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DACHHAUS or Roof House (A frame) or emergency accommodation for victims of catastrophies. Can be quickly erected out of steel. Clipping, German, 1p, in PP 1393: 119. Tents are not as solid but cheaper to build & transport. Housing alternatives. – JZ.

DAGNY ENTERPRISES, 1.) Free Market Yellow Pages, 1984 edition, 24 pp, 29x, in PP 622. 2.) Free Market Yellow Pages, 1986, 60pp, 42x, in PP 637, 3.) Free Market Yellow Pages, 1987/1988, 108pp, 29x in PP 726. I hold that there should be at least one other directory attempt of this kind. But it should not commit itself to large impressions and wide distributions but grow, gradually, from small beginnings, even if only, initially, as a telephone answering and photocopy service, a microfiche offer, upon demand, a disked list, or even audio and video tapes or a bulletin board service, are offered for sale – and produced merely upon demand. Some special pre-recorded phone services could even bring some returns for the organizer, with the telephone company sharing the prices of the calls made to the number. Once one reached the number, calling up additional single numbers can lead one to particular classified recordings. – Over-financed efforts are frequently bound to fail when predictions, hopes and promises, fail to be realized. Anyone could offer such a service micrographically with pocket money outlays, independent from sales and donations. Let it be a natural rather than a forced growth. Nobody can make grass grow faster by pulling its leaves up. Let progress be grass roots driven. LMP publishes more than other libertarian and anarchist publishers, in titles and their pages, because, apart from a very small quantity of duplicates kept on hand, it produces only upon demand and upon my own urge to offer as many freedom titles in my pilot scheme as one person can, even with a very limited income, when using this medium. Compare also the Freenetwork attempt by Andre Spies, and the directories efforts of the Archives Project. – I am presently engaged again in updating my AUSTRALIAN FREEDOM ADDRESSES, in a low-cost, low-effort attempt, with the product becoming available only upon demand, on microfiche and in a few photocopied paper copies and, otherwise, only serving my own limited needs for such a directory. See: LINE, Liberty Network Letter & its directory for an international libertarian effort of this kind and, please, send all your addresses & corrections of this kind to it. – Directories, handbooks, encyclopaedias, bibliographies, abstracts, reviews, indexes, comprehensive freedom library and information services are among the organizational and collaborative efforts we do really need to get somewhere, at last.- J.Z.

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DAGNY, SHARON, Freenetwork, directory of goods and services, Winter 1985, 29x, in PP 591. – I would like to see the Freenetwork revived, cheaply and permanently, on microfiche. – J.Z.

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DAGNY’S FREEDOM FESTIVAL ’86, Freedom the Final Frontier, 1p leaflet, 1p, in PP 1170. Why are these frontier pioneers not willing to work as hard, in simple but necessary chores and why do they want to achieve everything only in conventional and expensive ways? – Why don’t libertarians rather get together in a tent city than in expensive hotels? Why center attention on international meetings when the local meeting potential is still so poorly developed because proper market services for them are not yet provided? E.g. meeting calenders, indicating ALL local meetings. J.Z.

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DANDELION, 1p leaflet, and a 2pp clipping on Michael Coughlin, in PP 1087. Has Michael got a new address? I want to return or buy some books from him. J.Z.

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DARROW, CLARENCE, Address to the Prisoners in the Cook County Jail, 1902, 40pp: 1, in PP 1495. – I reproduced this booklet because of the reputation of the author, not because of his views on this subject. Here he certainly played up to his audience, although here his job did not force him to use any sophistry. It had, obviously, become a habit. – To all volunteer communities the legal, police, court, indemnification, deterrent, rehabilitation and penal system of their own choice – at their own risk and expense! – J.Z.

DARROW, CLARENCE, Darrow – Lewis Debate on the Theory of Non-Resistance to Evil. For: Clarence Darrow. Against: Arthur Morrow Lewis, n.d., 24pp, Haldeman – Julius Publications, No. 904, in PP 1157 & 1218. – If my record keeping or my memory were better, I would not film so many titles twice or buy the same book again. Alas, I have to put up with my incorrigible faults and the total avoidance, when possible, of minor mistakes, may not be worth the extra effort involved. – J.Z.

DARROW, CLARENCE, In Memory of John P. Altgeld, address at the funeral, published in 1902, 5pp, in PP 1233.

DARROW, CLARENCE, Resist Not Evil, 1902, 1905, 64pp, Haldeman – Julius Publications, B-18, in PP 1218. We ought to be still grateful to Darrow that on several occasions he did so, nevertheless, and largely successfully. – J.Z.


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DARROW, KEN & SAXENIAN, MIKE, Appropriate Technology Source-book, a $ 17,95 – 26.95 reference work, here only advertised in a 4pp leaflet, in PP 907-910. (I should take them up on their guaranty offer: “If you are not completely satisfied with the Sourcebook, you may return it within 3 months, for a full refund.” My complaint, if I bought it, would be: “Why haven’t you reproduced this work, much more cheaply, on microfiche, so that even people in underdeveloped countries could afford it, together with the fiched library of Appropriate Technology? Indeed, some would find it handy to have the printed edition with this fiched reference work, but they should have the fiche option, too! J.Z.)

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DAUERBRAUSE : Das neue Bad der Blutwaesche, 3 S., Medizin, IDEEN ARCHIV, in PP 1330-1332: 245. Eine Einzelerfahrung ohne Bestaetigungen, anonym gegeben und Gifte im “oeffentlichen” Wasser ignorierend, verdient kein grosses Vertrauen. Die Einnahme von zu viel Wasser, oben oder unten, kann auch sehr schaedlich sein. Gibt es entsprechende Beobachtungen unter Tauchern, z.B. nach Perlen, in warmen Gewaessern? – J.Z., 7.6.96.

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DAVENPORT, JOHN A., Why Not Deregulate Labor? 4pp: 438, in PP1529- 33. – Although a counter-measure to collectively imposed labour legislation, in itself, it would be a collective imposition, too, upon all the advocates of labour legislation. The libertarian approach demands only that individuals become free to opt out of this legislation or whole territorial States with such and other non-libertarian constitutions, laws and jurisdiction, and also free to practise their libertarian beliefs in exterritorialy autonomous communities of volunteers. If they demanded this liberty ONLY for themselves, they would not have much chance to become as free. However, they could use the varied opposition forces and aim at: “To everybody the government or non-governmental society of his or her dreams”. That aim could lead to a very powerful international federation that could turn the majority in most countries into allies of libertarians and anarchists, for none of the existing majorities is lasting and monolithic. – At last not only full freedom of expression and information, using ALL opportunities for them, but also FULL EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM in the political, economic and social spheres, all only among volunteers and at their risk and expense. THAT would teach ’em! – J.Z., 13.11.98.

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DAVIES, AXEL, Why I Give Libertarian Books to Libraries, 2pp, in PP 1281/82. – Why I don’t give LMP fiche to libraries or individuals, as a rule: This can be stated very shortly: Anyone interested can afford them. – At last, on sheet 22 of PP 1281/82, the Libertarian Alliance mentions my filming of L.A. publications. But it failed to point out that I cannot have filmed what it did not supply me with. Nor did it point out how much more libertarian material is now available in this format, from me and from others, and that anyone can afford to publish much in this way. Why maintain the paper habit? – J.Z.

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DAYTON, LEIGH, Ray of Hope for Skin Cancer Cure, 96, 1p, in PP 1418: 125. On a genetically engineered vaccine against melanoma. – I have my doubts about genetic decision-making being exclusively in the hands of governments, large corporations or scientists. All their offers should amount to no more than more free choices for self-responsible individuals. – J.Z., 3.10.97.

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DECLARATIONS OF PRINCIPLE, See: SOCIETY FOR INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY, Leaflet, introductory, n.d., 4pp., with Declaration of Principle, 1969, 1p. Another edition, 8pp : 36, ibid, in PP 1457/62. See: Kurt Zube’s Manifesto… on his attempt to prove what he considered to be the “first principle”. Has anyone ever compiled all such attempts? – J.Z.

DECLINE OF THE WEST? PP 1052-61 (LA Cultural Notes 20).


DEFENCE BY GOVERNMENTS? See: WARNER, DENIS & PEGGY, New Light on ‘Blackest Day” – the battle of Savo Island. 2pp, THE BULLETIN, 29.4.97: 10, in PP 1495. – Often military obedience costs more lives than it saves. Vast improvements are needed in the procedures to get rid of incompetent to criminal officers. A tradition for disobedience has to be established and training should include disobedience training in assumed cases – whenever disobedience is due. Compare the discussion on ideal militia forces for the protection of individual rights rather than territorial governments. – J.Z.

DEFENCE COMMITTEE, The U.S. Conspiracy Laws, 2pp, in PP 1357: 25.



DEFENCE, MILITARY DEFENCE WITHOUT A STATE, PP 290. – Actually, that is the only REAL defence that is possible. Statist defence is mostly just another form of aggression and if it is “successful”, do look at its price tags in blood and money and its “achievements” and lasting “values”. – J.Z.


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DEGEN, JUERGEN, Lexikon der Anarchie, 2pp on the plan of this book, to come out from Verlag Schwarzer Nachtschatten, in PP 932. It has appeared in the meantime. I have not yet acquired a copy and am not all that eager to – for how much can you say on a mere 200-300 pages on so vast a topic? I favour an open-ended and constantly growing encyclopedia of anarchism and libertarianism, to which anybody might contribute, whatever he liked, on such subjects. At most he might be asked to pay a corresponding small amount, for the microfilming of his contributions. I would not force it through the Procrustus bed of a single editor or editorial board. The spontaneous creativity of masses of people, who call themselves anarchists & libertarians, is apparently not as great as they believe, for such a constantly growing encyclopaedic effort has not yet begun. I did not receive a single response to my several appeals for it. It is not a matter for “experts” and scholars only but for anybody interested. Micrographically the costs are not an obstacle. See Libertarian Encyclopaedia, Anarchist Encyclopaedia. – J.Z.

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DELI DOLLARS & GREENBACKS FOR FARMERS? See: GAINES, JUDITH, Food-backed financing, 1p on Deli Dollars, 1p: 122. “…more than glorified gift certificates for prepaid meals”? With some notes on Borsodi’s “Constants”, in PP 1491.


DELINQUENCY, See: COMFORT, ALEX, Delinquency, August 1950 lecture, 1951, London, Freedom Press, 16pp: 118, in PP 1489. – I wish I had his and his publisher’s permission to reproduce his long o.o.p. “Authority and Delinquency”, which should, perhaps, been titled: “Authority AS Delinquency. – J.Z., 5.6.98.

DEMAND FOR MEN, THE, PP 239, 242, 539,

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DEMARCHY, See: MARTIN, BRIAN, Demarchy, a political alternative to electoral politics, 16pp, 16, in PP 1452. – I noticed too late that this version is only a draft, version 2 Dec. 1988, not intended for publication. – J.Z.

DEMATTAIS, PHILIP BREED, Individuality and the Social Organism: The Controversy between Max Stirner and Karl Marx, 183pp, University Microfilms, Ann Arbor. Here only a 3pp review, by FLYGARE, WILLIAM, in PP 1420/22: 393. – Further such studies were intended. His address, then, was given at the end.

DEMING, BARBARA, On Equilibrium and Revolution, 1968, 34pp, from the A.J. Muste Memorial Institute Essay Series, in PP 1123.




DEMOCRACY & RESPONSIBLE GOVERNMENT, PP 239. – Even if one could easily, fast enough and successfully sue governments for damages they have done to oneself and others, who could pay these damages and why should they? But government officials are usually not punished but rather rewarded for their crimes. They cannot be held responsible for them because they commit them mostly legally and live anyhow at the expense of the taxpayers. It is hardly being held responsible when after cheating, looting and misdirecting and oppressing the tax payers for 3-6 years, they can be thrown out of office. Every bank robber would like that kind of immunity and tolerance for his deeds for as long a time – and a high pension and honours when he retires or is retired from his counterproductive “efforts”. – J.Z.


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DEPRESSION: GRINDER, WALTER E., The Great Depression and the Future, 3pp review of 4 books, including Rothbard’s, in PP 1367/68: 123. – Not only some but ALL depression theories should be surveyed and sufficiently refuted, when necessary. – J.Z.

DEPRESSIONS, CAUSES, as seen by Henry George, PP 624.

DEPRESSIONS, PP 290, 371, 786, 804, 806, 923, 995, 1021, 1132, see Crises, Unemployment. – Since there are hundreds of theories on causes and cures for depressions, it seems dishonest to discuss them as if there were only one or a few that one mentions. If I could get them, and permission for this, I would like to film the at least 2 lists of the several hundred crises theories that do exist, one in German, Zeitschrift fuer das gesamte Kreditwesen, and at least a supplementary listing, probably mentioned by Meulen, in his THE INDIVIDUALIST, in the U.K. J.Z.)

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DEREGULATION VS. FRANCHISING, See: HIBBS, JOHN, Why Bus Deregulation Works Better than Franchising, ECONOMIC NOTES No. 78, 2pp: 25, in PP 1487.

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DEREGULATION, See: COMPANY DIRECTORS ASSOCIATION OF AUSTRALIA, Deregulated Incorporation for Small Business, 5pp leaflet, in PP 274: 131.

DEREGULATION, See: DAVENPORT, JOHN A., Why Not Deregulate Labor? 4pp: 438, in PP 1529- 33. – Although a counter-measure to collectively imposed labour legislation, in itself, it would be a collective imposition, too, upon all the advocates of labour legislation. The libertarian approach demands only that individuals become free to opt out of this legislation or whole territorial States with such and other non-libertarian constitutions, laws and jurisdiction, and also free to practise their libertarian beliefs in exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers. If they demanded this liberty ONLY for themselves, they would not have much chance to become as free. However, they could use the varied opposition forces and aim at: “To everybody the government or non-governmental society of his or her dreams”. That aim could lead to a very powerful international federation which could turn the majority in most countries into allies of libertarians and anarchists, for none of the existing majorities is lasting and monolithic. – At last not only full freedom of expression and information, using ALL opportunities for them, but also FULL EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM in the political, economic and social spheres, all only among volunteers and at their risk and expense. THAT would teach ’em! – J.Z.,13.11.98.

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DETERRENCE, THE VITAL NUCLEAR DETERRENT, PP 698. It is only vital that it becomes destroyed, unilaterally and multilaterally. It is conceptually wrong and in practice. It aims at and hits victims rather than victimizers. It does not target the despotic decision makers. A non-criminal cop on the beat does not require nuclear weapons, either. Ultimately and in the long run, they neither defend nor deter. They tend to get into criminal hands, if they are not already. I consider holding them in readiness, even with the “best” intentions, to be among the ultimate crimes and stupidities. Only their actual firing would be worse. See PP 16-18, 61-63, 399-401, Collective Responsibility, Defence, Liberation, Revolutionary Warfare & Tyrannicide. The “nuclear deterrent” does not cope with the risk of accidental nuclear war at all but establishes, prolongs and enlarges that risk. Only today I found a hint in the paper that Japan is to acquire nuclear weapons, largely because we have tolerated them in the hands of a madman in North Korea. Compare, Tyrannicide. Compare Rothbard, War, Peace & the State. Mass murder means and anti people “weapons” are not a means to a free society. These means predetermine the END. With Mutual Assured Destruction: MAD policies, all such governments, broke all contracts – if they ever entered any – and made themselves enemies No. 1 & fair game for any rightful and discriminating resistance actions. However, that resistance has to be prepared in the minds first, the minds of the nuclear targets, all individuals and peoples, everywhere, minds still captivated by the statist religion, in spite of the nuclear evidence for non-statism. Nuclear weapons have rendered the pretence of “security through government efforts” into a farce and tragi-comedy. There is little hope to enlighten any of the governmentalist mega death “thinkers”. A long enlightenment road is ahead before we have enlightened, motivated and enabled ourselves do something effectively to end this danger. Maybe we will run out of time before we achieve that, with warfare States now nuclear-armed, possibly by the dozens. – J.Z., 31 Jan. 94.

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DIRECTIONS, TWO AT ONCE, PP 308. Territorially we are supposed to pull in one direction but actually, exterritorialy, individually and common interest group motivated, we pull into thousands of different directions at once – thus getting nowhere while still tied to territorial statism. – Allow each to make his own journeys, at his own risk and expense. End all imposed collective decision-making! – J.Z.

DIRECTORIES FOR MICROFILMED LITERATURE, offering free listings, PP 725. But until the markets for such literature are sufficiently developed, they do not offer many sales to the libertarian microfilm publisher. – J.Z.

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DIRECTORIES, See LIBERTARIAN DIRECTORY 1972, edited by Dale Haviland, a publication by A IS A, Writings on Freedom and Individualism, 1972, 67pp, in PP 1141. Still useful as a historical and bibliographical guide. It provides a short list of articles in the libertarian press and an index to them. – J.Z.


DIRECTORIES, See THE ANARCHIST AGE, No. 2, Dec. 1990, Melbourne, 48pp, in PP 1166. Contains a 4pp international guide to anarchist publications. I believe No.1 contained anarchist association addresses. – Who but anarchist and libertarian computer fans are to blame for not providing up-to-date freedom directories? Free market ideas and services cannot win without information about them being sufficiently marketed. – J.Z.

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do. It is just not good enough when just one institution in the world possesses a complete collection – and does not share it micrographically. – J.Z.

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DWYER, BILL, Feed the Head, LSD – the Magic Acid, 8pp, in PP 1482. – It landed him in gaol, which did not exactly increase his personal and economic liberty. His profits from selling it – even to school children! – I would not have minded him trading with consenting adults – was to go into anarchist literature. But all his output, then, seems to have consisted of a small brochure, which he could have financed out of earnings from an ordinary job. When I last visited the Anarchist Cellar, a meeting place in Oxford St., Paddington, Sydney, all the anarchist literature, postures and displays had gone, including some of my own and irreplaceable originals, and only psychedelic displays and “lights” were to be seen. The floor was covered with seemingly sleeping figures, obviously “under the influence”. But I found one who was still somewhat awake and asked him: “What happened to your anarchist education efforts?” His reply: “You don’t understand man! This IS anarchism!” – pointing to the figures sleeping on the ground, or maybe, on mattresses. It was too dark to see clearly. – Personally, B.D. was known to me as a likeable and hospitable bloke and as a popular speaker in The Domain (a park in Sydney), on Sunday afternoons, but I could not like many of his ideas and his actions. – All-over, his “activism” has probably done more harm than good for the cause of anarchism. – J.Z., 20.5.98.

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ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF AMERICAN LIBERTARIANISM AND ANARCHISM, hint to project of The Agorist Institute, 1989, in PP 1382/85: 398. Has it appeared by 97? Why only American and not at least including all efforts from other English speaking countries? – J.Z.

ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF LIBERTARIANISM, Contract signed with Garland, 1986 notice, in PP 1348: 29. – What has happened here, by 97? NEW ZEALAND’s ‘THE FREE RADICAL’ has offered a libertarian A-Z in its magazine. I have a collection of pro-freedom A-Z’s and would like all of them – AND MORE – merged into one. Can one get the authors’ & publishers O.K. for that? – Wouldn’t YOU want an almost complete & frequently updated and also very affordable libertarian encyclopaedia? Do your thing towards it! – J.Z.

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ENCYCLOPEDIA OF FREE BANKING, Project, in progress, see e.g.: ZUBE, JOHN, Verkehrszeichen auf dem Wege zur Geldfreiheit. A larger English compilation is in the works. Any help welcomed. – J.Z.


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EUROPAEISCHER BEOBACHTER, Wochenzeitung fuer Weltbuerger, published by Kurt Zube, Gmunden, 1946/47, Nos. 1-22, all issues, 228 S., in PP 1290/91. One of the few cases of an individualist anarchist publishing a weekly newspaper, for a while. Also an example demonstrating that any “quite open mind” will have a lot of garbage thrown in. Perhaps, for a popular paper this is unavoidable. In a microfiched journal one can be both less and more discriminating in the selection of material. Then and financially both would not matter much. It has been said that 99% of the news never reach the newspapers and that newspapers themselves discard all but 1% of the 1% of news which they do receive. If this is true, then it is interesting to find out whether an individualist anarchist as a publisher and chief editor would make much of a difference. You judge for yourself. As for me, and at least in the case of my father, it did not. Naturally, he tried to offer mass appeal. He wanted to sell his kind of enlightenment efforts while making a profit from it, too. This required compromises. Too many, in my opinion. His personal prejudices did not help, either, although some of them were and are rather popular, like e.g. the belief in “overpopulation”. The whole set contains nothing on monetary freedom, and only two articles relating to panarchism, although my father knew Ulrich von Beckerath for a long time. But at least some articles will be of historical interest. I find it interesting that it served, to some extent, as the first publication for his “Ideas Archive”, which contained, alas, all too few worthwhile ideas, as far as it got and he was able to published them. However, the main idea: the IDEAS ARCHIVE, and its full realization, is important. Compare PP 183 on its introduction and PP 20/21 on its version of it. LMP also tries to act as an ideas archive. But LMP does not select out short descriptions of freedom ideas but, rather, publishes full magazine, newsletter, leaflet and pamphlet sets, as far as it can get them, and full textbooks etc., leaving any selection and abstraction to later efforts, while pointing out that microfiche are ONE medium in which an Ideas Archive could be easily and cheaply realized – if only enough people realize this possibility. To that extent LMP is a pilot scheme for an idea to serve at least all freedom, peace and justice, progress and prosperity ideas which do deserve such labels. – PIOT, John Zube, Dec. 8, 1995.

EUROPE, See: TAME, CHRIS R., The Euro-Sceptical Directory, 125pp, here only 1p leaflet: 25, in PP 1516.

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EUROPEAN UNION, See: JAMES, ALISTAIR, What I Like about the European Union, POLITICAL NOTES No. 142, 4pp: 95, in PP 1487. EUROPEAN UNION, See: MICKLETHWAIT, BRIAN, Why the Conservative Party Must Oppose Tax – And – Spend and the European Union – or Die, POLITICAL NOTES No. 140, 2pp: 91, in PP 1487. – I would like it only if I could freely SECEDE from it and its imposed paper money. Nor do I believe that e.g. fully free trade, free migration and free investments in Europe would require any organization or help or protection by any European State or Union. – J.Z., 5.6.98.

EUTHANASIA AND PALLIATIVE CARE, Editorial from ANARCHIST AGE WEEKLY REVIEW, No. 151, 29th of May – 4th of June 95, 1p, in PP 1266. – One of its few editorials that I fully agree with because it deals with voluntarism rather than the doctrines of that particular school of anarchists. – J.Z.

EUTHANASIA, See: BRAMHALL, JOHN, Mercy Killing, 2pp short story, in PP 1315. – We ought to know much more about the brain before we can definitely state that a patient is not only comatose but brain-dead. – However, I favour following his previously declared “living will” for such cases. Alternatively, if they can afford that, and once it becomes quite practicable, one might freeze them towards a future healing option. – J.Z.

EUTHANASIA, See: TASSANO, FABIAN, Life, Death & Autonomy: Why Euthanasia Should not Be Controlled by the Doctors, 93, 4pp, in PP 1334/35: 87. – It is a question of basic rights, not of medicine. – J.Z., 30.9.97.

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EXANIMO PRESS, 1p. booklist, 48x, in PP 739. (It has put out the first 10 of a planned 500 microfiche – on survival and self-help topics. But the printing quality of the material first filmed left much to be desired and thus the first 10 fiche were not any more legible, either. I have not heard of a continuance of this effort, for years! J.Z.) – See under MUELLER, KARL von.


Excerpt from and address, U.S. District Court, 1917, 2pp: 154, in PP 1480.

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EXTREMISM, GENESIS OF, PP 310. Only exterritorial autonomy for all volunteer communities can ultimately disarm the threats from extremists – by letting them freely do their own things to themselves. Subjecting them to Police Statism or Majority Rule blocks the natural safety valves of freedom of action and experimentation. See Minority Autonomy, On Panarchy, Terrorism, Nuclear War Threat. – J.Z.

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