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CAMBODIA WAR CRIMES TRIAL? 724. The aim must be to prevent rather than to, afterwards, punish war crimes. That ties in with the prevention of wars, nuclear wars, revolutions and civil wars, with justice, freedom and rights, with tolerance for tolerant actions – and with panarchism. The anti-atrocity people are often intolerant themselves and favour the territorial monopolies they ought to criticize and resist. The declaration of rightful war aims, believably and publicly proclaimed by the people themselves, could be a great step in this direction. Rather than leaving these criminals untouchable, for years, with their tyrannical and genocidal actions largely undisturbed and counted as “internal affairs”, and rather than fighting their armed forces with ours, they ought to become our main individual enemy targets, after their first major crimes, in a revival of the tyrannicide tradition. One dagger or one bullet might be enough for our arms race against them. Best wielded by one of their local victims. Once they have murdered millions, it is little consolation to these victims and their relatives, and to the millions that died in wars against their armies, that afterwards they might be prosecuted and executed. One death can then not make up for the murder of millions. But one death can, in combination with some additional steps, prevent the murder of millions. As it is now, the threat of a war crimes trial AFTER millions of us are fighting millions of their conscripts, means only that they will continue to fight on, with desperation, rather than surrendering or fleeing. Convene, in another country, a public trial after their first criminal act, condemn them to death, by outlawry, to be executed by anyone with the opportunity to do so. Put a large price on their head – and double it, as Thomas Moore suggested, if they can be captured alive, and brought to and international court within a few weeks, instead of only after being defeated in a prolonged war, – and recognize governments in exile against them. For these and other related steps – see e.g. PP 16-18 & 61-63. – J.Z.

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CAMPBELL ENQUIRY INTO THE AUSTRALIAN FINANCIAL SYSTEM, My 4pp, 1979 submission, in 145/46. The other public submissions are available, too, on 36 microfiche – but not from LMP.( C.I.C., CONGRESS INFORMATION CENTRE, A Division of Filmfiche Corporation. There is no longer a Sydney address. Defunct? If so, I do not know its heir. Subject listing in 80/82 & 145/46. ) Some of these public submissions, like my own, were of some monetary freedom interest. I doubt that any of the secretive ones were. The best “submissions” would result from experimental freedom in this sphere, i.e. from monetary and financial freedom. That is unlikely to be achieved via submissions to governmental commissions. There were, probably, hundreds such commissions so far. I do not know of any that had any considerable positive results. A few deregulations resulted from this enquiry but monetary and financial despotism remained essentially intact, in Australia, too. The only ones one should have to convince, should be one’s business partners. – J.Z.

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CARCINOGEN INFORMATION PROGRAM. 1p flyer on this network, in PP 974. If input were complete, unconventional cures for most types of cancer could probably be pointed out. E.g. see under WHAT NOW. Those concerned about this threat should also set up a micrographic information service on it and proposed cures. J.Z.

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CARPENTER, DONALD H., More Rebuttal to “The Trouble with Anarchy”, 1p: 83. – CHAPMAN, GEORGE, Still More Rebuttal to “The Trouble with Anarchy”, 1/2p:93. – Sorry, I do not have any other refutation parts as yet. – J.Z.

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CARRAIG BOOKS: Books of Opposition, 31pp, 24x, in PP 50-54. There are so many titles one almost never sees in most bookshops or libraries! – J.Z.

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carrot, 4pp, in PP 1377: 30.

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CARS, 418-419:p380, 1103, 1105. A recent “Beyond 2000” segment reported on a new additional oil filter, that could make your sump oil last, without oil change, for over 300,000 km, while saving your motor. Only the filter, out of fine spongy paper, more densely rolled than a toilet roll, would have to be changed frequently. – J.Z.

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CARSON, CLARENCE B., Judicial Monopoly over the Constitution: Jefferson’s View, 11pp: 439, in PP 1529- 33. – Free competition is needed between various juridical and law systems. We need consumer sovereignty and freedom of contract and choice, here, too, except for the aggressive or fraudulent people with victims.- J.Z., 14.11.98.

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CARTELS, PP 1052-61 (LA Economic Notes 28),

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CARTER, AL, letter, 30 Sep. 91, 1p, advertising his: Lifetimer Delivers Success – A Powerful Success Program That ACTUALLY Works! in PP 1,040. I must have by-passed thousands of success books during my browsing. Compare my own success guides in PP 16-18, 19C, 20/21, 61-63, and my LMP efforts and the writings of Brian Micklethwait of the London Libertarian Alliance on this subject.

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CASERIO SANTO, Why He Killed Carnot, 4pp, 24x, in PP 538.

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CASEY, MARCUS, Preparing for Armageddon, 1p, 96, on militias, in PP 1367/68 : 241.

CASHLESS SOCIETY? ATMs increased the demand for cash! 787. I can’t understand why so many still favour an extension of non-cash payments while they serve to facilitate the levying of tax tributes, since they leave more visible trails. Once freed from government intervention, they would be often, perhaps even mostly, preferable to cash payments, but not always. Just watch the delays they frequently cause at cash counters of supermarkets. – J.Z.


CASLEY, LEN, Bill of Rights, Hutt River Province, 1970, 5 points, 48x, in PP 589/590. (For more on his secession and transformation into Prince Leonard, see the subseries: ON PANARCHY.)

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CASSELMAN, PAUL HUBERT, The Cooperative Movement and Some of Its Problems, 1952, indexed, with bibliography, 191pp: 94, in PP1520. – There is nothing to be found here on the “open coops” of Buchez and Hertzka and of the labour cooperatives of Dubreuil. The author concentrates on consumer coops. The cooperative movement, like the monetary reform, the peace, the conservation and ecology, the utopian, the land reform, and the general socialistic, revolutionary and reform movements, even the anarchistic and libertarian ones, has been held back by a host of false premises, wrong observations, false conclusions, faulty ideas and popular prejudices and myths not only by outsiders but even among the advocates. E.g., Egalitarianism, charity, socialism, communitarianism, unionism, utopism and statism should not have been made part and parcel of this movement. In particular, it should have discarded its anti-interest, anti-profit, anti-competition, anti-capital and anti-market bias. All too often cooperators have turned “cooperatives” into representations of false and in the long run unworkable ideologies rather than trying sound and businesslike approaches, fully using all already existing opportunities in a partly liberated market and attempting to free it further and completely. Almost as a rule, they did not try to realize free enterprise responsibilities and incentives, like capital incentives, for every working member, i.e. they did not decentralize enough. Their collective, majoritarian or committee decision-making left much to be desired and did not always sufficiently stimulate and motivate the individual at the workface. Rather than cooperators, inexperienced in business, starting new enterprises, the coop-minded of existing enterprises should make attractive take-over bids towards their owners, providing a win-win situation for almost all. Existing capable managers should be retained under more attractive conditions than before. Moreover, cooperators should also deal, as far as they can, with financial and monetary problems effecting their business, i.e. explore their monetary and financial freedom options and try to realize them as far as possible. Otherwise they, too, are likely to become victims of monetary and financial despotism. Regarding the insufficient visibility of such titles: I am sometimes under the impression that bookshop and public libraries were established and are maintained rather to keep such important books of sight and mind rather than making them readily available as reference sources. I would like to see fans of cooperation to loosely cooperate in the publication of all coop, peace, freedom, justice and prosperity texts, with each tackling those text he likes most and has access too and using the alternative medium affordable to and appreciated by him. Between them they would merely have to compile and publicize and common title listing, with abstracts, reviews, indexes and bibliographies. – PIOT, J.Z., 11.11.98

CASSERES, BENJAMIN DE, Posterity : The New Superstition, 3pp, in PP 1420/22 : 287. – First published in Tucker’s LIBERTY, No. 402.CASSON, HERBERT N., Creative Thinkers, The Creative Few Who Cause Progress and Prosperity, An Explanation of the Rise and Fall of Business Firms and Nations, Efficiency Magazine, London, n.d., 169pp, in PP 1,040. – On “The New Individualism”, the failure of “politicalism” and “the complete collapse of socialism” etc. In PP 1,040.

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CASTLEMAN, HARVEY N., The Texas Rangers. The Story of an Organization that Is Unique, like nothing else in America, 1944, 24pp, Haldeman – Julius Publications, no series no, in PP 1218. – Alas, not an ideal militia, either. J.Z.

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CATASTROPHIES, INSURANCE AGAINST, PP 337.CATCHPOLE, TERRY, Campaign GM: The Fast Back Scratch, an article in RAP, 1970, 24x, in PP 176-177.CATHOLIC CHURCH, 1140. – I do like some enlightened Catholics more than some prejudiced atheists. – J.Z.

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CATHOLIC WORKER, Australia, Design for Democrats, An Australian Tribute to Hilaire Belloc (1870-1953) for his 74th year, 1944, 143pp, in PP 1517. – Everything good is rarely together. This title did not come up to my expectations. Sometimes a man gets as much misunderstood or discredited by his friends as by his enemies. Or, in some ways, Belloc, too, led rather away than towards liberty. His best book, from the libertarian point of view, seems still to be “Economics for Helen”. – J.Z.,11.11.1998.

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CATO INSTITUTE, an 8pp invitation to one of its seminars, in summer 1990, in PP 1,040. – I have still received no reply to my 1990 request to its publicity officer for permission to microfilm their odd papers, and manuscripts they can’t afford to print, if they are not going to do this themselves. J.Z., Jan. 93.

CATO INSTITUTE, Book List, 2pp, n.d. , in PP 1534: 86. – Many of its titles are listed as no longer in print and are not offered on microfiche, floppies or CDROMs.

CATO INSTITUTE, Letter by DAVID D. BOAZ, introducing SELGIN’s book : THE THEORY OF FREE BANKING, 1p, 29x, in PP 865. – I find the book excellent, as far as it goes – but it does not represent “the” theory of free banking but, rather, only “a” theory of free banking, one that is mainly concerned with the rare metal redemptionist options. As such, it appears to be a quite scientific treatment and may thus help to open a break in the walls behind which most conventional academic economists hide, a breach through which other free banking theories may finally penetrate, too. There are now quite a number of free banking titles in print or coming up in print. I would love to get permission – non-exclusively and revocable, as usual – to reproduce all of them cheaply on microfiche. But I guess I ought to wait at least until the publishers have recovered their considerable investment in print and achieved whatever returns they can get from it. And I won’t pass any petitions around for such permissions, either. The facts ought to speak for themselves, namely: The extent to which such writings remain unpublished or out of print and unobtainable in most libraries and on the second-hand book market. – J.Z.

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CBA, Medford, OR, 1p leaflet on Jury Duty and The Juror’s Creed, in PP 1,015.

CD-ROM LIBRARIAN, The Optical Media Review for Information Professionals, 1p, in PP 907-910.

CD-ROM PUBLISHING, See: ZUBE, JOHN, compiler, Clippings and Notes on Electronic Libraries, Internet, CD-ROM publishing etc., 1992-94, ca. 60pp, in PP 1197. Who is going to help me to put out the first anarchist – libertarian text CD-ROM, by submitting digitized material for it? I would fund the small costs of the original and of the first few duplicates, down to ca. $ 150 for the original, from no more than ca. 32 computerized files and $ 23 – 27, when at least 10 duplicates are ordered. Why do not such opportunities, like the microfiche self-publishing one, attract more activists? – Some said the INTERNET would be better. But how much have they so far placed on it? Let me know when the millions of computer fans have, there, finally outproduced LMP, i.e. one man’s micrographic freedom publishing. Even on 25-50 cent floppy disks very few freedom writings are available, to my knowledge. WHY? – I would gladly film any such listing. – J.Z.

CD-ROMS in Print, the new source for what’s available on CD-ROM, 1987 Meckler Publishing leaflet, 1p, in PP 907-910.

CD-ROMS, Special Offer of CD ROMs, from Alan Buchter, U.K., 1p: 537, in PP 1293/5. Like most such offers, rather useless to anarchists and libertarians. I am still willing to sponsor the low costs of the first anarchist to libertarian text-only CD – but have so far heard of only two who might contribute some of their MBs towards it. They have not let me know as yet how many MBs they have ready for this. If paying attention to CDs at all, most seem merely fascinated by the playful and entertaining multimedia ones, whose production still costs hundred-thousands of dollars, while the text only types are down to A $ 8.40 to 14, commercially, in duplicates with 50 MB each. Are we all radical innovators and believers in private initiative and enterprise? Do you expect me to keyboard or scan in, 650 MB on my own? Be a bit more realistic & enterprising! – J.Z.

CD-ROMs, Text only, for freedom writings, see: ZUBE, JOHN, DENON & the text-only CD-ROM self-publishing option for anarchists & libertarians. Notes, 6/96, 3pp, in PP 1347: 1.

CD-ROMs, Text-only, not MULTI-MEDIA ones, See: GATES, BILL, Demonstrating capacity of CD-ROM, which could hold the contents of a stack of 330,000 sheets of single-spaced text. Clipping of hint from NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, 10/1955: 115, in PP 1492. – WHY don’t anarchists and libertarians use this medium or other affordable, convenient and already powerful media, like floppy disks, microfiche, ZIP disks etc., for their publishing and reading requirements? Why do they remain tradition- and custom-bound paper addicts, to what it also a paper tiger, as far as their efforts are concerned? Why don’t they at least bother to properly survey all their alternative media options, using the Internet for this, to the extent that they can? – J.Z., 23.5.98. – – Even such publicity has not yet induced enough intellectuals among the freedom lovers to use this technology extensively for freedom text books. What blinders keep them from microfiche and such media? – All PEACE PLANS texts would not even fill 2 CD-ROMs and these 2 could be duplicated for as little as $ 2, plus the value of the blanks, down to A $ 2.75 here, which means, a total reproduction cost of only: A $ 7.50. – The main difficulty seems to be to get enough people involved in getting as many freedom texts digitized, via scanning and key-boarding, to be able to put them together and duplicate them as cheaply. – Are the people who habitually ignore their very cheap microfiche publishing and reading options likely to take up these enormously powerful and cheap publishing and reading options? I am waiting for signs of commitments to either option. – E.g., HOW MANY MB’s are YOU PREPARED TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE FIRST libertarian and or anarchist TEXT-ONLY CD-ROM? – J.Z, 5.6.98.

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CELL, The Church of Eternal Life and Liberty, “Live and Let Live”, newsletter, Nos 5-14, 18-31, Jan. 78 – March 83, 42x, in PP 595. – Now on hand: 15 – 17, 32-41. Still wanted, for the next fiche: 1-4 & 42ff. – J.Z.

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CENTRAL BANKING, PP 428ff (S. 18, 30, 99, 103, 196, 198, 239), 542, 640, 730, 740, 745, 804, 813, 865, 904, 969, 971, 1042. See: MONETARY DESPOTISM, MONETARY FREEDOM, LEGAL TENDER, GRESHAM’S LAW.

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CENTRAL BANKING, See: WALKER, MICHAEL, Should we fire Jim Crow? (Governor of the Bank of Canada), 2pp: 128, in PP 1515. – Fire the office and institution, rather than merely preserve or change its manager. If he were capable, he would be able to rise with one of many competing banks. – J.Z.

CENTRAL BANKING, See: WHEELER, BRENT, Dr., Dazed and Confused: How the World’s Central Banks Lost the Plot, 1p, in PP 1336 – 39: 169. – A short statement for monetary freedom. The central banks and their supporters had always lost it. But they have the laws of monetary despotism on their side and the prejudices of the “experts” and those of the general public. – J.Z., 18.9.96.

CENTRAL COMMITTEE OF THE MOVEMENT FOR LIBERATION AND UNIFACTION OF MACEDONIA, A Statement: On the Macedonian National Question, 24pp, with a note by J.Z., in PP 817. I rather pity those who have no other than a national concept of freedom. But I got this statement from one who considered himself to be an anarchist. – J.Z.

CENTRALIZATION : All cities into one INTERNATIONAL CITY? 7. – Imagine the transport and pollution problem then! – J.Z.


CENTRE 2000, 1.) Books on Privatization, 1p list, 29x, in PP 642 & 724, 2.) Help Us to Help You, 2p leaflet on Workers Compensation in the Shadow of Nationalization, 36x, in PP 654, 3.) lecture leaflet,1986, 1p, 29x, in PP 632, 4.) The Omega Australia Project, 9pp pamphlet, 42x, in PP 644. (See also: THE OPTIMIST.)

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CHADWYCK-HEALEY, Radical Pamphlets in American Collections, part 3: House Un-American Activities Committee Collection, HUAC, containing nearly 4,000 original radical and anti-radical pamphlets collected by HUAC investigators from the 1900s to the 1970s, now on microfiche. Here only advertised in 4pp flyer, in PP 497/498.

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CHINA SYNDROME, 1052-61 (LA Scientific Notes 2). See Nuclear Reactors. I like only one nuclear reactor: the Sun. Nuclear barons like TELLER have only poor notions on how to utilize it. – J.Z.

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CLASSIFICATION SCHEMES: FRITZ, MARSHALL, Beyond Left/Right, 3pp, in PP 1430/31: 192. – A disked version is now offered of Nolan’s classification chart and M.F.’s questionaire. – On a disk there should have been room for several other of the proposed classification schemes. – Why do so many people who have one answer do believe that they have the only one or the best of all possible ones ? Just their own faith that their own one is the only or best possible one is not a proof in the eyes of others. – J.Z.

CLASSIFICATION SYSTEMS, POLITICAL SPECTRUM, 2 TO 3 DIMENSIONALS PP 176 (The Gentle Art of Name-Calling), 967, 1036, 1098, 1110, 1146, 1158. – I seek more such schemes for a special anthology of them. – J.Z.

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CLYDE ADAMS III, Court Case of Clyde Adams III, charged with unlicensed moped driving, 33pp, in PP 1,000. Let us licence or refuse to licence bureaucrats and politicians, their constitutions, laws, taxes and juridical and protective systems, as individual options. Spooner rejected their anonymous “authorization” by a band of robbers and despots, calling themselves free voters, democrats and republicans. – J.Z.

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COCKINGTON, JAMES, The Divine, 1p, 828, in PP 1457/62. – Clipping on a water diviner or dowser. Science does not always stick to facts and observations, especially when they are contrary to preconceived notions and models. – J.Z.

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COIN WORLD, 1980, Kansas City Man Seeks Gold-Based Stability, clipping, in PP 787.

COINS, INVESTMENT IN RARE COINS, 739. I would rather have more people invest in rare ideas. See Ideas Archive, Libertarian Library, Libertarian Encyclopedia, LMP. In this they could act as independently and favour their own ideas as much as they liked. – J.Z.


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COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY FOR CONVICTED CRIMINALS, for all costs and damages through all crimes of a similar kind, See: PP 13 & 15. – Possibly the only case where it could be rightfully applied. The only alternatives, in practice, are, either to forget about their victims or to hold the innocents and the victims collectively responsible with the guilty ones, through taxation and official indemnification. It would not be right or satisfactory to achieve indemnifications or mere indemnification claims towards unfinancial convicts or former convicts, only for those cases for which individual criminals have been caught and convicted. That would cover only a small fraction of all crime damage. Crime, as a whole, could be rendered unprofitable for criminals & they could be given an individually strong financial and sentence reduction incentive to dob in those not yet caught or convicted. The trend of “honour among thieves” could become reversed. – J.Z.


COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY? See: NOCK, ALBERT JAY, The Myth of a Guilty Nation, reviewed by JAMES J. MARTIN, 1p, in PP 1367/68: 15. – ONE of the all too many significant books allowed to get out of print. Not only the Hutus and Tutus apply this “principle” murderously against each other. – Some libertarians advocate it with “modern”, “scientific” and “efficient” nuclear “weapons”. – J.Z.



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COLLISON, WILLIAM, The Apostle of Free Labour, the life story of William Collison, founder and Gen. Sec. of the National Free Labour Assoc., told by himself, 1913, 336pp, indexed, 36x, PP 550. He had not call girls but strike breakers on call – and protected them, giving the strikers time to think whether and where they could get better offers for their labour and to seek out such options. Whoever gives notice and is more satisfied with another job, is effectively on permanent strike against his former employer and those who continue to work for his former employer, are scabs against him. Be he does not mind, because he has looked around and sold his labour more profitably. Freedom of contracts does always offer workers a better deal than strikes do, especially when it includes monetary and financial freedom and other economic liberties. – J.Z.


COLONIST, THE, Creating a Spacefaring Civilization That Will Establish Communities Beyond Earth, by Houston Space Society, Vol. II, Nor. 3, Sep. 89, 13pp sample, only on hand, in PP 1108.

COLT, SAM, See: KEATING, BERN, Henry Ford, Move Over! 7pp: 63, in PP 1506/07. – On Sam Colt, as the inventor of mass production, “driven into bankruptcy by his country’s military”. – And all too many, governments excepted, are now deprived of his main invention! – Government officials, especially members of some police and military forces, do and should fear arms in the hands of the people, particularly the decent citizens. – J.Z., 5.6.98.

COLUMBIA ENCYCLOPEDIA, 5th ed., 1993, Extraterritoriality or exterritoriality, 1p from IN in PP 1540: 208. – On panarchism. – It offers such information free of charge to dozens of millions on the Internet – but still wants to claim copyrights. If only we had better memories all copyrights claims would be in vain. Maybe there will be a memory pill one day, that will indirectly abolish copyrights. – J.Z.

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COMMENTARY ON LIBERTY, Journal of the Philadelphia County Young Americans for Freedom, later: Journal of Pennsylvania Society for Individual Liberty, incomplete, 67-71, 241pp, in PP 1409/10: 1.



COMMISSION DU PACIFIQUE SUD, Catalogue des Ouvrages sur le Mouvement Cooperatif, Noumea, 1959, 162pp: 1, in PP 1486. – This is the longest list of coop literature that I have seen so far. – J.Z.

COMMITTEE FOR A FREE NICARAGUA, 2pp leaflet, 29x, in PP 864.

COMMITTEE FOR AN ECONOMIC BILL OF RIGHTS, Bill of Rights, 1p, in PP 1411/12: 414.

COMMITTEE FOR AN ECONOMIC BILL OF RIGHTS, draft of 4 sections, 2pp, in PP 1311: 75.

COMMITTEE FOR CENSUS PRIVACY, Washington, 2pp, signed by Don Ernsberger, in PP 1139.

COMMITTEE FOR MONETARY RESEARCH & EDUCATION, here only a 2pp list of publications, in PP 972. LMP intends to reproduce many to all of its booklets but has not yet got a full set together. Missing in my collection are so far: Nos. 12, 15, 18, 20-22, 24, 28-33, 37, 42, 44-46, 48ff. Alas, It does not offer the full range of monetary freedom ideas. But that should not surprise anyone who realizes how rare monetary freedom writings are in bookshops and libraries. – J.Z.

COMMITTEE FOR MONETARY RESEARCH AND EDUCATION, Invitation to Feb./Mar. 87 meeting: The Dollar – Reserve Currency of the World, 3pp, in PP 25. – No sound currency needs a reserve currency, no more so than do kilogramme, meter and liter measures need meter, liter and kilogramme “reserves”! I have a box with an incomplete set of their publications. Some are of some monetary freedom interest & I intend to film what I got, when I get around to it. – I know of no monetary research institution prepared to examine all aspects of monetary freedom. Nor has any other institution known to me published as much on this subject as LMP and my other hat has: Research Centre for Monetary and Financial Freedom. – J.Z.

COMMITTEE FOR MONETARY RESEARCH AND EDUCATION, See: MEN AND MONEY, Newsletter of the Committee for Monetary Research and Education, XV/1, August 1990, 27pp, in PP 1240.

COMMITTEE FOR NON-COMMUNIST BANKING (Committee for Free Market Banking), 1p, in PP 25.

COMMITTEE FOR REFERENDUM 41, on money system review, 1987, 2pp leaflet, in PP 791.

COMMITTEE FOR THE BILL OF RIGHTS, The Bill of Rights Is Under Attack, 1p, 1990, in PP 961. Washington, n.d., 1p, in PP 1,040.

COMMITTEE TO ABOLISH THE FED, CTAF, The Anti-Fed Report, January 1989, 4pp. An attack on Trilateralism and the scheme for a world central bank. In PP 971.

COMMITTEE TO ABOLISH THE FED, THE, a 2pp leaflet, on its Mises Institute Conference on the Federal Reserve System, Sep. 86. (I would like to obtain and to film all papers there given. – J.Z.) In ??? – I will correct such mistakes once I have the List of Peace Plans by PP Nos. all digitized, to facilitate searches. – J.Z.

COMMITTEE TO RESTORE THE CONSTITUTION, BULLETIN, Sept. 86 sample, 6pp, Plunder, American Style, 2pp leaflet, 48x, in PP 739.

COMMODITY TECHNICAL TRADING CO., Move into Gold, 1p adv., 87, 29x, in PP 738.


COMMON LAW vs. LEGISLATION, 1052-61 (LA Legal Notes 10 & 13). See: Human Rights, Natural Law, Personal Law, On Panarchy.

COMMON LAW: DAVIS, NORMAN, Common Law and a Free Society, 4pp,


COMMON SECURITY, 914. Also known as Collective Security. See: Alliances, World State, UN, Defence, NATO, Power Blocks, Balance of Power, Militia. Peace between territorial monopoly States, which are inherently warfare States, is merely an unrealistic dream. What they can achieve are only temporary and local armistices. – J.Z.

COMMON SENSE PUBLICATIONS (Australian FEE), literature list, 2pp, 24x, in PP 50-54.

COMMON SENSE, Brisbane, Nos. 16-35 (first to 4/84), ed. Viv Forbes, 29x, in PP 521/522, Nos. 36-42, Sept. 84 – May 86, 72pp, 29x, in PP 699. Nos. 43 – 48, Dec. 86 – Aug. 89, 52pp, in PP 920. – The May 1986 issue, containing Viv Forbes: But What Can I Do?, 8pp, with list of some Australian freedom addresses, separately: 42x, in PP 637, No. 28, May 1985, A New Magna Charta: The New Charter of Freedom, 10 points, 48x, in PP 589/590. – More issues will be filmed if and when they become available for this. I can’t afford to subscribe to this and many other good libertarian publications, at least not until LMP takes off. And why should I be more interested than their publishers are, to keep all anarchist and libertarian back issues in print, at least in one format? If they do not sufficiently care for them, why should I? Look after the children of your intellect yourself! – J.Z.

COMMON SENSE, Rosevale, No. 121, May 96, 2pp, in PP 1393: 109.

COMMON SENSE, Rosevale, Qld., Nos. 96 & 97, July & Aug. 94, 6pp, published by Viv Forbes, in PP 1270.

COMMONWEALTH CLUB OF CALIFORNA, Local Option in Taxation, 19pp, on Single Tax, in PP 1265.


COMMUNES DIRECTORY, 1989, PP 956 (Communities & Coops also), COMMUNISM : PHELAN, TOWNER, The Secret Strength of Communism, 3pp, in PP 1411/12: 338. – Our Welfare States.


COMMUNISM, GETTING RID OF, PP 311. Ideas can be ultimately defeated only by freedom to practice them, at the own expense and risk. See ON PANARCHY. J.Z.

COMMUNISM, Not in Russia, according to Emma Goldman: PP 618.

COMMUNISM, PP 12, 225, 405/6, 425, 604, 694, 705, 724, 756, 696, 525, 698, 955, 984, 1019, 1142, see Marx.

COMMUNISM, See: CAPLAN, BRYAN, Museum of Communism FAQ, version 1.2, 30pp , in PP 1541/42: 149 & CAPLAN, BRYAN, The Menshevik’s Critiqiue of Bolshevism and the Bolshevic State, n.d., 19pp, in PP 1541/42: 179. – He demonstrates that M. & B. were all too much alike. I read somewhere that Trotzky was prepared to sacrifice 75% of the population to make his kind of revolution succeed. – J.Z.

COMMUNISM, See: HAZLITT, HENRY, Market Prices vs. Communist Demands, 5pp: 371, in PP 1529- 33.

COMMUNIST AGRICULTURE, PP 530.COMMUNIST ANARCHISM, CRITICIZED, PP 283-285.COMMUNIST ANARCHISM, PP 283 – 285, 349, 391, 412, 616, 921, 955, 1020, 1078, 1086, 1101 1157, 1163. See Anarchism & Individualist Anarchism, PIERRE RAMUS, SYNDICALISM. Voluntary communism is tolerable for dissenters, aggressive communism, even of the “anarchist” variety, is not. – J.Z.

COMMUNIST MANIFESTO, Comparison between the 10 points of the Communist Manifesto and current US laws, 1p, in PP 1247.

COMMUNIST MANIFESTO, Origins, Real, 412p390.

COMMUNIST PARTY, See : LOUDON, TREVOR, Working Class Zeros. A Brief History of the (ex) Communist Party, 4pp, in PP 1336 – 39: 261.

COMMUNITIES, See : LOCKWOOD, GEORGE B., The New Harmony Movement, 1905, 1970, 416pp, with index and bibliography, in PP 1309: 1-105.


COMMUNITY AID ABROAD, Australia’s Military Exports to the Third World, a 4-page special feature, Winter 91, in PP 1,034.

COMMUNITY AID ABROAD, merged with FREEDOM FROM HUNGER, 4pp leaflet, with 1p letter by John Zube, 30 June 95, in PP 1276.


COMMUNITY ECONOMICS, No. 18, Summer 1989, by Institute for Community Economics, 16pp, in PP 1394: 71. – To me “community” economics does not make any more sense than “national” or “world” economics. – J.Z.

COMMUNITY INFORMATION RESOURCE CENTRE, Tucson, empowering people, building community, enabling change, 2pp leaflet from Thomas H. Greco, in PP 25.

COMMUNITY LAND TRUST CONFERENCE, Heathcote, June 6-8,86, 1p leaflet, in PP 1411/12: 408.

COMMUNITY SERVICE, Inc., Yellow Springs, 1985 List of Intentional Communities and Individuals with Related Services, 8pp, in PP 956.

COMMUNITY, COOPERATION WITHOUT, PP 1052-61 (Chris Tame, LA Philosophical Notes 11).

COMPANY DIRECTORS ASSOCIATION OF AUSTRALIA, Deregulated Incorporation for Small Business, 5pp leaflet, in PP 274: 131.

COMPANY LAW REFORM, by Herbert Spencer, PP 199.

Compare my attempts to collect, also, private drafts on children’s rights, in PP 589/590. – J.Z.

COMPASSION, See: WALKER, MICHAEL, Limits of Compassion, 1p: 98, in PP 1515.

COMPASSION: Misdirected Compassion – Source of Many Evils, 1p clipping, NYC Tribune, Sep. 10, 1990, in PP 976.


COMPETING GOVERNMENTS, PP 415, 786, 1028/29, 1051. See ON PANARCHY,


COMPETITION : SMITH, BARDFORD B., Monopoly and Competition, 13pp, in PP 1418: 42.


COMPETITION, PP 309, 418/19p156, 722/3, 921, 962, 968, 995, 1000, 1105, see MONETARY FREEDOM, PERSONAL LAW, ON PANARCHY, FREE TRADE, EDUCATION, IMMIGRATION, COMPETING GOVERNMENTS. It’s hard to compete while in chains, even if they are only those of ignorance or prejudice. – J.Z.

COMPETITION, see PHILLIPS, CHARLES F., Competition? Yes, but…., FEE, 1955, 21pp, in PP 962.

COMPETITION, See: PETRO, SYLVESTER, Competition, Monopoly, and the Role of Government, 9pp: 166, in PP 1529- 33.

COMPETITION, See: PETRO, SYLVESTER, Competition, Unions & Antitrust, 30pp: 2, in PP 1529-33.

COMPETITION, See: SHANNON, RUSSELL, Curbing Competition, 3pp: 282, in PP 1529- 33.

COMPETITION, See: SUMMERS, BRIAN, How Much Competition? 2pp: 246, in PP 1529- 33.

COMPETITION: LABADIE, LAURANCE, On Competition, 1p, in PP 1420/22: 147.COMPETITIVE RATIFICATION OFFICE, The Competitive Ratification Route Toward a Strengthened UN, 2pp, 29x, in PP 729.

COMPROMISE, PP 1132. See John Morley.


COMPULSORY SCHOOLING, PP 1114, LA Educational Notes 11 in 1052/61,


COMPULSORY TAXATION, PP 376, 384, see Taxation, Voluntary Taxation.

COMPULSORY VOTING, PP 384, 755, 789, 1018. See Voting, Non-Voting.

COMPUTER AND MICROFICHE MARRIAGE, see entry under LANCASTER, F.W. & FAYEN, E.G., in this list and in PP 907-910.

COMPUTER BULLETIN BOARDS, anarchist or libertarian, Fort Freedom: PP 637, CYGNUS, 907 – 911: p 511. See BULLETIN BOARDS, ELECTRONIC, PEACE NETWORK.


COMPUTER DATA BANKS, clippings, with some notes, by John Zube, page 518, 519, in PP 907-910.


COMPUTER USERS, LIBERTARIAN, Short preliminary list, 6pp, 1986, PP 647. Why aren’t all those, who would not mind being so listed, listed in this way, by using PCs and combining such address lists? Too many people dream of or promise or hope for computerized books but in practice they do not even list their own books and addresses sufficiently or provide abstracts, indexes and bibliographies, between them, that are somewhat complete, i.e. they do not perform libertarian tasks, in a market-like division of labour process, for which PCs would be eminently usable. Why aren’t printouts and disks of their discussions available by mail? Aren’t they worth reading for others than those on line? Why haven’t they recognized microfiche as a print-out and duplication peripheral option for long texts? Why do their data banks and their technical literature keep them so uninformed on their micrographic options? Until they use their computers more systematically for the liberty struggles, I cannot take their views quite serious. Often they have merely added to the ancient kinds of snobbery, clubbishness and elitism. Like politicians, they promise more than they deliver. Thou shalt recognize them by their fruits. J.Z. See also under Softserv, in PP 1022.





COMPUTERS, Laptop, survey, compiled by John ZUBE, 37 brands, 108pp, 29x, in PP 686. (You don’t HAVE to sit in front of an X-ray emitting cathode tube display all day. – J.Z.)

COMSEC LETTER, sample of June 1985, 5pp, in PP 817.


CONANT, CHARLES A., A History of Modern Banks of Issue, 1896, 6th ed., 1927, with 2 new chapters, bringing the record of banks of issue down to 1926, by Marcus Nadler, from the 1969 Kelley reprint, indexed, 841pp, in PP 1,032/33. (Of some free banking interest. – J.Z.)

CONANT, CHARLES A., The Principles of Money and Banking, Vol. II, 1905, 496pp, indexed, with bibliography and a discussion of free banking. It has taken economists ca. 150 years for some of them to arrive at the state of limited insights into monetary freedom and at the remaining abundance of confusions, errors and prejudices on this subject, which predominate even among advocates of “free banking”. Economic science? We are still far from it and many of the best texts on monetary freedom are still inaccessible and many handbooks on this subjects remain to be written or published. – J.Z.


CONCENTRATION, See: PETERSON, WILLIAM H., Review, 2pp, of: BROZEN, YALE, Concentration, Mergers, and Public Policy, Macmillan, N.Y., 1982, 456pp: 379, in PP 1529- 33.

CONCEPTS, JARVIE, I.C., Man, Concepts & Society, review, 995. See also TAME, CHRIS, same title, 1052-61 (LA Sociological Notes 1). See IDEAS.CONCERNED CITIZENS, Act Now! Against the Fringe Benefits Tax, 1p, 29x, in PP 724.

CONCISE COLUMBIA ELECTRONIC ENCYCLOPAEDIA, 3rd. ed., 1994, Columbia U.P., Exterritoriality, 1p, in PP 1539: 103. The site gives not only a short definition but provides links to relevant recent press releases, to 1997. – J.Z.

CONCON, R.J., Our Pagan Christmas, 9pp, with an additional 2pp of introduction by Barbara Smoker and a 1p extract from Charles Bradlaugh’s essay : Who Was Jesus Christ? In PP 499.CONCORDE AND THE DESTRUCTION OF OZONE, PP 370.

CONDILLAC, Le Commerce et le Gouvernement, in PP 778-783.

CONDON, TIMOTHY S., The Tax Rebellion: A New Public Understanding, 11pp: 127, in PP 1506/07.

CONDREN, CONAL, In Utopia, you get much more than you’d expect, 1p on Thomas More, in PP 1,052 – 1,061.


CONFEDERATION, See: WALKER, MICHAEL, Advantages of Restructuring Confederation, 2pp: 122, in PP 1515.

CONFERENCE announcements and leaflets, various, sent to me by L.A., 14pp, in PP 1281/82.


CONFERENCE ON PRIVATIZATION & CORPORATIZATION, 6th., London, 1992, 5pp, invitation etc., in PP 1,052 – 1,061. (Will we ever see the proceedings, unless they are microfilmed? J.Z.)

CONFERENCES, ANARCHIST, See: FOCAL POINT SUPPLEMENT, in PP 25. – Most anarchist conferences, in my experience so far, do not seem to produce many filmable papers. Please send in all those you have, in photo-ready photocopies. – J.Z.

CONFLICT, PP 174/76,


CONFRONTATION in the Agora, PP 156,

CONGRES DE CARARRE 1968, 1. Ce Que Pensent Les Anarchistes Sur La Revolution Et L’Organisation De l’Economie Dans La Societe Future. 2. Anarchisme Et Marxisme – Leninisme, 24pp: 69, in PP 1501. – Isn’t it about time to make the full records accessible, in an affordable format, of all anarchist conferences, lectures and seminars, to the extent that they were recorded at all, published or unpublished, and are still in existence somewhere? – J.Z.

CONGRESS INFORMATION CENTRE, CIC, announcement that it will microfilm the 250 public submissions, totalling over 6,000 pages on the Australian Financial System, 6pp, 24x, in PP 145-146. It did so, on ca. 37 fiche, but is no longer listed in the Sydney Tel. Book. I do not know who took over its microfiched titles. – J.Z.

CONGRESS INFORMATION CENTRE, CIC, List of the subjects covered by the Australian Financial System Inquiry, 6pp, 24x, in PP 80-82. (Most of the submissions were published by that centre on microfiche.)

CONGRESS OF THE U.S., N.Y.C., 24 March 1789, Resolution in 12 Articles, touched-up original of the predecessor to the first ten amendments to the Constitution, 1p, 825, in PP 1457/62.


CONLY, CRAIG A., Alienation, Sociality, and the Division of Labor: Contradictions in Marx’s Ideal of “Social Man”, ETHICS 89, Jan. 79, 82-94, summary only, 1p, in LITERATURE OF LIBERTY, in PP 1202p1073, headed: Marx’s “Social Man”.

CONLY, CRAIG A., Alienation, Sociality, and the Division of Labor 1318/1319: 132.

CONNALLY, WILLIAM E., Review Essay: The Critical Theory of Juergen Habermas, by Thomas McCarthy, HISTORY AND THEORY 18, 1979, 397-417, summary only, 1p, in LITERATURE OF LIBERTY, in PP 1202p1109, headed: Habermas’Critical Theory.

CONNECTION, THE, Comments from and to TC, No. 121, by John Zube, Stormy Mon, Jim Stumm, Martin L. Buchanan, Filthy Pierre, Lippard, Philip E. Jacobson, Du Bois, Mike Gunderloy, Joe Fulks, 17pp, 29x, in PP 879.


CONNECTION, THE, extracts from various contributors and comments to by John Zube, mainly on panarchism, in issue Nos. 41, 87, 89, 90, 92 – 101, 104, 105, 29x, in PP 869.

CONNECTION, THE, No. 197, 13 May 94, 2pp: Cover sheet & introduction only, in PP 1400: 114.

CONNEXIONS & CONNEXIONS ANNUAL, 4pp on Canada “greens” etc., 29x, in PP 859.

CONNEXIONS, 2pp leaflet on “Information to change the world”, 29x, in PP 877.

CONNOLLY, WILLIAM E., A Note on Freedom under Socialism, POLITICAL THEORY, USA, 5, 1977, 461-471, summary only, 1p, in LITERATURE OF LIBERTY, in PP 1199,p57. Headed: Socialism and Freedom.

CONNOR, JOHN T., Profits Are for People, 1p, 76, in PP 1317: 131.

CONNORS, LYNDSAY, Don’t Confuse those Years at School with Education, 1972, 1p, 36x, in PP 714.

CONQUEST OF THE U.S. BY SPAIN, THE, W. G. Sumner, in PP 424, 1027.





CONSCIENCE: ROBERTS, NICK, Conscience vs. Social Conscience, 3pp, in PP 1430/31: 171.

CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTION, PP 611, 965, 1011, 1017, 1044, 1097, 1152/53. See DESERTION, ON PANARCHY, MILITARY INSURRECTIONS, REVOLUTIONS. See HASSLER, R. ALFRED, editor, Conscripts of Conscience, The Story of 16 Objectors to Conscription, The Fellowship of Reconciliation, N.Y., 1942, 73pp, in PP 1097.

CONSCRIPTION REFERENDUM, See: ROYCE, E. SCOTT, The Australian Conscription Referenda, 6pp, in PP 1404/06: 324. – Has a majority the right to conscript a minority? Isn’t that what happened when human sacrifices, to some other “gods” were customary? – J.Z., 10.10.97.

CONSCRIPTION, See: BERKMAN, ALEXANDER, They Fought Conscription.

CONSCRIPTION, See: Clipping on extensive refusals to be conscripted in the present Russia. As few as a third of the expected intake is in fact turning up. Note by Padraic P. McGuinness, in The Sydney Morning Herald, 16.5.95. – Such news should make headlines on the first page – but rarely do. Will these and others also form volunteer militias in the remaining Russia and newly independent States, against excess government powers? I doubt this. From their past and present education even less can be expected than from that of the present U.S. volunteer militia. – See the militia proposals in PP 61-63. – J.Z., 17.5.95.

CONSCRIPTION, See: DAWSON, DAVID J, JOHN LOCKE, the draft and the divine right of kings, 5pp, in PP 1377: 107.

CONSCRIPTION, See: DAWSON, DAVID J, The draft, part V: who shall serve?, 3pp, in PP 1377: 1.

CONSCRIPTION, See: DAWSON, DAVID J, The draft, part VI, privileges and obligations, 3pp, in PP 1377: 16.

CONSCRIPTION, See: DAWSON, DAVID J., The draft, p VII, general Hershey’s carrot, 4pp, in PP 1377: 30.

CONSCRIPTION, See: DAWSON, DAVID J., The Draft: Part III – Labor as Property vs. Labor as Natural Resource, 15pp, in PP 1376: 313.

CONSCRIPTION, See: FRANKE, DAVID, Volunteer Army vs. National Service, The Case for a Volunteer Army, 1969, 30pp, publishing by Constitutional Alliance, Lansing, Michigan, in PP 965.

CONSCRIPTION, See: FRANZEN, DON, The Individual, the State & the Draft, 1p: 98, in PP 1469.

CONSCRIPTION, See: How to Register Against the Draft, leaflet, n.d., 1p, in PP 1283-1286.

CONSCRIPTION, See: LANHAM, FRANK, Conscription and American Fascism, 2pp: 150, in PP 1480.

CONSCRIPTION, See: LIBERTARIAN ALTERNATIVE, The Draft – A Libertarian View, 1p, in PP 1351. – Amnesty for Draft Evaders, 1p, in PP 1351.

CONSCRIPTION, See: PAUL, RON, Despotism and the Draft, 7pp: 264, in PP 1506/07.

CONSCRIPTION, See: POLLS, DAVID, Human Rights and the Draft, 1p, in PP 1378/81: 320.

CONSCRIPTION, See: PP 290, 428ff (S.1715), 611, 878, 984, 1027, 1110, 1116, 1139, 1156, 1164.

CONSCRIPTION, See: SEAVER, BEN, The Gates Commission Report on an all Volunteer Armed Force, American Friends Service Committee, 1970, 4pp, in PP 1,011.

CONSCRIPTION, See: Selective Slavery System, a Protest Form, from LP, Houston, Texas, 2pp, in PP 480.

CONSCRIPTION, See: THAMES, WALTER, Selective Service: Enemy of Liberty, 1p, in PP 1269.


CONSCRIPTION, See: Troubled by the Draft? 4pp leaflet. Author? Publisher? Date? In PP 1250.

CONSCRIPTION, See: WILTBANK, LOWELL B, Argument from obsolescence, a review of BRUCE K CHAPMAN’s The wrong man in uniform: our unfair and obsolete draft and how we can replace it, 2pp, in PP 1377: 35.

CONSCRIPTION. See: SCOTT, LAWRENCE A., A Case against Conscription, 7pp, in PP 1376: 282.

CONSENSUS: CLIFTON, MERRITT, Consensus isn’t Freedom, 2pp, in PP 1432/1439: 701. – If it were, then all the heretics, dissenters, witches, non-conformists etc. would have been rightfully burned, otherwise murdered or imprisoned. – However, ALL who do achieve a consensus among themselves do have the right to practise it, at their own risk and expense, in their own panarchies. – J.Z. 10.10.97.

CONSENT, See: HESS, KARL, By Mutual Consent, 1p, LP NEWS, June 90, 209, in PP 1451.


CONSENT, See: SPOONER, LYSANDER, Forced Consent, ca. 2pp: 114, in PP 1481.- You make your own “discoveries” in these old records. – J.Z.

CONSERVATION & THE FREE MARKET, See: ROTHBARD, MURRAY N., The Great Ecology Issue: Conservation In The Free Market, 6pp: 207, in PP 1457/62.

CONSERVATION AND CAPITALISM, see: SMITH, ROBERT J., Conservation and Capitalism, 45pp, in PP 1,004.



CONSERVATION, PP 345, 391, 724, 1004,

CONSERVATION, See: BEATTIE, ROGER, Free Market Conservation, 2pp, in PP 1336/39: 66.

CONSERVATION, See: O’DRISCOLL, GERALD P., Jr., The Conservation Question, 1p, in PP 1312/1314: 14.

CONSERVATION, See: WALKER, MICHAEL, Privatize the Elephants? Really, You’re Kidding!, 1p: 59, in PP 1515.

CONSERVATION: SMITH, ROBERT J., Earth’s Resources: Private ownership vs. public waste, 4pp, in PP 1430/31: 190.

CONSERVATION: WATKINS, TREVOR, Conservation & Endangered Species, 85, 4pp, in PP 1430/31: 90.


CONSERVATISM & CLOSED SHOP, PP 1052-61 (LA Political Notes 41).


CONSERVATISM vs. LIBERTARIANISM, PP 1052-61 (LA Pamphlets 14).

CONSERVATISM VS. LIBERTARIANISM: BERKMAN, GENE, Conservative Politicians Undercut Libertarian Ideals, 1p, in PP 1378/81: 416.

CONSERVATISM, PP 333, 369, 677, 725, 850, 987, 1052-61 (LA Political Notes 42, LA Pamphlets 14, D.W. SAVAGE), 1132, 1165.

CONSERVATISM, See: EFRON, EDITH, Conservatism: A Libertarian Challenge, 14pp: 270, in PP 1506/07.

CONSERVATISM, See: FISH, JAMES, Conservative Links, in PP 1537: 189.

CONSERVATISM: BRAKEMAN, ROBERT, Conservatives & Libertarians, 3pp, in PP 1432/1439: 669. CONSERVATISM: BRAKEMAN, ROBERT, Conservatives & Patriotism, 3pp, in PP 1432/1439: 697.CONSERVATIVE ACTION AND VICTORY FUND, 2p leaflet, 29x, in PP 677.CONSERVATIVE ACTION AND VICTORY FUND, A 6pp questionaire on school defects. Might be helpful for other researchers. In PP 850.

CONSERVATIVE BOOK CLUB, 1p, 24x in PP 50-54, new titles, 1p, 29x, in PP 333.

CONSERVATIVE BOOKSTORE, Libertarian Shelf, home page, 1p, in PP 1541/42: 399. – Among others it offers: ASHFORD, NIGEL & DAVIES, STEPHEN, A Dictionary of Conservative and Libertarian Thought, hb, 288pp. This is rather short but at least a beginning towards one that is at least 100 times as long. It also offers a keyword search for any of over 2 million books. – Is this, finally, the beginnings of an index to freedom books? Are there 2 million of them? – J.Z.

CONSERVATIVE LIBERTARIANISM, PP 697, 1016. Like most other isms, it has still to evaluate the panarchist options for itself and others. – J.Z.

CONSERVATIVE QUOTATIONS, From the Internet, 18pp, undated collection. Compiler is not mentioned in my print-out, in PP 1537: 117. – Note that on the Internet my print-outs here are offered on many more pages – with many more empty lines in-between. Why waste space, even if only on the screen or on microfiche? – J.Z.

CONSERVATIVE SPEAKERS’ CLUB, THE, Australia, 2pp leaflet, 1985, 29x, in PP 725.CONSERVATORY OF AMERICAN LETTERS, 12pp, 1989, in PP 915.CONSISTENT LIFE, PP 976. The consistent but unarmed, untrained & unorganized tax resister would soon be killed, as soon as he is identified and cornered. – J.Z.

CONSPIRACY DIGEST, 2pp advertising leaflet, by A-Albionic Consulting and Research, 29x, in PP 856.

CONSPIRACY LAWS: The U.S. Conspiracy Laws, by The Defence Committee, N.Y., upon indictment of Ahmed, Berrigan, McLaughlin, Scoblick, McAlister, Wenderoth, undated, 2pp, in PP 1,027.


CONSPIRACY THEORIES, PP 723, 50-54, 856, 859, 896, 1000,

CONSPIRACY THEORIES, See: CHESKIS, LELAND, The Conspiracy Theories of Liberals, 1p, in PP 1409/10: 30.

CONSPIRACY THEORIES, See: RAMSAY, ROBIN, On Conspiracies & Conspiracy Theories: The Truth Buried by the Fantasies, 96, 4pp, in PP 1334/35: 183.

CONSTANT, BENJAMIN, Ueber den Geist der Eroberer, 1813, 1946; and Der Geist der Usurpation, 1813, 1946, 29x, in PP 583.

CONSTANT, BENJAMINE, Extrait des “Melanges”, 1p, on Godwin, in PP 1099.



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CONSTITUTION, ECONOMIC, See: WALKER, MICHAEL, Towards an Economic Constitution, 1p: 129, in PP 1515. – Why not as many as their customers want and are willing to pay for? – J.Z.

CONSTITUTIONAL ANALYTICAL NEWS, Central Illinois Constitutional Caucus, issues 102, 106-108, Aug. 89, 16p, Dec. 89, 18pp, Jan. 90, 26pp, Feb. 90, 25pp, in PP 1215: Total: 208pp.CONSTITUTIONAL BOOK CLUB, THE, 2pp: 74, 2pp: 110, in PP 1450.

CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT, Reading List of FEE, 3pp: 297, in PP 1529- 33.


CONSTITUTIONAL REVIVAL, Enfield, Connecticut, Leaflets, letters and circulars, mainly by ANDREW MELECHINSKY, 1985 – 1988, with no claim to completeness, ca. 137pp, 83, in PP 1453. – Use a large magnification lens. I do not know what has become of A.M. lately but presume that he was bankrupted & imprisoned as a tax resister. – J.Z.

CONSTITUTIONAL REVIVAL, If Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Hancock and Mason Were Alive Today, here Is how our Bill of Rights Would Look. 268 points, including the formal constitutional ones, 48x, in PP 589/590.

CONSTITUTIONAL REVIVAL, Liberals AND Conservatives Are Socialists, n.d., 4pp, 29x, in PP 698.

CONSTITUTIONAL REVIVAL, The Juror’s Creed, 1p, 29x, in PP 870.

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