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WOLLSTEIN, JARRET B., The Question of Gun Control, SIL leaflet, 29x, in PP 290, 6pp, n.d., in PP 1141. Wollstein told me that he had written about 300 articles on libertarianism but could not make all of them available to me, either. But he let me browse through his library and copy some libertarian magazine back issues. He is one of my favourite libertarian writers. Please help me getting all his freedom writings cheaply accessible. They should not remain dispersed through x periodical and pamphlet issues, most of them long out of print. – J.Z.

WOLLSTEIN, JARRET B., The Value of Gold, 2pp, in PP 1404/06: 83.

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WORLD ENCYCLOPEDIA, PP 823. Did all the encyclopedists die ca. 200 years ago – or have they given up, faced with print on paper costs, for all but 20 – 30 volume editions? – J.Z.



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WORLD WAR STILL GOING ON, Some Figures, PP 659. Any year since 45 ca. 30 wars going on, in 92 even 60! Losses estimated 35 – 45 million! From recent radio report. Were there 30 – 60 theatres of war during WW I or II? – J.Z.

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WRIGHT, ROBERT, Why Johnny Can’t Sleep, TIME, April 14, 1997, 1p, in PP 1427: 29. An extract from an article in SLATE, WWW.SLATE.COM, on a better and more natural nursing system for babies, contrary to the advice of supposed experts. – I would only worry about parents accidentally suffocating their babies while sleeping near them. That could be prevented by some kind of safety capsule, which need not be as thick and rigid as that used in cars. Forward with nature! Less obstacles between parents and small children, too! Who knows what long-term effects this mistreatment of babies, advised by the experts, had on them? – Over the millions of years of human development, most small babies were certainly not made to sleep away from their parents. There are a number of interesting reports by anthropologists and psychologists upon the beneficial effect upon children of frequent, close and friendly physical contacts of children with adults, not only their parents. Now they are often separated, by clothing, setting apart, nurseries, schools – and grow up often strangers to their parents and their local communities, with all kinds of hang – ups. We imagine ourselves to be relatively civilized and are, in reality, still custom ridden, with our customs, as well, sometimes being self-defeating. – J.Z.

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WUCHERPFENNIG, WOLF, John Henry Mackay, Dichter, Anarchist, Homosexueller, 1983, 27 S., in PP 1328: 93. Eine “Kritik”, “gestuetzt” auf Marx, Engels und Sexualpsychologie. Wer alles nur psychologisch erklaeren will, oder durch die kommunistische Ideologie, oder eine Kombination von ihnen, oder durch eine oder die andere vermeintliche “Verschwoerung”, versteht zu wenig vom Leben, von Wirtschaft, Gesellschaft und Staat und den Mengen falscher Ideen, die in den meisten Koepfen stecken und zu unrechtmaessigen und falschen Handlungen fuehren. Als ein Beitrag zur Mackay Diskussion dennoch hier verfilmt. – J.Z.

WUERTZ-RICHTER, ROSE, Weltgefahr. Wahnsinnige regierten. Psychologische Studien. Der Weltweite Verlag, 1946, Wien, Gmunden, Zuerich, New York, Kurt Zube, Gmunden, 63 S., in PP 1320. Dies ist nicht eine libertaere oder anarchistische Schrift aber etwas interessant durch ihre Themenstellung. Der blosse Versuch zu regieren beweist schon Wahnsinnigkeit – es sei denn es geschieht nur unter Freiwilligen. Diese Weltgefahr ist nur eine Folge des wahnsinnigen Systems Einzelnen oder einer Gruppe ein Monopol-“Recht” zu geben ueber Krieg und Frieden zu entscheiden, internationale Vertraege zu schliessen oder abzulehnen, Kriegs- und Friedensziele zu bestimmen, die Waffen zu waehlen, sie und den Kriegsdienst anderen aufzudraengen and das ganze durch Zwangssteuern, Papiergeldinflation, Zwangsanleihen, Requisitionen, offene Raeubereien, Rationierung und Lohn- und Preiskontrollen zu “finanzieren”. – J.Z., 6/96.

WW II: DAVIS, FORREST, Did Marshall Prolong the Pacific War? 3pp, in PP 1411/12: 73; part 2, 3pp: 112. – Another major war crime? – J.Z.

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