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killer. And this killing is done by parents, often with professional help and taxpayer funded subsidies. People insensitive to the rights of the unborn are usually not aware of many of their rights as adults, either. Its involvement in this pop-murder and pop-mass murder drags down the libertarian movement. Oh the rationalizations! Oh, liberty, what crimes are committed in thy name! – J.Z.)

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KOMAN, VICTOR, How to Publish a Book for under $ 50! How YOU can get YOUR book into print and keep it there. Koman Publishing, Long Beach, 1986, Koman’s introduction to microfiche self-publishing. 92pp. Fiche edition available from LMP for $ 1. – Book and fiche from author for $ 10. Obtainable directly from him, with the printed & the fiched issue, combined, $ 10: P.O. Box 94, Long Beach, Ca. 90801-0094. The fiche edition contains his essay, 50pp, & 42 ppp of information on microfilm reading machines, Microbooks, Micro Information Concepts & Micro Maps. I frequently carried his adv. and got a number of orders through his book. Alas, his planned microfiched journal did not eventuate. And now he is too busy as a successful SF author and involved with SoftServe electronic publishing. Too many people still think that a demand must be expressed by hundreds to thousands of paying customers. For a microfiche journal a few dozen are already enough. And an individual publisher, on his own, could even afford to give away a few hundred copies of his issues. Rather than spending much to gain hundreds or thousands of subscribers to a journal printed on paper, one should try to convert an already existing common interest circle of readers and writers, however small, to use fiche issues as an active link among existing members and to satisfy later information requests from outsiders. The right moment might be when a group plans a relatively expensive newsletter or magazine or when it has to cease publishing it for lack of funds. Or a libertarian dinner club might come to so publish its lecture notes and discussions, for all those who could not attend but would be interested, now or later on. At their cost related and different prices, they should be produced and offered on audio tape, video tape, in photocopies, on disks, on CDs and on microfilm, world-wide. I still wait for the first book manuscript to be simultaneously offered in all affordable alternative media upon demand. If it is not a bad book it could, merely thereby, gain so much publicity, even in the mass media, that it could become a bestseller. It is not sufficient to satisfy only a temporary and local audience or one limited to the first small and temporary impression. J.Z., 11.2.93.)

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KOMAN, VICTOR, Microfiche Amateur Press Association (MAPA), The, 1p, 48x, in PP 626,629. – According to Jim Stumm’s latest directory, he has given up the attempt to publish MAPA. I would like to see more attempts of this kind, made to grow, patiently, from small beginnings, in a friendship group of people thus producing and reproducing material for each other, of book sized lengths, rather than resorting to photocopying, its costs and labours or to computer printouts. – J.Z. – See: James Koehnline’s Multilog attempt, which he did also discontinue, all too soon. – Almost all pro-freedom attempts remain uphill battles under present conditions. – J.Z., 11.6.98.

KOMAN, VICTOR, Publish Your Own Book for under $ 50, 1986, 93pp, in 1 microfiche only, as long as stocks last, from LMP, for $ 1. – An introduction to microfiche self-publishing. Directly, with printed edition, from the author, for around $ 10. Address see above in introduction.

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KONZAK REPORT, THE, In Defence of Freedom, Denver, II/12, Dec. 89, 8pp sample, in PP 1112. Instead of each freedom lover pouring his heart and mind into a few pages of a limited circulation and limited in print period newsletter or magazine, all ought to pour them into a permanently in print archive, and information service, on microfiche, floppy disks and text CD-ROMs, of all freedom writings, with or without copyrights claims and charges. They way they do act now is almost like flying high over a country while shovelling out their pearls of wisdom over the landscape. It would not be so bad if PCs had at least been properly used to compile and keep up to date address lists according to special interests, bibliographies, abstracts, reviews, ideas data banks. So far their efforts largely only served to enrich paper manufacturers, printers, book binders and post offices. – J.Z.

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KRUZAS, A.T., Encyclopaedia of Information System and Services, 1p leaflet only for this 1270pp monumental work of 1974. – Since then these services have multiplied. I know of no comprehensive listing that would be an equivalent to this work. Specialized microfiche publishers like LMP should be listed, too, in such a compendium, for all their offers remain “in print”. In the Feb. 94 issue of ANALOG, I just found advertised Ed Krol, The Whole Internet User’s Guide & Catalog, 400pp, offered for $ 24.95 by O’Reilly & Associates, Inc., 103 A Morris St., Sebastopol, CA 95 472, (800) 998-9938, (707) 829-0515, Fax (707) 829-0104. I do intend to invest as much in a survey of this option and would be very pleasantly surprised to find some anarchist and libertarian data banks in it, especially those offering the full texts of rare works and any that in quantity offer more than LMP does and that would, with their prices, be able to undercut me. Undoubtedly, if they have it, they could search for it faster and could deliver it faster than the snail mail delivers my fiche. Electronically, and for a price, they could be scanned and sent on line, too, to a COM-fiche printer, for a COM-fiche print-out or for a paper print-out or for reading on screen. But I would not be willing to pay the prices involved. So far no computer fan has been able to supply me with proof for extensive and affordable anarchist and libertarian publishing, using computers not only for wordprocessing etc., preparatorily for paper editions, but exclusively on electronic media. They were unable to prove that, even with the help of the existing electronic data banks – or no one bothered to do so towards me. And, on the subjects of highest interest to me, I have not found among them anyone as yet who seemed to me to be much better informed on them than I am, without electronic data bank access. Well, in a few months I will have some hard evidence for or against my case, at least for the time being. I do intend to review this book in my series. Mind you, I firmly believe that PCs, floppies and CDs could and should be used much more so than they were so far for anarchist and libertarian purposes. But all such offers, by millions of users, among them thousands of anarchists and libertarians, may still be behind, even in combination, of my single handed anarchist & libertarian microfiching efforts for the last 16 years. If not, I would be glad to hear about it and to offer dozens to hundreds of my microfiche frames to make such information known in my so far very limited circle. What makes me sceptical, among other things, is that with all these sources of information, the author and publisher still can only offer this book on paper and for $ 25, while I could probably offer the same quantity of text and some other material for a mere $ 1 on one microfiche. Why isn’t it at least offered on a floppy disk? Where are the bookshops and libraries that offer many books on floppies or CDs, even if they are only computer books? What I do seek are libertarian and anarchist electronic data banks that would accept some floppies from me, containing e.g. my lists and bibliographies and some writings, and would sell them on floppies and on line. I do not even want to be paid for this. – My check was returned and I was referred for the book to an Australian distributor who charges almost double the price. No and no thanks was my response. Since then there appeared at least 6 and possibly more book-length guides to the contents of the Internet offered by better bookshops. I perused some and found too little of interest to me to buy more than one of them: The complete IDIOT’S Guide to the INTERNET. – J.Z. – Since I wrote this probably dozens of Internet Guides have appeared in book form. I browse in them, occasionally, in bookshops. Some do not contain any entries on anarchism, libertarianism or liberty at all. Others only a few. – J.Z., 11.6.98.

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