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PANARCHY, Typical short objection or, rather, reaction, by someone who has given little thought to the subject: in PP 1440/42: 28 & 94.

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PANIZZA, OSKAR, Il concilio d’amore, Et coetera, et coetera, 1988, 173pp, in PP 1347: 35. – The other, etc. essays are: a) Un scandalo in convento, b) La Chiesa di Zinsblech, c) Il delitto di Tavistock Square. – Traduzione: Andrea Chersi. Preludio: Andre Breton.

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PANKRATZ, PETER, Auf die Idee kommt es an, 1 S., IDEEN ARCHIV, in PP 1330-1332: 149. Auch die beste Idee ist fast Nichts ohne ihre verstaendnisvolle Anwendung! – J.Z., 7.6.96.

PAPER CAMEL, THE, 4pp, advertising Schiff’s THE BIGGEST CON, 29x, in PP 731.

PAPER MONEY, PP 61/63, 240, 373/75, 428ff (S. 620 et al), 641, 731/32, 737, 787, 805, 810, 980, 1020, 1037/38. see CENTRAL BANKING, LEGAL TENDER, MONETARY DESPOTISM, TAX FOUNDATION, MONEY, MONETARY FREEDOM. Once the term “paper money” stood not only for money printed on paper but for: forced currency or paper money WITH LEGAL TENDER, more or less exclusive, as opposed to OPTIONAL bank notes. That distinction is more important than whether either or both are, temporarily or permanently “covered” by and convertible into rare metal hoards and to what extent. The term “fiat money” does not make this distinction, either, and wrongly implies that any other cover or redemption than by rare metals is merely fictitious or arbitrary and no good to any holder. Neither government fiat, nor government or even private securities, nor real estate or long term assets, nor rare metal stocks are optimal, far less are they the only possible guarantees or convertibility goods for EXCHANGE MEDIA for daily needed goods and services. These exchange media do primarily need a “goods or service cover” or “readiness to accept – foundation”, aptly called “shop foundation”, and, in addition, an immediately due or short term debt payment or clearing foundation. For optional and market rated state paper money that can be TAX FOUNDATION: Acceptance at par with the nominal value in payment of all taxes and dues and for government bonds with e.g. gold clauses – while such investments in tax slaves are still permitted. Such monies greatly reduce the difficulties in paying compulsory taxes. Ultimately, they ought to be replaced by subscription and contribution based monies of voluntary members. For sound commercial banknotes: suitably “cut up” and self-liquidating bills, that debt foundation lies largely in “real bills”, issued in payment for goods already sold & running only for 2-3 months. Those academics who still believe, copying from each other since about 1800, that the real bills doctrine is fallacious, have not really examined it and the functioning of market rated exchange medium when sound value standards can be and are freely used in them. Forced and exclusive paper currencies do not need a sound, open and clear and sufficient “reflux” arrangement. They cannot be refused or discounted and can thus be inflated. Optional and competitive private notes or paper monies do need sufficient and short-term reflux, to bring about the desired clearing settlement, for which they serve well, as physical means or tokens or certificates of exchange and clearing. Being refusable and discountable, they cannot inflate prices stated in sound value standards. When their issue technique is known, and is widely used, because such issues are not legally prohibited, then they can prevent depressions, sales difficulties and involuntary mass unemployment. Then they keep the quantities and values of goods, services and exchange media in balance and realize Say’s Law: Goods and services “create” (rather: can be and tend to be used freely to create! J.Z.) their own purchasing power, in form of e.g. tickets, vouchers, warrants, coupons, banknotes and clearing certificates, in monetarily useful denominations – through the mediation of free banking and free clearing. In the absence of Legal Tender good money drives out the bad. Forgive the dissertation. I simply hate “sponge” words, which lead to spongy ideas and vague opinions and erroneous conclusions. – J.Z.).

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PARKER, S.E., Divorce, Duty and the Bishop, 2pp, in PP 1420/22: 253. – There are many types of duties, among them many wrongful and imposed or merely imaginary duties and some rightful and self-recognized and chosen ones. Stirnerites seem to deal almost always only with the former. – As a somewhat rational and ethical being, with self-respect and respect for others, who do deserve some respect, I believe, with e.g. Immanuel Kant and Ulrich von Beckerath, in the duty to work towards a free and therefore just, peaceful and prosperous society, made up of numerous, self-chosen and exterritorially autonomous societies, even competing governments, with voluntary members only, and that these should not only be confined to this planet and to humans as the only possible rational and moral beings. – If encyclopaedias of definitions did include all their varieties then such wholesale condemnations of all duties would be somewhat harder to practice. – J.Z., 10.9.97.

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PAUL SHEARMAN ALLEN & ASSOCIATES, Prospectus in which they offer their services as legal advisers to facilitate the immigration to the U.S. Associated with Libertarian International, 12pp, May 89, in PP 882. – Immigration to the U.S. is now so “free” that one needs a lawyer to negotiate it! There was a time, around 1900, when $ 5 sufficed for A passage from Europe to the U.S. and no passport or greencard was required. – I read yesterday with great pleasure, in the Newsletter of the NSW Progress Party, that “Bumper”: JACOB G. HORNBERGER of FFF has just published a book on free migration and free trade, a title that has been overdue for a long time. I would love to fiche all such articles, essays, leaflets, pamphlets and books in this series. It is one of the classical but still all too controversial liberties. – J.Z., 5 Sep. 1995.

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PAULUSBERGER, R., Strahlendes Gold, ein Weg, Gemuese, Obst- und Sonderkulturen erfolgreich zu bewaessern, 3 S., Sonnenwaerme Geraete u. Bewaesserung, IDEEN ARCHIV, in PP 1330-1332: 143.

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PAX ROMANA, PAX BRITANNICA, PAX AMERICANA, What Is Wrong & What Is Right with them? PP 12. That was to be continued. I have still not got around to do that. By now one might have to add even some appreciation of a “PAX SOVIETICA”, based on a ruthless suppression of all secessionist and insurrectionist attempts in the former USSR. But in this case the blood sacrifices of suppression may have cost even more than the subsequent nationalistic, racist and religious wars arising out of continued but smaller sized territorialism, after the collapse of this empire. – J.Z.

PAZELT, WERNER, Der plastische Plan, Gute Ideen, Architektur, 2 S. ueber Baumodelle, IDEEN ARCHIV, in PP 1330-1332: 68. Jetzt kann man sein Haus auf einem Komputer modellisieren. – J.Z.

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PEACE & FREEDOM, See: LAISSEZ FAIRE BOOKS, Towards Peace & Freedom, 4pp leaflet, in PP 274: 159.

PEACE & HERD INSTINCT, HERD INSTINCT IN PEACE & WAR, PP 1024. I rather think that primitive social herd “ideas” and barbaric institutions, like territorial States with compulsory membership and subjugation (territorial “integrity” and “internal affairs and “national sovereignty”), are involved. – J.Z.

PEACE & SOCIAL REFORMERS, PP 976. Compare Richard Cobden.

PEACE ACTIVIST REVIEW, Directory of 353 Communes, Communities, & Co-ops in the U.S., as of Jan. 16, 1989, indexed by zip code, Washington, 32pp, in PP 956.

PEACE BOOKS, Some English titles, in J. Zube’s library, 2pp, 29x, in PP 527.


PEACE CONGRESSES, MORE PEACE CONGRESSES? PP 1 & 2. – So far they have not been breeding grounds for sound peace ideas. Nor have the peace movements. – The errors and fallacies of peace lovers could – and should – fill an encyclopaedia. I pointed out about 500 of them in my “An ABC against Nuclear War”, in PP 16-18. – J.Z.

PEACE DECLARATION, UNILATERAL : An extract from : “The Soviet Union and Peace”, the most important documents issued by the Government of the Soviets, 1917-1929, published by Martin Lawrence Ltd., London, introduced by Henri Barbusse. Here only those documents relating to the one-sided peace declaration by the Soviet delegate, on pages 23-41. A perhaps unique precedent for a strategy that might be pursued in a better cause. 49pp in PP 878. See also PP 7, 16-18, 61-63 & 399 – 401. – J.Z.

PEACE HANDBOOKS, PP 16-18, 61-63, 392, 399-401, 816, 931, 822. – What justification is there for protecting a monopoly for any peace handbook by copyrights while peace is still not achieved? – J.Z.

PEACE LITERATURE, a reading guide, see under David Hart, in PP 931.


PEACE MAKING, HARD OR EASY? PP 789. I hold that it is harder and more expensive to intervene with the rights and liberties and security of people and to coercively meddle with them. In other words, the warfare state is hard to take while a free society would be easy to live with. Peace would result, like a laissez faire economy, from leaving all creative energies alone, after simply releasing them. But most people, even freedom lovers, seem to find it too hard to get rid of their remaining statist and militarist errors, myths and prejudices. Thus this kind of enlightenment ought to be as much as possible facilitated, automated and sped up. In this microfiche self-publishing can play a large role. That is up to you – like so many other responsibilities, which you have so far wrongfully entrusted to others or tolerated as monopolies in the hands of others. I hold with Immanuel Kant and Ulrich von Beckerath that working for a free, just and therefore peaceful and prosperous society is a primary individual responsibility and duty. If you do already possess some insights into peace and liberty and their interdependence: “Noblesse oblige!” – J.Z.


PEACE MOVEMENT, PP 698, 1052-61 (LA Foreign Pol. Persp. 16), PP 1158,


PEACE NET, see: KASHER, BRIAN KEITH, compiler and editor: An Introduction to Computer Networking with PEACE NET, The World’s First International Computer Network for Peace, 1990, 114pp, in PP 966.

PEACE OR POLITICS? PP 1132. – Territorial politics and war or exterritorial autonomy for volunteer communities and peace? – J.Z.












PEACE PLAN OF ZUBE, JOHN, 8, 16-18, 61-63, 399-401 (in German). On what points does the programme of this peace publication differ from most others? 17 points, 1p, in 16-18. Summary of the Peace Program in PP 61/63, containing a mini-draft of 12 human rights, in 589/90.

PEACE PLANS CONSPIRATOR: Who Is Standing behind this Magazine? PP 1 & 2.

PEACE PLANS Issues by their Numbers, Consecutive Contents Sheets for PP 1508 – 1533, 47pp, in PP 1536: 1632. – Before you decide ordering up a particular PP issue, because of one or the other text in it does interests you, look up that PP issue in these kinds of listings – in order to become aware how many and what kinds of “freebees” you will be getting together with the text you wanted and ordered. Sometimes these lists may also contain comments not included in the main list. I do have the good intention to digitize all the contents lists and to make them accessible in this format as well. But when will I finally get around to do this job? A new scanner and its software might help me in this – when I finally find the time and energy to learn how to use it effectively. – Only the more recent contents lists have been compiled on a computer rather than on an electronic typewriter. With hindsight wisdom I regret do this mistake. In some ways the electronic typewriter made it easier to compile the contents listings. – J.Z.

PEACE PLANS Nos. 16-18 & 61-63 (in German in 399/401) do combine, in handbook form, most of the important points of Ulrich von Beckerath and John Zube for the establishment of a free, peaceful, just and prosperous society.

PEACE PLANS, Contents list of Nos. 1-45 in PP 46. Contents list of 1-759 (cover sheet and contents lists of the books reproduced), in PP 760/65. Contents listing, by PP numbers, for PP 759 – 1157, 419pp, in PP 1173 & 1174.

PEACE PLANS, Contents of PEACE PLANS by the N U M B E R S of the issues, for PEACE PLANS 23-26; 274-279; 467-480; 491-500 and, mainly, for PEACE PLANS Nos. 1154 – 1507, issues published between 1993 & 1998. August 98 listing, in 383pp, in PP 1510/11.

PEACE PLANS, LMP LITERATURE LIST, August 1998, A-Z, for PEACEPLANS 1-1507, 868pp, in PP 1508 & 1508.

PEACE PLANS, No. 1172 lists titles of the series, by author and some subject indications, A – Z, Feb. 1994, for 1964 – 1994, in 450pp, ca. 1.4 MB, indicating a total of ca. 350,000 pages in this series. 42x reduced, on one fiche. Includes the ON PANARCHY series and the Monetary Freedom series. In 1995 this list was updated up to PP 1277 in PP 1278. In 1997 a supplementary listing to PP 1445 appeared in PP 1446.

PEACE PLANS, PP 1 & 2, shortly described under ZUBE, JOHN, PEACE PLANS.

PEACE PLANS, Supplementary List, 1997, in PP 1446.

PEACE PROMOTION AMONG THE BERBERS, Through Exterritorial Institutions and Voluntary Associations, PP 12.

PEACE QUESTIONAIRE, Replies to 3 basic questions, PP 650, 869. – More replies to them are wanted, for another edition. – J.Z.


PEACE SEEKERS, APPEAL TO SYDNEY’S PEACE SEEKERS, for a discussion, meeting, study centre, in PP 1, 3. By now there is even a local peace group, but I did not attend its meetings for long and got only one reply from dozens of members upon my peace questionire with 3 peace questions. I DO NO LONGER SEEK PEACE TOGETHER WITH THE AVERAGE PEACE SEEKERS, BECAUSE IN SPITE OF GOOD WILL, THEY SEEM LOST IN PEACE MYTHOLOGY, DO NOT KNOW WHERE THEY CAME FROM, WHERE THEY ARE, WHERE THEY ARE GOING AND HOW TO ACHIEVE ANY WORTHWHILE AIMS. Few of them realized fully all the factors making for war. Most seem to be hopeless statists or dreamers or take trivialities or fantasies seriously. Please do prove me wrong, many times, with microfilmable evidence of worthwhile efforts by some of them. How many of them are e.g. clearly aware of the close connection between individual rights and liberties and peace? – J.Z.





PEACE THROUGH FREEDOM, PP 1 & 2, 16-18, 61-63, 207, 399-401, 611, 705, 897, 1,002, 1130, (In some sense all issues.)

PEACE THROUGH GEORGISM? PP 631. Its free trade element would certainly help but its single tax system only if merely voluntarily and tolerantly practised – in exterritorially autonomous competition with x other systems, or within Proprietary Communities. – J.Z.




PEACE THROUGH REALIZATION OF OLD & NEW HUMAN RIGHTS, PP 589/90. (In 1964 I gave one such talk in the open air speaking centre in The Domain. I was still so uncertain of my use of the English language, that I learned its ca. 6 closely printed pages by heart. The response was disappointing. But I used its points in the first few Peace Plans issues. Response to these, especially among peace activists and conference organizers, was disappointing, too. – J.Z.

PEACE THROUGH WORLD GOVERNMENT? PP 1012. See UN. Voluntaristic and competing, i.e., only exterritorially autonomous world governments, and world wide free societies, are likely to be more peaceful, less oppressive and less expensive than any exclusive, territorial and compulsory organization of this kind. – J.Z.

PEACE TREATY WITH RUSSIA, Draft of conditions for the next one, PP 14, 61-63, 399-401.

PEACE WORKS PUBLICATIONS, literature list, 2pp, 24x, in PP 50-54.

PEACE, 683/85 (Foldvary on Israel), 789, 869, 896, 970, 988, 1012, 1089, 1130, see KASHER fiche.


PEACE, See: LESER, DAVID, Giving peace a chance, 4pp, SMH 6 Sep. 97: 120, in PP 1493. – On peaceful coexistence between Arabs and Jews in ONE village in Israel. In almost every major world city one can see many instances of e.g. Jews and Arabs living peacefully together and yet apart in this common environment. But there neither of them has any exclusive territorial privileges or aspirations. This and other contemporary and historical lessons are habitually ignored by such well-meaning and supposedly “peace-loving” territorialists. They neither know nor care what really makes for peace. – PIOT, J.Z., 1.1.98

PEACE, See: MANION, CLARENCE, The Key to Peace, 1950, 1975, 83pp, in PP 1231.

PEACE, See: MYCALL SUNANDA UNIVERSITY, World Peace Game, 14pp: 131, in PP 1475. – To run a worthwhile brainstorming session one must have some knowledge, ideas and brains. Otherwise, as in most peace congresses: GIGO. – J.Z.

PEACE, SUBMISSION BY JOHN ZUBE TO THE PRIZE COMPETITION OF THE Christian Science Monitor, 1984/85, “Peace 1010”, PP 650. (Those based on the average peace prejudices got the prizes. J.Z.)

PEACE, UNILATERAL DECLARATION OF PEACE, see People’s Charter for a Nuclear Free and Independent Pacific, Boston Anarchist Drinking Brigade & Ranapala, Suri, UTAS, I.L. – But for a real peace program see especially PP 16-18 & 61-63, 399 – 401.

PEACE: COBB, JOE, Free trade, the historic way to peace, 1p, SIL, in PP 1382/85: 291.

PEACE: NOLAN, JAMES, Pax Libertatis, 2pp, in PP 1409/10: 185.

PEACE: WALTER, DAVID K. & WOLLSTEIN, JARRET B., War and Peace, Collectivism vs. Capitalism, SIL position paper, 1p, in PP 1382/85: 296.

PEACE: WOLLSTEIN, JARRET B., Libertarianism. The Path to Peace, Prosperity and Freedom, 6pp, in PP 1445: 24.

PEACE: ZUBE, JOHN to JEANES, IKE, regarding his peace book: Forecast & Solution – grappling with the nuclear, 7pp letter, 21 May 96. No reply received, in PP 1440/42: 558.

PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE THROUGH PERSONAL LAW, How Barbarians Solved the Problem of Peaceful Coexistence, extract from Edward Gibbon, PP 6.



PEACEFUL USE OF ATOMIC ENERGY? PP 8, See Nuclear Reactors. How many countries have by now obtained nuclear weapons through nuclear reactors? – J.Z.


PEACENET, 2pp of introductory information, in PP 1,019.

PEACOCK, ALAN, The Political Economy of the ‘Dispersive Revolution’, SCOTTISH JOURNAL OF POLITICAL ECONOMY, UK, 23, 1976, 205-219, summary only, 1p, in LITERATURE OF LIBERTY, in PP 1199p197. Headed: Political Decentralization.

PEACOTT, JOE to SULLIVAN, MAKR, 1p: 40, in PP 1505.

PEACOTT, JOE, See: BAKER, JIM & PEACOTT, JOE, Regulated to Death, Anarchist Arguments against Government Intervention in our Lives, Boston Anarchist Drinking Brigade, BAD Press Pamphlet No. 3, June 1992, 29pp, in PP 1228.

PEAKE, CHARLES F., Henry Thornton and the Development of Ricardo’s Economic Thought, HISTORY OF POLITICAL ECONOMY 10, Sum. 78, 193-212, summary only, 1p, in LITERATURE OF LIBERTY, in PP 1201p680, headed: Ricardo on Money.

PEALE, NORMAN VINCENT, You Can if you Think you Can, 3pp, in PP 499.

PEARCE, COLIN, By George, We’re Headed for Bloodshed and Chaos, 1983, 2pp: 32, in PP 1513, on a book by GEORGE HARDY.

PEARCE, Edward, Gentlemen Not Fit For Business, 1985, LA Cultural Notes No. 11, 2pp, 2pp, 29x, in PP 696.

PEARCE, H.G., Dr. & ZUBE, John, Summary of a Discussion on the Development of India through Monetary Freedom, written by Dr. Pearce, 2pp, 48x, in PP 740.

PEARCE, H.G., Dr., A View of the Economic Harmonies of Frederic Bastiat, 6pp, 24x, in PP 12.

PEARCE, H.G., Dr., Coinage – A Prerogative of Governments: But Why? 1965, 2pp, 24x, in PP 80-82, 1p, 29x, in PP 731.

PEARCE, H.G., Dr., Planned Depression, the 600 year plan, 1957, a review of Thorold Rogers’ book “Six Centuries of Work and Wages”, 19pp, 29x, in PP 529.

PEARCE, H.G., Dr., Seven Lectures on Economics, 1951, 57pp, 29x, in PP 408.

PEARCE, H.G., Dr., Value, Normal and Morbid, 1946, 271pp, 29x, in PP 631. Another academic who advocated monetary freedom long before Klein and Hayek did, in this century. He left a rich library and many unpublished manuscripts, among them one I had lent him, but his heirs have so far not made this library and his writings accessible. See to it that before you die your favourite own writings are microfilmed and also your favourite rare titles in your library. Your heirs are unlikely to think like you do. He also ran a course on economics at the AQUINAS ACADEMY in Sydney. I intend to film its duplicated lecture notes, once I finally manage to get the handwritten last notes for it from Dr. Boland. – J.Z.

PEARCE, HENRY G. to ZUBE, JOHN, 28.8.67, 4pp: 111, in PP 1489.

PEARCE, HENRY G. to ZUBE, JOHN, Letter, 1967, 3pp: 106, in PP 1489.

PEARCE, TRUDY, Minimum Wage Hurts Poor, CAPITOL COMMENT, No. 43, April 21, 1989, 2pp, Citizens for a Sound Economy, in PP 1216.

PEARCE-EDGCUMBE, E.R., POPULAR FALLACIES regarding Trade and Foreign Duties: Being the “Sophismes Economique” of Frederic Bastiat, adapted to the present time, 1885, 80pp, 29x, in PP 411.

PEARL HARBOR: GREAVES, PERCY, The Real Infamy of Pearl Harbor, 2pp, in PP 1404/06: 51.


PEARL, FRANK, The Mint Act Explained. A compilation, 9 sheets, with at least extracts of the Mint Act: 34, in PP 1470. – Like many writings on monetary reform, it seems to spread more smoke than enlightenment. – J.Z.

PEARSE, DAVID, Why Not More Freedom? 4pp, in PP 1150.

PEARSON, DAVID G., Declaration of Independence, 1p, in PP 1398: 122.

PEARSON, GEORGE H., How Tuition Vouchers Socialize Private Education, 3pp: 375, in PP 1457/62.

PEARSON, GLENN L., Mixed Economies A no-Man’s Land, 7pp: 323, in PP 1529-33.

PEARSON, HESKETH, “Oh, eine verteufelte Kindheit!” Erinnerungen an die Schulzeit Bernard Shaws, 2p, 1950, 36x, in PP 714.

PEASANT FEUDALISM: MACFARLANE, ALAN, Individualism vs. Peasant-Feudalism, 1p, in PP 1430/31: 262. – From: LIBERTARIAN FAMILIST, 9/10/1988.

PECCATO 2, IL, 1990, 13pp, supplied by Valerio ISCA: 107, in PP 1518. Associazione Per Lo Sbattezzo. Apparently an atheist paper.

PEDDE, SEIG, A Brief to a Select Committee on Transportation, 1p, in OPTION, in PP 1,028/29.

PEDEN, JOSEPH R., A People’s Court? 1p, 36x, in PP 369.

PEDEN, JOSEPH R., Are we another Rome? 2pp, in PP 1312/1314: 106. – Are we a city? – J.Z.

PEDEN, JOSEPH R., Comment, on 3 suggestions on how libertarians should engage themselves, 2pp, in PP 1312/1314: 87.

PEDEN, JOSEPH R., Courts against the State, 14pp: 16, in PP 1501. – Yes, it did happen sometimes – but mostly they were by and for the State, and still are. – J.Z., 5.6.98.

PEDEN, JOSEPH R., Education and the Political Community, IHS, Center for Independent Education paper, 1977, summary only, 1p, in LITERATURE OF LIBERTY, in PP 1200p305, headed: State vs. Education.

PEDEN, JOSEPH R., From the Halls of Montezuma…, 1p, in PP 1312/1314: 46.

PEDEN, JOSEPH R., O Canada, 2pp, 36x, in PP 369.

PEDEN, JOSEPH R., Organized Crime, 1p, 36x, in PP 369.

PEDEN, JOSEPH R., People Justice, 1p, 36x, in PP 369.

PEDEN, JOSEPH R., Public Schools: the Counterattack Begins, 1p, in PP 1312/1314: 9.

PEDEN, JOSEPH R., Stateless Societies: Ancient Ireland, 2pp, 36x, in PP 369.

PEDEN, JOSEPH R., The Airline Cartel, 1p, 36x, in PP 369.

PEDEN, JOSEPH R., The Fall of the Republic, 1p, in PP 1312/1314: 103.

PEDRO, SYLVESTER, The Hundred Million Dollar Payoff, 2pp review of DOUGLAS CADDY’s book of the same name, in PP 1367/68: 82.

PEE WEE HERMENEUTICS, notes on panarchism, in TC 123-155, with comments by J. Zube, in ON PANARCHY, No. XVI, 126pp, 29x, in PP 901.

PEEL, ROBERT, SPEECHES IN THE HOUSE OF COMMONS, May 6th and 20th, 1844, on the Renewal of the Bank Charter and the State of the Law Respecting Currency and Banking, 1844, 80pp, with Notes by John Zube, Free Banking Series, 29x, in PP 565.

PEELE, STANTON, Addiction and Autonomy, 23pp: 234, in PP 1506/07.

PEER, ELIZABETH, Karl Hess, a Goldwater Aide, Joins the New Left, 1969 clipping, 1p: 104, in PP 1491.

PEGG, MIKE, The Positive Planet, 4pp leaflet for the book, in PP 1267.

PEGRUM, ROGER, Towards a New Tower of Babel, 4pp, in QUADRANT, 36x, in PP 418-419, p402.

PEIKOFF, LEONARD, The Ominious Parallels, 1p review by ED CRANE, in PP 277/278: 123.

PEIKOFF, See review by CRANE, ED, in PP 277.

PEIRATS, JOSE, Appendix to “Anarchists in the Spanish Revolution”, Black & Red, 1993, 32 pp, including a 3pp biogr. Of Jose Peirats Valls, by Fredericos Arcos, in PP 1355: 38- 45.

PEIRATS, JOSE, What Is the C.N.T.? Syndicalism in Practice, Special Supplement of REBEL WORKER, No. 1, Spain: The C.N.T., 6pp, 29x, in PP 871.

PEIRCE, WILLIAM S., Make Tax Abatement General, 1990, 3pp, Heartland Institute, in PP 1105.

PEJOVICH, STEVE & MAURICE, CHARLES, Incentives, Risks and Rewards in Team Sports, 2pp: 91, in PP 1469.

PEJOVICH, STEVE & MAURICE, CHARLES, Will the Gas Tax Really Create Jobs? 2pp: 49, in PP 1469.

PEJOVICH, SVETOZAR, American Free Enterprise, 2pp: 13, in PP 1469.


PENCIL, I PENCIL, the classic story on market cooperation, PP 309.

PENSEE et ACTION, PENSEE ET ACTION saluent William Godwin, 1756 – 1836, Philosophe de la Justice et de la Liberte, LES CAHIERS, No. 1, Trimestriel, Aout-Septembre 1953, 82pp, with contributions by G. Woodcock, A. Prunier, Max Nettlau, Benjamin Constant, H. Salt, J. Cello, C. Zaccaria, Hem Day, J. Garcia Pradas and P. Kropotkine, in PP 1099.

PENSION FUND SOCIALISM, PP 294-297, 599, see Trustee Acts.


PENTECOST, HUGH O., The Anarchist Method, Boston 1890, 23pp, with advertisements, in PP 496.

PENWALT CORPORATION, The Competitive Enterprise System. We believe in it. Here’s why: The MODERN Little Red Hen, 2pp, 1976 advertisement, in PP 1307: 121.

PENWALT CORPORATION, The Competitive Enterprise System. We believe in it… here’s why: 2pp adv., 76, in PP 1317: 141-142.

PEOPLE FOR NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT, An Australian Nuclear Disarmament Declaration, 1p, in PP 1,027. (The usual hopeful, wishful and confused thinking. J.Z.)

PEOPLE FOR THE AMERICAN WAY, 4pp leaflet, in PP 789. 2pp leaflet, in PP 897.

PEOPLE’S CHARTER FOR A NUCLEAR FREE AND INDEPENDENT PACIFIC, 2pp leaflet, 29x, in PP 896. (Still appealing to government to become “good guys”! J.Z.)


PERCIVAL, RAY & POPPER, KARL, Conference, U.K., 1p, in PP 1378/81: 216.

PERDEW, JOHN, Design for Limited Government, 2pp, in OPTION, in PP 1,028/29.

PERDEW, JOHN, Two Eyes for an Eye, Criminal Restitution & Retribution, 3pp, in OPTION, in PP 1,028/29.

PERET, BENJAMIN, Il disonore dei poeti preceduto da La parola a Peret, 1988, 77pp, in PP 1347: 74.


PERIGO, LINDSAY, But Surely…, The interviewer interviews himself about his editorial, THE FREE RADICAL & life in general, 4pp, in PP 1336 – 39: 20.

PERIGO, LINDSAY, Can Kant! 1p, in PP 1336 – 39: 468. – You can only do so if you have not read or understood Kant’s philosophy of rights and liberties, which was one of the flaws of Ayn Rand. I once put relevant statements by them side by side. Rand knew nothing about Kant as a libertarian, atheist, human rights, peace and militia advocate and constitutionalist and misunderstood his general philosophy as well. Perhaps he wouldn’t have been so misunderstood if he hadn’t had to write under censorship. But if you are a careful libertarian reader, you will find many of his libertarian stands. – J.Z., 18.9.96.

PERIGO, LINDSAY, Cue Card Libertarianism (The Beginnings of a libertarian encyclopaedia!), in PP 1336 – 39: 4pp:45 & 54; 3pp: 81; 3pp: 109; 2pp: 138; 2pp: 158; 3pp: 194 & 202; 2pp: 226.

PERIGO, LINDSAY, Discrimination Rules, 1p, in PP 1336/39: 276.

PERIGO, LINDSAY, Flirting with Friedrich (Nietzsche), 3pp, in PP 1336 – 39: 120.

PERIGO, LINDSAY, Hayek in Hindsight, 2pp, in PP 1336 – 39: 92.

PERIGO, LINDSAY, Licentia Extrema pro Libertate, 1p, in PP 1336 – 39: 308.

PERIGO, LINDSAY, McCarthyism from the Left, 1p, in PP 1336/39: 372.

PERIGO, LINDSAY, Of Life and Death, 1p, in PP 1336 – 39: 62.

PERIGO, LINDSAY, Radio Rights, 1p, originally: RADIO LIBERTY, in PP 1336 – 39: 404.

PERIGO, LINDSAY, Sir Roger Douglas: Champion of Choice? 94, 4pp, in PP 1336 – 39: 4.

PERIGO, LINDSAY, Static Be the State, 2pp, in PP 1336 – 39: 149. – For freedom in broadcasting, but only on the exclusive ownership model for air waves. Shall I announce exclusive ownership for the sound waves that I use? How far shall the electronic frequency “ownership” extend? All over earth? At any power? All over the Universe? Open coops and good manners offer a better solution. – J.Z.

PERIGO, LINDSAY, The Flaggellation-Fest, 1p, in PP 1336 – 39: 38.

PERIGO, LINDSAY, Turning Minds to Mush, 1p, for private education, in PP 1336 – 39: 212.

PERKIN, HAROLD, Individualism vs. Collectivism in 19th Century Britain: A False Antithesis, JOURNAL OF BRITISH STUDIES 17, Fall 77, 105-118, summary only, 1p, in LITERATURE OF LIBERTY, in PP 1201p, headed: Individualism vs. Collectivism?

PERKINS, ERNESTINE, Liberty In Our Time: Is It Possible? 3pp: 615, in PP 1457/62.


PERKINS, HOWARD, Dope & the Pope: A Brief Dialogue, 3pp, in PP 1,052 – 1,061.

PERKINS, HOWARD, The Case Against Identity Cards, 1p, in PP 1,052 – 1,061.

PERKINS, R. & E., Precondition for Peace & Prosperity: Rational Anarchy, 1975, review in 16-18.

PERKINS, RICHARD & ERNESTINE, Preconditions for Peace and Prosperity: Rational Anarchy, review by R.A. CHILDS, 1p: 95, in PP 1468. – I would like permission to microfiche this book. – J.Z.

PERKINS, RICHARD & ERNESTINE, Rational Anarchy, 1971, 1p, review only by PARKER, S.E.: Anarchism & Moralization, in PP 1420/22: 317.

PERLMAN, FREDY, Anti-semitism and the Beirut Pogrom, 1983, 16pp, in PP 1240.

PERLMAN, FREDY, L’appello costante del nazionalismo, 1990, 77pp, in PP 1347: 62. – I suppose only territorial nationalism is discussed here and not voluntaristic and exterritorial nationalism. – My few lessons of Italian, decades back, are not up to it. – J.Z.

PERLMAN, LORRAINE, Having Little, Being Much, A Chronicle of Fredy Perlman’s Fifty Years, Black & Red, Detroit, 1989, 164pp, in PP 469.

Permaculture, 6pp of leaflets, in PP 275: 120.



PERMACULTURE, See: TRIP, The Resources of International


PERMANENT PROTEST, See: ELLINGHAM, FRANCIS, Permanent Protest: Is it Anarchism? 7pp: 53, in PP 1465. – PARKER, S.E., In Defence of Social Pessimism, 2pp: 59, in PP 1465, in reply to Francis Ellingham.

PERON, JIM, AIDS: An Issue of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, an LP leaflet, 4pp: 863, in PP 1484/85.

PERON, JIM, The Eschatology of Environmentalism, 4pp, in PP 1287/89p148.

PERON, JIM, The Initiative Process — A Caveat, 3pp, in PP 1287/89p196. See: Referendum.

PERON, JIM, Weep for South Africa. Massive South African Election Fraud Makes Country Ripe for Tyranny, 1994 2pp, in PP 1287/89p349. – Weep for all other countries, too, in which they have “the” vote. As already Spooner pointed out, every “secret” and “democratic” election defrauds at least minorities, if not the temporary majority, too. Every TERRIRORIAL election defrauds individuals and minorities of their rights and their basic vote, to either belong to a particular community, state, constitution, system or organization or not to, according to their own, individual and free choice, regardless of how all others are voting. – Only votes in volunteer communities, that are only exterritorially autonomous, can be rightful towards all their members, because they had and continue to have their chance, and towards outsiders, because it leaves them alone. – Territorialism is THE basic foundation for any large scale and prolonged tyranny, apart from a relatively few and temporary voluntary victims of “great leaders”, “prophets” or gurus. – J.Z.

PERON: SANMARTINO, ERNESTO, In Hitler’s Footsteps, 2pp, on Peron, in PP 1411/12: 81.

PERRETT, JANINE, Born amid Feminist Fervour, the Women’s Bank Grows up, N.Y., 1988 clipping, in PP 787.

PERRY, A.L., Does Protection Raise Prices? 7 pp, 29x, in PP 602.

PERSISTENCE, Some Quotes submitted by VIV FORBES, 1p, in PP 25.

PERSOENLICHE GRUNDBUCH, DAS, von Dr. Robert Scheu, Buchbesprechung, 2 S., Gute Ideen, Rechtsreform, IDEEN ARCHIV, in PP 1330-1332: 67.

PERSOENLICHE INFORMATIONEN fuer die Freunde des Ideen Archivs, Nr. 1-12, Mai 51 – April 52, von Kurt Zube, mit einigen Anmerkungen von Ulrich v. Beckerath u. J. Zube, 98 S., in PP 1351: 1.

PERSON, CARL, Justice, Inc.: A Proposal for a Profit-Making Court, JURIS DOCTOR, March 78, 32-36, summary only, 1p, in LITERATURE OF LIBERTY, in PP 1200p514, headed: Justice in the Market.

PERSONAL BEAUTY, PP 830. (How much can the mind show through and appear attractive and powerful? How often show physical beauties also dullness? – J.Z.)

PERSONAL DESTINIES, Review of D. Norton’s book, PP 418/19, p206.


PERSONAL PERSPECTIVES, L.A., No. 6, in PP 1281/82. (No. 5 is still missing.)

PERSONAL PERSPECTIVES, Libertarian Alliance, London, Nos. 1 & 2, 4pp, 29x, in PP 696.

PERSONAL PERSPECTIVES, LIBERTARIAN ALLIANCE, No.3: McFARLANE, KEVIN, From Critical Rationalism to Logic of Human Action, 4pp, 29x, in PP 864.

PERSONAL REPORT, Foundation for Constitutional Studies, Honolulu, I/2 & 3, 1971, 28pp, in PP 1250, the only follow-up to the book by ANDERSON, JACK & MILES, PERRY, A Constitution for a Moral Government, that is on hand. – There were at least 2. – J.Z.

PERSONAL RIGHTS ASSOCIATION, 5pp of 1912 advertisements, 24x, in PP 336.

PERSONAL RIGHTS ASSOCIATION, Monetary Reform Proposals, 4pp, 36x, in PP 561.

PERSONAL RIGHTS ASSOCIATION, Notice of a meeting, 19 May 79, 1p, in PP 803. (An association does not live but rather tends to die, if one attempts to make it live merely through a few pages, published every few weeks or months, through one of its outspoken members. Henry Meulen and my father supplied some evidence for that, if it were still needed for someone. Micrographic newsletters, on the other hand, could give every member a voice – as many pages as he or she liked to fill – and could thus establish numerous cross-linkages, inter-actions and network possibilities that would not pass the bootleneck of the necessarily few printed pages, edited by one or a few. I have a high regard for Meulen, as far as he went with his ideas – not far enough, I believe. For instance, he hardly ever gave Ulrich von Beckerath a chance to voice his alternative views on monetary freedom in THE INDIVIDUALIST. They exchanged letters over decades, filling probably hundreds of pages. Meulen destroyed most of his correspondence, under the assumption that the essences would have found their way into TI. That was a serious error. Of hundreds of proposals of von Beckerath only very few paragraphs were reproduced in TI. Beckerath’s letter collection, up to 1943, was burned in an air raid. I am still trying to get together all of B.’s correspondence and any letter by and to Meulen, that anyone might have cared enough to preserve. – J.Z.)

PERSONAL RIGHTS ASSOCIATION, Publishing History, PP 561. See Meulen, Henry.

PERSONAL RIGHTS DOCTRINE, PP 483. Compare: Individualism, Personal Law, Individual Sovereignty, Panarchism, Exterritoriality.

PERSPECTIVES ON ANARCHIST THEORY, Bi-annual newsletter of the Institute for Anarchist

PERSPECTIVES ON PUBLIC POLICY, Council for a Competitive Economy, numbers 4, 6, 7, 9-10, 12-15, in PP 935.

PERSPECTIVES, 1st. ed., 1986, by Archives Project, 80pp, a directory. 29x, in PP 675.

PERSUASION AT WORK, II/3, March 79, Rockford College Institute, 8pp, containing: METZGER, PETER, Dr., The Coercive Utopians, 1978/79, 8pp, in PP 1117.

PERSUASION vs. FORCE, PP 1150. Compare Cultural Revolution, Ideas Archive, Encyclopedia of Refutations, Slogans for Liberty, Indexing, Abstracts compilations, Bibliographies, Libertarian Encyclopedia, Libertarian Library, Xanadu, Institute for Social Inventions, Microfilm, Databanks, etc.

PERSUASION VS. FORCE, See: SKOUSEN, MARK, Persuasion vs. Force, 3pp, in PP 1336 – 39: 245.

PERSUASION, MORAL, See: MELLA, RICARDO, Some Thoughts on Moral Persuasion, 3pp: 141, in PP 1515.

PERSUASION, NYC, formerly: VIEWS, I/1 – III/12, Sep. 64 – Dec. 66, incomplete, 352 pp, in PP 1376: 1-352. Editor: TAYLOR, JOAN KENNEDY. – IV/1, Jan. 67 – V/4, April 68, 112pp, in PP 1377: 1. V/6, June 67 is missing! – PERSUASION GOES TO A PARTY, (fotos), 5pp, in PP 1377: 37. – PERSUASION, AN EDITORIAL, Farewell to our readers, 1pp, in PP 1377: 112. – THE MORE OR LESS HIDDEN TREASURES OF ALL ANARCHIST, LIBERTARIAN AND OTHER PRO-FREEDOM PERIODICALS SHOULD BE PERMANENTLY RAISED, AT LEAST TO THE LIGHTS OF MICROFICHE READING MACHINES. Otherwise, so many funds and efforts are largely wasted on the relatively few readers they managed to attract for a while with their paper editions. Many of their articles have a lasting value. If you have the facilities, access, patience, time and energy and funds, by all means, scan them all into permanently and cheaply available electronic media. But do not go on neglecting these treasures. All of them combined, indexed, abstracted, reviewed, discussed, might carry us a fair way on the road to enlightenment, liberty, peace, justice, prosperity, longevity and even to the stars. Go “treasure-hunting” and then duplicate these treasures efficiently. Hundreds of millions can’t afford expensive paper editions. The libraries of the paper edition collectors are almost all woefully incomplete. – J.Z., 12.5.97.

PERU, See: MCCARRY, JOHN, Peru Begins Again: A few lines from NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, 5/96, on informal economy (50% of jobs): 80, in PP 1495. – If only they were aware of and practised monetary freedom as well! – J.Z. See Underground Economy & Black Markets.

PESECKIS, FRANK, Regulations: How the Government Strangles Free Enterprise, 3pp, in PP 1089.

PESECKIS, FRANK, The Assault on Achievement, 1p, in PP 276, on altruism and taxation.

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PLASTIC BULLETS, lethal, PP 1110. – Police weaponry should be supplemented or replaced by many others: Staining sprays, spread from paint guns, now used in games, nets cast, foam that slows down movement, fall-down gases (reducing blood pressure), glues that immobilize, perhaps super-glues attached to nets or multiple and fan-spread fishing lines, stenches that tend to disperse crowds, temporarily blinding lights, and temporarily deafening noises, euphoric drugs via gas or dust dispersal, anything to disperse or render harmless destructive and murderous mobs without severely injuring or killing their members. That last should be only a last resort. Many brainstorming efforts could lead to many better solutions for the control of wrongfully acting crowds. On the other hand, rightful protestors, wrongfully attacked by policemen, should also have non-deadly defensive means at their disposal, rather than sticks, stones and Molotov cocktails. – J.Z.

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POEMS, PP 80/82, 225, 244, 349, 385, 389, 392, 411, 490, 654, 743, 773 – 775, 811, 962, 1020. – Seeing my general aversion to poems – and to most prosaic statements – I am surprised that as many accumulated. But then my animosity against them does not go far enough to want to censor them out from where they do belong. – I even like some, e.g. by George Herwegh. – J.Z.,

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POKRANDT, KURT, Invitation to ISIL conference, 6pp, in PP 1376: 347. – I replied, pointing out how many fiche editions I could finance from the costs of such a trip and that those attending would, most likely, be either conservatives regarding their publishing and reading options or single-track minded committed to on-line electronic publishing only. ISIL still tries to ride the paper tigers of print & paper publishing and of conferences, instead of making e.g. publishing and conferencing easy, cheap and permanent via affordable alternative publishing options, like fiche, floppy disks, ZIP disks, text only CD-ROMs, etc., all vastly under-utilized by those supposedly loving all freedom opportunities and chances to promote liberty ideas. However, I would have liked the personal contacts and discussions possible at such events. Papers should rather be cheaply duplicated and read at leisure at home, before or after the event. A single subscriber to all my fiche could finance my trip to the coming up ISIL conference in ROME, as far as the stay is concerned and 2 could cover the flight and the stay. Otherwise, I would have to stop publishing LMP microfiche for months. Instead, ISIL appeals to me to help finance their expensive efforts. Well, at least they sent me some of their publications free in exchange, for inclusion in my LMP series. Many of the back issues of the movement appear to be lost. No one has as yet come forward with photocopies of the missing issues. I can offer LMP microfiche in exchange. But, the largest international directory ever, 180 pages, for freedom lovers, is currently prepared by ISIL & they did run an excellent bookshop in San Francisco and a world-wide book mailing service and have distributed millions of cheap leaflets. I still have to fiche the set I have. Like me, they are not in it for the money and do work hard, in their ways, for liberty. I do love their leaflets and their newsletter, FREEDOM NETWORK NEWS, and find them very informative & well written & radical in several ways.- PIOT, J.Z., 12.May 97.

POLAND, PP 1027. – By 1986 Poles could have already freely emigrated – if only they received job offers from the West. But few such offers were made, especially by libertarians and anarchists. At the Open Mind Festival, 86, near Cologne, the participants were more interested in hearing a Polish band than in discussing this incapacity to unwillingness. See under UNEMPLOYMENT. – J.Z.

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POLICY ANALYSIS, Cato Institute, No. 60, of October 21, 1985, containing Prof. G.A. Selgin: The Case for Free Banking: Then and Now, 1985, 15pp, in PP 1,000. – In 1990 I asked their public relations officer about putting all their collection or at least all their peripheral publications, like leaflets and newsletters and occasional papers, permanently in print on microfiche. So far no response. I do like especially their Cato Journal, for its many monetary freedom articles. It is already microfilmed. Nevertheless I would like to include its monetary freedom articles in my monetary freedom series, towards the aim to make all such writings available, cheaply, permanently and fast enough by air mail, for most purposes, from one source. – J.Z.

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POLITICS IN THE MARKET PLACE, 1012. If only it were merely “in” the market, trying to market itself to sovereign customers, it would not be so objectionable. Instead, it sets itself up, coercively, exclusively and territorially ABPVE the market, regulating, exploiting, oppressing and suppressing it, and thereby individuals, societies and peoples. Panarchies could well be defined as politics in the market place, subject to market disciplines. But I am certain that is not what Mr. Opitz meant here. – J.Z.




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POPP, EDWARD E., Dr., The Great Cookie Jar. Taking the Mysteries out of the Money System, 1978, 184pp, indexed, in PP 1360: 72. He defines basic terms alphabetically & proposes a degree of monetary freedom. Thus his other title: Money – Bona Fide or Non-Bona Fide, is also wanted for fiching, as well as the current address of the author, if he is still alive. All such titles tend to reach only a tiny fraction of their potential market and then go out of print, for many years or permanently, if not cheaply reproduced on affordable media. I would love to combine all the pro monetary freedom utterances of all authors alphabetically, in a single free banking handbook. – J.Z.

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POST, PETE, Anarchist Communism or Death! 1992, Sydney, 12pp, in PP 1163. Oh, the “true believers”! By all means, give them or tolerate for them, exterritorial autonomy – but no more than that! I would also favour disarming them, until they are really cured of their preoccupation with occupying the property of others or expropriating them. – J.Z.

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price and with that restriction, I may never acquire it. To get as many and more entries together, one might again have to go through the chore of searching x electronic data banks for them, as this author has done. – J.Z.

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PRICES, THE LAW OF, According to Lysander Spooner: A Demonstration of the Necessity for an Indefinite Increase of Money, PP 373/75. Spooner’s main monetary error. A competitively issued, free market rated, refusable, discountable, and well publicized private currency, cannot exceed, in quantity, at par value, the sum of the goods and services of the near future consumption and the short term debts that it represents. Any excess would be discounted or refused. And if clearing became universal, no money tokens could be issued at all, i.e. no one could be found to accept them. To the extent that free clearing becomes extended, all forms of cash transactions become reduced. Assuming only that the privilege of creditors to demand cash instead of non-cash settlement, becomes abolished. In the absence of an alphabetized handbook on monetary freedom options, all kinds of monetary errors remain popular and are even offered as ultimate wisdom. – J.Z.

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PRIVACY: Your PC can be listened to! Clipping from THE TIMES, A., 8.11.94. – Your phone can also be turned into a listening device, from a distance, without the earpiece being lifted. – Ulrich von Beckerath recommended: Write and talk always as if a secret policeman were looking over your shoulder. – J.Z.

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PUBLISHING WIHOUT PERISHING, PP 1052-61 (LA Tactical Notes 2). I believe this is on the on-demand publishing policy of LA, that uses xeroxing for the limited number of copies needed at any particular time, mostly only of short articles and pamphlets. Jim Stumm operates similarly. So do most of the APAs, all too many at the expense of employers and without their consent. To me, the costs involved per page, also the labour and mailing costs, are prohibitive, when I compare them with my microfiche duplicate costs per page: down to 0.04 cents, with most of the filming and duplicating automated and letter rates for several fiched books still being bearable. But a regular and frequent Microfiche APA, termed MAPA by Vic Koman, and MULTILOG by James Koehnline, has still to be established. I have my hands to full with back log material: book titles and manuscripts, whole planned encyclopedias and many writing projects. And I do hate the labour and costs of multiple and regular mailings to a considerable mailing list. As a publisher I do not try to push but rather wait for the pull. – J.Z.

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PURCHASE OF ENTERPRISES BY THEIR EMPLOYEES, ON TERMS, See: GRAUDENZ, WOLFGANG, Was kostet die Wirtschaft? Die Sparer haben genug Geld auf dem Konto, um damit alle deutschen Aktiengesellschaften zu kaufen, 1 S., undatiert, S. 232, aus “STERN”: 78, in PP 1493. – Vgl. K.Z.Z. Solneman, Das Manifest der Freiheit und des Friedens, sowie die Schriften von Ulrich von Beckerath. Wenn die Belegschaften die Aktien der Werke kaufen wuerden, in denen sie arbeiten, dann wuerde ihre Produktivitaet bald betraechtlich steigen. Fuer sich selbst arbeitet man besser als fuer andere. Weitere Produktionssteigerung koennte erzielt werden durch autonome Arbeitsgruppen mit ihren eigenen Gewinn- und Verlustrechnungen. Die Geldfreiheit koennte auch ihren Absatz erleichtern und ihre Arbeitsplaetze sichern. Mehr Kapital waere durch Wertbestaendigkeitsklauseln sowie durch Kreditversicherung oder kollektive Garantien zu erreichen, i.e. Haftbarkeit der Genossen mit ihrem Vermoegen. Solche Moeglichkeiten gehoeren zu den Wichstigsten unserer Zeit und zu denen, die immer noch weitgehend unbekannt sind. – Keine Revolutions, Besetzung, Enteignung, Nationalisiertung etc. sind noetig sondern nur ein Kauf. Und der braucht nicht aus Ersparnissen der Kaeufer vorgenommen zu werden sondern koennte auch auf Kredit und Teilzahlung geschehen, letztlich bezahlt aus der gesteigerten productivitaet. – J.Z., 23.5.98.


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PUYDT, P.E. DE, PANARCHY, July 1860 article, in an English translation that was somewhat revised by David Taylor, in 1989, and even put on an electronic bulletin board. 13pp, 29x, in PP 873. (Which libertarian bulletin boards are open to libertarian input, on floppies, 3 1/2 or 5 1/4 “, Microsoft, sent by mail? What are their conditions? I am thinking of essays that I have on computer files and of literature lists like these. J.Z.)

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QUALITY EDUCATION, Inc., 2pp from John Harlee, in PP 1170.


QUANTITY THEORY, PP 905, 969. It applies, in its influence upon prices, only to legal tender money and goods and services priced out in it, not e.g. to “ticket money” or to “money” of the game “Monopoly”. The self-limiting factors under monetary freedom would prevent the supposedly universally applicable “Quantity Theory” from operating, in most cases. Money could no longer be forced into circulation, nor could sellers of goods and services be forced to price their offers out in depreciating, forced and exclusive currency. J.Z.


QUARTERLY REVIEW OF DOUBLESPEAK, Committee on Public Doublespeak, Urbana, IL, XII/1, October 85, 12pp, only sample on hand, in PP 1137.


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QUESTIONS: WIENER, DANIEL, Sounding Board. On a planned book: Concise Libertarian Answers to Tough Questions, 3pp, in PP 1445: 105. – Compare my SLOGANS FOR LIBERTY and the projected ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF THE BEST REFUTATIONS. – J.Z.

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QUOTATIONS FOR LIBERTY, See: Slogans for Liberty & Sentient Quote List & Conservative Quotations.

QUOTATIONS ON LIBERTY, see e.g. LACONICS OF LIBERTY, compiled by Sprading, PP 220/21, L.E. Read, An ABC of Freedom, Slogans for Liberty, Spencer, Sumner. See FREE MAN’S ALMANACH, The Forgotten Man’s Almanac (1093). Firstly, I would like a complete list of all such handbooks. Secondly, I would like all of them to be made available on microfilm. Thirdly, I would like these compilations scanned and integrated into a single collection, to be made available on fiche and disks. Then I would like a scanning and search of the ca. 15000 different books of quotations, for truthful ones on liberty and related subjects, to be finally added to the encyclopedia of Slogans for Liberty. Only then would we have all this proverbial wisdom sufficiently mobilized. To this ought to be added encyclopedias of definitions and of the best refutations so far found or myths, errors and prejudices that remain obstacles to progress. (Towards the latter, I do also collect A – Z handbooks.) I collected towards the quotations project e.g.: Peter’s Quotations, Seldes, The Great Quotations, Mencken’s book of quotations, Timko’s Libertarian Cartoons & Assorted Quotations, vol. I, Bachman’s Book of Freedom Quotations, Bierce, The Enlarged Devil’s Dictionary, Berman’s Quotations from the Anarchists, Bufe’s The Heretic’s Handbook of Quotations, Rollins’ Lucifer’s Lexicon, intend to buy from LFB at least: Scasz: The Untamed Tongue – A dissenting dictionary & Winokur, The Portable Curmudgeon. I possess among others: Dagobert D. Runes: a) Dictionary of Thought, b) Handbook of Reason, c) Treasury of Thought, d) A Book of Contemplation. I filmed my own ABC Against Nuclear War (in pp 16-18), Read’s ABC of Freedom, Percy Greaves’ Mises Made Easier, and am always on the lookout for more such handbooks. Anyone ready to swap for some of my fiche? My own compilation, Slogans for Liberty, may come to ca. 20 fiche. So far only vol. I – IV are out, covering A to part of D, with a total of 840 pp. The rest – when I get around to do the keyboarding. – I wish libertarians would at last apply division of labour to such projects. See: SLOGANS FOR LIBERTY. – J.Z.

QUOTATIONS, Benjamin R. Tucker’s favourites, usually 2 a page, in his 128pp literature catalog, in PP 960.