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RACISM, see WATSON, LEN, From the Very Depth… A Black View of White Racism, 6pp, n.d., in PP 1100. Contains, as usual, no clear idea of the voluntarist alternative of exterritorial autonomy for all kinds of colours of skin and also for non-racist communities. – J.Z.

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RAND, AYN, See: PEACE PLANS 585. Some of her ideas deserve much more critical as well as helpful discussion than most Randians were so far prepared to give them. Any freedom prophet should not only be revered but also, in his or her ideas, be improved upon, as much as this is possible. – PP is always open to the reproduction of such discussions. – Send samples or sets of your objectivist newsletters as well, for microfiching by LMP – or, better still, put together a whole Ayn Rand discussion archive yourself, on microfiche or on any other affordable medium. – She deserves better than a limited and temporary and expensive treatment on paper only, for those who happen to get access to these paper editions. – J.Z., 12.6.98.

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RATIONALIST & HUMANIST, THE NEW ZEALAND, Aug. 84, & Dec. year? 32pp, in 2 rather flawed Gaska fiche, headed: NOTHING HILL GATE. & N.Z. RATIONALIST AND HUMANIST, 1 & 2. $ 2 from LMP. Another set of 2 of his fiche is headed: FIGHTERS FOR ANARCHISM, containing only 82pp, some askew: $ 2 from LMP while they last. It is the book by MOLLIE STEIMER and SENYA FLESHIN, offered by me in PP 1113. Another Gaska fiche is: A THOUSAND JULY’S, apparently on some U.K. riots, partly illegible, sometimes hard to read, 60 sheets, $ 1 from LMP. I have also another three of his fiche for sale, same price, headed: Free Speech Radicals, 216pp, but filmed sideways and with much wasted space on each fiche. It contains Theodor Schroeder’s book: Free Speech for Radicals, 1916. – You will either have to twist your head or cut the fiche apart or have one of the advanced readers that allows image rotation. I offer the same title on one fiche, in PP 986 for $ 1. – 2 other Gaska fiche are titled: RATIONALIST AND HUMANIST; E.B. FOOTE; N.Z., containing 85pp, sideways again, on Dr. EDWARD BOND FOOTE, published by the Free Speech League. The rest contains the NZ R & H, April 83, with only 4pp on fiche 1 and 12 on fiche 2. – $ 2 from LMP. Or get them direct from RICHARD GASKA, 2024 N. Manor Dr., Erie, PA 16505, for whatever he charges. I got them as a result of an exchange, sight unseen and had also pay a high custom duty for his package. Since then I insist on seeing samples of microfiche first, that people want to exchange for LMP fiche. However, such fiche can serve as lessons on what mistakes to avoid when undertaking the fiching of one’s manuscripts or of one’s favourite texts. As such they are bargains. – J.Z., 12/6/98.

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Restitution rather than continuing tribute payments! For details see Peace Plans 19 C. That could get rid of the whole political super-structure, too and bring unexpected riches, at least in some countries, like Australia, to the average person. And the privatization of such assets can also be utilized as the capital base for a credit to finance, in relatively free countries, a successful election campaign by a libertarian party and in others a revolutionary overthrow of e.g. a totalitarian regime, with the expenditures involved taken out as a commission, in the final settlement. In other words, the real assets of the Red Chinese, the North Korean and the North Vietnamese and the Cuban regimes could be mobilized against them, not only their military and other manpower, for whose mobilization and liberation much more libertarianism is to be applied than is expressed in “isolationism” and conventional “libertarian” defence proposals. The more comprehensively libertarian an e.g. anti-totalitarian revolution, resistance, liberation or defence becomes, the less blood is likely to be spilt and the less property to be destroyed. Wars can be transformed into no more than mere policing actions, combined with consumer sovereignty or free voting by individuals towards alternative and volunteer communities for themselves. Sorry for this seemingly irrelevant side-tracking. It may help, though, to break up the tediousness of reading one title after another. J.Z., 5/89.)

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REUTERS, Library System opens new chapter, 1p, 1998, on the wastefulness of public libraries: 125, in PP 1514. – However, one could rightly ask: Why haven’t the freedom lovers of the world established so far even a single comprehensive, private and cooperative freedom library and information service, one that sells cheap duplicates of its texts? Why haven’t they used, sufficiently, e.g. photocopies, microfiche, floppy disks, scanners and text only CD-ROMs for this? They do not even offer a combined list of their texts in print, in any medium and of their audio- and videotapes. One can’t blame public libraries and their librarians as being the only culprits. DO NOT EXPECT THEM TO PROVIDE COMPLETE LIBRARY SERVICES, EVER, LEAST OF ALL ON FREEDOM SUBJECTS. That will have to be a self-help job. The affordable technology for this exists already but the goal and the will are still missing, in most libertarian heads. Why haven’t they even agreed on this aim? – J.Z., 10.11.1998.

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ROBERTSON, JAMES, Future Wealth, A New Economics for the 21st Century, Cassell, London, 1990, 160pp. Here only a 1p flyer, in PP 971, for this book, dealing with changes in the money system. I believe I have not seen the book as yet. – J.Z.

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