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NAGEL, WOLFGANG, Wer soll das alles lesen! (Who could read all that?) 3pp from STERN, pages 523-525 in PP 907-910. More choice, not more reading is required! People who read on a higher level, will have a chance to arrive at a still higher level. Each to get the chance to reach the writings that are of highest interest to him. The rest will be easy. It would be like each person finding his best friends from all potential ones for him in the whole world. – J.Z.

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NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, Enlisting Tree Sausage in the War on Cancer, 8/95, short clipping: 105, in PP 1489. – If you leave it merely to the “experts” and conventional procedures then cancer might continue to plague us for further decades. Laymen could and should collect and publish all alternative cancer treatment avenues, finance and reward research in them and gain the freedom to offer themselves for experiments, at least in terminal cases. There should not be any monopolies or “permits” for treatments. – Some of the most interesting cures I found in: JONATHAN EISEN, Editor, Suppressed Inventions & Other Discoveries, Auckland, 1994, 418pp, ISBN No.0.9583334-7-5. – J.Z.

NATIONAL HEALTH FEDERATION, 4pp pamphlet for freedom of choice in medicine, 29x, in PP 726.

NATIONAL INTEREST, IN THE, Maryborough, Queensland, No. 7A, 15.6.96, special issue against gun control,8pp, in PP 1349: 57. – It proves that the British BILL OF RIGHTS legally still applies to Australia and recognizes the right to bear arms. But our public “servants”, on the highest level, fail to uphold it, although that makes them criminally liable. State governor does not know his job and passes the buck, being a political appointee. – Most legal “minds” seem to favour only relatively recent and supposedly positive laws, no matter how negative these are towards individual human rights in new or old bill of rights versions. – Some experience with totalitarian regimes is missing in their “education”, also some appreciation of majority despotism and the “revolution of the managers” represented by the governmental bureaucrats. Lawyers are well versed and very interested in making themselves appear to be very much needed. They, too, in most cases, have the trade union mentality. – J.Z.

NATIONAL INTEREST, Maryborough No. 14, 18.3.98 & No. 16, 30.5.98, 24pp: 94, in PP 1524. – What is believed to be, under territorialism, the “national interest” is in reality mostly very much against the national interest, that is, the interest of all people in a territory ruled by a government. – Favouring just a few fundamental liberties, while strongly opposing many other ones, is just not good enough. – J.Z., 3.9.98.

NATIONAL INTEREST, Maryborough, No. 15, 10.5.1998, 16pp: 110, &No. 17, 28.8.98, 16pp: 118, in PP 1527. – It is still espousing Pauline Hanson. Not everyone who contradicts our ruling politicians is thereby sufficiently right and sensible in every respect or even on many points. Her “One Nation” party is just another grass roots party, with a few good points and many bad ones, based on popular prejudices. Her errors might come to further enchain you. The more popular a politician is the more he or she is like to share and spout popular prejudices. I reproduce this publication for its few pro-freedom stands and reject its anti-freedom propositions. – J.Z.

NATIONAL LAND TENURE, INTERNATIONAL LAND REFORM or ABOLITION OF NATIONAL LAND TENURE, PP 5. See BORDERS, IMMIGRATION, On Panarchy, Exterritorial Organization, National Sovereignty, Minority Autonomy, Individual Secessionism, Individual Sovereignty.

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NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY, PP 1 & 2. – While the territorial and thus coercive national sovereignty must be abolished, on an exterritorial and voluntary level it and other kinds of sovereignty or self-determination and autonomy can be realized and even multiplied. See: ON PANARCHY. – J.Z.

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NATIONAL TAXPAYERS UNION, It is about time someone said “No”, 1p advertisement: 601, in PP 1457/62. – Don’t blame me for its small print at the bottom. If it contained ideas rather than names I would probably have enlarged it. – J.Z.

NATIONAL WORKSHOPS, PP 371. See Public Works, Unemployment.


NATIONALISM, PP 378/80, 697, 1158. See ON PANARCHY for the satisfaction of all except territorial nationalistic aspirations. – J.Z.

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NATIONALISM, See: TEMPLIN, RALPH, Is Nationalism Always Aggressive? 2pp: 141, in PP 1480. – TERRITORIAL nationalism always is, by its very nature and against internal as well as external enemies. The aggression is simply not total or constant or always in military form. – J.Z.,

NATIONALISM, See: WOODWORTH, FRED, Programmed Patriotism, 2pp: 356, in PP 1457/62.

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NATIVE TITLE: WELLS, ROBERT, Forget native title, the land belongs to us all. Letter, 30.12.96 in “WEST”, 1p, in PP 1393: 112. Many more non-aborigines than Aboriginess were born and live now in Australia. Who can rightly deny them their “native” status or blame them for any crimes their grandparents or parents may have committed? My 3 sons and 4 grandchildren were born here. – What would have happened to Aborigines under Nazi or Japanese occupation? – I do not believe in a collective racial guilt trip, either. – J.Z.

NATIVES AND PROPERTY RIGHTS IN LAND, See: NICHOLS, ROSALIE, The Property Rights of American Indians: A Discussion with Ayn Rand, 1968, 2pp: 213, in PP 1457/62. – See: LAND RIGHTS, ABORIGINES.

NATO, PP 1139.

NATURAL ALLIES? PP 369. Only Voluntarists and Exterritorialists are Natural Allies! – J.Z.

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NATURAL MONOPOLIES, PP 242, 1074. Compare: Open Cooperatives – for natural monopolies.

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NATURAL RIGHTS: GOLDSMITH, ABBY, Errors of “Natural Rights” Proponents, 1p, in PP 1404/06: 127. – Libertarians without a moral approach are bound to lose. Men cannot function properly without basic rights and liberties. They belong to their very nature. – J.Z.

NATURAL SOCIETY, PP 203, 282, 349, 538.

NATURE & ITS BOON, PP 242, 1074.

NATURE OF OWNERSHIP, THE, 14 points, seen on poster in Centre 2000. Source? 48x, in PP 589/590.


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NAZI IDEOLOGY, PP 1052-61 (LA Historical Notes 15). See Territorialism, Totalitarianism, On Panarchy, States, Competing Governments.

NAZI REGIME, Ermaechtigungsgesetz, PP 897.

NAZIS, Sample of the most extreme kind of publication, See: STUERMER, DER, Nuernberg, Deutsches Wochenblatt zum Kampfe um die Wahrheit, Herausgeber: Julius Streicher, an infamous Nazi, issue of 9.4. 1942 as a sample of his antisemitic hate press, 4pp: 119, in PP 1514. – Some publications do not have ANY redeeming features. However, one should learn to know all of one’s enemies and their particular fixed ideas, since, during crisis times, they can become national and even international threats. This can easily happen under territorial rule. How much anti-semitism & hatred and blaming of “aliens” would remain after e.g. panarchies, monetary freedom, cooperative production and fully freed trade had been introduced for at least 10 years? PIOT, J.Z., 3.9.98.

NAZISM, See: RAAB, EARL, The Anatomy of Nazism, 1961, Anti-Defamation League of B’nair B’rith and The Free Sons of Israel, 40 pp, with illustrations incompletely reproduced, in PP 1242.

NEALES, SUE, When Rites go Wrong, 3pp on “initiations”: 114, in PP 1496. – Not only statist anti-freedom customs and mores are still with us. Those who do appreciate individual rights and liberties fully or widely are few and far in-between. – J.Z.



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NEBULAR HYPOTHESIS, THE, PP 829. We are still stuck with all too many nebulous hypotheses, in the social “sciences”, practised coercively upon us, as if that were rightful and as if they were proven theories. – J.Z.

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NEILSON, FRANCIS, How Diplomats Make War, 1915, 392pp, 728, in PP 1457/62. – Evidence that you cannot trust the machineries of territorial governments to keep the peace and minimize wars. My own peace program is largely recorded in my two books, in PP 16-18 & 61-65. Hundreds of wrongful and irrational ideas, practices and institutions are involved. Most remain active factors while most peace lovers criticize and somewhat resist only a few of them. What is worse: Most organized peace lovers not only ignore but even approve many of the factors making for war or preventing a lasting and just peace in freedom. Obvious war making factors are e.g. conscription, standing armies, compulsory taxation, confiscation of assets, government debts or “insecurities” (investments in tax slaves), censorship, the lies of propaganda. Here mainly secret diplomacy and treaties are explored. Widely ignored by most peace lovers, are factors like monetary despotism, leading to mass unemployment and allowing to finance unpopular wars through inflation, territorialism (see: ON PANARCHY), collective responsibility notions, wrong definitions of aggression and of the enemy, decision monopoly of governments on war and peace, international treaties and alliances, recognition of foreign governments, armament and disarmament. – Other ignored factors are: outlawry of separate peace treaties, peace negotiations and treaties between the people and soldiers themselves, of desertion, treason, espionage, sabotage, resistance and insurrections, even when these would be morally justified or even obligatory. Add the mostly wrongful and often atrocious treatment of POWs and deserters and refugees, absolute and strictly enforced military obedience, rather than training for effective disobedience towards all wrongful orders. The outlawry of ideal citizen forces, sworn in to defend nothing but individual rights. Protectionism, rather than Free Trade. ABC mass murder or anti-people devices. Unconditional surrender demands. Absence of rightful war and peace aims. The false notion that strength lies in enforced unity and in super “weapons”. Wrongful alliances. The suppression of minority groups. Ignorance of or lack of appreciation for individual rights, especially in the economic and political spheres. Most warring governments or civil war contestants have more wrongs than rights on their side and remain unaware of how they could coexist peacefully and independently in the same territories. For now & here these hints must suffice. Numerous other wrong notions of peace lovers and war hawks are involved. All errors & prejudices involved ought to be studied and refuted much more thoroughly than has been the case so far, even by “Peace Research Institutes” that have adopted all too many wrongful premises unchecked, because they are committed, essentially, to territorial non-solutions. – J.Z., 15.5.98.

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NEW ACTION LINKAGE NETWORKER, THE, No. 56, January 90, 47pp, in PP 1407: 1-109. – This network or free expression newsletter shows how much and to what limited extent one can use print on paper for freedom of expression and information. It did not permit the inclusion of long pamphlets or of books. Most of its contents does not appeal to me, like most New Age and Greenie writings. But an anarchist like Michael A. Gunderloy had quite a few letters in it. I do not know whether it is still continued on paper or on the Internet. – J.Z.


NEW ALEXANDRIA, THE, The Alexandria Institute, Boulder, I/1, July – August 86. Founder: Binx Selby. 14pp, in PP1349: 23. – It took the expensive high tech road and asked for correspondingly high contributions – which not enough people were willing to offer. The affordable self-help road, fiche and floppies, now added to by text only CD-ROMs, was ignored. – J.Z. ZUBE, JOHN, to SELBY, BINX, of the former ALEXANDRIA INSTITUTE, 16 Jan. 92, 2pp, in PP 1349: 37.

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NUCLEAR WAR PREVENTION, Wrong Ideas, Ideas Supposed to Prevent Nuclear War, PP 16-18. – If politicians were moral and civilized enough to be entrusted with nuclear mass murder devices, they would have destroyed them long ago, even unilaterally. Instead, they keep them in readiness against us. From which follows… – J.Z.


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NUCLEAR WAR THREAT: BECKMAN, PETR, Sober facts about Nuclear War, 2pp, in PP 1430/31: 175. – Nuclear war is based on the principle of collective responsibility and of “territorial integrity”, both as anti-libertarian as possible. B., although an outspoken anti-communist, was a collectivist himself, by believing that whole cities or even nations, although obviously oppressed, could be “enemies”. As far as I know, he never discussed tyrannicide, rightful war aims and warfare methods, the rightful treatment of POWs and of deserters, separate peace treaties with the oppressed, via truly representative, i.e. competing and voluntaristic governments in exile. On this topic one should rather consult M.N. ROTHBARD’S “War, Peace & the State” – and my own ABC Against Nuclear War. – J.Z., 9/97.

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NUCLEAR WAR THREAT: ZUBE, JOHN to JEANES, IKE, regarding his peace book: Forecast & Solution – grappling with the nuclear, 7pp letter, 21 May 96, in PP 1440/42: 558. – No reply received. Every year probably more than a 100 books are published on this and related subjects – but one sees only rarely any of them in bookshops and libraries – and most of these are full of flawed and conventional ideas. Nevertheless, all of them should be made easily accessible. That would cost much less than another war, especially, if they were reproduced e.g. on microfiche and text only CD-ROMs. Alas, each author seem to consider his book as a panacea and the peace fans have usually only a few titles in mind and often only a single, simple and flawed peace idea. – Peace ought to be taken much more serious. So far, in bookshops, you have large sections on war but rarely even one on peace. – J.Z., 10.10.97.

NUCLEAR WAR, AN ABC AGAINST NUCLEAR WAR, a handbook of ideas on the prevention of nuclear war, proposing the dissolution of the warfare state through extension of individual liberties and responsibilities, freedom vs. the ultimate of statism – nuclear holocaust. Contains 500 suggestions, alphabetical, on unrestricted individual rights and liberties, including e.g. monetary freedom, free migration, free trade, volunteer militias, right to resist, right & duty to desert from a dictatorship, tyrannicide, military insurrections, rightful governments in exile, exterritorial autonomy for all volunteer groups – based on individual secession, decision on war & peace by the people. Also on: Unilateral nuclear disarmament, unilateral peace declarations, separate peace treaties, destruction of all nuclear reactors and on rightful war aims. 1975, 270pp, 24x, PP 16-18. – A few hundred hard copies remain. $ 10 by sea, including postage. Warning, badly printed and bound at home. But this is a small risk compared with the risk you are taking now. – J.Z.

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OPPOSITE TERMS DO NOT CLARIFY ISSUES SUFFICIENTLY: MATIASZ, JORJ, Polarity Thinking vs. Integrative Thinking, 3pp, in PP 1432/1439: 645. – So many false notions could not be maintained for long, IF all the varieties of definitions were listed in vast encyclopaedias on alternative media and if an enormous special encyclopaedia of the best refutations were already compiled and published. On microfiche or text only CD-ROM, it would be portable. – J.Z.

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