPRISE, See: BOCK, ALAN W., Moratorium on a Misused Term (free enterprise), 1p, in PP 1432/1439: 280. – Most terms used by anarchists and libertarians ought to be revised – and revision proposals should be part of a libertarian – anarchist encyclopaedia. Compare: SLOGANS FOR LIBERTY.

FREE ENTERPRISE, See: CHAMBERLAIN, JOHN, The Enterprising Americans, 1p flyer, in PP 1409/10: 149.

FREE ENTERPRISE, See: IMBERMAN, A. A., Free Enterprise: The Worker’s View, 3pp, in PP 1411/12: 15.

FREE ENTERPRISE, See: JONES, JOYCE F., Was Free Enterprise ever Free? Part I, Mercantilism in the Land of Columbus, 12pp, Part II, The Rise and Fall of the Laissez-Faire Ideals. 13pp, in PP 1376: 268 & 293.

FREE ENTERPRISE, See: PENWALT CORPORATION, The Competitive Enterprise System. We believe in it… here’s why: 2pp adv., 76, in PP 1317: 141-142.

FREE ENTERPRISE, See: PETERSON, WILLIAM H., The Public Interest of Private Enterprise – and the Private Interest of Public Policy, 5pp: 164, in PP 1529- 33.

FREE ENTERPRISE, See: PP 48-49, 247, 369, 378-380, 392, 414, 490, 516, 524, 711, 722, 919, 920, 1004, 1015,

FREE ENTERPRISE, See: SULZBACH, WALTER, How to Defend Free Enterprise, 2pp, in PP 1411/12: 276. – Let us establish it first and make it fully free in every sphere! – J.Z.

FREE ENTERPRISE, See: UPDATE, editorial, 1p, in PP 277/278: 205. – Instance: After 20 years I am still almost the only libertarian and anarchist who uses microfilm extensively – although this opportunity is open and affordable for almost anyone. Where are the enterprising and pioneering libertarians and anarchists? Why do they remain addicted almost exclusively to print on paper? Why do most of them not even utilize all their digital, e.g. floppy disk & text-only CD-ROM publishing and reading opportunities, which they are supposed to favour, too? – Why do thousands to ten-thousands of computer fans let themselves be outproduced by one using a supposedly outdated technology like microfiche? – J.Z., 7.10.97.

FREE ENTERPRISE, Sydney, all issues, Vol I/1 – II/12, 1973-1976, 24x, in PP 36-39.

FREE EXCHANGE RATES, See: WINDER, GEORGE, Currency Convertibility, 2pp, from 63pp IEA book: The Free Convertibility of Sterling, in PP 1418: 45. – Merely against foreign exchange controls. – J.Z. – See: PP 6, 246, 804.


FREE EXCHANGE, The Only Solution to the Labour Problem, ed. By Henry Seymour, Nos. I-III, May-July 1892, 12pp, in PP 803.

FREE IMMIGRATION: 2 further clippings on free migration, in PP 1366: 122. – See: Asylum, Desertion, Human Rights, Immigration, Migration, Refugees.

FREE KANSAN, THE, Kansas LP, Sep/Oct. 89 & May/June 90, 10pp, all on hand, in PP 1270.

FREE LIBERTARIAN PARTY OF NEW YORK, The Libertarian Party, an introduction, 6pp, n.d.: 11, in PP 1504.

FREE LIBERTARIAN, III/11-12: Nov.- Dec. 74, 12pp. Was monthly newsletter of Free Libertarian Party, in PP 1273.

FREE LIFE (Poland St.), Socialism Is Dead – Statism Is Sick, 2pp, in PP 925.

FREE LIFE (Poland St.), Trade Wars, 2pp, in PP 925.

FREE LIFE EDITIONS, literature list, 12pp, 24x, in PP 50-54.

FREE LIFE, (Poland St.), A Journal of the Libertarian Alliance, III/3, 22pp: 62, in PP 1504. – IV/2, n.d., 32pp: 103, in PP 1505. – III/4 & V/2 & 3, 92pp, in PP 925. n.d., – I visited the Poland St. address and found neither an office nor a letter box there, nor anyone who knew about this group. This was all the more astonishing as in the ground floor there was a bookshop offering some anarchist and libertarian literature. My attempts to contact this group via mail were also unsuccessful. Did it vanish into thin air? Has it got another address? – J.Z., 26.5.98.

FREE LIFE, Journal of the Libertarian Alliance, London, I/1-III/2, except I/2, Winter 1979 to February 1983, 254pp, 29x, in PP 694. Volume 3, Nos. 3/4 ( consecutive numbers 11 & 12 ), July 83, volume 4, Nos. 1/2 (consecutive numbers 13 & 14 ), n.d. (both double issue are in reduced format in the original and here re-enlarged to fit the format of this collection ), and consecutive numbers 15 & 16, Nov. 91, May 92, 172pp, in PP 1,052 – 1,061. – Now edited by Sean GABB, L.A.’s journal, Nos. 15-21 are now available: list, 2pp, in PP 1281/82. III/4 & V/2 & 3, 92pp, in PP 925.

FREE LOVE, See: BAKER, POLLY, or OLTON, SARA, Free Love in “Ye Olden Time”, ca. 3pp: 86, in PP 1481. – See also : PP 1102, 957. Apart from the pleasures attained, and ignoring the side effects, i.e., concentrating on the personal and financial sacrifices that are made for it – and for more or less official marriages or relationships – it becomes obvious that a drug-like addiction is involved: Man and women in the power of their glands, their pheronomes and their sexual phantasies, or, as Sociobiology would assert, as the playthings of their genes. To that extent, freedom, in an absolute sense, is not involved, although personal value system and choices are, to some extent. – By all means, freedom for the responsible expression of emotional preferences, too, but also awareness that this is only a small segment of total liberty. How much do young guys, who, as a rule, think 400 – 600 times a day about sex, think about liberty? – J.Z., 5.6.98.


FREE MARIN, A Journal of Ideas for the Libertarian / Free Market Community, Kentfield, CA, editor & Publisher: Dan P. Dougherty. Only issue on hand: II/3, April 77, 12pp, in PP 1111.




FREE MARKET ADVERTISER, THE, Articles & Essays, 4pp, on monetary freedom, in this forerunner of THE ANTHONY HARGIS LETTER, in PP 25.


FREE MARKET ECONOMICS, A Basic Reader, PP 977, A Syllabus, PP 976.

FREE MARKET ENTERPRISES, Internet entry, referring to more than a dozen free-market organizations, 1p, and Links for Libertarians, 1p, in PP 1395: 121.

FREE MARKET FOUNDATION OF S.A., 1p letter, 11 July 88, in PP 848.

FREE MARKET LEGAL SYSTEMS, see: MACMASTER, MIKE, A History of Law and Free Market Legal Systems, 31pp, in PP 1,004.

FREE MARKET NET, Books, Products and Offline Content, by topic and region, 2pp , in P1541/42.

FREE MARKET NET, List of Home Pages by Subject, altogether 1249 home pages are offered, and many other services, news, calendar, articles, studies, whole books online, jobs, 2p, in PP 1541/42.

FREE MARKET NETWORK, Hebron, KY, 2pp introduction to this libertarian Internet service, 2pp, application, 2pp questionnaire, with my 6pp reply, in PP 1351: 194-205. – May they prosper and the libertarian movement through them! I still doubt that they will. Please prove me wrong! – J.Z., 9/97.

FREE MARKET REPORTER, formerly the INTERNATIONAL SHORTAGE REPORTER, dedicated to the expansion of black markets, counter – economics, underground business and other forms of free economic transactions between consenting adults. Some samples: I/12 (Aug. 77), II/1 (Oct. 77), II/2 (Dec. 77), all on hand, 24pp, in PP 1111. Dec.77 sample copy, 8pp, 29x, also in PP 855. Published by the Freedom Fellowship Church, San Francisco, editor: Dave Fowler. It was published in conjunction with FREEDOM TODAY.

FREE MARKET YELLOW PAGES, 1987/1988, DAGNY ENTERPRISES, 108pp, 29x, in PP 726, 1986, 60pp, 42x, in PP 637, 1p leaflet, 42x, in PP 680, 1984 edition, 24pp, 29x, in PP 622.

FREE MARKET, See: MATHEWS, DON, The Free Market Lifts All Boats, CHALCEDON REPORT, June 1997, 1p, 121, in PP 1453.

FREE MARKET, See: POIROT, PAUL L., Problems the Free Market CAN’T solve, 6pp: 105, in PP 1529- 33. – I firmly believe that a fully free market for all creative services, one that “releases all creative energies”, in L.E. READ’S terms, would, sooner or later, come to solve all problems that are solvable, which would include many of those which we now consider to be “insolvable”. – J.Z., 22.11.98.

FREE MARKET, Sydney, Nos. 1-7, 1979-1980, edited by Lynne Taylor and Michael Darby, 314pp, 24x, in PP 76 A-D (4 microfiche).

FREE MARKET, THE, from THE LUDWIG VON MISES INSTITUTE, some sample issues: Feb. 85, Apr. 85, Sept, 85, Nov. 85, Feb. 86, Mar. 86, Sep. 86, Dec. 86, Mar. 87, Apr. 87, July 87, Aug. 87, Sep. 87, 80 pp., 48x, in PP 739, issues 6/85 & 8/85, 29x, in PP 576, further samples : Nov. 87 – July 88, Oct. 88 – Dec. 88, all on hand, 100 pp in PP 847.



FREE MIGRATION, See IMMIGRATION, FREE. (While emigration barriers exist, too, they are, in most instances, less of an obstacle. J.Z.)

FREE MIGRATION, See: HEALY, PATRICK J. & NG POON CHEW, A Statement for Non-Exclusion, San Francisco, Nov. 1905, 255pp, in PP 1231. One of the all too few works for free migration.

FREE MIGRATION, See: HENDERSON, GERARD, Keep your tired and poor, SMH, Nov. 29, 94, clipping, 1p, favouring free migration, in PP 276.

FREE MIGRATION, See: SHARP, MICHAEL & CATALANO, ANITA, Migrants, the facts behind the faces. Australians at work: why high immigration is good for us, 2pp, SMH 11.10.93, in PP 1366: 120. – LMP would like hints towards all free migration articles, leaflets, papers and books, especially when they defend it as an individual right. I assert that immigrants have also the right not to integrate, if they do not want to, and, instead, to become or remain exterritorialy independent, together with other and like-minded volunteers, in their own communities, not claiming any exclusive territories for themselves, their own private or cooperative properties excepted.

FREE NATION FOUNDATION, See: HAMMER, RICHARD & FORMULATIONS, in PP 1365. – Some of their articles and newsletters are close to panarchism but they put them under copyrights and show no interest in other writings on this subject. – J.Z., 10.6.98.

FREE NATION, THE, The Freedom Association, 2pp leaflet, in PP 897.

FREE NEW YORK, The Libertarian Alternative, Dec. 86, Fall 87, May 87, Winter-Spring 88, 32pp, in PP 1270.


FREE PERSPECTIVES on Economics and the Environment, Foundation for Research on Economics and the Environment, June 89 & Jan. 90 issues, 32pp, in PP 478. On free market approaches to conservation, forests, pollution etc.

FREE PHILOSOPHER QUARTERLY, THE, Carrollton, then Bellevue, Editor John L. Quel, Summer 1983 – Spring 1995, complete? 301pp, copyrighted: 1-151 , in PP 1479. – I/1, Summer 83; I/2, Fall 83; I/3, Winter 83; II/1, Spring 84; II/2, Summer 84; II/3, Fall 84; II/4, Winter 84/85; III/1, Spring 85. Was there a III/2, Summer 85 issue? I do not know. On August 1, 85, John L. Quel informed that TFPQ has ceased publication. See sheet 151. Micrographically it might have been continued and expanded, due to much lower costs of labour, production and mailing, as well as of storage. Moreover, on-demand publishing on microfiche does not require many subscribers. As for financing it: Even a single person as publisher or editor could afford to subsidize is permanent in-print upon demand production technique in this format. I would have like to see some publishing philosophy in this journal on this freedom of expression and information as well as information storage and retrieval option. – Copyrights do not make most writers, publishers and editors rich, especially not when they are members of the freedom movement. Nor do they assure that their works get into and remain in print. Since I do not make any money with this microfiche reproduction but have to subsidize it myself, I believe that I do not infringe any financial interests of John L. Quel by reproducing his journal in this format. For a little outlay he could do so any time himself, deriving any profit he might be able to manage to extract from it, while telling me to cease and desist. I would not complain about this but rather welcome such an effort. Then he could easily add also all the material that he had to reject for the limited number of pages that he could then afford to publish. I do hold that this periodical was a worthwhile effort, one which ought to be made accessible now to anyone interested, at least in this format. If III/2, Summer 85, did appear then I offer 10 LMP microfiche, your choice, to the first who supplies it, in original or excellent photocopy. J.Z., 5/98.

FREE PORTS, PP 984, 1007, 1020.

FREE PRESS ASSOCIATION, A 1p introduction, in PP 812.

FREE PRESS ASSOCIATION, Question with Vigor, 2pp, 1988, in PP 1256.

FREE PRESS NETWORK, Apple Valley, III/1, Spring 1984; VIII/4, 10/11/1989; VIII/5, 11/12/1989, samples, 26pp: 1, in PP 1482. Michael Grossberg, Director. – Vol. III , No. 2, Summer 1984, a sample, 8pp, 29x, in PP 859, sheet 741..

FREE PRESS, PP 988/89, 1052-61 (LA Political Notes 52). See: J.S. MILL, On Liberty, MILTON, Areopagitica, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, An Apology for Printers: PP 986, THEODORE SCHROEDER.

FREE PRESS, Should Be a Property Rights Question, according to C. Watner, PP 914. But micrographic freedom of press expression and freedom of information requires only pocket money, not capital. Anyone can stop arguing about freedom of press opportunities, press barons and censorship by publishers and editors and simply use micrographic opportunities, provided by very high technology micrographic agencies at VERY competitive prices per page. Naturally, consumer and reader sovereignty means that anyone is free to refuse to read any paper or microfilm output. – J.Z.

FREE RADICAL, THE, N.Z., WWW Site, 1996, ½ page home page, in PP 1535: 207. Editor@freeradical.co.nz

FREE RADICAL, THE, Wellington, N.Z., Nos. 1-17, May 95 – March 96, 496pp. Editor: Lindsay Perigo, in PP 1336 – 39: 1-496. – Note, that at this stage all back issues are still in print, at $ 8 each. See their contents list for 1-16 on page 495. If you prefer the print – pay your way. It is in my opinion the best libertarian journal produced in this part of the world – right after my own PEACE PLANS. I do hope they can keep it up or, alternatively, will produce it and much more on microfiche and or CD-ROMs. According to its editorial policy, it upholds “individual sovereignty. But I have still to find it advocating individual secessionism and full exterritorial autonomy (or panarchism). Maybe it will, later. – Michael Taylor sent me the set in exchange for some of my material, especially towards their planned large (1,000pp) libertarian bibliography and assured me that THE FREE RADICAL would welcome its fiching, on my usual basis: A non-exclusive and revocable permission, given free of charge and putting all risks and costs upon me. – Today I got news from Chris Tame, London L.A.: “My Bibliography of Freedom is progressing nicely. I reckon it will be about 3 volumes of 600 pp each in length, when it’s finished.” I would like to see these two, my own, the anarchist one of Michael Vaux, and others, to be integrated into a still larger, comprehensive and continuously growing common one, welcoming relevant entries from anybody. – Imagine these FREE RADICAL and all other articles, essays, books, leaflets, papers, etc., integrated in a libertarian ideas archive and information centre, with any segment being cheaply available on microfiche, disks, text only CD-ROMs and on line, at their prices, an information resource that is permanent but constantly updated and continuously growing, supplemented, cross-referenced, surveyed, abstracted, reviewed, discussed, classified, indexed, automatically searchable, – but most of all, comprehensive. Never mind the repetitions. You could follow your chosen guides or editors. The best slogans, refutations, definitions and arguments for liberty, so far found, would naturally be included, there, too. A genuine encyclopaedia for enlightenment, a world freedom library accessible easily and fast enough to everybody. Even the best freedom magazine or book, taken separately, or with only a few others, are not enough. – We have to get our whole act together, with no voice, pen, typewriter or word processor being ignored. – My LIBERTARIAN MICROFICHE PUBLISHING pilot scheme and my text only CD-ROM project and Ideas Archive involvement do all work towards that aim. – If we remain in our little cubicles and expend all our energies and resources only in them, then we will never make it. – By all means, we need division of labour, much more of it than is presently the case between us, with free and sufficiently used communication and exchange channels, to keep us in touch with all positive freedom ideas and all worthwhile criticism, achieving thus sufficient mutual correction and cross-fertilization. – We have the ideas, the talents, the resources and the tools between us – but we are still far from using all of them optimally for our purposes. But do not expect everything to come from the INTERNET, either. All affordable media ought to be used by us, in their strengths, to the fullest. I for one could do without the fancy printing, colouring and layout of this magazine. That would also permit a lower price. Can’t freedom lovers accept their texts straight and simple any more? Do they have to be fancied up and popularized, too, given the pop TV treatment? – Admittedly, this is a rather minor objection to an otherwise and generally excellent magazine, that offers also some humour or satire, mostly not listed, here, horror and praise files and letters. The latter, alas, without mentioning the address. – J.Z., 18.9.96.

FREE RADIO ASSOCIATION, U.K., 1968 Newsletter, 3pp, in PP 1,019.


FREE SOCIETY GROUP OF CHICAGO, The World Scene From The Libertarian Point Of View, 1951, 95pp, with contributions by Maximoff, Rocker, Meltzer, Woodcock, Souchy and others, 29x, in PP 542.

FREE SOCIETY, 2/3, n.d., 1994 according to illustration, 32pp, in PP 474. – The kind of publication that turns many enlightened, rational & ethical people AGAINST anarchism. – J.Z.

FREE SOCIETY, See: PP 173 – 176, 282, 316-318 (Ebeling on Hayek), 349, 376, 481 (Molinari), 528 (Georgist), 706, 995, 1012 (Opitz), 1140.

FREE SOCIETY, WHEN IS A SOCIETY FREE? – An appeal of 1970 to Peace Plans & Contacts readers in the Sydney area, which led to the Ayn Rand Discussion Group, later AIR, The Alliance for Individual Rights, that to the Workers Party and that to almost nothing, largely wasted efforts. A better organization and publication of meetings and extensive microfiche publishing could, I believe, have achieved much more. – J.Z.

FREE SPEECH AND PORNOGRAPHY Interview with Jim Buckley & Al Goldstein, conducted by Ralph Fucetola III & Walter Block, 1972, 6pp, in PP 1,027.

FREE SPEECH COMMITTEE, Bexley South, 95? 3pp: 121, in PP 1475. – Membership Form, 1p, 1995, Bexley South, NSW, in PP 474.FREE SPEECH VICTIM – JESUS CHRIST, PP 1033.

FREE SPEECH, FREE PRESS, FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: BIESER, SCOTT, Free Speech vs. the Liberal Media, 1p, in PP 1378/81: 319.

FREE SPEECH, See: BURROUGHES, TOM, Free Speech, Privacy, Property & Contract in the Electronic Age: A Journalist’s View, 94, 4pp, in PP 1334/35: 115.

FREE SPEECH, See: HENTOFF, NAT, Free Speech: A Bumpy Road, 8pp: 89, in PP 1506/07.


FREE SPEECH, See: KENNEDY TAYLOR, JOAN, Review, in PP 1325: 89.

FREE SPEECH, See: MORTON, JAMES F., Jr., A Monumental Defence of Free Speech, 5pp, reviewing Theodore Schroeder’s “Obscene Literature & Constitutional Law”, in PP 1359.

FREE SPEECH, See: O’BRIEN, GERALDINE, Deported ‘Martyr” Remembered. 1p, 96, in PP 1349: Deported for free speech: Joseph Gerrald: 121.

FREE SPEECH, See: PP 424, 986, 989, 1052-61 (LA Political Notes 45), see FOOTE, E.B., SCHROEDER, THEODORE, OPEN AIR SPEAKING CENTRES.

FREE SPEECH, See: STEELE, DAVID RAMSAY, Free Speech, 3pp, early leaflet of LIBERTARIAN ALLIANCE, London, in PP 1407: 152.

FREE SPEECH, See: WHEATCROFT, GEOFFREY, The Threat to Free Speech from the Left, 94, 2pp, in PP 1334/35: 129.

FREE SPEECH, See: WOLLSTEIN, JARRET B., Freedom of Speech under Siege, 6pp, in PP 1445: 44. – Another version of the same leaflet, 6pp: 46.


FREE TEXAS, LP of Texas, incomplete: IX/1, 1980 – IX/4; X/1, Wi. 80/81 – X/3, Summer 81, 133pp, in PP 1378/81: 303-435. – Each issue deals with one subject: New Decade Issue; Civil Liberties Issue; Government in Crisis Issue; Business Issue; Future of Freedom Issue; Future Issue; Local Problems, Libertarian Solutions Issue (Urban Issue); Education Issue. – Since it is more centered on discussing issues than persons and party campaigns, I would like to get the complete set for microfiching! – J.Z., 97.


FREE TRADE ADVOCATE, THE, Philadelphia, 1829, vol. I, Nos. 1-3, edited by Condy RAGUET, 48pp, in PP 1228. Please note that another microfilm publisher is able to offer the whole set. I could not because the tightly bound original, which Michael Green made accessible to me, was already too brittle for complete photocopying without damaging it. – J.Z.

FREE TRADE AUTHORITY, a prospectus, 29x, in PP 598.

FREE TRADE CONGRESS, See: 2nd. International Free Trade Congress, Antwerp, 1910, here only handwritten notes on the subjects, 1p, on sheet 166, in PP 497/498. Were there more such congresses? Were their reports published?

FREE TRADE CONGRESS, See: REPORT OF THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE INTERNATIONAL FREE TRADE CONGRESS, London, August 1908, extensively indexed, many famous participants, 657pp, in PP 497/498. Published 1913 or 1914? – Not a complete report but here as complete as published. I was particularly interested in contributions by Winston Churchill, Yves Guyot, Max Hirsch, M.G. de Molinari, Louis F. Post, Russell Rea, Prof. Sumner and John de Witt Warner. – J.Z.

FREE TRADE LEAGUE, 51 Free Trade Leaflets and Speeches, 1910, 29x, in PP 568.

FREE TRADE OR TARIFFS, A Debate on Growth Strategy, a MANHATTAN REPORT debate, 6pp, in PP 1538: 90. – Should one speak of “growth” when free and natural growth is everywhere interfered with? – Try to make “grass” “grow” by grabbing it and pulling it up! – Only these interventionists and their favourites “make” money out of this – which is forcefully taken from others, who are really productive. – J.Z.

FREE TRADE SERIES, Libertarian Microfiche Publishing: SOME OF LMP’s AMBITIONS WITH ITS FREE TRADE SUB-SERIES: (1.) Get all Free Trade vs. Protectionism writings together, at least in a complete bibliography, if not in full texts, in one Free Trade library. (2.) Reproduce them cheaply and permanently, at least on microfiche. (3.) Extract all significant facts, arguments, principles and ideas and abstract them. (4.) Alphabetize them. (5.) Cross – reference them. (6.) Publish this full and detailed discussion at least on microfiche, floppy disks and text only CD-ROMs. (7.) Use this reference work in all future controversies on this subject, determining, gradually, the most efficient replies to every relevant error myths and prejudice, and, finally, publishing these together in a handbook of the best refutations. (8.) Supplement these reference works whenever new words or argument are invented for old fallacies or arguments or whenever new facts should come to light. (9.) Collaboration and division of labour on all these steps e.g., through the Internet, consumer organizations, chambers of commerce, economics departments of universities, associations of economists and by interested laymen like myself. We should not leave this important enlightenment effort unfinished for another 150 years. (10.) Let people opt out of the protectionist systems, individually and in volunteer groups and let them practice among themselves the degrees of unilateral and multilateral Free Trade that they do want for themselves, at their own risk and expense, especially with the degrees of monetary and financial freedom (including voluntary taxation) that they do prefer. At the same time, let the Protectionists fully enjoy or, rather, suffer the maximum “protection” that they want to provide for themselves, also at their own risk and expense. I do firmly believe that the most consistent Free Traders would finally win that competition, i.e. that the Protectionists would loose all their believers, customers and victims. Even protectionist governments have already tolerated, in their own interest, duty free shops and industrial zones. Just generalize this practice and make it a matter of individual choice, independent of any government licence, board, law, jurisdiction, tax burden and regulation. With this program the Free Traders could win within a few years. And between themselves they would achieve Free Trade much sooner than they could otherwise. – PIOT, John Zube, 23 September 1996. – Please help, to make, at last, the Free Trade ideas a winning combination, fast! – J.Z., 30.9.97.


FREE TRADE, See: Ashford, Nigel, Open Borders: The Morality of Free Trade, FOREIGN POLICY PERSPECTIVES No. 29, 4pp: 27, in PP 1487.

FREE TRADE, See: BERGLAND, DAVID, Free Trade, Fair Trade and Absurdity, 1p, in PP 279: 13.

FREE TRADE, See: BLOCK, WALTER, Customs Union – or Real Honest to Goodness Free Trade? 1p: 33, in PP 1515.

FREE TRADE, See: BLUNDELL, V.H., A Child’s Guide to the Understanding of Free Trade & Protective Tariffs, Part I, 2pp, in PP 1430/31: 16.FREE TRADE, See: CALLAWAY, HOWARD, Unions, Tariffs and the British Economy, 1p, in PP 1409/10: 50.

FREE TRADE, See: CLANCY, ROBERT, Free Trade: Practising what we Preach, 1p, in PP 1432/1439: 1197.

FREE TRADE, See: COBB, JOE, Free Trade, 2pp, in PP 1409/10: 234.

FREE TRADE, See: COBB, JOE, Free trade, the historic way to peace, 1p, SIL, in PP 1382/85: 291.

FREE TRADE, See: COBB, JOE, Free Trade. Anything that’s Peaceful, 6pp, in PP 1445: 10.

FREE TRADE, See: CURTISS, W.M., The Topsy-Turvy Tariff Tangle, 9pp, in PP 1418: 37.

FREE TRADE, See: FREE TRADE TITLES, LMP, PEACE PLANS series, 1989 list, 10pp, 29x, in PP 896. Since then many other such titles were added. Nor all such titles are as yet separately listed. – J.Z.

FREE TRADE, See: INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL, Free Trade for a Free World, 6pp leaflet, in PP 274.

FREE TRADE, See: LAMBERT, HENRI, Pax Economica. La liberte des echanges internationaux, fondement necessaire et suffisant de la paix universelle et permanente, 1920, 321pp, 29x, in PP 611.


FREE TRADE, See: MAGUIRE, THOMAS F., Free Trade vs. Protectionism, 1983, 3pp, in PP 1252.

FREE TRADE, See: MAJEWSKI, JOHN, Third World Development Foreign Aid or Free Trade? 4pp, in PP 1430/31: 219. – From THE FREEMAN.

FREE TRADE, See: MILLER, VINCENT H. & ELWOOD, JAMES R., Free Trade vs. Protectionism. The Great Debate. 6pp, in PP 1445: 58.

FREE TRADE, See: PP 1 & 2, 6, 48-49, 147/48, 203, 237/38, 246, 290, 347-48, 360/1, 367 – 369, 381, 407, 410/11, 484, 489, 546, 568, 598, 602, 604/05, 609, 611 – 613, 619, 620, 625, 627, 642, 654, 658, 665, 710, 723, 737, 745, 769/70, 778-783 (CONDILLAC, NECKER), 785, 801, 807/8, 849, 919/20, 1014, 1031, 1037/38, 1040, 1052-61 (LA Libertarian Heritage 4), 1063, 1065/66, 1068/9, 1073, 1090, 1100, 1101, 1102, 1011, 1111, 1117, 1124, 1132, 1139, 1148/49, 1184. See MILHAUD, SYSTEM, CLEARING, MONETARY FREEDOM.

FREE TRADE, See: RUSSELL, DEAN, Free Trade: Domestic, Foreign, 8pp: 13, in PP 1529- 33.

FREE TRADE, See: TAYLOR, JOAN KENNEDY, Free Trade: The Necessary Foundation for World Peace, FEE, here only in a 1/2p book announcement, in PP 492.

FREE TRADER, THE, No. 264, Jan.-Feb. 1952, sample copy, 12pp, 29x, in PP 706.

FREE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK, Leaflet, 1p, in PP 1280.

FREE WILL, See: ARMSTRONG, DAVID, The Freedom of the Will, 5pp, in PP 1471. – From a work then in progress: 1965.

FREE WILL, See: CAPLAN, BRYAN, Some Arguments for the Existence of Free Will and some Objections Answered, PHILOSOPHICAL NOTES No. 46, 4pp: 69, in PP 1487.

FREE WILL, See: FREDERICK, DANNY, Free Will: A Leibnitzian – Libertarian Solution, 92, 4pp, in PP 1334/35: 65. – Unless we proceed a bit more systematically than the philosophers did so far, this discussion might remain unresolved for another 2,000 – 3,000 years! – J.Z.

FREE WILL, See: KENNY, PETER, Determinism and Free-Will, 1965, 5pp: 70, in PP 1471.

FREE WILL, See: PP 864. – Must that debate go on and on, for thousands of years, without being finalized? – It should be properly compiled, on paper, fiche and online. Seeing that so many arguments are involved, best, probably, in flow-chart discussions, or hypertext, using the modern buzz word for it. – J.Z.

FREE WILL, See: WOLLSTEIN, JARRET B., Free Will and the Natural Order, 4pp: 378, in PP 1457/62.

FREE WORLD CHRONICLE, Toronto, published by LIBERTARIAN INTERNATIONAL, all of the complete further copies presently on hand: I/6 (9/10/83); II/1 (11/12/83); II/4 (5/6/84); III/2 (1985), 132pp, in PP 1445: 85. – Vol. III, No. 3, May 85, 56pp, in PP 875. Please help to get this set complete & permanently in print, at least on microfiche. We should not treat our brain-children so negligently! At least one ISIL member should have a complete set and be prepared to share it, preferably via excellent photocopies, for microfiching. – J.Z.

FREE WORLD QUESTIONAIRE, 2pp leaflet by WISDORE, AAIMI, that came with his book “Free World”, 29x, in PP 872.

FREE ZONES, See: LOROT, PASCAL, Les Zones Franches, Etitions de L’Institut Economique de Paris, 1984, 38pp, in PP 1,007.

FREE ZONES, See: NOTTEN, MICHAEL VAN, The Political Rationale for Free Zones in Europe, 24pp, in PP 1,004.

FREE ZONES, See: PP 755.

FREE, B., Have Your Child In Your Own Home, 2pp, in PROTOS, in PP 1112.

FREE, THE FOUNDATION FOR RATIONAL ECONOMICS, founded by Ron Paul, 2pp, in PP 1,017.

FREE, WHO IS FREE? PP 242. Is It the Millionaire? Is It The Savage? Is It The Tramp? Is It The Civilized Man? PP 1074.

FREEDOM & COERCION, Definitions, PP 1028/29. See Slogans for Liberty.




FREEDOM & SELFISHNESS, PP 1052-61 (LA Philosophical Notes 2).





FREEDOM ASSOCIATION, THE, The Charter of Rights and Liberties, 15 points, ca. 1977, 1p, 48x, in PP 589/590, 24x in PP 109-110..


FREEDOM BOOKS, Books on Economic Freedom & on Political Freedom, 1998, 4pp, in PP 1534: 95 .

FREEDOM BOOKS, leaflet, 2pp, 24x, in PP 145-146.

FREEDOM BOOKSHOP, London, literature list, 7pp, 24x, in PP 50-54.

FREEDOM BOOKSHOPS, 1031. Why most were or are failing, deserves a closer study. Compare LAISSEZ FAIRE BOOKS & its success. Compare also the Microfiche options. See INDIVIDUALIST BOOKSHOP, in 482. See LIBERTARIAN MICROFICHE PUBLISHING as a cheap mail order alternative. – J.Z.

FREEDOM BULLETIN, IFF, Southern Africa Office, Bryanston, Nos. 11 & 12, 1990, of vol. IV & Vol. V, Nos. 2, 4-8, 1991, incomplete.

FREEDOM BULLETIN, International Edition, Washington, IV/7,11,12, V/2,3,5-9, July 90 – Sep. 91, incomplete, in PP 1,002.

FREEDOM BULLETIN, International Freedom Foundation, London, Nos. 17, 19-21, January 1991 – September 1991, incomplete, in PP 1,002.

FREEDOM BULLETIN, V/10, 1991, The Importance of Private Ownership for Sound Environmentalism, IFF, 8pp, in PP 1256.

FREEDOM BULLETIN, V/9, 1991, Discrimination: The Poison or Foundation of Free Societies? 8pp, from International Freedom Foundation, South Africa Office, in PP 1256.

FREEDOM CALENDAR, 2pp flyer from St. Paul, in PP 1357: 113.

FREEDOM CENTER, Library, Cal. State Univ., Fullerton, to J.Z., 9 June 80, 1/2p, with reply, 8 July 80, 1/2p, in PP 907-910.

FREEDOM CONVENTIONS, Individual Constitutions or Declarations of Independence wanted, 1p, in PP 1355: 95. – See: Declarations of Independence, First Principles.

FREEDOM DAILY, Future of Freedom Foundation, home page only, ½ page, on Nov. 1998 issue, in PP 1535: 207. –info@fff.org. – Is there to be a full stop at the end of this address? I do not know. You try it. – J.Z.

FREEDOM DAILY, The Future of Freedom Foundation, Jan. – May 1990, 33pp, in PP 1,027. – Oct. 90 – Feb. 91, Apr. 91 – Sep. 92, Jan. 94, all condensed to essays and quotes, in PP 499. – FFF produces them, temporarily, mainly for temporary use, and seems to make no effort to preserve and offer the lasting values of these calendars together, permanently and cheaply, in an alternative medium. Why? – J.Z., 10.6.98.


FREEDOM DIRECTORIES, SOME, AND ARTICLES, 532pp compilation by John Zube, 29x, in PP 387-390. See also under Directories.



FREEDOM FINDER, Freedom Finder.txt, anonymous, n.d., 4pp, in PP 1535: 8. – Anarcho-capitalistic notes and resources.

FREEDOM FIRST, No. 73, January – April 1973, a sample, 29x, in PP 539. See also: PP 1013.FREEDOM FOR ECONOMIC EXPERIMENTS – IN FORM OF OPERATIONAL GAMING, PP 12.


FREEDOM IDEAS, MARKET & ARCHIVE FOR, PP 20/21, 183, see Ideas Archive, Institute for Social Inventions,


FREEDOM IN HISTORY, Jan. 1986, Vol. 2, No. 2, sample, containing: E. Scott Royce: Telling the World What to Think: The U.S.I.A. & The Vietnam War, 4pp, in PP 1108.

FREEDOM IN HISTORY, Nov. 85, II/1, 6pp, by ROYCE SCOTT, E., in PP 1418 : 57.



FREEDOM NETWORK NEWS, San Francisco, by LIBERTARIAN INTERNATIONAL, now INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY, Nos. 1-, 6-20, July 76 – Feb. 89, in two microfiche, PP 860 & 861. Nos. 21 – 24, March 89 – December 89, 64pp, 29x, in PP 926. – Nos. 2-5 and most issues of FREE WORLD CHRONICLE are still wanted for filming.

FREEDOM NETWORK NEWS, San Francisco, ISIL, 1990-95, incomplete, with some other ISIL material, 490pp, in PP 1287/90. FNN 25=Jan/Feb. 90; 26=2/90; 28=Nov.90, 29=April 91; Special Interim Report, Aug.91; 30=Oct.91; ISIL WORLD NEWS UPDATE: Dec.91; ISIL WORLD BULLETIN: April 92; 31=Sum.92; WORLD FREEDOM BULLETIN, Oct. & Nov. 92; FNN, unnumbered = Jan/Mar. 93; Spring/Summer 93, Nov./Dec.93; Interim Report, March 94; June/July 94; ISIL INTERNATIONAL REPORT, June/July 94; FNN Sept/Oct. 94; Dec/Jan. 94/95 (wrongly called 93/94); April/May 95; June/July 95; Oct. 95.

FREEDOM NOW PROJECT, FORT COLLINS, See: GLENNIE, MARY MARGARET, Project coordinator of Freedom Now, Fort Collins, a number of leaflets, surveys and clippings on her attempt to concentrate at least 1,000 addional libertarians in Fort Collins, in order to achieve a significant difference in Fort Collins, 100 sheets: 1, in PP 1491.

FREEDOM OF CHOICE, PP 376, see Choice.


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FREEDOM SCHOOL LIBRARY, See the remarks after LEFEVRE, ROBERT, You Don’t Have to Go Ape to Go free… I visited, in 1990/91, as many private freedom libraries as I could and would like to hear of more of them and would like many more of their treasures brought at least to the light of microfiche reading machines. Why not promote this, better bibliographies and friendly interactions by simply starting to list at least the rare titles in your possession on a computer disk and sending me a copy and swapping such disks among each other? In my upcoming bibliography I started to list titles in my library and marked them as being located also there. – J.Z.


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FREEDOM, March 86: 1.) GODWIN and Anarchism, 2pp on recent books, 2.) PROUDHON, on two recent books, 1 p. – 29x, in PP 724. (Pointing out that more than 120 years after his death, his complete writings have still not been published, not even in French, partly because they would fill 40-50 volumes. That case alone should be enough to motivate anarchists to become involved with microfiche! Anarchists have still to discover many of the writings of their major prophet! George Woodcock, in a telephone conversation in 1990, denied that this is the case but since then I found another hint which confirms it: “…he published over 40 works and left 14 volumes of correspondence, 11 volumes of notebooks and a large number of unpublished manuscripts.”… – “… an unpublished Treatise on Political Economy (1849/55)…” – Peter Marshall, Demanding the Impossible, pp.234/251. If I had access to these writings, via filmable photocopies, I would film them myself. It’s a scandal for anarchist publishing. Perhaps, however unlikely, some ideas may be still buried there that could help to liberate us. But I doubt, at least at this stage, that I could interest FREEDOM or the writer of the above article, in adopting the micrographic options for this or recommending them to readers of FREEDOM or other anarchists. Rather struggle for another century in vain than adopt microfilm to realize anarchistic ideas fast – that seems to be their unexpressed but practised attitude. J.Z.)

FREEDOM, MORAL FOUNDATION, PP 1036, 1052-61 (LA Pol. Notes 68), 1151.


FREEDOM, PERSONAL PRACTICE, PP 962. See e.g. LIVING FREE, BLACK MARKET, COUNTER ECONOMICS, UNDERGROUND ECONOMY, LIBERTARIAN LIBRARY, LIBERTARIAN ENCYCLOPEDIA, LIBERTARIAN INDEXES, LIBERTARIAN ABSTRACTS, LIBERTARIAN MICROFILMING, LIBERTARIAN BIBLIOGRAPHIES, IDEAS ARCHIVES, REFUTATIONS ENCYCLOPAEDIAS – and similar legal and essential jobs, of self-liberation, still largely undone or ignored. – I listed 1,000 projects in PP 20 that wait for sufficient collaboration among freedom lovers and feel sure that there are many others that could be valuable but remain undone or unfinished because sufficient collaboration on them is not organized, world-wide, in a market-like way. – J.Z.

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FREEFANZINE, No. 49, a libertarian sci-fi apa, Oct. 84, published by Mike Gunderloy, 29x, in PP 614. The whole should be microfilmed, before it fades away. Much of it is only spirit – duplicated. But that is the only issue that came my way. – J.Z.

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FREELAND III, New/Free Country Conference ’85, leaflet, 2pp, in PP 1361: 118. – I would rather reproduce all the conference papers, of this and other freedom conferences, if I could get them. – J.Z.

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FREE-MARKET.NET, The Freedom Network. Connect with the International Libertarian Movement: Directory; Search; features; forums. 73 partner organizations listed as links on 5pp, in PP 1535: 163. – $ 50 annual sub. To THE HENRY HAZLITT FOUNDATION. E-MAIL: Feedback@Free-Market.net with your questions or comments.

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FREENETWORK, U.S., 1p introduction, 29x, in PP 685. I think that the Freenetwork failed largely because it was promoted only through expensive to produce and mail paper print outs of long lists of addresses and sent, nevertheless, free of charge. Who can long sustain such production and distribution methods? Micrographically it could have succeeded – IF the first supporters could have been won over to using this medium for it – and other of their purposes. However, that “if” is a big IF, among in this respect tradition-bound, custom-ridden and habituated freedom “radicals”, who rather waste their money, time and energy on a print on paper technology that has failed to help liberate them sufficiently during the last 500 years. – J.Z.

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FREEST PLACES IN THE WORLD, PP 1171. Are they also the ones where one could do most for liberty? For instance, there are not many effective legal restrictions in the Arctic or Antarctic but …J.Z.

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FREMERY, ROBERT de, Monetary Requirements of a Free Society, 1979, 3pp, 36x, in PP 381. (Mainly concerned about borrowing short and lending long. That criticism is correct, as far as it goes. However, he wants 100% reserve banking, controlled by the government! Believes in credit and money “creation”. I saw some of his pamphlets over 20 years ago and, according to a manuscript in my possession, quickly perused, he seems to have learned nothing since. Still the main old fallacy, saying in essence: “A free society must have MY money system!” If he advocated it only as one competitive system, without any exclusive and coercive features, I would have no objection. J.Z.)

FREMERY, ROBERT DE, Money & Freedom, 1955, 133pp, in PP 1428/29: 1. – The title is misleading. This is not a monetary freedom book but rather on money reform that is close to Social Credit ideas. – See the enclosed correspondence. – He is right mainly only in his protest against the fraudulent medium or long term investment, without individual consent of the savers, of funds that are on short terms or even instantly recallable. – J.Z.

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FRENCH REVOLUTION, Some free banking occurred even during the French Revolution, see: PP 815. But there was all too little of it, otherwise, it would have proceeded very differently. See Ulrich von Beckerath on this in PP 11. – J.Z.

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FREZZA, BILL, The Internet: Killer Virus of the State, 1p, in PP 1287/89p481. – It seems to have a very long incubation period, too. – Excess expectations are bound to be disappointed. Volumes could be filled with the disappointments regarding print and broadcasting and computer media. Alas, also with disappointments with as affordable, lasting and permanency in print options like microfiche self-publishing. – All affordable tools and machineries, processes, institutions, talents, resources, references, ideas and channels for liberty ought to be made much better known – and much more widely used. – J.Z.

FRIED, ALFRED H., Handbuch der Friedensbewegung, 1905, mit alphabetischem Wortregister, 464 S., in PP 816. – I have later such compilations by others – but they are under copyrights protection. Obviously, we have to be protected against the easy, permanent and cheap spread of peace ideas! – J.Z.

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FRIEDMAN, DAVID, Laissez-Faire in Population: The Least Bad Solution, 1972, 1990, LA Economic Notes No. 27, in PP 1,052 – 1,061. This appears to be only an abbreviated version. – I met him once at a friend’s place but he did not give much opportunity for discussion, e.g. of monetary freedom ideas. He rather recited Kipling, for hours, and did this rather well. But towards sunrise I had enough of this and started on my long drive home. An opinion exchange on monetary freedom options would have been of greater value to me. Or an agreement on microfilming some of his writings. – Even freedom lovers seem to wear most of their present freedom ideas like a protective armour that keeps other freedom ideas from penetrating into their heads. – J.Z.

FRIEDMAN, DAVID, Law as a Private Good, A response to Tyler Cowan on the Economics of Anarchy, 5pp, 1992 or after, in PP 1535: 28.

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FRIEDMAN, MILTON, Liberty is winning the battle of ideas, 3pp, in PP 1430/31: 179. – Not yet, but if we fully used all alternative, affordable and efficient publishing media and established a real market for worthwhile ideas, especially freedom, peace, justice and prosperity ideas, we could, rather soon. See e.g.: Ideas Archive. – J.Z., 3.10.97. – Not even Milton Friedman’s ideas are alphabetized as yet, in affordable and accessible duplicate issues. – I would gladly donate 1000 LMP pages for this. – J.Z., 10.10.97.

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