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TAX RESISTANCE, PP 181, 212/23, 369, 731, 890, 905, 999, 1027, 1142. Ultimately, taxpayers ought to arm, train and organize themselves, to keep what it rightfully theirs. The unarmed tax evader is largely only a comical or a tragical figure or more or less on the run, or in hiding, as if he were a criminal, and thus not free. Compare militia, referendum, bill of rights, autonomous juries, On Panarchy & voluntary taxation. Can one get rid of the double speak term “tax” and replace it by the more revealing “tribute”? – J.Z.

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TAXATION, See: RALSTON, JACKSON H., What’s Wrong With Taxation? 1931, 1932, 2nd. ed., 190pp: 73, in PP 1490. – Everything is wrong with it & with the “single tax” or imposed “land site value collection” as well. What members of a voluntary community, under full exterritorial autonomy, do to and for each other is quite another matter. – J.Z.

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TECHNOLOGY, See: TUCCILLE, JEROME, Technology Forever, 2pp, in PP 1312/1314: 94. A chapter from Tuccille’s forthcoming book, Paradise Found: A Nonfiction Romance. Some technology fans seem to qualify their stand with: “As long as it is not micrographics!” – Some people would rather leave most freedom writings remain unpublished or out or print than resort to microfiche self-publishing and reading, which they could afford and with which a handful of activists could achieve complete, permanent and cheap publishing for all freedom writings. Please, explain that to me. – J.Z.

TECTON, MIKE, Power to End the Income Tax, 2pp, in PP 1247. – If such power were freely accessible and publicized, how come the income tax still exists? How many truly enlighten tax resisters would be required to overthrow tax slavery? – He used to publish a whole series of tax resistance and constitutional liberty papers. Can anyone supply me with his current address? – J.Z.

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TERRA LIBRA, The Economic Means to Freedom, 2pp, in PP 1287/89p394. – Even the richest man in the world cannot, presently, buy full freedom for himself and in some respects he is even more bothered by government interventionism than poor people are, who are less likely subjects for commands and looting. – Mostly, the pursuit of riches and their protection does detract from the pursuit of liberty, and it supports its own kind of prejudices, errors and myths. – J.Z.

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TESLA, PP 1037. – Recently, I saw many writings by and on Tesla at the Heritage bookshop in Brisbane. They are out of sight in most other bookshops. Alas, the building in which the bookshop was being renovated, I found the Brisbane bookshop out of sight, last year, as well. But one should be able to find it again through its Melbourne H.O. – J.Z.

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THE FREEMAN, Irvington-on-Hudson, 7/1964 – 6/1985, incomplete! 2480pp: 1-620, in PP 1529-33. – Only all those SMALL format editions of this journal are included that a) are in MY possession and b) do NOT include ANY copyrighted articles. – Note that the FULL set of THE FREEMAN is available on microfilm through UNIVERSITY MICROFILMS. But do not expect it cheaply from there. – U.M. has no special interest in promoting this freedom magazine, one among ten-thousands of the titles it offers. I would rather have FEE reproduce THE FREEMAN itself, on microfiche, through a micrographic service bureau. Then it could be offered in this format much cheaper and FEE would have a greater incentive to promote this medium and all its literary offers in it – to help establish or reach a potential wider market for it. But all my appeals in this direction fell so far on deaf ears. Media habits and addictions are hard to break, even when they are very costly and do not achieve their objectives. I do not insist that FEE use only the microfiche alternative. By all means, put all issues of this important journal (and perhaps many other FEE publications as well) onto a single CD-ROM, which, produced only upon demand, could be sold, at a profit, for as little as $ 5 -10. – However, at least FEE has “mined” its archives in recent years and put some anthologies on special subjects together, out of previously published articles. Alas, only in print on paper, again, and some of them do again contain copyrighted articles and cannot, thus, be legally reproduced by me. – We should ask ourselves: Do freedom lovers suffer more from the consequences of legal copyrights restrictions than some of them benefit from upholding them? Do even authors reduce their profit chances by insisting upon legal copyrights? How many sound alternatives are there to legal copyrights, to make authors and their writings better known and to reward them for their efforts? Freedom writers should never let their thinking be stopped by a wide-spread and traditional legal monopoly. Has copyrights ever made the authors of unpopular writings rich? Maybe one day I will get around to make a compilation of all the alternatives to legal copyrights that I have so far heard of or read about and others will help, sooner or later, to complete such a survey. – The compilation of ALL FEE essays, alphabetized and integrated with short freedom essays from all other sources, could form a very valuable libertarian encyclopaedia. If one has only the print on paper options in mind one will not seriously take up such a project, because it would be too huge and expensive. But we are no longer bound to use only this path. Help to induce the information suppliers to fully utilize their output, alone and in combination, in alternative and affordable and very efficient media! – PIOT, John Zube, 13. November 1998.

THE SMART SET, Southern California Libertarian Calendar, No. 1A,April 1981 – No. 4, Summer 1981; No. 25/26, Dec. 1984, 23pp:91-113, in PP 1522. – Reports on talks by David Friedman, Robert LeFevre, George H. Smith, Karl Hess, Thomas Hazlett, Manuel Klausner, John Hospers, Murray N. Rothbard. Calendar of upcoming meetings for libertarians, with summaries on some past ones. Such a service should be supplied for every major city, not only for libertarians and anarchists but by them for all educational meetings. Whoever provides this service could use it as a convenient propaganda forum, an effective and possibly even profitable one, too. – J.Z., 22.11.98.

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THEISEN, EUGENE J., The Ultimate in Government? Was it established in the United States of America? 1958 130pp: 1, in PP 1493. – The U.S. Constitution is only appreciated by those who know nothing better. They are welcome to it – but should not force it upon any other peaceful citizens. Neither is the U.S. Constitution a “bible” nor is “the” Bible a holy book. Organic growth of a nation or society can occur only if the association was and remains quite voluntary, i.e., if compulsory membership & exclusive territorial sovereignty are abolished and individual secessionism & exterritorial autonomy for competing governments and societies is introduced and maintained. Adoption by one’s ancestors or the ancestors of others is NOT enough. Voluntary membership! Your father may have belonged to a chess club. You do not have to. – PIOT, J.Z.

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These contributions are not separately listed here.


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TRAVELLING CHEAPLY: PHELPS, JIM, Tech-War. Traveling Cheaply, 1p, in PP 1432/1439: 1167. – There are other ways: SERVAS, THE HOSPITALITY EXCHANGE, THE WORLD FOR FREE, cheap air tickets as courier – and networks like those of Esperanto advocates, anarchists and libertarians. – Those of anarchists and libertarians ought to become much better developed and publicized. But flawed as they still are: Of 365 days of travel and temporary stays, in the U.S. & Germany, in 1990/91, I had to spend only 10 days in a cheap hotel, and this by choice, because it simplified matters for me, then and there. Otherwise, I would have had to spend too much time and money on public transport. Belated thanks to all my kind and patient hosts, who often did not quite grasp that I could not predict how many freedom texts I would find and how long it would take me to photocopy them. Thus, sometimes, I overstayed my welcome a bit but managed always to find another “victim”. Whenever I could, I tried to offer some service in return. While I was book searching or copying, I was certainly not good company for them – If I could have been otherwise. – If only they had as readily accepted microfiche as an alternative medium for themselves! But it seems easier to be hospitable to persons than to ideas or techniques that are new or not customary. – J.Z., 10.10.97.

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book on a forerunner of the IWW, in PP 1,034.

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TRUTH, THE, 1p leaflet on this anti-communist quarterly, in PP 897.

TRUTH, THEN TRUTH WILL OUT, PP 234. On paper it has remained a paper tiger, because its expositions remained so incomplete. On microfiche it could become close to complete and thereby powerful. – J.Z.

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TUCCILLE, JEROME, Synthesis, 2pp, suggesting that autonomous corporations might realize the ideals of both, the limited government and the anarchy advocates, in PP 274. – Let them mind their own business only. Whatever some people want their voluntary community to do for or through them would often require a separate organization that has nothing to do with the production or service provision of a commercial corporation. – However, some international corporations provide some instances for degrees of voluntary and largely exterritorial autonomy. – See: ON PANARCHY. – J.Z. 10/97.

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TUCCILLE, JEROME, Technology Forever, 2pp, in PP 1312/1314: 94. A chapter from Tuccille’s forthcoming book, Paradise Found: A Nonfiction Romance. Some technology fans seem to qualify their stand with: “As long as it is not micrographics!” – J.Z.

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TUCCILLE, JEROME, The Libertarian Challenge, 1p, in PP 274.

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UNEMPLOYMENT COMPENSATION SYSTEM, PP 997. Involuntary mass unemployment is man-made, by human ignorance and prejudice and is as such not a modest, regular & insurable risk. Stupid and violent interventionism has driven it up, in extreme cases, to 80 %. If funds were reserved for it – that would cause unemployment. If they were invested and then suddenly recalled, for payouts, that would cause more unemployment, too. Such payments cause unemployment among the tax payers and the tax recipients. The only rational way to deal with it is by prevention, mainly by monetary freedom, as the most important and most ignored aspect of economic freedom, free enterprise, free trade, free markets and free pricing, – AND by free exchange in every respect – among all those able and willing to manage it for themselves. The others would, sooner or later, follow their example, even when not understanding it. – J.Z.

UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE, See: THORNE, RAYMOND P., Paying People Not To Work: The Unemployment Compensation System, NCPA Policy Report No. 133, 1988, Dallas, 38pp, in PP 997. See also the writings of Ulrich von Beckerath on this subject, especially in PP 10 and his BERLIN PROGRAMME. Mass unemployment, arbitrarily caused by the government, is not an insurable risk. Attempts to levy and lay-by reserves for it and to cash them when needed, cause MORE unemployment. – J.Z.


UNEMPLOYMENT, ABOLITION, PP 9-12, 41, 334, 347/8,, 381, 428ff (S277, 2311, 4195), 490, 544, 545, 586/87, 609, 696, 731, 802, 803, 890 (Georgist notion), 918, 925, 996, 1006, 1020, 1034, 1038, 1102, 1146/7,


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UNEMPLOYMENT, See: Crises, Deflations, Human Rights, Inflation, Monetary Despotism, Monetary Freedom, Stagflation.

UNEMPLOYMENT, See: JARRATT, PHIL, The Jobless Generation, 5pp, 1980, in PP 1408: 121. By 96 there were 1 billion un- & underemployed in the world! Has anyone of them or their families or of their sympathizers shown any interest in the monetary freedom solution? – J.Z.

UNEMPLOYMENT, See: KURT ZUBE’S view, in relation to the land, money monopoly and open cooperatives, PP 810 (G).

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UNEMPLOYMENT, See: SENNHOLZ, HANS F., Unemployment in Puerto Rico, 11pp: 407, in PP 1529- 33. – Hundreds of millions in the misery of unemployment in the world – and this although it could be abolished, within days, through the introduction and use of full monetary freedom. But so far there exists no ready channel and market for such truths. One cannot sell them at any price, least of all to the unemployed themselves. – J.Z., 14.11.98.

UNEMPLOYMENT, See: SENNHOLZ, HANS F., Unemployment, 1p: 521, in PP 1529-33. – No hint towards the effects of monetary despotism here. – J.Z.

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UNILATERAL NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT, PP 1, 2, 3, 6, 16-18, 61-63, 399 – 401, 1052-61 (LA Foreign Policy Perspectives 17). See Collective Responsibility, War Aims, Deterrence, Disarmament by the People, Militia, Tyrannicide, Captive People as Allies, Governments in Exile, Tyrannicide, Liberation, Revolutionary Warfare, Nuclear War Threat, Accidental Nuclear War, Power, Decision on War and Peace. The decision on whether mankind is to survive or not must not be left within a few hands, within anybody’s hands. Remember: Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Compare Rothbard: War, Peace & the State.

UNION FASCISM, PP 290, 371, 418/19p288, 490, 925. See: COLLISON, WILLIAM, The Apostle of Free Labour, in PP 550.


UNIONISM, COMPULSORY, PP 420. See also Student Unions.




UNIONS & UNEMPLOYMENT, Hayek reviewed, PP 925.


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UNIVERSITY MICROFILMS, UMI, Out of Print Books, 1988/9 Author Guide on Microfiche, which provides XEROX copy access, upon demand, to over 114,000 o.o.p. titles from UMI’s microfilm copies. Here only a 16pp extract of titles that are of some libertarian interest. The guide does no appear to state whether they are offered on microfilm, too, and whether this is done at a more competitive price. In PP 907-910.

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UPDATE, Editorial, Burning Questions for Libertarian Radicals. Statism as a system, 1p, in PP 277/278: 237. – “There is no excuse for defeatism or inaction. Opportunities for advancing human liberty abound…” – Start with trying to list all of them and coordinators or clearing centers for all of them! Begin to establish a real market for freedom ideas and activities. Compare PP 20/21 & 183. Use also the GLOBAL IDEAS BANK on the Internet, established there by NICOLAS ALBERY & his INSTITUTE FOR SOCIAL INVENTIONS. – Towards a general free market through special free markets. – J.Z.

UPDATE, Editorial, Nuclear Weapons-Free Zones, 1/2 p, in PP 277/278: 115. – Why stop there? – But one has to begin asking: Should libertarians or anarchists ever arm themselves with nuclear mass murder devices against any other somewhat rational beings? – J.Z., 10/97.

UPDATE, Editorial: The Nuclear Freeze Is a Libertarian Issue, 1p, in PP 277/278: 104. – Even unilateral nuclear disarmament, by suitably trained, armed and organized citizens, and by soldiers and officers themselves, is, even though too few libertarians recognized this so far. – J.Z.

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UTOPIAS, See: HOSPERS, JOHN, Freedom and Utopias, 15pp: 418. – There are pro-freedom utopias as well. Alas, they constitute only a small fraction of the lot. One more reason to sufficiently publish all of these. – J.Z.

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VARIOUS AUTHORS & NEWSGROUPS: Anarchist Theory FAQ, or Instead of a FAQ, by a

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VAUX, MICHAEL, A Listing of English Language Theses on Anarchism and Related Subjects, May 1989 transcript and sort by J.Z. Almost all of them should be available on microfilm, in PP 1512, 11pp: 129-139. Further such hints to such theses, since and before, would be very much welcomed by LMP. Most large libraries have shelves full of dissertation abstracts and some abstracts compilations may now be on CD-ROM’s. I can’t do all such chores for those who, supposedly, love liberty. I would also welcome, very much, a listing of all anarchist and libertarian texts now on the Internet. – J.Z.

VAUX, MICHAEL, A Listing of English-Language Theses on Anarchism and Related Topics, annotated to show when held in Australian libraries. (All or most available, as far as I know, on microfiche. J.Z.) 21pp, 29x, in PP 872.

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VENITIS, BASIL, Dr., Daytrading, 2pp, in PP 1432/1439: 1351. – To me that seems only feasible when brokers’ fees and taxes are not excessive. – J.Z.

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VIDEO TAPE: America under Siege, “Black Helicopters in our skies, 1p, in PP 1287/89p371. – It is more under siege by trade unionists, tax gatherers, Quangos, the DEA, the FDA, etc., the judicial system and the clique of lawyers, in and out of parliament. – J.Z.



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VIEIRA, EDWIN, Jr., Pieces of Eight, 1p leaflet advertising the book, 29x in PP 742. (I acquired this book recently and now seek permission to reproduce it. It appears to be an excellent historical and constitutional treatment of the money question but is not always so good in the necessary monetary freedom distinctions. For instance: When rejecting forced and exclusive paper currencies, one does not have to reject, as well, all optional and market rated exchange media, clearing certificates and voluntarily chosen and applied alternative value standards. Even gold and silver weight units need not be given legal tender powers. The wrongness lies in the fiat, not in the paper, in monetary despotism, not in monetary freedom options. J.Z. 5/89.)

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VIETNAM, HOW COULD SOUTH VIETNAM BE POLITICALLY ORGANIZED TO THE SATISFACTION OF ALL BUT THE TOTALITARIANS? PP 3. (Applies to all countries where there is open or covert civil war. Are there any others? J.Z.)

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VIETNAM: ROBINSON, CARL, The debt we still owe Vietnam, 1p, n.d., in PP 1367/68: 244. Wrong unchecked premise: Collective responsibility. What debt do many Vietnamese owe some U.S. citizens for having at least tried to preserve some of their remaining liberties against a totalitarian regime? – J.Z.

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VIRTUAL COMMUNITIES: VICKMAN, LEON, Virtual Communities, 1/2p letter, in PP 1407: 96. – Perhaps it will be through the Internet that the realization will finally spread that a genuine community does not require the possession and exclusive rule over a territory. Although any extended but close family or friendship or common interest group could already have taught that. – Huge collections of utopias are already offered on microfilm. Those interested in any of them should sign up, in a common registry of citizenship, as members of them, on the basis of exterritorial autonomy and prepare to sooner or later practise that autonomy among themselves and against all others who dare to try to infringe it. – J.Z., 13.6.98.

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VISION, by L.E. Read, 1978, PP 304.

VISIONS OF FREEDOM, Sydney 1995: Parts of my own displays, which were on the fringes of the display area and thus, as usual, ignored by most of the thousands who attended. Even these nonconformists tend to reveal herd-like behaviour in this. Perhaps I do the animal heards wrong. In the search for stomach fodder e.g. cows go astray from the common heard. One should imagine that those searching for brainfood would be able and willing to do the same. Alas… – J.Z. 19 sheets: 104, in PP 1471.

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VIVIANO, FRANK, Rebels hold summit in The Hague, 1p, in PP 1287/89: 435. Excerpt on Jan. 95 UNPO meeting: The Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization, the “UN of the dispossessed”, representing over 100 million people in 37 “stateless nations”. – They are not necessarily stateless, since they are subjected to States organized by others, which is their major complaint. They are merely without a territorial monopoly for themselves, a monopoly which they should not strive for and could not rightfully strive for, anyhow. If, instead, they pondered, published and realized their exterritorial autonomy options, they could, thereby, bring peace, freedom, justice and prosperity to themselves and to the world and could gain supporters by the thousands of millions. These options could be realized without a war or civil war and could end those existing now. Their present aim, territorial nationhood, may make them suffer for further hundreds of years and does not win them sufficient allies. – J.Z.


VOGEL, DITA, Wider den Individualverkehr. Das ganz private Mietauto, 1p clipping, 11.8. 1989, TAZ, in PP 1360: 125. – As a supplementary service to taxis, hire cars, buses and jitneys, this should be welcomed. As an exclusive system it should be condemned. Compare also the German “Mitfahrerzentralen”. These are centres that do arrange, for a fee to the centre and the driver, to get people without a car moved by drivers going into the same direction or to the same city or passing it by. The fees are modest and the registration of both assures their safety from each other to some extent. It is certainly safer than hitchhiking and one can make new friends in this way, too. – I used such a service once from Freiburg to Munich. – J.Z., 13.6.98.

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