33.3-INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS, OPINION/ART/NEWS & MORE, Blue issue No.1, Perth, 1p leaflet: “Armed with knowledge, filled with hate, hate is our weapon, (A)ttack!” In PP 1323: 70. – From Perth, picked up at Visions of Freedom conference, Sydney 95. – I would rather like to read more constructive and liberating ideas, plans and projects. – Too many anarchists, and also too many libertarians, although the latter usually on a higher level of economic knowledge, are still “armed” with all too many popular prejudices rather than, exclusively, with genuine freedom knowledge. Precisely these are more concerned with “educating the masses” rather than learning more about liberty among themselves. – J.Z.

(A) DISTRIBUTION, Anarchist Book Catalogue, January 1993, London, 8pp, in PP 1245.A – Z OF MICROGRAPHIC OPTIONS FOR FREEDOM LOVERS, Compilation of Facts, Opinions and Proposals. Short first version 17pp, in 907/10. Remains to be integrated with 2 other such files. 33pp, already integrated in the same fiche, and expanded, by a box full of collected material, perhaps into a book. Naturally, on fiche only, at least from me. You can make or publish your own paper version from the fiche. J.Z.)

A – Z, Eine Almanach-Zeitschrift, 8 S., 1936/37/38? in PP 1328: 47. Ein Vorlaeufer von Kurt Zube’s EUROPAEISCHER BEOBACHTER, IDEEN-ARCHIV & ERLESENES. Wahrscheinlich einzige Ausgabe.

A IS A NEWSLETTER, Writings on Freedom and Individualism, A Monthly Report of the Libertarian Movement, Brighton, Michigan, Editors Dave Haviland & Stanley Lieberman, Mega Communications, I/1,3-5,6, 8,9, from Oct. 71, II/1,2, 7, in PP 861 & 1111, III/4, 5 (Oct. 75), in PP 1124, 55pp. Rich in bibliographical references. The still missing copies are wanted for filming. J.Z.

A WAY OUT, March-April 1966, 38pp, in PP 1315: 35-72.

A., B., What Individualist Anarchists Want, 3pp, 36x in PP 412p219. (B.A. was then a Melbourne high school student.)

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AA BOOK NEWS, No. 11, May 1973, 32pp, in PP 923.

A-ALBIONIC CONSULTING AND RESEARCH, 2pp. leaflet, 1988, 29x, in PP 856, 2pp leaflet, 29x, in PP 859, Literature List, 4pp, mainly on conspiracy theories, 29x, in PP 896. Some leaflets on their literature offer 1994, 7pp, in PP 1233.AAPS leaflet, 2pp, The Association of American Physicians & Surgeons, in PP 916. AAPS, Statement, 2pp, on private medical service, in PP 893.

AAPS NEWSLETTER, The Voice of Private Doctors, samples only, 1/75, 10/75, 4/76, 1/77, 12/77, 2/85, 26pp, all sent by JAG, 29x, in PP 895.

ABAC, Association of Balloon and Airship Constructors, 4pp of leaflets, in PP 1,001.


ABBEE BAUDEAU, Des etats polices, in PP 1352/54: 657. Appendices. – I. Explication du Tableau Economique a Madame ***, par l’auteur des Ephemerides: 822. II. Explication sur le vrai sens du mot sterile applique a l’industrie: 868.

ABBEE BAUDEAU, Notice sur la vie et les travaux de l’abbee Baudeau, in PP 1352/54 : 645. Avis au lecteur, ibid, 655.

ABBEE BAUDEAU, Premiere introduction a la philosophie economique ou analyse des Etats polices, in PP 1352/54: 657. Appendices. – I. Explication du tableau economique a Madame *** par l’auteur des Ephemerides, 822. II. Explication sur le vrai sens du mot sterile applique al’industrie, 868.

ABBEE BAUDEAU, Works, in French, compiled & commented upon by M. EUGENE DAIRE, in PP 1352/54. – Notice sur la vie et les travaux de L’Abbe Baudeau, ibid, p 645.

ABBEY, EDWARD, Fire on the Mountain, 1p review by KENNETH LAFAVE, in PP 1367/68: 81. (“Explicitly libertarian”!)

ABBOTT, F.E., Profit the Basis of Property, 1p: 113, in PP 1481.

ABBOTT, F.E., The Abolition of Interest Unjust and Impossible. No rate escessive if the booty is “equally shared”, 2pp: 12, in PP 1481.

ABBOTT, L., Address at the funeral of Henry George, 29x, in PP 625.

ABBOTT, LYMAN, Rights of Man, 7pp, on Single Tax, in PP 1265.

ABBOTT, PHILIP, Understanding the ‘New Conservatives’, POLITY, USA, Winter 77, 261-273, summary only, 1p, in LITERATURE OF LIBERTY, in PP 1199p55. Headed: Order and Virtue.

ABC AGAINST NUCLEAR WAR, AN, in PP 16-18. Flyer on this book’s large remaining stock of rather badly offset printed copies, e.g. in 907/10. I intend to scan this text to achieve easier legibility and to update it. On 270pp of fine print it makes ca. 500 abstracted & cross-referenced points that are mostly ignored in other peace writings. Compare also my non-alphabetized peace program in PP 61-63 and its original German version in 399-401. The first few PEACE PLANS editions brought largely abstracts of the ideas in PP 61-63 and such summaries were alphabetized in PP 16-18, which remained a close to the record non-seller. I could say, with Laotse, “To be appreciated only by a few belongs to my value.” But I cannot claim to be as original as he was. I stood on the shoulders of those whom I consider to be giants. If only they would have had the microfiche and PC options. They might already have achieved “wonders” with them. I am still battling to get most of their remaining writings onto microfiche, to the extent that they are accessible to me, and not copyrights restricted, or that I have got permission. – This badly printed and bound edition is $ 10 via ship mail. – On microfiche: $ 2. After scanning it will probably be re-fiched on one microfiche together with some other material. J.Z.

ABC NEWS, Australian Bulletin Company, March 78, 4pp, in PP 492, Sep. 84, 4pp, (Bullion dealers), 48x, in PP 739.

ABELL, PETER & THOMAS, KERRY, What Size Should Organizations Be? A Viewpoint, Siena Series 1977/79, No. 1, Acton Society Trust, Occasional Papers, 28pp, in PP 1417: 83. – Productive & autonomous work groups of volunteers would self-determine their size, within the optimum range from 1 to ca. 30. – J.Z., 3.10.97.

ABERCROMBIE, NICHOLAS & TURNER, BRYAN, The Dominant Ideology Thesis, BRITISH JOURNAL OF SOCIOLOGY 29, June 78, 149-170, summary only, 1p, in LITERATURE OF LIBERTY, in PP 1201p821, headed : Ideology and Classes.

ABERN, WILBERT A., Laissez Faire vs. Equal Rights: Liberal Republicanism and Limits to Reconstruction, PHYLON 40, May/June 79, 52-65, summary only, 1p, in LITERATURE OF LIBERTY, in PP 1203p1299, headed: Liberal Republicans during Reconstruction.

ABILITY VS. INFORMATION, PP 200. ( I’d rather have information & ability. J.Z.)

ABOLITION OF WORK, PP 771 ( In the sense of wage “slavery” )

ABOLITIONISM, GRIMKE, ARCHIBALD H., William Lloyd Garrison, The Abolitionist, 1891, indexed, 405pp, in PP 1071.

ABOLITIONISM, See: CHADWICK, WILLIAM, A New Look at the Abolitionists, 5pp: 226, in PP 1529- 33.

ABOLITIONIST, THE, Journal of Libertarian Opinion, Verona, N.J., II/7-10, October 71- January 1972 & The Last Whole Abolitionist, II/11, Feb. 1972. ( It was to be followed by OUTLOOK, “larger in size and intention”, from March 1972.) Here a total of 68pp, in PP 1,018.

ABOLITIONIST, THE, N.Y. & New Haven, Vol. I, # 9-11, Nov. 70 – Jan. 71, a publication of the Radical Libertarian Alliance, 24pp, In PP 998. Issues Sept, Nov. & Dec. 70, 22p, are in PP 933.

ABORIGINAL LAND RIGHTS, PP 1150. See Land Rights, Red Indians.

ABORIGINES : KEYS, DAVID, Our Aborgines got to the US first, 1p, in PP 1415 : 141. A 1996 clipping on Australian Aborigines, at least by racial identities, having been the discoverers and occupiers of the New World until about 10,000 years ago. Then they were forced into the most remote and least desirable areas. If e.g. any Firelandes are left, should they be allowed to claim land rights for all of North and South America? – Or should the Australian Aborigines claim landrights to all of North & South America because some of their ancestors “owned” them for a while? – J.Z., 4.5.97.

ABORTION, Pro & Con on Legal Abortion, by Tom Tanaka, Jeff Jared and Marla Bottemiller, 4pp, in PP 493, with 2pp of discussions.

ABORTION, See PP 1426 & 1428/1429: Compilation, mainly of material supplied by QUEENSLAND RIGHT TO LIFE.

ABORTION, See: ABORTION, Law on Abortion, Zambia – Offences Connected with Murder, 1p: 247, in PP 1463/64.

ABORTION, See: BISSEL, ROGER, A Calm Look at Abortion Arguments, 5pp, in PP 1373/75: 21-29. – Mass murderers are sometimes quite calm about and satisfied with their deeds, too. – I do prefer moral and rational points of view. – J.Z.

ABORTION, See: COURCY HINDS, MICHAEL D, Abortion Foes’ Centers Guiding Lives after Births, 1990, 2pp, in PP 1407: 75.

ABORTION, See: DAILY TELEGRAPH, Unwanted foetus feels pain of abortion: study, 97 clipping: 98, in PP 1493. – As if only the pain of the killing mattered but not the killing itself! It is also painful to consider, as one of the survivors of this slaughter en masse, that you yourself might have been among those your parents had aborted and to ponder the brothers or sisters you might have had.- J.Z.

ABORTION, See: DROSDIK III, VINCENT A., Abortion: A Libertarian View, 3pp, in PP 1432/1439: 1067.

ABORTION, See: GAVAGHAN, COLIN, Where’s the Harm? A Libertarian Case for Abortion on Demand, 4pp: PHILOSOPHICAL NOTES No. 47: 81,in PP 1516. – In each case the intended result is at least one unique human being less, murdered while helpless, upon insistence of at least the mother, his or her supposed guardian, and with the help of scientifically trained doctors. The Nazis confined their murders to those whom THEY considered to be aliens, i.e., not their own flesh and blood. But Abortionists, like Nazis, regard their victims as “sub-human”, never minding all the genetic evidence to the contrary, and their being, obviously, the own flesh and blood. Thus I consider these murderers to be even more sub-human. Altogether the Nazis murdered many less millions of innocent human beings in this century than the abortionists have. That is not an excuse for the Nazis but an all the stronger accusation towards the abortionists. – Killing Nazis was once considered to be a “fair sport” or justified, by whole nations. Killing a single abortionist is still very much frowned upon. I would rather see them do their “things” or murders only within their own autonomous communities, which would be “tough” (in my eyes murderous) for their unborn, but would tend to reduce and perhaps even wipe out, in the long run, this strain from the human race. If it were to become, by its own efforts, a close to extinct human sub-species, then I for one, if I were still alive, would make not a single effort to preserve it. – Victor Koman recommends the transplant of the unwanted foetus to a willing mother. Medical technology is close to being able to do that. – J.Z., 10.11.98.

ABORTION, See: MOORE, RODERICK, The beginning of life and the right to life, 2pp, in PP 1430/31: 56.ABORTION, See: NORTH, D.C. & R.L. MILLER, Abortion, Baseball, & Weed, 1p review by ALAN REYNOLDS, in PP 1367/68: 108.

ABORTION, See: PP 1121: 28 publications or articles against abortion, 125pp, compiled by John Zube, mainly with the help of LFL, Libertarians for Life, directed by Doris Gordon. See HENDERSON, LARRY.

ABORTION, See: PP 15, 61-63 (T.L.Johnson & Edwin Vieira), 176/7 (LeFevre), 243, 357/8, 384, 418/19p184, 424, 532, 1028/29, 1052-61 (GABB & MICKLETHWAIT & RODERICK MOORE & DORIS GORDON to RODERICK MOORE).

ABORTION, See: ROSE, LOIS F., Reverend, A Christian Defense of the Right to Choose, 1p, in PP 1312/1314: 337. More like “right to kill”! – One of millions of possible choices, and a murderous one at that, is propagated as “the” right to choose! – Was the Holocaust and “ethnic cleansing” a matter of “choice”, too? – What a cover-up term for the actions of parents and doctors against the already living but as yet unborn, whose rights remain unrepresented by them and all too much by others! – J.Z.

ABORTION, See: ROTHBARD, MURRAY N., Should Abortion Be a Crime? The Abortion Question once more, 2pp, in PP 1312/1314: 146. Review of: THOMPSON, JUDITH JARVIS, A Defence of Abortion, PHILOSOPHY AND PUBLIC AFFAIRS, Fall 71, pp 55-56. – A few pages and even book-sized treatments will not sufficiently confront and refute the opposing views. They should all be brought together, even if this required an encyclopaedic treatment. But until consensus is achieved, let the opponents live in their own panarchies, with different crime acts. Abortionists would tend to execute themselves, gradually, as a species. Consider this as a natural punishment for that species, however injust it still is to the individual fetus. – While there are so many people around who imagine it to be just to kill their own children, we cannot achieve complete justice. Enlighten, economically liberate, adopt, achieve free child labour and sensible upbringing and education loans, transplant unwanted fetuses, establish a market for them, but do not try to fight or punish their parents, not, at least, until, in a few hundred years, maybe, they will generally be considered only as a small and criminal minority, like those are now, who kill their children after birth. – J.Z.

ABORTION, See: ROTHBARD, MURRAY N., The Assault on Abortion Freedom, 1/2p, in PP 1312/1314: 207. – Why not advocate baby, infant & child murder “freedom”, too? The early Romans considered children as property and some Stirner followers did, too. – J.Z.

ABORTION, See: SWAN, G.S., Anarchism vs. Abortion, 3pp: 158, with 1p reply by KERNOCHAN, JIM: 160, in PP 501.

ABORTION, See: TANAKA, TOM, A Rational Look at Abortion, 2pp, in PP 1373/75: 307 & 313.

ABOSCH, HEINZ, Anarchismus – gestern und heute, NZZ, 28.8.88, eine Besprechung von : CANTZEN, ROLF, Weniger Staat – mehr Gesellschaft, Freiheit – Oekologie – Anarchismus, Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag, Frankfurt a.M., 1 S., in PP 1323: 20. – Also: 1988, 2 S., in PP 1127/1128.

ABRAHAM, HENRY J., The Status of the First Amendment’s Religion Clauses : Some Reflections on Lines and Limits, JOURNAL OF CHURCH AND STATE 22, Spring 80, 215-232, summary only, 1p, in LITERATURE OF LIBERTY, in PP 1202p1170, headed: The First Amendment and Religion.

ABRAMS, ANN UHRY, The Ferrer Center : New York’s Unique Meeting of Anarchism and the Arts, NEW YORK HISTORY, July 78, 306-325, summary only, 1p, in LITERATURE OF LIBERTY, in PP 1200p497, headed: Autonomy, Creativity, and Radicalism. ( It existed only between 1912 & 1915! )

ABRAMS, BURTON A. & SCHITZ, MARK D, The ‘crowding out’ Effect of Governmental Transfers on Private Charitable Contributions, PUBLIC CHOICE 33, 1978, 29-40, summary only, 1p, in LITERATURE OF LIBERTY, in PP 1200p423, headed: The Economics of Charity. – A lot of anti-economics is involved in charity, too, in spite of its voluntarism, although not as much as in “charity” by involuntary contributors to the bureaucracy’s “charities”. It is VERY charitable towards itself. I never understood why the offices of some higher officials “have to be” and are, habitually and through regulations, comfortably and expensively furnished, rather than in a utilitarian way, with cheap and second-hand furniture. They deprive us of luxuries and some necessities – so that they can “work” in “comfortable and attractive” surroundings. The very cheek of it! As if some of the pomp and glory of the former absolute kings had to “flow-on” to them. If they can’t impress us otherwise, do they want to do it in this way, at OUR expense? – J.Z., 7.6.98.

ABRAMS,LINDA T., Fighting City Hall, 1p, in PP 1356.

ABROMEIT, TRISTAN, Argumente gegen das Modell der konkurrierenden Waehrungen – vom Vor- u. Nachteil der Aktionen im Waehrungsbereich, 5 S., mit 1 1/2 S. Anmerkungen von J.Z.: 31, in PP 1456. – II. Anmerkungen zu den Anmerkungen von Joern Zube vom 6.3.1995, 2 S.: 60, in PP 1456. – Free banking discussion.

ABROMEIT, TRISTAN, Selbst-Hilfe-Bank, Die, a 4pp pamphlet, in German only, n.d., in PP 814.

ABSCHIEBUNG IST MORD, Oct. 86, 2 S. Flugblatt, 29x, in PP 729. On the right to asylum.

ABSHIRE, BRIAN M., Rev., Militias, CHALCEDON REPORT, 5/97, 3pp, 116, in PP 1453.


ABSTRACT THOUGHT, No. 6, Currency, an anarchist approach, on LETS system, 1p, in PP 1409/10: 418.

ABUNDANCE, See: BARKER, BEN, Abundance and Scarcity, 8pp: 411, in PP 1529- 33.

ACADEMIC COMMUNITY, PP 1028/29 (T. Johnson).

ACADEMIC FREEDOM, PP 310, 1052-61 (LA Educ. Notes 6), 1150.

ACADEMIC FREEDOM: HUGHES, FRANK, How to Fire a Professor. A Case History in “Academic Freedom”, 4pp, in PP 1411/12: 145.

ACADEMIC INN, The, leaflet, 1986, 1p, 29x, in PP 724.

ACADEMIC REVIEWER, Intercollegiate Studies Institute, 3 old samples, Fall/Winter 73, 33pp, Spring/Summer 74, 33pp, Spring/Summer 77, 33pp, 24x, in PP 914. – This publication contains interesting reviews on a lot of excellent books. I would like to see all of it microfilmed and indexed, if it isn’t already. I have neither the copies for this nor the permission, nor the time nor the funds. – J.Z.

ACADEMICS, See: HOSPERS, JOHN, The Academy vs. the Market Place,19pp: 402, in PP 1529- 33.

ACCESS MAGAZINE, 1p flyer, 29x, in PP 725.

ACCOUNT, 1984/III, a review of recent activities of the Institute for Humane Studies, sample, only copy on hand, 5pp, in PP 1,027.


ACEN, Assembly of Captive European Nations, Freedom for Captive People – Everywhere, 2pp, 24x in PP 12.

ACHARYA, M.P.T., How Long Can Capitalism Survive? 3pp, 1951, 29x, in PP 542.

ACIF, 3pp on its books and cassettes on individual rights and limited governments, in PP 1111, point 7.

ACKELSBERG, MARTHA A., The Practice of Anarchist Revolution: The Position of Women in Spanish Anarchist Collectives, 1980, 42x, in PP 606. – It is easier to learn what not to do, from most revolutions, than to learn what to do in a libertarian one. – J.Z., 7.6.98.

ACKERMAN, WERNER, Appeal to Establish Cosmopolitan Union, 1931, 1p, in PP1534: 208.

ACKERMANN, WERNER, Appeal to Establish a Cosmopolitan Union, 1931, 1p, reproduced by me again, and again, in the probably vain hope to start a sufficient discussion of individual secessionism and exterritorial and autonomous communities of volunteers, as a rightful and necessary alternative to territorial States. 83, in PP 1451. Also on sheet 121 in PP 1471 & 124 of PP 1469. – Monetary freedom practices are just ONE application of this kind of experimental freedom & minority autonomy under personal laws. See the sub-series: On Panarchy. – J.Z. – Also in PP 1259; 1298;1428/29.

ACKERMANN, WERNER, Aufruf zur Gruendung einer Cosmopolitischen Union, 1931, 1 S. 29x, in PP 399-401. Cosmopolitan Union, The, 2pp, 1931, 1965, 24x, in PP 5, 1p, 36x, in PP 61-63, 1p, 29x, in PP 388, 1p, 29x, in PP 426. Die Cosmopolitische Union, 2 S; The Cosmopolitan Union – Declaration of Principles; Declaration des Principles de l’Union Cosmopolitan, 1930, 29x, PP 428ff, S.244, Die Cosmopolitische Union, 29x, also in PP 617 and at 36x, in PP 736. (On a voluntaryist, libertarian, exterritorial, autonomous and international association and its basic constitution. An appeal, in 10 points, to establish it. Until the Nazis came to power, a small German group was established & associated with a similar one in France, established by H.L. Follin. I would like to see such an association established again, with an addition to the programme, demanding exterritorial autonomy for all volunteer communities, not only those of freedom lovers. It could become a new and much more fruitful International, one for Exterritorial Autonomy for ALL who desire it. Since most people belong to one or the other minority, potentially, most human beings could one day become members. It could establish the foundation for any kind of progress or desired stability, could prevent wars, revolutions, civil wars and terrorism as well as any kind of despotism over non-consenting victims. Details of this and related ideas are discussed in my ON PANARCHY subseries. J.Z.

ACLU, Guardian of Freedom, 10pp, in PP 1425: 114.

ACQUARIAN CONSPIRACY, review of Marilyn Ferguson’s book, 1166.

ACT, AGAINST CENSORSHIP TOGETHER, 2pp leaflet: 115, in PP 1526.

ACTION LINKAGE NETWORKER, THE, No. 26, Jan. 89, 10pp, in PP 26.

ACTION LINKAGE, 6pp, new leaflet, 1990, in PP 1238. See: Cooperatives and Community MTM.


ACTIVISM, Campaigning handbooks PP 838, 967.

ACTIVISM, How 2 people can act like a “movement”, PP 176.

ACTIVISM, POLITICAL, AGAINST : PP 166, 174 – 176, 1027 (LeFevre), 1151.

ACTIVISTS/COMMUNITIES GATHERING, Mt. Oak, 1986, alternative money, 1p, in PP 803.

ACTON INSTITUTE FOR THE STUDY OF RELIGION AND LIBERTY, THE, Home Page & List of Occasional Papers, 2pp, in PP1534: 115.

ACTON INSTITUTE, THE, London, For a Free and Virtuous Society, introductory pamphlet, sent recently by L.A., 12pp, in PP 479.ACTON, H.B., What Marx Really Said, review by TIBOR R. MACHAN, 1p: 41, in PP 1468.

ACWORTH, W.M., The State in Relation to Railways, 1894, 29x, in PP 371.

ADAM SMITH CLUB, THE, Flyer on meeting: Robert Miller: Is God an Austrian…? 1p, in PP 1,052 – 1,061. – Alas, some of the Austrian School representatives claim something close to infallibility for some of their theories, while ignoring all too many others. They got SOME points, not ALL points! – J.Z. 7.6.98.

ADAM SMITH INSTITUTE, London, leaflet, 2pp, in PP 1143. They produced much interesting literature. Alas, most of it is out of sight in most places and, probably, o.o.p. They do not seem to have learnt from the fact that e.g. Adam Smith’s library has been reproduced, but only on microfilm. – J.Z. – See Insider Bulletin, in PP 931.

ADAM SMITH, See ROSCHER, WILHELM, Die Ein- und Durchfuehrung des Adam Smith’schen Systems in Deutschland, Berichte der Koeniglich Saechsischen Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften, Philologisch – historische Classe, Oeffentliche Sitzung am 1. Juli 1867, 74 S., in PP 1102. Also, in the same issue: HASEK, CARL WILLIAM, The Introduction of Adam Smith’s Doctrines into Germany, 1925, indexed, with bibliography, 155pp.

ADAMIAK, RICHARD, Marx, Engels, and Duehring, JOURNAL OF THE HISTORY OF IDEAS, USA, 35, 1974, 98-112, summary only, 1p, in LITERATURE OF LIBERTY, in PP 1199,p59. Headed: Centralism vs. Decentralism.

ADAMS MCLEARN, MILDRED, Voluntary Taxation – A New Political Concept, 2pp, 24x, in PP 336. – See Voluntary Taxation.

ADAMS, EDWARD F., The Inhumanity of Socialism, 1905, 1913, contains 2 papers: The Case Against Socialism, 1913, & A Critique of Socialism, 1905, 61pp, in PP 957. – See Socialism, con.

ADAMS, FRANCIS, “Drei Perlen aus Francis Adams’ Gedichtsammlung: ‘The army of the night'”, 1910, 1 S., 29x, in PP 349. – If it were quite up to me, I would include even less poems in this series than I do. Very few do have something positive to say. – J.Z.

ADAMS, FRANK, The Old Shoe Schoolhouse, Spring 79, 7pp, 29x, in PP 243.

ADAMS, HENRY M., Introduction to 1972 edition of M.H. Cochran, Germany Not Guilty in 1914, 19pp: 4, in PP 1500.

ADAMS, MILTON V., Combating Inflationary Recessions, SIL leaflet, 29x, in PP 290.

ADAMS, RICHARD, Watership Down, 1p review by Robert Masters, who calls it a libertarian novel, in PP 1367/68: 102.

ADDRESS LISTS PP 388/9, 956, 1034, see DIRECTORIES


ADDRESS LISTS, See ANARCHIST AGE, THE, 89 international list, INDEX ON LIBERTY, DIRECTORY OF LIBERTARIAN PERIODICALS, FREE MARKET YELLOW PAGES, SPECTRUM, Advocate for Self-government: List of 56 Libertarian Oriented Organizations, in 1992, 2pp, in PP 1,034. See DIRECTORIES.

ADDRESSES OF MONETARY FREEDOM SCHOLARS, Addresses from Cato Institute, 7th. annual monetary conference: Alternatives to Government Fiat Money, Feb. 89, 5pp, 29x, in PP 905. (A 124pp bibliography of free banking writings has been filmed in PP 1022. This will be updated soon, hopefully J.Z.)

ADDRESSES, See: ASHFORD, NIGEL, Exploring Libertarianism: The Main Libertarian Organisations and how to Connect with them, 2pp,STUDY GUIDE No. 6: 117, in PP 1516. – See: LIBERATOR, THE, Fifty-One Libertarian Oriented Organizations, 1988, 2pp: 21, in PP 1526.

ADDRESSES, See: Australian Freedom Addresses, with some N.Z. ones, a 7th compilation by John Zube, Sep. 95, 56pp, in PP 1278: 153. – See PP 467pp 49 & 67, 474, 500. See Directories. Sep. 97 issue is in PP 20.

ADDRESSES: PITT, TONY, FREEDOM ADDRESSES IN AUSTRALIA, 1996, transcribed, selected and with some comments by John Zube, 12pp, 546. In the meantime, my updated Sep.97 directory of such addresses is out, in a second edition of PP 20.

ADEN ANALYSIS THE, A Concise Analysis of Key Financial Markets, sample, 29x, in PP 576.

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ADLER, MORTIMER J., The Time of Our Lives, review by R.A. CHILDS, 1p: 97, in PP 1468.

ADVANCED LIGHTER THAN AIR REVIEW, 1/3, March 1978, 8pp, in PP 1,000.


ADVERTISING, PP 696, 935, 1027, see Kirzner, Israel M., in PP 935.

ADVERTISING, See: BROZEN, YALE,Prof., The FTC’s Attack on Advertising, 5pp: 670, in PP 1457/62.

ADVERTISING, See: DROSDIK, VINCENT A., III, On Advertising, 1p, in PP 1404/06: 323.

ADVERTISING, See: MICKLETHWAIT, BRIAN, How and how not to Achieve Good Taste in Advertising. Free Market Regulation Is Better than Government Regulation, 92, 2pp, in PP 1334/35: 83.

ADVOCATES FOR SELF-GOVERNMENT, 56 Libertarian Oriented Organizations, 1992, 2pp, in PP 1,034.

ADVOCATES FOR SELF-GOVERNMENT, Inc., Atlanta, Sep. 95 circular, 9pp, in PP 497/498.

ADVOCATES FOR SELF-GOVERNMENT, Leaflets: 4 pages on their 10th anniversary conference, 1995 in Atlanta & a course on: “Secrets of Persuasive Libertarian Communication from our team of master libertarian communicators”, also offered on tapes: 859, in PP 1484/85. – It is not just a question of masterful oral or written persuasiveness and training to achieve that kind of skill, although I do happen to work towards that aim, too, e.g. by my attempt to compile an encyclopaedia of the best kinds of wordings to put a case ( insinuating, factual, challenging, ridiculing to down-putting ones, as may be required ), but also of: “Give us the tools!” – for improvements in persuasive efforts. These are of a great variety, e.g.: a) Libertarian reference libraries, accessible, affordable. b) Libertarian encyclopaedias, complete, growing, updated & cheap. c) An archive of libertarian ideas, platforms, suggestions, plans. d) A directory to all active libertarians, with details on their special talents, knowledge, interests and commitments. e) An anthologies of private drafts of individual rights. See PP 589/90. f) Complete, cheap and permanent libertarian publishing, at least on microfiche or floppy disks or text-only CD-ROMs. g) Complete and regularly updated bibliographic, abstracting and indexing services – supplied on alternative and affordable media. h) Complete lecture, discussion & course services on audio and video tapes, starting with a directory to ALL those already on offer. i) Flow-chart discussions, on paper or screen, of all involved and still controversial libertarian discussions. j) A compilation of all the diverse definitions of all the still controversial terms, to help separate the wheat from the chaff. k) A survey of all the classification schemes for ideologies that have so far been advanced by libertarians. l) A survey of all the “first principles” so far proposed by and for freedom lovers. m) A libertarian information service based upon the above-mentioned and other tools. – – Even the unskilled and untrained, if only they have learned to read and write, could multiply their effectiveness when they have such tools to work with. Compare my programme for a genuinely cultural revolution, the educational part of my peace programme in PP 61-63 and many of the 1,000 libertarian projects listed in PP 20. Without the proper tools we cannot rely only upon those who can become masterful persuaders in the spoken or written words or via other arts. We had quite a few of them and they were unable to leaven the dough sufficiently, even over centuries of efforts. The enlightenment process ought to become almost automated, not requiring great skills and training, but applying division of labour here, too, a free and widest distribution of its products, in scholarly to popular forms, one that involves all according to their capacities and interests and provides them with all the intellectual ammunition capital that is required to render them as efficient as they can be, at least for competent first aid jobs, though not necessarily for eye surgeon work. Mere courses for better writing and speaking are just not enough, although, undoubtedly, the COULD greatly increase SUCH skills for some or even many. – J.Z.

ADVOCATES FOR SELF-GOVERNMENT, Libertarian FAQ, 11 May 1998, 8pp, in PP 1541/42.

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AFFIRMATIVE ACTION, The New Discrimination, PP 720.AFFLUENT SOCIETY? PP 1052-61 (LA Econ. Notes 22, LA Political Notes 51),AFRICA, NO EASY SOLUTION? PP 869, 1034.

AFRICA, PP 723, 1028/29.

AGAINST THE WALL, 2 samples, I/1 & I/4. 24pp, with correspondence to the editor, Bill, in PP 837. – I have collected a few more issues in the meantime but there are still wide gaps. All issues wanted for filming. – J.Z.

AGAINST THE WALL, Westfield, incomplete, on 8 microfiche, at 36x reduction, 210pp each, in PP 1432/1439: 1-1672. – All the missing copies are wanted by LMP for microfiching. Ask for or look up its exchange offers. Copies here microfiched: II/10; V/8; V/10; VI/6; VI/9 & 10; VII/1 -4, 6-10; VIII/2-4, 7, 10, IX/3, 4, 6-8, X/1-3, 6, 8, 10, XI/2-6, 8-10, XII/1, 3-10; XIII/1, 2. Sorry, but some of the chronological sequences got mixed up – & and I am not prepared to correct the number stamping. J.Z. – PLEASE CONSIDER THE POSSIBLE GROWTH OF A COMPREHENSIVE LIBERTARIAN ENCYCLOPAEDIA IN A MEDIUM WHICH IMPOSES NO PAGE LIMITS ON THE SIZE OF THE WORK: A compilation of many short libertarian articles could form an interesting libertarian encyclopaedia, if properly indexed and cross referenced, one with multiple points of view on many proposals. But do not expect me to undertake all the research, compilation, listing, sorting, indexing, cross referencing, recording and publishing efforts required. This should rather be an international and collaborative effort, ideally one in which contributions from everyone would be welcomed and reproduced, leaving selective and edited versions to later. – Use your own minds, fingers and PCs in this direction. You could, e.g., help by listing PEACE PLANS, and all the periodicals it has reproduced, by articles and catchwords and cross references, rather than I have done here, mostly, by author or merely magazine names. – The contributions of e.g. Ludwig von Mises, Ulrich von Beckerath, Laurance Labadie, Murray Rothbard, Milton Friedman, Robert LeFevre, the Libertarian Alliance, ISIL, and some others, on their own, could already form an interesting libertarian encyclopaedia. But to combine all libertarian wisdom – and all remaining errors and their best refutations so far, would be still more helpful. I am collecting libertarian and anarchist A-Z compilations, in book form, towards such an encyclopaedia and hope one day the copyrights owners will combined their copyrights in a combined edition. In the meantime, I work on encyclopaedias like SLOGANS FOR LIBERTY and compilations of micrographic terms and options and monetary freedom ideas, terms and proposals and hope that some groups will gather the great varieties of pro-freedom definitions and social science terms, with their libertarian criticisms, as well as all the popular errors, myths and prejudices, which are obstacles to progress, together with their best refutations so far found. The age of the encyclopaedists and information services has barely begun. – THE FREE RADICAL, N.Z., has already made some interesting libertarian a-z compilations. There are also some almost encyclopaedic compilations of leaflets, e.g. those of ISIL, the LP & others, some already microfilmed here. Presently FRED FOLDVARY is working towards a new DICTIONARY OF ECONOMICS, which would also help. Arthur Seldon’s is still much too short. – J.Z., 22.9.97.


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AGE OF CONSENT: O’CONNOR, MAX, Sex Coercion, and the Age of Consent, 2pp, with 2pp of comment by Sisem: 51, in PP 1430/31.


AGE OF REASON, 1159 (Paine).

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AGGRESSION, See: TEMPLIN, RALPH, Is Nationalism Always Aggressive? 2pp: 141, in PP 1480. – TERRITORIAL nationalism always is, by its very nature and against internal as well as external enemies. The aggression is simply not total or constant or always in military form. – J.Z.,

AGGRESSION, See: WOLLSTEIN, JARRET B., The Effects of Aggression, 2pp, in PP 1404/06: 282.

AGGRESSION, THE CAUSES OF, 174 – 176, 975 & 1004 & 1052-61 (LA Psychological Notes 2). To me territorialist organization and intolerance is the main cause. But I listed ca. 500 other relevant points in 16-18 and discussed many of them somewhat in PP 61-63, 399-401 and in my On Panarchy series. J.Z. See: WOLLSTEIN, JARRET B., The Causes of Aggression, 28pp, in PP 1,004.


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AIDS, PP 1052-61 (LA Pamphlet 12).

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AIR RAIDS on furnaces and ball bearing industries, PP 1 & 2.


AIR RAIDS, DISCRIMINATING, RIGHTFUL, LIMITED AND REASONABLE USE OF AIR POWER IN VIETNAM – to further peace rather than war and to shorten the war, while reducing bloodshed to a minimum, in PP 8.

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Alas, he does not question its territorial non-solution. – J.Z.

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already filmed in this series, in other editions. – J.Z.

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AMADOR, JORGE, Louw & Kendall’s Solution not Libertarian, 1/2p letter, in PP 493. – However, during a libertarian dinner in L.A., in 1990, their U.S. spokesman declared, upon a question, that ANYONE could form a “canton”. Thereupon cheering from the crowd! They should have openly advocated exterritorial autonomy for volunteer communities and individual secessionism. Ideas can’t catch on if not clearly expressed. – J.Z.

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ANARCHIST AGE, THE, formerly the LIBERTARIAN WORKERS BULLETIN, No. 1, 7/89, 40pp, with a 5pp international address list, in PP 894. No. 2, Dec. 90, 48pp, in PP 1166. I have not seen a 3rd. No. Instead, there seem to be only some short newsletters coming out from this source now. – J.Z.

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ANARCHIST ALLIANCE OF AOTEAROA, How to Read Donald Duck, n.d., 16pp, in PP 1417: 27. – More on the kind of “anarchism” that I do not like at all. The author offers advice on Mescalin production, i.e. on how to muddle one’s head even further! With such friends – who needs enemies? – J.Z.

ANARCHIST ALLIANCE OF AOTEAROA, Is A Free Society Possible? 8pp, n.d., 29x, in PP 877.

ANARCHIST APPEAL FOR HELP FROM JAPAN: A 1996 appeal from Japan to help some anarchist accused of 2 homicides. 1p, in PP 1393: 120. – This is reproduced only because it is typical for many such appeals. If anarchists responded or tried to respond to all of them, then all their time, energy and resources could be poured into such efforts. Whoever more or less confronts “the State” (often those, who do appeal to us, did rather confront not the State but the individual property rights of others) does have to expect to suffer some losses. – I do not automatically assume that all such accusations against “anarchists” are automatically wrong and that all anarchists are innocent and merely framed by the police and courts. Nor do I believe that all criminals with victims, who now call themselves anarchists, ought therefore to be helped by other anarchists. – How many more or less innocent people are daily killed by territorial States? Are the losses among anarchists really much larger? – Moreover, should we ignore the rights of the victims of “anarchist” criminals? – I think that there is not case for anarchists to indiscriminately support all “prisoners” or even all those only who do claim to be anarchists. One should choose one’s friends allies very carefully and only upon close enough acquaintance, not upon demands for “solidarity” with all who claim to be members of the same movement and quite regardless of their actions and whether their actions had victims or not. – J.Z., 8.6.98.

ANARCHIST ARCHIVES PROJECT, by Jerry Kaplan, with 1994 list of collection, 61pp, in PP 1190. – More such lists of literature collected by Jerry will follow and some anarchist titles, from photocopies that he has recently sent to me. – J.Z., 8.6.98.

ANARCHIST ARCHIVES, See: AGORA, Informations libertaires internationales, no. 1, printemps 1980: Reise durch die “Anarchive”, 3 S., ueber anarchistische Archive in Mailand, Barcelona, Amsterdam, mit Liste von 9 solchen Addressen: 82, in PP 1502.


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ANARCHIST BOMB PLOTTERS & THROWERS, 1087. Compare Assassinations, Tyrannicide, Collective Responsibility, Nonviolence.

ANARCHIST CENTENARY FESTIVAL, Melbourne 1986, 2pp leaflet, in PP 786. I offered to microfiche their papers, free of charge, but did not receive any filmable ones. The same happened at the 95 Visions of Freedom conference in Sydney. They are so radical innovators that they for decades considered only printing on paper as publishing. Now they added another mass medium, the Internet, for their exclusive attention. Still needed: a proper survey of the pro and con of ALL media, especially for self-publishers who have to keep costs low. – J.Z., 8.6.98.

ANARCHIST COMMUNICATIONS, BERLIN MEETING, 20. 9.90, Report, 6pp, in PP 1170. Does it surprise you that two publishers, who have probably reproduced more anarchist material than anyone else, Chadwyck Healey and LMP, and their medium, microfiche, were not even mentioned? Like most libertarians, they are oh!, so well informed! on their options and so free of prejudices! Anyone can wish and dream, but that is certainly not enough. J.Z.

ANARCHIST COMMUNIST FEDERATION, Basic Bakunin, 1993 P.A.C. Reprint, 16pp: 99, in PP 1493.

ANARCHIST CONFERENCES, Amsterdam, August 24-31, 1907, resolutions, 13pp, in PP 957. Amsterdam 1907/8: PP 349 & 606/7; Venetia, 1984: 668; Paris, 1945: 877, Carrara 1978: 896, London, 1958: 966. Holland, 1986: 877. First International Symposium on Anarchism, Lewis & Clark College, Protland, Oregon, 1980, some papers, in PP 606/07. My offer at the Anarchist Centennial Festival & Conference, Melbourne, 1986, with over 80 events, to microfilm all their anarchist papers, free of charge to them, got no submissions at all, apart from Bob James’ permission to reproduce his booklets. Most of these chaoists would rather have their papers remain unpublished than have them, at least for the time being, available only on microfiche. Even when the microfiche publishing is, as usual for LMP, on a non-exclusive and revocable basis. What kind of a message are they thereby sending? J.Z. See Anarchist Gathering & Anarchist Survival Gathering, Anti-Staats-Tage. See also Libertarian Conferences, ISIL.

ANARCHIST CONFERENCES, See: FOCAL POINT SUPPLEMENT, Thunder in the Midwest: Anarchism In America’s Heartland, A Symposium, Jan. 18 & 19, 1980, 7pp prospectus only, in PP 25.

ANARCHIST CONFERENCES, See: VENEZIA 1984, FACULTA DI ARCHITETTURA, Authoritarian Tendencies and Libertarian Tensions in Contemporary Societies, 6pp leaflet on the international conference: 128, in PP 1503. – VISIONS OF FREEDOM & VERSIONS OF FREEDOM.

ANARCHIST COOKBOOK, review, in 1052-61. Some people’s brains seem to be cooked. They are obsessed with means, any means, while forgetting their ends and the consequences of their actions. I’d prefer a real cookbook. – Meaningful experiments among volunteers are one thing, so are genuine self-defence or avoidance or enlightenment efforts, while “propaganda” by “deeds” against dissenters, often causing quite innocent victims, are another and often quite rightly condemned as mere terrorism. – J.Z., 8.6.98.

ANARCHIST ENCYCLOPAEDIA, THE, See: Frank Mintz, Self Management, & BAKUNIN, MICHAEL, Integral Education, four essays from EGALITE, Geneva, between July & August 1869, 11 pp, in PP 1235.

ANARCHIST ENCYCLOPEDIA, in Spanish, first 2 volumes of a translation of S. Faure’s French encyclopedia of the 30s, 883-888. I do not know as yet whether this printed edition has been or is being continued. English and German anarchists – and others, have not bothered as yet, to produce a comparable, i.e., multi-volume anarchist encyclopaedia. Nor have libertarians. WHY? Microfiche have room for them and are affordable! – J.Z.

ANARCHIST FAQ, Version 7.6, 23.4.99, in PP 1543/45, 692pp. – An earlier and shorter version was reproduced in PP 1541/42, together with The Anarchist Theory FAQ by Bryan Kaplan seems to have stimulated this long and left-anarchist version in an attempt, vain in my opinion, to refute it and to state left anarchism positively. If this discussion is kept going, from all sides, then we might soon arrive at something like an anarchist encyclopaedia, one that is open to all kinds of anarchist views. See my notes on sheet 86.

ANARCHIST GATHERING, An, Oct. 24-26, 1975, E.F. Waite Community Center, here only 7pp of the prospectus, in PP 987.

ANARCHIST LEAFLETS AND SHORT ARTICLES, various authors, 11 in all, 21pp, by S.E. Parker, M. Canipa, CLM, “Arena”, Geoffrey Scott, Jeff Robinson, Rudyard Kipling, Sydney Anarchist, Andre Spies and Ross Gittins. (To avoid a slander suit: The latter only favours a free market for heroin.) 29x, in PP 563. (At that stage, I was not game to list all these minor contributions, in many of the LMP fiche, in details. J.Z.)

ANARCHIST LIBRARIANS WEB, Home Page, 3pp, 1998, in PP 1538: 185.

ANARCHIST LINKS, compiled by WENDELL, MARKUS, n.d., 8pp, in PP 1541/42: 403. – I wish that Markus had mentioned how many pages they do offer, how many shortened titles and how many complete ones. – Anyhow, it is a start of an overview. – J.Z.

ANARCHIST LMP LIST, 647 (48x), 657 (29x). Not yet updated for lated issues. But all later titles are in this listing and many are hinted at, by PP No. under “Anarchism”, above.

ANARCHIST MAGAZINES, PP 36/37, 56, 64, 65, 111 – 134, 243, 349, 373-375, 608, 615, 646, 648, 650 – 653, 727, 728, 730, 731, 738, 740, 786, 877, 880 – 882, 889/90, 893, 895, 902, 914 – 916, 923, 931, 967, 980, 998, 1007, 1034, 1086, 1109/10, 1134, 1142, 1151, 1153, 1161/2, 1165, 1166, 1170. – Later ones are not yet added. – “Peace Plans” is not just one magazine but many.

ANARCHIST MEDIA INSTITUE, Debt Elimination Appeal, 1p, in PP 474. – It would hardly be in debt if it had taken the micrographic road to liberty. – J.Z.

ANARCHIST MEDIA INSTITUTE, Melbourne, 1997 leaflet, 1p, in PP 1420/22: 186.

ANARCHIST MEDIA INSTITUTE, Parkville, circular, 26.8.89, 2pp, in PP 1298.

ANARCHIST MEN’S MOVEMENT, Flyer, 1p, from Visions of Freedom, in PP 474.

ANARCHIST MICROFILMS, Titles Supplied by Other Microfilm Publishers than LMP, 61pp, August 1968, in PP 1512: 68-128.

ANARCHIST NET NEWS : (A) NET NEWS, Jan. 1995, from the anarchist computer network, 4pp, in PP 471/472p407. ANARCHIST NETWORK NEWSLETTER, March 90, 6pp, in PP 471/472p401.ANARCHIST NETWORK NEWSLETTER, THE, Brunswick, Vic., Nov. 92, 8pp, in PP 1236. Does it still appear?

ANARCHIST ORGANIZATION AND STRATEGY GATHERING, Melbourne circular of 20 Aug. 89, 2pp; meeting held 17.9.89, 5pp; circular 15.10.89, 2pp; circulars 12.11.89, 10.12.89, 11.3.90, 15pp, with a note by John Zube, in PP 1298.

ANARCHIST PAMPHLET COLLECTION ON MICROFICHE, Anarchist Pamphlets, 1830-1935, part 1 of Radical Pamphlets in American Collections. Most of the over 2,000 titles offered by CHADWYCK HEALEY on 2601 microfiche. Here confined to a list of titles supplied by the LABADIE COLLECTION in 1985. transcribed & alphabetized by John Zube, August 1998, 67pp, in PP 1512: 1- 67. – From Labadie and Paul Avrich Collections, leaflet only, 6pp, in PP 497/498. – I do seek a copy of their complete catalog on paper. They have copyrighted this sales catalog and made it scarce! – J.Z.

ANARCHIST RESOURCES INCORPORATED NEWSLETTER, including JURA NEWS, Petersham, edition 4, November 1997, 2pp: 208-209, in PP1466/67.

ANARCHIST RESOURCES INCORPORATED, NEWSLETTER, including JURA NEWS, Ed. 2, July 1997, 2pp, in PP 1420/22: 561. – I wish they would make the most out of that very promising name. – J.Z.

ANARCHIST SMALL PRESSES & LITTLE MAGAZINES, From the archives of THE MEMORY HOLE, 2pp, n.d., in PP 1535: 143. – To me many of these addresses are very dated or defunct, nor does a 2pp listing do justice to these ever changing and mostly only short-lived multitudes, usually fast o.o.p. and rarely ever reprinted in conventional or unconventional ways. – J.Z.

ANARCHIST SURVIVAL GATHERING, An Anarchist Unconvention, July 1-4, 1988, Toronto, A Guide to the Gathering, 29pp, 29x, in PP 877. Only material on this conference that I have on hand. – J.Z.

ANARCHIST THEORY FAQ, CAPLAN, BRYAN, Anarchist Theory FAQ or Instead of a FAQ, by a Man too Busy to Write one, version 5.2, 33pp, in PP 1541/42. – This one is by an individualist and free marketeer. Thus it raised a hue and cry among the communist and socialist anarchists who believe that they have refuted him. I don’t agree. I like what I have seen of his output, so far, and have reproduced it here, assuming his consent, since he has already offered it free of charge to ca. 120 million Internet users. – J.Z.

ANARCHIST THOUGHTS, 1p leaflet (Thoreau, Paine, Lincoln, Jefferson, Emerson ), published by JOE LABADIE, in PP 1393: 52.

ANARCHIST VIDEO GROUP, 1986, 1p, 29x, in PP 724.

ANARCHIST YEARBOOK 1995, Periodicals, Publishers, Organizations, Bookshops (London), etc., 5th ed., 7pp, in PP 1538: 153.

ANARCHIST, Sydney, No. 4, Sep. 1971, 13pp: 135, in PP 1501.

ANARCHIST, Sydney, Published by Sydney Anarchists, Sept. 1971, No. 14pp, in PP 1512: 160-173

ANARCHIST, THE, Brisbane, Vol. I, Nos. 1-4, 1995, 44pp, in PP 473. Anarchist/Limited Government Controversy, 1p: 599, in PP 1457/62. – MACHAN, TIBOR R., Archy & Anarchy. The State of the Debate, 1972, 2pp: 638, in PP 1457/62. – MYERS, DAVID MICHAEL, Letter, re: Archy & Anarchy: The state of the debate, by TIBOR R. MACHAN, 1972, 1p: 668, in PP 1457/62. – HALL, NATALEE & AUREOUS, SKYE D’, Letter, Archy vs. Anarchy: The economic factor, 1p: 699, in PP 1457/62.

ANARCHISTISCHE TEXTE, 1 – 34, LIBERTAD VERLAG, Berlin, in 4 microfiche: PP 1154 – 1157. Contents is listed separately by authors.

ANARCHISTISCHES DOKUMENTATIONSZENTRUM, ADZ, Wetzlar, Press Release, 4pp, 29x, in PP 488. It is supposedly relocated, somewhere near Aachen. I had no direct contact with Horst Stowasser, his library and archive since 1986. – J.Z.


ANARCHO NOTES, Aug. 30, 1971, 1p from Bob Shea, here as Melvin Van Peebles, in PP 479.




ANARCHO-CAPITALISM, See: BIRCH, PAUL, A Fatal Instability in

ANARCHO-CAPITALISM, See: BIRCH, PAUL, Anarcho-Capitalism Dissolves into City States, LEGAL NOTES No. 28, 4pp: 43, in PP 1487. – Some have still a long way to go before they will sufficiently understand either anarchism, capitalism or the State. – A conventionally trained legal mind does not help in understanding these ideas and their practices. City States would dissolve, too, through individual secessionism and exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers. See: ON PANARCHY. – J.Z., 5.6.98.

ANARCHO-CAPITALISM: CALLOWAY, HOWARD, A Short Critique of Anarcho-Capitalism, 3pp, in PP 1409/10: 236.

Anarcho-Capitalism? The Problem of what Happens to the Restitution Ratio, LEGAL NOTES No. 27, 4pp: 39, in PP 1487.


ANARCHO-LIBERTARIANISM: MULLEN, PATRICK, The Non Sequitur of Anarcho-Libertarianism, 3pp, in PP 1409/10: 76. – BACANSKAS,

ANARCHOLL, Number 5, Maj-Czerwiec-Lipiec 1990, Warszawa, Pismo Autonomicznej Grupy Anarchisyscznej, 20pp,, in PP 497/498.

ANARCHOS, No. 1, Feb. 1968, N.Y., 44pp, in PP 980.


ANARCHO-SYNDICALISM, Sydney, 2p leaflet, 29x, in PP 724.

ANARCHO-SYNDICALIST FEDERATION, (MELBOURNE) INTERNATIONAL WORKERS’ ASSOCIATION, To the Daring Belongs the Future, Anarchist Achievements in the Spanish Revolution, 1986, 36pp: 83, in PP 1483. – Caesar, Mussolini, Lenin, Stalin, Franco, Hitler, Mao, Castro, Idi Amin, etc., etc., thought so, too! – Contains contributions by Souchy, Leval, Goldman, CNT, Ackelsberg, Kaplan et al. Much of it is in Spanish. Since these enthusiasts for these events have not always bothered to supply clearly legible print, why should I labour hard to make up for their deficiencies? Over 3,000 books have been published on this civil war and quite a few of them are accessible through anarchist book services. Many others do probably still exist somewhere, as unpublished manuscripts. – J.Z. 20.5.98. – For a critical review of this Civil War see Bryan Caplan’s essays.

ANARCHY OR AUTHORITY? PP 957 (Wilhelm MARR, 1852, in German.)

ANARCHY REVISISTED, 1 page of typically misinformed and misinforming journalism from TIME, May 24, 1968, in PP 987.

ANARCHY SAMPLES ((A) Samples), III Publishing, S.F., CA, n.d., 28pp, with articles by Bill Meyers, J.G. Eccarius, Pickles McGurk and Anon, in PP 1258.

ANARCHY, A Journal of Desire Armed, issue # 19, May-July 1989, 32 pp, reduced: “Disarm Authority! Arm Your Desires! Special issue on children’s sexuality.” (I can only hope that the interesting last article, favouring or tolerating sexual experiments AMONG children, is not taken as an excuse among paedophiles to practise THEIR sexuality UPON children! J.Z.) In PP 895. – Winter 1992, review by EUGENIA LOVELACE, 1p: 723, in PP 1484/85.

ANARCHY, ANARCHY MAGAZINE, 95 West Green Road, London N 15, n.d., no series numbering, 36pp, only issue on hand. This issue compiled by Friends of Malatesta, in Buffalo, N.Y., in PP 1151.

ANARCHY, London, No. 3: The Acid Issue, n.d., 36pp: 73, in PP 1482.

ANARCHY, See: CAPON, ELLIOTT, The Trouble With Anarchy, I, 1p:37; II, 1p, in PP 1311: 44; III, 1p:52; IV, 1p:58; V, 1p:64; VI, 1p:70. – & FOWLE, DAVID ALLYN, Rebuttal of “The Trouble with Anarchy” – Part III, 1p, in PP 1311: 63. – SCHNEIDER, STEVEN J., Rebuttal of “The Trouble with Anarchy” – Part V, 1p: 77. –

ANARCHY: ERNSBERGER, DON, Limited Government – Anarchy: A Synthesis, 4pp, in PP 1409/10: 172. – On Rand, Child, competing government.

ANARES BIBLIOGRAPHIE, 1988/89, Lieferbare anarchistische Buecher, 1988, Edition Anares, Bern, 95 S., in PP 923. – Bibliography of anarchist books in print in Germany.

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ANARES VIDEO-ARCHIV, Baenderverzeichnis, 1986, 2 S., 29x, in PP 729.

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ANARRES BOOKS, East Brunswick, Melbourne, Catalog 5/95, 12pp, in PP 467: 119, Selection of its Books, 3pp, in PP 474. See: Literature Lists, Bibliographies.

ANASHKIN, G. and BABIN, N., “Freedom of the Individual in the USSR” (A Soviet propaganda tract! J.Z.), 92 pp, 29x, in PP 622.

ANDELSON, Robert V., Critics of Henry George, 1979, cover sheet and contents listing ONLY, 4pp, 29x, in PP 700. – If I could get my usual request: non-exclusive and revocable microfiche reproduction permission, I would film that book, too. The criticism by Mallock and Preuss has been published in this series, too. However, there were many other critics and they ought to become anthologized or published separately and permanently as well. – Let a 1,000 flowers bloom – among the land reformers as well and let none of them coercively take over the field. – J.Z.

ANDELSON, Robert V., Neo-Georgism: A Panel Discussion, 1982, led by Prof. A., 8pp, 48x, in PP 626.

ANDELSON, ROBERT V., The Earth Is the Lord’s, 1979, 5pp, 36x, in PP 381. (In this age! J.Z.)

ANDELSON, ROBERT V., Who Are We? What Do We Stand For? 1979, 7pp, 36x, in PP 381. – Georgist. After more than 100 years, they ought to know. – J.Z.

ANDERSEN, ALFRED F., Toward a Humane and Just Economic/Political Order, 1p, in PP 1386/91: 467. – Voluntaristic.

ANDERSEN, NORM, China at the Crossroads, 3pp, in ASSOCIATION BULLETIN, March-April 88, in PP 1215.

ANDERSEN, RICHARD, Merit Pay: Not the Answer, 2pp, in PP 1432/1439: 1337. – Let the merit of work be decided by the consumers in a free market, with industrial and agricultural employers and traders acting as competing agents for them. – J.Z.

ANDERSON KENNEDY, ALFRED, Marco Polo on Money, THE FREEMAN, Dec. 77, 5pp, in PP 806.

ANDERSON, ALEXIS J., The Formative Period of First Amendment Theory, 1870-1915, THE AMERICAN JOURNAL OF LEGAL HISTORY 24, Jan. 80, 56-75, summary only, 1p, in LITERATURE OF LIBERTY, in PP 1202p1169, headed: Early First Amendment Theory.

ANDERSON, BILL, Boom and Bust, 14pp: 354, in PP 1529- 33.

ANDERSON, BILL, Casualties of the War on Poverty, 12pp: 498, in PP 1529- 33.

ANDERSON, BILL, Deficits Are not the only Problem, 5pp: 333, in PP 1529- 33.

ANDERSON, BILL, Industrial Policy, 11pp: 598, in PP 1529- 33.

ANDERSON, BILL, Why Socialism Fails – Why Markets Survive, 13pp:466, in PP 1529- 33.

ANDERSON, C.W., Limited Goverment – A Moral Issue, 4pp, in PP 499.

ANDERSON, C.W., Limited Government – A Moral Issue? 1p, in PP 1151.

ANDERSON, CARLOTTA, All-American Anarchist, Joseph Labadie and the Labor Movement, 1991, 328pp, here only 1p leaflet, in PP1512: 206.

ANDERSON, CARLOTTA, All-American Anarchist, Joseph Labadie and the Labor Movement, Wayne State University Press, 1998, 328pp, 30illustrations, $ 34.95, here only introductory leafl., 1p: 867,in PP 1508/09. – Also in PP 1512: 206 & PP 1517: 125, as well as in PP 1522: 124.

ANDERSON, CARLOTTA, Joe Labadie, Detroit’s Gentle Anarchist, MICHIGAN HISTORY, July/August 86, 8pp, in PP 804. – Her book – length biography of J.L. is finally out in 1998!

ANDERSON, CARLOTTA: Jo Labadie, Detroit’s Gentle Anarchist, in PP 1393: 5.

ANDERSON, DON, Integration, Competition and the Australian Accounting Industry, 1984, 26pp, CIS, 29x, in PP 722.

ANDERSON, ERIC G., Gypsies of the Sky, 8pp on ballooning: 58, in PP 1506/07.

ANDERSON, JACK & MILES, PERRY, 10 human rights points from their 1971 work: A Constitution for a Moral Government, 48x, in PP 589/590. I tried in vain, often, to get the addresses of these authors for the reproduction of their book & follow-ups. – J.Z.

ANDERSON, JACK, & MILES, PERRY, A Constitution for a Moral Government, 1971, indexed, 192pp, in PP 1250. An objectivist project, already forgotten by or unknown to most. Here revived, at least on microfiche. Anyone knows the authors & their current address? I still seek all their follow-up brochures, possessing only one of them. – J.Z.

ANDERSON, MARTIN, An Economic Bill of Rights, 1984, 5 points, 48x, in PP 589/590.

ANDERSON, NELS, The Hobo. The Sociology of the Homeless Man, 1923, 1961. Here only 2 chapters of interest to me: XV: The Soap Box and the Open Forum, 15pp and XVI: Social and Political Hobo Organization, 12pp, on I.W.W., in PP 1276.

ANDERSON, PATRICK L., Michigan in the Current Recovery: A Historical Perspective, 1986, 28pp, Heartland Institute, in PP 1103.

ANDERSON, POUL, The Shields of Time, Snipped from page 321 with one of his hints towards panarchism in PP 1540: 166.

ANDERSON, ROBERT G., Gold Is Legal, – But, THE FREEMAN, Jan. 75, 6pp, in PP 804.ANDERSON, ROBERT G., Private Ownership, 1p: 555, in PP 1529- 33.

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ANDERSON, THOMAS C., Freedom as Supreme Value: The Ethics of Satre and de Beauvoir, Proceedings of the American Catholic Philosophical Association 50, 1976, 60-71, summary only, 1p, in LITERATURE OF LIBERTY, in PP 1200p404, headed: Freedom, Existentialism, and Innocent Victims.

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ANDERTON, PAUL, Education in Britain & How to Improve It, 1991, 11pp, LA Educational Notes No. 9, in PP 1,052 – 1,061.

ANDERTON, PAUL, Smoking, Health Risks and Free Choice, FOREST, 1989, 8pp, in PP 1191.

ANDERTON, PAUL, The Harm Done to Morality by the Idea of God, 1991, 7pp, LA Atheist Notes No. 2, in PP 1,052 – 1,061.

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ANDREW’S COURSE IN ANARCHY, 22pp, downloaded from the IN. No further details on the author were given, in PP 1539. – This is one of the few anarchist articles that contains a segment on panarchism. – J.Z.

ANDREWS, J.A., Anarchy letter to DAILY TELEGRAPH, ca. 1884, 2pp, 24x, in PP 244.ANDREWS, J.A., Authority, Law and the State, pamphlet, 1895, 2pp, 24x, in PP 244.

ANDREWS, J.A., Handbook of Anarchy, 1884, 12pp, 24x, in PP 244.

ANDREWS, J.A., Invicta Spes (Unconquerable Hope), THE BULLETIN, Oct. 12, 1895, 1p, 24x, in PP 244.

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ANDREWS, STEPHEN PEARL, DIE WISSENSCHAFT VON DER GESELLSCHAFT: a) Die rechte Verfassung der Gesellschaft – die Souveraenitaet des Individuums – als die letzte Entwicklung des Protestantismus, der Demokratie und des Sozialismus, b) Das Kostenprinzip – eine wissenschaftliche Massregel der Redlichkeit im Handel – als ein Prinzip zur Loesung des sozialen Problems. Nach der Uebersetzung von Mathilde Kriege, herausgegeben (und verkuerzt !) von Wilhelm Russbuelt, 1904, 198pp, 29x, in PP 359.

ANDREWS, STEPHEN PEARL, HORACE GREELEY AND VICTOR YARROS, Love, Marriage, and Divorce, and the Sovereignty of the Individual, a discussion, in LIBERTY, Nos. 119ff, 29x, in PP 247-273.

ANDREWS, STEPHEN PEARL, PP 222, 806, see also under STERN: The Pantarch: PP 1169.

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ANDREWS, STEPHEN PEARL, Review of Thaddeus B. Wakeman, An Epitome of the Positive Philosophy and Religion, explanatory of the Society of Humanity in the City of New York, together with the Constitution and Regulations of that Society; to which is added an important letter of Harriet Martineau, in regard to her religious convictions, published by the Society of Humanity, N.Y., 1877, 60pp. Review has 5pp, 29x, in Tucker’s RADICAL REVIEW, February 1878, in PP 373-375. (On American positivism and comparing Comte with Spencer. J.Z.)

ANDREWS, STEPHEN PEARL, see STERN, MADELAINE B., The Pantarch, A Biography of Stephen Pearl Andrews, U. of Texas Press, 1968, indexed, with extensive bibliography, 218pp, in PP 1169.

ANDREWS, STEPHEN PEARL, The Labor Dollar, 21pp, from Tucker’s RADICAL REVIEW, August 1877, 29x, in PP 373-375.

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ANDREWS, STEPHEN PEARL, THE SCIENCE OF SOCIETY, 1848, 1888, 221pp, 24x, pp 222. Part I: The True Constitution of Government in the Sovereignty of the Individual as the Final Development of Protestantism, Democracy and Socialism, Part II: Cost the Limit of Price : A Scientific Measure of Honesty in Trade as one of the Fundamental Principles in the Solution of the Social Problem, also in: LIBERTY, Nos.88ff, 29x, in PP 247-273.

ANDREWS, STUART, John Priestley and American Independence, HISTORY TODAY 29, April 79, 221-229, summary only, 1p, in LITERATURE OF LIBERTY, in PP 1201p894, headed: Priestley and Liberty.

ANGELL, IAN, The Information Revolution and the Death of the Nation State, 95, 4pp, in PP 1334/35: 149. – Before the territorial nation state is really abolished it is going to kill millions more people. That is its very nature. War is the health of this kind of State or “society”. – J.Z., 30.9.97.

ANGLIN, JOHN, On Locke’s State of Nature, POLITICAL STUDIES, UK, 26, 1978, 78-90, summary only, 1p, in LITERATURE OF LIBERTY, in PP 1200p377, headed: Natural Law and the State of Nature.

ANGOLA: SAVIMBI, JONAS, Don’t sacrifice Angola on the Altar of Socialism, 2pp, in PP 1430/31: 173.

ANGOLA PEACE MONITOR, Promoting National Reconciliation in Angola, IFF, II/10, III/2-7, Dec. 90 – Oct. 91, incomplete, in PP 1,002.

ANGOLA, UNITA, PP 698. According to later reports, great wrongs on both sides seem to continue. And that with the model of religious liberty and tolerance known for hundreds of years and so obviously needed and rightful in the political, economic and social sphere, too! J.Z.

ANIMAL LIBERTATION, Sydney, 2pp leaflet, 29x, in PP 423. See also: 403, 418/19p76, 1001,

ANIMAL RIGHTS, Responsible Research, 821, 1001.


ANIMAL RIGHTS, See: PATROUGH, JOEL, Legal Rights for Germs? Class Action Suit Stirs Turmoil among all Sentient Life Forms, 2pp send-up from ANALOG, 11/77.

ANIMAL RIGHTS, see: SAPOLSKY, HARVEY M., Bringing Research Out of the Closet, a 1p article of an animal rights reformer. In PP 1,001. Ibid also a 1p article by Jack Meyers. – I am still a “human rights first” advocate. The natural rights of other living beings, that are not rational, are, in my opinion, confined to not being killed unnecessarily and to not being treated cruelly. When all individual rights of rational beings and natural rights of human beings are largely realized on this planet, then I might show some more interest in “animal rights”, at least those which are better defined than they were so far. – J.Z.



ANNALES, May/June 79, 425-437, summary only, 1p, in LITERATURE OF LIBERTY, in PP 1201p806, headed: The Uses of Political Myth. ANNALS FOR COLLECTIVE AND COOPERATIVE ECONOMY, ed. by Prof. Edgard Milhaud, contained, in the thirties, his own and the monetary freedom writings of the German School, in several languages, at least in French, German, English, possibly also in Italian and Spanish. See, in the main list of LMP, in PP 1278, under MILHAUD, BECKERATH, RITTERSHAUSEN, ZANDER.

ANNALS OF COLLECTIVE ECONOMY, ed. by Prof. Edgard Milhaud, English Edition of Vol. 10, 1934, from the 1968 reprint, 402pp, 36x, in PP 769.

ANNALS OF COLLECTIVE ECONOMY, vol. 12, 1936, 1968, first 305pp, containing MILHAUD’s book : Organized Compensatory Trading, 29x, in PP 770. Why organize expensive international trade conferences when you need only consult the writings of Milhaud, Beckerath & Rittershausen on how to achieve free trade even through unilateral action, through financial, monetary and clearing freedom, without government assistance or hindrance? The feared international competitor would then first appear as a huge buyer for one’s exports. – J.Z.

ANNARRES BOOKS CATALOG, Winter 1996, 12pp, in PP 1369/70: 267.


ANON., MOVING IN ON SOLAR, 5pp, 1979: 26, in PP 1514.

ANONOYMOUS, A Thousand July’s, on riots in the U.K., of Summer 81, 60pp, published by B.M. Blob, London. Filmed through Richard Gaska, Erie, and not very well. The author was apparently very pleased with the riots. Need I say more? One of my less appreciated swap deals. $ 1 on one fiche. – J.Z.

ANONYMOUS, Does Hugging on TV Cause Violence? 2pp, n.d., in PP1534: 144.

ANONYMOUS, Land of the Free? A Visitor from the Past, n.d., 1p, in PP1534: 125. – Story of a militia sympathizer.

ANONYMOUS, Who We Are, 1p, n.d. , in PP1534: 134. – By a militia member.

ANONYMOUS, An Introduction to Libertarian Philosophy, 1p, in PP 1287/89: 599.

ANONYMOUS, Anarchism in Action, The Spanish Revolution, 48pp, n.d., in PP 1305/1306: 292-308.

ANONYMOUS, Anarchismus und Freigeld, 1924, 8 S., Zeitungsausschnitt, Berlin, Zeitungsname unlesbar fuer mich. – J.Z., in PP 1321.

ANONYMOUS, Anarchist Community Defence, 10pp, in PP 1258. – In reality their guerilla wars amount often to indiscriminate aggressions against real and largely voluntary communities. – J.Z.

ANONYMOUS, Anarchy: One Perspective, 1p, 1980, in PP 25.

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ANONYMOUS, Black South Africans Rally to Battle for Free Market, 3pp, in PP 1430/31: 47.ANONYMOUS, Bureaucrats, Get Out! 2pp, in PP 1430/31, between 155 & 158, on a farmer who declared his farm a tax free republic & designed his own gold standard currency. What became of him since 1987? How many such attempts were there? Where is their total record? – I collect all such experiences, too, in my ON PANARCHY subseries. – J.Z. 9/97.

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ANONYMOUS, How to Cause Hyper-Inflation, a guide to budding bureaucrats, 3pp, in PP 1430/31: 18. – Only the legislators and the bureaucrats of the central banks are involved. All the other bureaucrats merely make use of the laws and the institution of monetary despotism, i.e., especially of legal tender laws and the note issue monopoly of central banks. – J.Z.

ANONYMOUS, Is America on the Verge of Revolution? 1p, in PP 1287/89: 411.

ANONYMOUS, IWW, The, Revolutionary Union or Historical Anachronism? 2pp, in PP 1357. – How emancipated are they? – J.Z.

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ANONYMOUS, So that’s what a bureaucrat does…, 2pp, in PP 1430/31: 177.

ANONYMOUS, Social Credit pamphlet: I Want the Earth Plus 5 Percent, reproduced as the starting point for a discussion by David Taylor, 21pp, 36x, in PP 656.

ANONYMOUS, Staaten auf neuer Grundlage, 1946, 1 S., in PP 1290/91: 178. “Ueber die grundsaetliche Moeglichkeit einer Neuregulung der Volkerbeziehungen”. – So hat noch einer, ganz unabhaengig, einen bedeutenden Teil des Panarchismus entdeckt. Ich las diesen Artikel heute zum 1. Mal! – Kurt hatte mich nicht auf diesen Verfasser hingewiesen! – J.Z., 30.11.95.

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ANONYMOUS, You Can’t Blow Up A Social Relationship: The Anarchist Case Against Terrorism, Australia, 1979 & 1982, here only in review, by GRAHAM PURCHASE, 1p, 29x, in PP 921.ANONYMOUS, Zur Kritik an Professor Mitscherlich, 4 S.: 46, in PP 1477. – It is typical for many anarchist articles that they are not signed by their authors. Are they really only the work of collectives or are their authors so much collectivists first, rather than individualists, that they do not want to sign their own names to their own writings, or, worse still, do they still have to be afraid of consequences for being contributors to anarchist publications? – J.Z.

ANONYMOUS: Replies to Some Errors and Distortions in Bryan Caplan’s “Anarchist Theory FAQ” version 4.1.1, 11pp, in PP 1541/42: 288. – Full of majoritarian anarchist errors and distortions. – J.Z.

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ANSWER MARKET, THE, 176. Compare: Ideas Archive, Encyclopedia of Refutations, Libertarian Library & Information Service, Libertarian Encyclopedia, Slogans for Liberty, Libertarian Microfiche Publishing, Institute for Social Inventions.

ANSWERS – To Economic Problems, by Lawrence W. Reed, some samples of this newsletter: 11/4-6&12 (April – June & Dec. 85), 12/3,5, 7-9 ( March, May & July – Sep. 86), 41pp, in PP 1111.

ANSWERS: WIENER, DANIEL, Sounding Board. On a planned book: Concise Libertarian Answers to Tough Questions, 3pp, in PP 1445: 105. – Compare my SLOGANS FOR LIBERTY and the projected ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF THE BEST REFUTATIONS. – J.Z.


ANTHOLOGIE DER EROTIK. Was halten Sie von der…? 2 S., IDEEN ARCHIV, in PP 1330-1332: 239. Der Absatz solcher “Ideen” ist gewoehnlich kein Problem und braucht deshalb nicht besonders gefoerdert zu werden. Auch Kuhmist wird man verhaeltnismaessig leicht los. Ein Ideenarchiv sollte fuer Besseres gebraucht werden. – J.Z.

ANTHROCRACY, An Anarchist Ideology in Outline, 1163.

ANTI TESE, 3 samples, from Edicao de Centre de Cultura Libertaria, Portugal, Nos. 3-5, July 85 – Abr. 86, 96pp, in PP 894. NO. 9, Jun / Jul / Ago – 1989, sample, in Portugese, 36pp, 29x, in PP 926.


ANTI-AGING RESEARCH, see e.g. PP 47, 902.

ANTI-APARTHEID MOVEMENT & SPORT, 370. (Just one of the numerous manifestations of territorialist intolerance and coercive egalitarianism, of which the major bloodshed consequences are still to come after the destruction of territorially imposed Apartheid. The disagreement among the opponents and defenders of Apartheid consisted and consists only about who is to conduct territorial oppression and under what camouflage name. How many homes have been destroyed and will be destroyed, upon exclusive “homeland” demands? This in spite of the fact that in areas like the Congo we did have, possibly for centuries, up to 5 competing juridical systems in the same area. The peace promoting exterritorial autonomy option for volunteer communities, is simply ignored, there and everywhere, by almost everybody. The consequences are then blamed on natural aggressiveness of man, rather than on his thoughtless subscription to inherently aggressive ideologies. Voluntary integration AND voluntary segregation, on the basis of exterritorial autonomy, rather than COERCIVE integration and COERCIVE segregation! Is it really so hard to make this distinction or is the “God”, “spirit” or notion of territorial domination of one or the other system so superior that we ought to sacrifice millions of involuntary victims to it? J.Z.)


ANTI-AUTHORITARIANS ANONYMOUS, Adventures in Subversion, Flyers and Posters, 1981 – 85, 35pp, in PP 1307: 46- 80. – This is one of many anarchist publications that do not appeal to me at all. More and more writings seem to spread darkness rather than light. The kind and number of such publications give to me the impression that an encyclopaedia of anarchist myths, errors and prejudices would have to be very voluminious – compared with one of anarchist truths, observations, principles, ideas and arguments. Perhaps these kinds of utopians should be condemned to live THEMSELVES in their kind of utopia for the next 10 – 20 years – or as long as they can stand it. I favour giving them the choice to choose their utopia for themselves, no matter how humiliating this experience would be for them. I’d rather be ruled by machines and computers than live in a world “created” by these “heads”. – J.Z., 16 Dec. 95.

ANTI-AUTHORITARIANS ANONYMOUS, The Enchantment of Nuclear Destruction, 1p, in PP 1393: 122. By John Zerzan?

ANTI-CAPITALISM, See: KOCH, CHARLES, Anti-Capitalism and Business, 1974, 10pp, IHS lecture, in PP 24.


ANTI-CAPITALIST MENTALITY: DROSDIK, VINCENT A., III, Sources of the Anticapitalist Mentality, (1), 3pp: 197; (2), 2pp: 211, in PP 1404/06.


ANTI-COMMUNISM, PP 16-19, 61-63, 301, 399 – 401, 698, 705, 715, 724. (In the first 68pp of the LMP Author listing, I have already omitted some such cross reference entries: Even I have to beware not to consider it outdated, just because the Soviet imperialism was largely overthrown. Communism still rules or threatens to rule, all too widely, in East and West, under all kinds of liberal, democratic, republican and even conservative and uniformity and streamlining camouflages. And among those supposedly loving freedom, the communists are probably numerically strongest, for example consider the numbers of communist anarchists and syndicalists. However, mere anti-communism is not enough. Anti-communists can be almost as intolerant, bloodthirsty and misinformed. Just think of how many of them were prepared for nuclear strikes against the victims of communist regimes, which their oppressors would probably have survived, at least for a while. I favour voluntary communist experiments – as the worst punishment for the true believers and as a means to render them less dangerous to others. J.Z.) See Governments in Exile, War Aims, Peace Declaration – unilateral, Collective Responsibility, Nuclear War Threat, Marx, Socialism, On Panarchy, Soviet Regime, Russian Revolution, Russia, etc. – J.Z.

ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE, Millet System, a CONVERSION CRISIS FRONT PAGE, home page, 1p, 1999, from the IN, in PP 1539: 84.

ANTI-DISCRIMINATION, See: ROTHBARD, MURRAY N., Short People, Arise! 1p, on quotas and discrimination, in PP 1312/1314: 16.

ANTI-DISCRIMINATION,See: WEBER, KURT, Too Much Anti-Discrimination, 1p, in PP 279: 88. – See: DISCRIMINATION.

ANTI-FEDERALIST LEAGUE, AFL, Leaflet against the Maastricht Treaty for a United Europe, 1p, in PP 1,052 – 1,061. (I have nothing against individual uniting but everything against any territorial governments as united bodies and any such governments uniting. Association into exterritorial and competing governments of volunteers and into their competitive federations, e.g. voluntary associations of exterritorially autonomous free traders, and opponents of other coercive taxes, would be quite another matter. All are to be subjected to individual secessionism, like churches and sects are. J.Z.)


ANTI-GRAVITY, PP 812 (Sagehorn, The Only Way To Go). What makes sap go up in high trees? Neither vacuum nor capillary action would be enough, I believe. If trees do not somehow pump their sap, perhaps by bending with wind pressure and using valves, do they master gravity? Extremely unlikely but we should finally clear up how they do this – if it hasn’t been already, with me remaining simply unaware of this research. Someone, somewhere, sometime, has probably already supplied an explanation. Some evidence for levitation powers I would even accept, as evidence for further researches, from the Catholic Church. It has on record ca. 450 men, later declared holy, because before large audiences they had levitated, e.g. around a church. I would love to microfiche anti-gravity & space and time research reports in this series, too. As well as significant inventions. E.g. the Feb. 94 ANALOG carries a fact article on the prevention of Hurricanes and the production of water and power from air. I love proposals like HOGAN’S mountain, to build an artificial “mountain” across Australia’s centre, to precipitate rain. Elevations as low as 90 m have sometimes already precipitated some rain. Ian Idries, in The Great Boomerang, described that for an investment like that of Australia in WW II, Australia could have turned most of its river-waters, now flowing uselessly into the sea, into a giant inland lake, that would also tend to improve Australia’s climate. Up to 70% of rain comes from inland evaporation. Man has barely begun to turn this earth into a garden or park, as far as possible. What I liked about the view of L.A. from the air was its greenness, in spite of it being a city, in the middle of a rather bare and brown desert. However, more of the advanced engineers, too, ignore the need for proper, i.e. capitalistic financing methods, requiring monetary and financial freedom. – J.Z.

ANTI-INTELLECTUALISM: TAYLOR, JOAN KENNEDY, (the editor) An American tragedy; a review of Anti-intellectualism in American life, 5pp, in PP 1377: 4.

ANTI-MAASTRICHT ALLIANCE, Red Lion Talks, 94 & 95, 2pp list, in PP 1281/82 & in PP 1334/35: 236.

ANTI-MASS, THE, Methods of Organization for Collectives, 4pp, from 70-ties, in PP 1,019. (This exposition is just more anarcho-babble to me. J.Z.)

ANTI-MILITARISM, PP 349, 542, 897.

ANTI-MONOPOLIST, Action Group, Newsletter No. 18, April 1979,”Progress & Poverty” – 1879 – 1979, etc., 2pp: 102, in PP 1513. -See HARDY, GEORGE.

ANTI-MONOPOLIST, Action Group, Newsletter No. 2, n.d., 2pp, on Georgist fiscal policy, in PP 1513.

ANTI-MONOPOLIST, Action Group, Newsletter No.? July 78, 2pp, on death duties, in PP 1513.

ANTI-MONOPOLIST, Action Group, Newsletter No.13, July 78, 1p,July 78, on Housing and Rental Land Tax, in PP 1513.

ANTI-MONOPOLIST, Action Group, Newsletter No.14, Sep. 78, 2pp:The Dangers of the “Cult of Entitlements”: 95, in PP 1513.

ANTI-MONOPOLIST, Action Group, Newsletter No.15, 2pp: New Consistent Policies are Needed to Avoid another Great Depression and Political Chaos: 97, in PP 1513.

ANTI-MONOPOLIST, Action Group, Newsletter No.17, n.d., 2pp:Restrictions Wipe out the Benefits of Technology: 99, in PP 1513.

ANTI-MONOPOLIST, Action Group, Newsletter, No? date? 2pp: 88, in PP 1513.

ANTIPHYSICS, RATBAG RAG, 21 June 1996, 8pp, in PP 1349: 39 & 1357: 119. – Issues of 14 July 1995 & 31 August 94, sent by M.T. = Millennium Twain, 4 pp, in PP 1365: 121.

ANTI-QUARIAT, Berlin, Literatur ueber Stirner, 8 S.: 103, in PP 1456.

ANTIQUARIATE IN FREIBURG, A Map and a list of specialty bookshops, an example to be copied more often in more cities, 2pp, in PP 814.

ANTI-SEMITISM, Sample of the most extreme kind of publication: STUERMER, DER, Nuernberg, Deutsches Wochenblatt zum Kampfe um die Wahrheit, Herausgeber: Julius Streicher, an infamous Nazi, issue of 9.4. 1942 as a sample of his antisemitic hate press, 4pp: 119, in PP 1514. – Some publications do not have ANY redeeming features. However, one should learn to know all of one’s enemies and their particular fixed ideas, since, during crisis times, they can become national and even international threats. This can easily happen under territorial rule. How much antisemitism & hatred and blaming of “aliens” would remain after e.g. panarchies, monetary freedom, cooperative production and fully freed trade had been introduced for at least 10 years? – PIOT, J.Z., 3.9.98.

ANTISEMITISM, See: DUEHRING, E. (holding the usual prejudice). – RAAB, EARL, The Anatomy of Nazism, 1961, Anti-Defamation League of B’nair B’rith and The Free Sons of Israel, 40 pp, with illustrations incompletely reproduced, in PP 1242 & PERLMAN, FREDY, Anti-semitism and the Beirut Pogrom, 1983, 16pp, in PP 1240.

ANTI-SLAVERY THOUGHT, The Radical Libertarian Tradition in, 915.ANTI-SOVIET SOCIETY, Some Articles & Leaflets: The Real Lessons of Vietnam; To Fight Communism: Why and How? Don’t Blame the Russian People; Victory; Strategies that Will Win; The Real Peace Movement? The Vital Nuclear Deterrent; Sergei Soldatov Speaks; Worse than the Tsars; Getting at the Red Army: 22pp, 29x, in PP 698. We are still tolerating all too many dictatorships today, which, with a comprehensive liberation programme, could be easily overthrown, almost without bloodshed. – J.Z.

ANTI-STAATS-TAGE, Muenchen, 26.9.-2.10.1983, 4 S. Flugblatt, 29x, in PP 729.


ANTITESE, No. 7, Nov. 86 – Jan 87, sample issue, 32pp, 29x, in PP 728.

ANTI-TRUST & MONOPOLY, See: PINKNEY, ROBIN DOUGLAS, Antitrust and its Raison d’Etre – Monopoly, 1964, 26pp, in PP 997.

ANTITRUST LAWS, See: ARMENTANO, D.T., Dr., The Antitrust Hoax, 2pp: 358, in PP 1457/62.

ANTITRUST, See: FLEMING, HAROLD M., The Purposes of Antitrust,10pp: 58, in PP 1529- 33.

ANTITRUST, See: PETRO, SYLVESTER, Competition, Unions & Antitrust, 30pp: 2, in PP 1529-33.

ANTITRUST, See: PETRO, SYLVESTER, Do Antitrust Laws Preserve Competition? 9pp: 257, in PP 1529- 33.

ANTI-ZIONISM, IS IT ANTISEMITIC? In 696? 864? 1052-61? (Probably another LA pamphlet. Another mutilation through my Fsort programme. This listing, too, needs collaboration by other freedom enthusiasts to become closer to complete and correct. – J.Z.)???

ANTON, Guenther, K., Geschichte des Preussischen Truckverbots, ca. 1890-1900, 1953, 30 S., 29x, in PP 641.

ANTWORT, DIE, Jan.-August 1969, ueber offizielle u. unoffizielle Widerstaende gegen Kurt Zube’s SAG Zahlungssystem, 18pp, mit Anmerkung von John Zube, 2pp, 29x, in PP 742. See SCHOENSTEIN PLAN, WIR WIRTSCHAFTSRING, SAG, ESAG, CLEARING, MONETARY FREEDOM.

ANTWORT, DIE, Mitteilungen des Bonaventura Trusts und des Dachverbandes der SAG-Vereine und SAG-Teilnehmer, Januar – April 1969, mit Vertrag u. Geschaeftsbedingungen des Bonaventura Trusts, 17 S., in PP 1323: 1- 17.

ANTWORT, DIE, Mitteilungen des Bonaventura Trusts und des Dachverbandes der SAG-Vereine und SAG-Teilnehmer, Jan. – April 68, 4 S., Mai – August 68, 20 S., Sep. – Dez. 68, 8 S., in PP 1328: 31. – Sind weitere Ausgaben erschienen?

ANY TIME NOW, 2 short lists, 1992, from this anarchist book distributor, 1p, in PP 1,036, II/4, Spring 93, 12pp, with 1p leaflet on its Literature Distribution Mail Order Service, in PP 1098.

ANY TIME NOW, Argenta, Anarchist – Decentralist Newsletter, II/3,Summer 1992; III/1, Summer 1997; III/2, Autumn 1997; III/3, Winter 1998 (97/98); III/4, Summer 1998, 41pp: 7, in PP 1528. – III/1, Summer 1997, 6pp, 297, in PP 1454.

ANZAC DAY: THE ANTI-ANZAC DAY COLLECTIVE, No to the Anzac Myth! 4pp, 1986, in PP 1251.ANZUS TREATY, Breathing Life into it? PP 22.

APALOGIA, A Journal of Unanimous Consent, ed. by Cathy L.Z. Smith, quarterly, written by the signatories to the NORTH AMERICAN COVENANT, issues No. 000, July 2, 86, 28pp, 003, April 2, 87, 28pp, all on hand, with L. Neil Smith letters of July 2, 86, introducing the New Covenant, 9pp and L. Neil Smith, letter, April 15, 87, 4th explanatory article, 11pp. – I was promised more issues but have not received them. Probably, because I have not yet formally signed, since I have some reservations on the wording, although I largely agree with the intention of promoting individual sovereignty. A single expression of it can hardly be much more comprehensive and ideal than e.g. the Ten Commandments or the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights or any governmental declaration of a Bill of Rights could be. Compare my ON PANARCHY compilation and the compilation of PRIVATE human rights drafts in PP 589/90. With all such declarations on hand one can finally work towards a combined one, embracing the best of all previous ones. – J.Z.

APARTHEID, 925, 1034. See CLIFFE, R.A., with reply by J. ZUBE, TYRELL, MARTIN and KELLY, MILES, in PP 925.


APARTHEID: WILLIAMS, WALTER, Apartheid American Style, 1p, in PP 1430/31: 216.

APATHY = MYOB? PP 243. It can be the result of despotism or liberty. And so can enthusiasm. – J.Z.

APE, ANARCHIST PROPAGANDA BULLETIN, Hurray for Anarchy! Boulder, n.d., 1p leaflet, in PP 999.

APHORISMS, From Herbert Spencer, 189. See: SLOGANS FOR LIBERTY.

APHTONIOS SCHEME, for all new projects: It is somewhere mentioned and discussed in the letters and papers of BECKERATH, ULRICH VON. Until I have completed and indexed this collection, I cannot easily find the page reference, either. – J.Z.

APJOHN, LEWIS, RICHARD COBDEN AND THE FREE TRADERS, n.d., 298pp, with a 4 pp comment by John Zube, 1982, raising the question: Why was he so successful? and attempting to answer it, to some extent. (Send me your views on this! – J.Z ) 29x, in PP 407.

APPLEBY, JOYCE OLDHAM, A New Argument for Economic Freedom, in: Economic Thought and Ideology in Seventeenth Century England, Princeton UP, 1978, 158-198, summary only, 1p, in LITERATURE OF LIBERTY, in PP 1201p619, headed: Mercantilism vs. Economic Liberalism.

APPLEBY, JOYCE OLDHAM, Ideology and Theory: The Tension between Political and Economic Liberalism in Seventeenth-Century England, THE AMERICAN HISTORICAL REVIEW 81, June 76, 499-515, summary only, 1p, in LITERATURE OF LIBERTY, in PP 1201p620, headed: The Social Meaning of Economic Liberalism.

APPLEBY, JOYCE, Modernization Theory and the Formation of Modern Social Theories in England and America, COMPARATIVE STUDIES IN SOCIETY AND HISTORY 20, April 78, 259-285, summary only, 1p, in LITERATURE OF LIBERTY, in PP 1201p676, headed: Modernization, Ideology, and Economic Freedom. – Help to build up libertarian and anarchist abstracts and reviews, indexes and bibliographies on microfiche! – – J.Z.

APPLEBY, JOYCE, The Social Origins of American Revolutionary Ideology, JOURNAL OF AMERICAN HISTORY 65, March 78, 935-958, summary only, 1p, in LITERATURE OF LIBERTY, in PP 1200p589, headed: Civic Virtue, Mercantilism, and Liberalism.

APPLEBY, JOYCE, What Is still American in the Political Philosophy of Thomas Jefferson? WILLIAM AND MARY QUARTERLY 39, 2, April 82, 287-309, summary only, 1p, in LITERATURE OF LIBERTY, in PP1204p1879, headed: Jefferson Optimism vs. Country Pessimism.

APPLEBYE, CHARLES, The Time Travel Tourist Industry, 1p:261, in PP 1293/95.

APPONYI, A.F., to The Sec., Australian Financial Systems Inquiry, 28 May 79, 2pp, in PP 803.

APPRENTICE – MASTER ALLIANCE, ISI, 2pp leaflet, in PP 1262, 4pp leaflet, in PP 1267.

APPRENTICE BOYS OF BERRY, 1 day conference: Let Ulster Speak, among the speakers: J. Enoch Powell, 94, 1p, in PP 1334/35: 235.

Approach, 1p, in PP 1351. – ??? Another fragment, not yet located.

APPROPRIATE TECHNOLOGY MICROFICHE LIBRARY, THE EXPANDED ONE, 16pp on the offer of over 1,000 books available on microfiche. This pamphlet only, reproduced in PP 907-910. If sufficiently publicized, this special library could be much more useful, than all foreign aid efforts so far – and it could do no harm. Then it could also help LMP to achieve a breakthrough into the so far quite underdeveloped potential market in libertarian homes and offices. And if all libertarians had the resources on hand to fully educate themselves on any special libertarian subject, what couldn’t they achieve then? – J.Z.

APPROPRIATE TECHNOLOGY PROJECT, The NEW Appropriate Technology Microfiche Library, Volunteers in Asia, Stanford, lists 1000 books with the 208 new titles added to the library in Sep. 86, 8pp, in PP 1324: 114. By now they may offer many more. If consumers of technology are free to chose and if they can get credit under fully competitive conditions, i.e., under monetary freedom and free banking, with freedom for internal and foreign investors, then this is often the technology they would choose, anyhow, if sufficiently informed about it. High technology often does not even pay for those who can afford to use it. On the other hand, some high technology, like text only CD-ROMs, is VERY affordable and still underutilized by freedom lovers. So is the very cost efficient, easy and permanent micrographic option for microfilmed freedom writings. – J.Z.


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ARCHIVE OF IDEAS, see Ideas Archive in PP 20/21 & 183. See also the publications and handbooks of ideas of the INSTITUTE FOR SOCIAL INVENTIONS, and under ALBERY, NICHOLAS.


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ARCHIVIO FAMIGLIA BERNERI, L’, Introduction, in Italian, 1982,12pp, supplied by Valerio ISCA, N.Y., in 1990, in PP 1517: 112.

ARDREY ON HUMAN NATURE & “The Territorial Imperative”, PP 833. – See ON PANARCHY.ARDREY, ROBERT, AFRICAN GENESIS, reviewed by Opitz, PP 1012.ARENDT, HANNAH, The Origins of Totalitarianism, 1p review by ROBERT MASTERS, in PP 1367/68: 77.

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ARISTOPHANES, Lysistrata, with 8pp foreword by Jack Lindsay & illustrations by Norman Lindsay, 114pp, date? 69, in PP 1524. – My copy of this book, bought second-hand, was somehow mutilated by some kid with a pen. Sorry about that. – The preoccupations with sex, food, drink, fashions, art, literature, travel, sport, various recreations and hobbies, rather than with peace in freedom, justice and prosperity, are among the contributing factors to the continuance of dictatorships, wars, civil wars, revolutions and terrorism. War does already deprive most soldiers of many opportunities for sex with their chosen regular partners. This has led to an increase in casual sex, prostitution, homosexuality and rape, but not yet to peace, over which most of them, and most civilians, have little if any decision-making power at present. Emotional appeals do not have a sufficient deterrent effect. Otherwise the experience of wholesale slaughters of innocents, in or out of imposed uniforms, should have a large enough deterrent effect. But I did use emotional blackmail myself, once, against my eldest son, when he was considering joining the Australian Navy, just to have more opportunities for travel. I told him: If you do, I will no longer consider you as my son, and did point out that e.g. a destroyer in a navel battle has a lifespan of about 4 minutes. – I was glad that he did choose another profession and he is happy in it. He became a professional healer rather than a professional killer. Unfortunately, war is not only supported by heterosexual relations but also by homosexual ones, and was so expecially among the ancient Greeks. That aspect was not mentioned, I believe, by Aristophanes, but still plays a role e.g. in the Australian Citizen’s Forces and Navy, as far as I know. It played a considerable role in the Nazi movements and in the attractiveness of some “charismatic” leaders like Caesar, Frederick the Great and Hitler to their voluntary followers. I do not know whether a monography has ever been written on this subject. Extreme cruelties by soldiers against women and children have had at least sometimes a homosexual aspect to them. Uniforms, heroics, marches, medals and the fear of death seem often to have stimulated sex rather than deterred from it. Nor is a voluntary sex strike by women – and men? – the answer to enforced prostitution or rapes. – Thus this is just one of many superficial peace proposals that do not help to cut the roots of war, although it may have slightly increased the number of conscientious objectors when a few girls and women upheld the slogan: “We say ‘yes!’ to boys who say ‘no!'” A well organized tax strike, combined with a repudiation of government money and organized self-protection of these strikers could achieve probably more than a sex strike could. And so could the repeal of the government decision-making monopoly on war and peace, armament and disarmament and international treaties. – We are still very far from having established a peace science that is worthy of that name. What is called now “peace research” does operate largely upon false premises, popular prejudices and utopian notions. How many among thousands to ten-thousands of peace books do criticize statism and exclusive territorial rule as being among the main factors that make for wars, civil wars, revolutions and terrorism? How many of them do question the decision-making monopoly of governments on war and peace, seriously consider desertion and military insurrection options, the role of governments in exile, of tyrannicide, just war aims, just treatment of prisoners, deserters and refugees, the relationship of unemployment and inflation to war and racism, the close connection of despotism, especially monetary and financial despotism to war? Some even oppose free trade and free migration, although they are basic requirements for peaceful societies. And the number of those who favour individual secessionism and exterritorial autonomy under personal laws, as well as volunteer militias for the protection of individual rights, is still almost vanishingly small. In Peace Plans 16-18 I listed about 500 more or less popular factors that make for war at present. It was almost a record non-seller. – J.Z.

ARISTOTELIAN THOUGHT: CALLAWAY, HOWARD, Some Fundamental Elements of Aristotelian Thought, 6pp, in PP 1409/10: 191.ARITHO, G.M. CITONGA, Taxation of Unimproved Land Values: The Kenya Experience, 3pp, 1979, 36x, in PP 381.

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ARLINGTON HOUSE, Publishers, Booklist, 1980, 12pp, 29x, in PP 316-318. I have not caught up with one of their recent listings. A combined list of all freedom books in print should appear on microfiche, floppy disks, tex-CD-ROMs and on the Internet.

ARMAGUARD, advertisement for cash payments, 1987, 1p, 48x, in PP 739.

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ARNO PRESS/ NEW YORK TIMES, The Right Wing Individualist Tradition in America, a literature list, 2pp, 24x, in PP 109-110. – I think this whole series deserves to be microfiched. I do have an incomplete set of it. Why does not ARNO PRESS do it? The harm done by addiction to print on paper is enormous! – J.Z.

ARNOLD, GARY RICHARD, The Road to Hell, an open letter to Jerry Falwell, 2pp, in PP 1432/1439: 1299.

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ARONOFF, DAN, A Scientific Approach to Race Relations, 10 pp, on Thomas Sowell’s writings, in PP 925. The moral approach demands full exterritorial autonomy for any racial, ethnic, religious, cultural, political and economic volunteer group, including, naturally, volunteer groups of integrationists. – J.Z.

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ARRIGONI, ENRICO, When God Woke up from his Eternal Slumber, Biblical Fairy Tales, No. 1, 29x, in PP 616. – Note, this is a fairy tale. I think she is still asleep, as most freedom lovers seem to be. When will atheists, humanists, free thinkers, and rationalists finally rethink their self-publishing options and make finally all their writings cheaply and permanently accessible, at least on microfiche? Why have their tied their efforts to expensive and temporary print on paper as if this were the only road to enlightenment, in spite of its failures, for centuries? – J.Z.

ARROGANCE OF AUTHORITY: BUMPAS, JIM, The Arrogance of Authority, 75, 5pp, in PP 1371/72: 39.

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ART SMUGGLING, See: ROSTRON, BRYAN, Smuggled! 15pp: 111, in PP 1506/07. – On the smuggling of an art object and against the nationalization of art objects. Those who neither produced nor found them should not be able to claim them, not even in the name of “the nation” or “the people”. Nor should “heritage rights” become impersonal and stretched over centuries. This one did cost fortune in court hearings, too. – The same absurdities are involved in territorial nationalism. A free art market would make art objects accessible to the world, in originals and in xyz duplicates. And tax payers would not be forced to shell out, as in Australia recently, $ 300,000 for an old Buddha statue, for the Sydney Art Gallery, one even without head and hands. I have many shapeless stones, which are even older, on my property. No bids accepted below $ 1,000 each! I also posses a mass produced but complete small B. statue, which I would let you have for $ 10,000. – My eldest gave it to me as a gift because, he thought, my father, Kurt Zube, resembled this figure. – But as long as bureaucrats and politicians decide … – PIOT, J.Z.


ARTAUD CONFERENCE : 100 Years of Cruelty, Artaud Conference 96 & one anarchist response, 5p, in PP 1423: 121-125.

ARTAUD CONFERENCE, 100 Years of Cruelty. Some “artists” celebrated this, some anarchists asked: What is there to celebrate? 5pp, 1996, in PP 1393: 117.

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ARTS SUBSIDIES, 696, WALLACE, TRICIA & VISCEGLIA, DAWN, Taxpayers coerced into supporting artists, 1p, in PP 1234.

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AS WE SEE IT! Columbia, Missouri, Winter 1985/86, Columbia Anarchist League, 4pp, sample, only on hand, containing a 14 points statement by the Columbia Anarchist League, headlined: No Ideology, No State, No God, No Militarism, No Nationalism, No Religion, No Leaders, No Followers. In PP 1153 & 1165. Associated with ANARCHY; a journal of desire armed,

ASAKAWA, GIL, Fort Collins Move Over, a clipping on Mary Margaret Glennie’s attempt to concentrate libertarians there, 1p, 1990, in PP 1123.

ASAKAWA, GIL, Fort Collins, Move Over, 2pp from WESTWORD, 24-30 Jan. 1990 on Mary Margaret Glennie’s attempt to concentrate libertarians in Fort Collins, in PP 1415: 140. + sheet 8 in PP 1491.

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ASIA-PACIFIC ANTI-MILITARISM FORUM, Australia, 2pp leaflet: 159, in PP 1515.

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ASMAN, DAVID, Latin America’s New Brain Trust, 1p, WSJ, April 12, 96, on Manual Ayau, who established the Universidad de Francisco Marroquin, in PP 1393: 111.

ASPECTS, No. 3, A Manual for Personal Development, 24pp, in PP 493.

ASSASSINATIONS, PP 243, 538, compare TYRANNICIDE. I class assassinations as murders but tyrannicide as rightful executions if a “tyrant” is properly defined and recognized. – J.Z.

ASSET CURRENCY, PP 745. Compare Land Banks.

ASSET FORFEITURE, See: HAYNES, JOHN, Asset Forfeiture = Government Theft, 2pp, in PP 1269.

ASSIGNAT DE DIX MILLE FRANCS: Image in PP 500. That kind of criminal nonsense goes on and on, with the basic cause, the issue monopoly and legal tender, rarely ever being discussed. – J.Z.


ASSOCIATION BULLETIN & LIBERTARIAN SOAPBOX, Innerkip, Ontario, Oct. 1988, March/April 89, July – August 89, Nov.-Dec. 89, 109 pp, in PP 1215.

ASSOCIATION COCCINELLE, 1982 leaflet, 1p, 29x, in PP 642.

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ASSOCIATION FOR A FREE RUSSIA, President Count Nicholas Tolstoy, Is there an Underground Opposition in the Soviet Union? 15pp, 29x, in PP 694, with Annual Report, 1983, 16pp, 29x, in PP 705.

ASSOCIATION FOR GOOD GOVERNMENT, THE, Revenue Based on Land Values, 4pp, 29x, in PP 700.

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ASSOCIATION OF LIBERTARIAN FEMINISTS NEWS, 24, Spring and Summer 86 to 33, Winter 90, 59pp, in PP 1312/1314 : 294-352. – Feminists think they have much to say and do talk and write much – but I miss the meat in the sandwich. – J.Z.

ASSOCIATION OF LIBERTARIAN FEMINISTS, Introduction & literature list, 2pp, in PP 1312/1314: 292.

ASSOCIATION OF LIBERTARIAN FEMINISTS, Leaflet, 1p, in PP 1432/1439: 576.

ASSOCIATION OF LIBERTARIAN FEMINISTS, Some leaflets, 30pp, 29x, in PP 384.

ASTEROID COLLISION RISK: TOWERS, KATHERINE, Spaceguards tail doomsday asteroids, A. April 16, 96, 1p, in PP 1367/68: 245.

ASTI, Anarchistische Studenten Initiative, leaflet, 2pp, 29x, in PP 728.

ASTON, SUSAN, Review, 1 p, of 3 books on education, including John Holt’s Escape from Childhood, in PP 1367/68: 121.

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AUDIO FORUM CASSETTES, literature list (cassette list), 81pp, 24x, in PP 50-54. – Do they still exist or who is the successor? I would love to film a recent list of their offers. What is holding the further development of freedom lectures and books on audio and video tape back? Costs? Lack of publicity? Lack of combined lists? – Why are so many freedom roads not sufficiently taken? – J.Z., 1995.

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AUSTRALASIAN S U R V I V O R, No. 29, vol. 5, No. 5, May 86, sample copy, 52pp, in PP 851. (I believe it didn’t survive to now but should be completely microfilmed, as a treasure chest of survivalist information. Survival in alternative publishing requires, mostly, the use of micrographics! J.Z.)

AUSTRALIA IN 1999, 1p leaflet for SF Worldcon 1999, in PP 1311: 208. With 1 p for Aussiecon Memory Book, Sep. 95, in PP 1311: 209.

AUSTRALIA IN 1999, 2pp leaflet of the organizing committee for the 57th annual world Science Fiction convention, in PP 1232. In spite of the fact that most of the classical utopias and many SF periodicals have been produced on fiche (see pp 62/63 in the LMP catalog of 1983, in PP 647 ), most of these fans show no interest in this option, often described in their favourite literature. One should be able to learn at least from one’s own favourite books. Instead, these futuristic dreamers and escapists are still addicted to a basically 500 year old technology or merely dream of all their problems being solved automatically, via computers, which they hardly use for their publishing, either. See under SOFTSERV, now defunct. Only a few disked SF titles are listed in ANALOG. The Germans have a proverb for this attitude: “Let God be a good man!” – But he is not responsible for this underdevelopment in your head and of your non-use of your existing freedom of action for micrographic and floppy disk and text CD-ROM and Internet self-publishing. The first book that at the same time appears on ALL affordable media has apparently still to be published, although, thereby, it could become a best-seller. The imagination of most writers and publishers leaves all too much to be desired. – J.Z.

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AUSTRALIAN BILL OF RIGHTS BILL 1985, 2pp, in PP 1139. The bill is a typical governmental bill and as such objectionable. Compare the private drafts of human rights codes compiled in PP 589/590. – J.Z.

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AUSTRALIAN FREEDOM ADDRESSES, 1981, 16pp, in PP 388. A 1/95 and 6/85 update appeared but only in photocopies. I am working on another update and will film that, again. The problem is usually: all too little feedback. And I am not prepared to support the continuing paper addiction of most people at my expense and risk. If those listed had been open-minded towards micrographics and a few of my favourite radical libertarian ideas, I might have bothered to update it regularly. There must be hundreds of Australian freedom lovers with PCs. Why don’t they do it? And those who do have pro-freedom mailing lists. Why do they hog them? Why don’t they combine them and make them more useful by adding special interests, which would facilitate special collaborations? Why is that not done internationally, more comprehensively than in LINE? – J.Z. – See Directories.

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AUSTRALIAN PRIVACY FOUNDATION, National Campaign Against the I.D. Card. Why the I.D. Card Must Be Stopped NOW! 8pp, in PP 274: 133. – The Australian Government used the tax file numbers instead.

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AUSTRALIAN SPECTRUM, THE, 1986 directory by Archives Project, 48pp, 42x, in PP 637. An annual directory to Australian Associations exists – but contains all too few pro-freedom addresses.

AUSTRALIAN SURVIVOR, Background Briefing: MICROFICHE, May 86, 4pp, with hints towards Survival Fiche, in PP 907-910. – A.S. did not survive. It relied on paper rather than on fiche. – J.Z.

AUSTRALIAN TEACHERS’ FEDERATION, Charter of the Rights of the Child, 1969, 12 collectivist claims, 48x, in PP 589/590.

AUSTRALIAN, THE, “We Won’t Sell You Out”, issue 8, August 96, 8pp, in PP 1367/68: 212. – According to its documents the 1688 Bill of Rights still applies to Australia, including its armed self-defence right. – J.Z.

AUSTRALIAN, THE, Automatic Doomsday Machine, 12 Oct. 93, 1p, AP., in PP 1366 : 125. – Apparently, this computerized automatic launch system has still not been dismantled. One madman, computer malfunction or accident might still set it off! At least my own computer systems had numerous malfunctions, as well as my operator errors. – J.Z., 3.12.96.

AUSTRALIAN, THE, Big Brother Has his Eye on the Teachers, 1965, 2pp, 36x, in PP 714.

AUSTRALIAN, THE, Singapore blazes trail towards a cashless society, 21 Jan. 86 clipping, 1p, 29x, in PP 742. In other words, towards total tax subjugation of all exchanges using payments, as long as coercive tribute levying continues. J.Z.

AUSTRALIAN, THE, Tax Cuts Should Be Delivered Immediately, Editorial, 26 April 88, 1p, in PP 807.



AUSTRALIANS FOR CONSTITUTIONAL MONARCHY, 4pp leaflet, in PP 1366: 113. – As a panarchist I have nothing against a monarchy for monarchists or a republic for republicans. – J.Z., 3.12.96.

AUSTRIAN ECONOMICS, 19 B, 847, 850, 866, 958, 1042, 1114, see Carl Menger, Hayek, Hazlitt, Mises, Rothbard. See also under Crises, Depressions, Inflation, Monetary Freedom, Privatization, Free Enterprise, Markets etc. It has not yet fully explored the monetary freedom options and their consequences. In this the

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Author’s address: B.P. 225, Noumea, New Caledonia, South Pacific.


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AVRICH, PAUL, see ROSEMONT, FRANKLIN, A New Look at Haymarket, a 2pp review of: The Haymarket Tragedy, by Paul Avrich, Princeton U.P., 550pp, from INDUSTRIAL WORKER, Chicago, May 85, in PP 1109. – If his books were not copyrighted, I would microfiche all of them. – Anarchists, even those opposing copyrights, have often to claim them or to allow their publishers to claim them, in order to get their titles published in print on paper. And they continue to ignore, as a rule, their microfiche self-publishing options. Paul Avrich is one of the few who has sent me at least some of his writings for filming. Too many anarchist writings are hidden in libraries, inacessible to most people, in most places, most of the time. What appears in most anarchist centers is often only a poor selection of some of the least researched and least thought through and therefore most popular anarchist output. Paul Avrich, is now probably the foremost scholarly anarchist historian. However, anarchist intellectuals have still to get their publishing acts together, rejecting methods and media that are not sufficiently affordable, permanent, efficient and comprehensive. and their readers have to give up the habit or hope of expecting to find, some day, everything cheaply and permanently in print on paper. – J.Z.

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AYN RAND LINKS, Objectivist site for fans of Ayn Rand. Hint only. , in PP 1541/42: 414.

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