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SCHMIDT, DOMINIK, Wunderofen aus Peine bleibt kalt, 1985, 1 S., on the usual fare of another important invention, in PP 1127/1128. Compare PP 183 & 20/21 on the Ideas Archive and Super Computer Market for Ideas. Aber ein Wunder stellte auch dieser Ofen nicht dar. – J.Z.

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SCHULMAN, J. NEIL, The Paperless Books Are Here! 1990, 28pp: 114-120, in PP 1522. – And they disappeared again with SoftServ Publishing Services, of which J. Neil Schulman was the enterprising president. Before this booklet disappears as well from sight, I better microfiche it. Paper consumption has gone up. Electronic publishing, on disks, text-only CD-ROMs and on-line has not yet taken off properly, at least as far as freedom texts are concerned. But sooner or later it might. However, if freedom lovers make as little use of their digital freedom of expression and information option as they made so far of their micrographic ones, then the outlook is still rather grim. I would like to know how the page output of thousands, if not ten-thousands of anarchist and libertarian computer users compares with the page output of LMP on microfiche. — J.Z., 11.11.1998. – SOME FURTHER NOTES TO SCHULMAN’S “THE PAPERLESS BOOKS ARE HERE!”: Apart from the paper original, microfiched publications are also “paperless” and so are books on audio and video tapes. Such alternatives should be mentioned and cost comparisons should be made with all alternative media, per page, for 1-10, 11-100,101-1,000 “impressions” etc. – Why did SoftServ fail? I do not know. You tell me. Perhaps the project was made too complicated with its conditions, too insistent upon copyrights and it might have ignored the extent to which authors could help themselves via their computer systems and connection to the Internet. They could easily have duplicated disked books themselves and produced them only upon demand. Moreover, they could have assembled collected works and whole libraries on text-only CD-ROMs. For my eldest grandchild I bought recently a CD-ROM of “The Library of the Future”, containing ca. 3,500 classical works, including some pro-freedom ones, from one of the bargain tables at HARVEY NORMAN’s Super-Computer Store, at Campbelltown, – for only $ 20. Normally it would have been ca. $ 60 according to advertisements. Another such edition, of classical books, is offered also for ca. A $ 60. Now, where are the anarchist or libertarian counterparts? Back in 1990, in an L.A bookshop, I met a N.Y. anarchist who intended to put 500 anarchist works onto one CD-ROM. I referred him to SoftServ – and have never heard of him again. – But basically SoftServ was a good idea and someone may try again and realize it successfully, perhaps more for those writings that are not copyrighted or for which publication counts more for their authors than earnings do. – Gutenberg Press and Books On Line have between them produced so far close to 10,000 titles – still only a fraction of the ca. 300 million books that have appeared. They seem to rely still more on key-boarding than on scanning and concentrate on long out of copyrights books. I would like to know whether they readily accept submissions of books on disks, for free duplication and distribution by them at whatever they want to charge for them, and inclusion in their lists. – Electronic screen reading was so far not very attractive and easy and did not promote comprehension and retention of read material as well as does print on paper. I know of no such comparison with the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of reading filmed material on microfilm reading machines. – Often the owners of digitized texts would want to print them out – and this can be expensive for long texts. To that would have to be added the binding costs, the larger space requirements for storage and the high postage costs for paper duplicates sent by mail. – Moreover, A4 print-outs do not fit easily into many bookshelves and might thus require special storage facilities. – Most of what Schulman said about conventional publishing and its drawbacks is correct. All alternatives to it ought to be explored and used, to the extent that they are convenient and affordable enough. – How difficult or easy would it to get libertarians or anarchists or both to agree upon filling the first libertarian or anarchist or combined and text-only CD-ROM, between them? I found so far only 2 who showed a limited interest in this option. I have now a CD-ROM read and write-once drive and a CD-ROM read and write repeatedly one – but will largely depend upon input from others or from the Internet. I would like to hear from anyone who has xyz MB’s to offer towards such a project. – Reading and publishing habits seem to be very hard to change, even among people who consider themselves to be pioneering innovators and radicals, and this in spite of the great cost savings and permanency in print as well as the complete publishing options that become feasible with alternative media. – The 1998 edition of “World’s Best Ideas, A Global Ideas Bank Compendium”, published by the Institute for Social Inventions, mentions a book club for new authors, on pages 227-229 and quotes Citron Press: “Each year, in excess of 30,000 manuscripts of fiction will be rejected by publishers and publishing agents. In fact most manuscripts submitted for consideration will not be read. A vanity press on the other hand would charge you anything up to L 8,000 to produce a small quantity; and would leave you to your own devices in the marketing of your book to the public.” That coop charges a one year membership fee of L 400 for a book submitted. Conditions apply. – Another interesting and award winning project is mentioned on pages 229 and 230: Xerox Corporation has announced a Book in Time service which uses their DocuTech 6180 Publisher machines to produce paperback books economically, with a 200 pp paperback costing about L 3, even in a “run” of only ONE copy. Publishers pay Xerox two cents per book page and 75 cents per colour page. There is a charge for registering books into the system in the first place, ca. $ 100 for a 300-page book, and for digital storage, about $ 12 per title per year. They can be printed within one or two days and transmitted electronically for printing at a location close to the customer and shipped directly to the customer or bookshop. – Books in Time can be accessed using the search engine at www.xeros.com or c/o Ray McClure,Xerox Corporation, 800 Phillips Rd., 102-12(c) Webster, New York14 580, USA, tel. 716 422 3586; ………………….. e-mail: ray.mcclure(a)usa.xerox.com. – I still find my fiche publishing easier and cheaper for me – but it might never become as popular as desktop publishing with a print on paper output still is, or text-only CD-ROM publishing might become. – I will rethink my remaining options once 2,000 PEACE PLANS issues have appeared and all the still unfinished major writing, editing ad compilation projects in the remaining less than 500. But in the meantime I do intend to somewhat advertise the micrographic freedom literature offers on the Internet and offer some books electronically. – Even Amazon Books has so far profited more from marketing its shares than from selling its printed books through electronic advertising. – J.Z., 21.11.98.

SCHULMAN, J. Neil, The Rainbow Cadenza, leaflet, 1p, 29x, in PP 725. – I wish a write like him, much resembling Robert Heinlein, would write a SF novel with a panarchist background. – I recommended it once to Poul Anderson but he was not interested, since it did not fit his world view of the preconditions for a lasting peace resting on liberty and justice. In some ways even some famous libertarian SF writers are not very radical or consistent. – J.Z., 12.6.98.

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SCIENCE FICTION: A VISION OF LIBERTY, PP 696. (Alas, there is as yet no complete listing of anarchist and libertarian SF – although thousands of anarchists and libertarians have computers. Send your list to LMP for filming! By all means, add your comments. – J.Z.)

SCIENCE VS. JUNK SCIENCE, 3 titles, 1p flyer, in PP 1281/82.


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SCIENTOLOGY, 14 human rights points, in PP 589/90, accusations against psychiatric treatments, PP 1137. Reform proposal, PP 7. – I have given up trying to get off their mailing list. A garbage can is close to my P.O. box. – J.Z.

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SCOTT, SIR WALTER, THOUGHTS ON THE PROPOSED CHANGE OF CURRENCY, & CROKER, JOHN WILSON, Two Letters on Scottish Affairs, with introduction by DAVID SIMPSON & ALASTAIR WOODS, 1972, IUP. No index, no bibliography, not even continuous page numbering! 272pp, in PP 1427: 1- 66 – IUP claims a copyright based upon its “original microfilms” of the original. With the same “reasoning” I could claim a “copyright” based on my original photocopies of their print and my hand-corrections of that copy! Original works of art, too! – Scott’s FOURTH letter on the subject has, apparently, never been published yet. I would have liked to see that one much more than some more comments by modern academics with no notions of monetary freedom or free banking. But we do have now some modern academic defences of the Scottish tradition of free banking, even though they are mostly not yet from the point of view of FULL monetary freedom. See also HERBERT SPENCER’S essays for an early defence of this tradition. I filmed Scott’s letters before – but included them here, once again, because some opposing points of view were added, however worthless they are from the libertarian & radical monetary freedom point of view. – All the relevant literature should be readily available to solve 2 of the major problems of our times: Mass unemployment, hitting over 1 billion people directly and inflation, wronging and harming all people on Earth. On their behalf, I am ready to ignore some fancy copyright claims for works not readily in print or accessible to most. How much the Irish University Microforms charges for its microfilm edition of this work is not mentioned in this print. – J.Z.

SCOTT, WALTER, Sir, The Letters of Malachi Malagrowther, 1826, 1981, 186pp, 36x, in PP 769. (In favour of Scottish Free Banking.)

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SECESSION & CURRENCY, See: WALKER, MICHAEL, A currency for Quebec? 1p: 123, in PP 1515. – Why only one and not as many as the market will bear? – Territorial secessionism is not enough decentralization. Exterritorial autonomy is required for voluntary payment communities or independence from all central banks, that of Quebec included. – J.Z.

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SEIZURE FEVER, PP 1151. This reminds of certain times of the decline of the Roman Empire and of the Red Terror of the French Revolution – apart from the War Communism in this century. The Inquisition and the early prosecution of Jews in Nazi Germany were also largely motivated by the property confiscations that were involved. Are communist anarchists applauding such seizures or are they simply silent about them? Or are they angry with the police as a competitor in attacks on property rights? – J.Z.

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SELF-HELP BOOKS, PP 347-348 (Enterprise Publishing Co.) Since then there has been an enormous expansion of this kind of literature. A New York correspondent has 5,000 self-sufficiency books and is quadruplicating this private reference library, for himself and for his children, on jacket fiche, produced at home, at a materials cost of ca. 38 cents for the master and 5 cents for a duplicate. Sale of the books, at the end, should cover his costs. His example demonstrates, like that of LMP, what great services libertarians could supply to themselves, micrographically – if only they could be bothered. – J.Z.



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SENNHOLZ, HANS F., Unemployment in Puerto Rico, 11pp: 407, in PP1529-33. – Hundreds of millions in the misery of unemployment in the world – and this although it could be abolished, within days, through the introduction and use of full monetary freedom. But so far there exists no ready channel and market for such truths. One cannot sell them at any price, least of all to the unemployed themselves, and not even to most anarchists and libertarians. -J.Z., 14.11.98.

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SEPTIC TANK PROBLEMS SOLVED, 2pp on a labour & cost saving recycling approach, in PP 1,034. (I was forced to join the government’s sewage scheme, which cost me much in labour for digging a trench, for materials and in plumber’s connection charges and a high annual fee, about the equivalent of the own independent septic system that was installed before. – When a government offers to help you – run if you can! – J.Z.)

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SOCIALISM: FRASER, IAN, Slaying Socialism, 1p. On State Socialism, in PP 1336 – 39: 287. S. has numerous forms. At least some are very close to libertarian free enterprise and free market capitalism. – J.Z.

SOCIALIST CONSPIRACY, See: BUTLER, ERIC D., Steps Towards the Monopoly State, in PP 1447/49.


SOCIALIZED MEDICINE, PP 895, 983, 1028/29, see HEALTH, MEDICINE, SOCIALIZATION, NATIONALIZATION, REGULATIONS, BUREAUCRACY, JAG. SOCIALIZED SUGAR, PP 310. See e.g. Libraries, Post Offices, Central Banking, Roads, Railways, etc.

SOCIETY & ITS SERVICES. Why the Henry George Idea Does not Prevail, PP 1003.

SOCIETY & THE STATE: MORLEY, FELIX, State and Society, IHS, 1978, 26pp, in PP 1424: 118. – This is from chapter 5 of his 1949 book: “The Power in the People”. – Frank Chodorov wrote a book on State and Society: “The Rise and Fall of Society”, The Devin-Adair Co., 1959, 168pp. After many years of book searching in bookshops, I did finally manage to get a copy of it. To me it seems to be a classic work on the subject & I extracted many “slogans for liberty” from it. I would like to reproduce that, too, if I could get the reproduction permission. Alas, according to some correspondence with this publisher, even they seem to be in some doubt about whether some of their titles are o.o.p. or not. Some were asserted to be in print still, although they were not listed in their literature list. Moreover, as usual, they are not prepared to bring out their o.o.p. titles on microfiche or allow others to do so. – What can the cause of freedom do with such friends? – J.Z., 11.9.97.

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SOCIETY FOR THE PROMOTION OF NUTRITIONAL THERAPY, 1p flyer, in PP 1,052 – 1,061. For food supplements, like vitamin and multi-mineral pills, now also under threat of regulation. Next you might get prescribed diets and exercises, rest periods & clothing, because the monopoly decision-makers think it would be good for you. Do the “fat cats” give you the impression that they know what it good for themselves? And even if they were e.g. teetotallers and vegetarians, like Hitler supposedly was, would that make it safe to have them as rulers over us? – J.Z.


SOCIETY VS. THE STATE: JOHANNSEN, OSCAR B., Society vs. the State, 1p, in PP 1432/1439: 184.

SOCIETY WITHOUT COERCION, A New Concept of Social Organization, PP 1011. Compare: On Panarchy.



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SOFTSERV PUBLISHING, Long Beach, Download Ellison, 1p leaflet on its disk & on-line publishing offers. For more details see PP 1,022. Defunct already by 95!

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SOLDATOV, SERGEI, Sergei Soldatov Speaks (Anti-Soviet Society),2pp, 29x, in PP 698. Alas, the anti-soviet forces in Russia remained intellectually woefully unprepared for liberty and were and are insufficiently advised from the West. Thus the hardliner, never sufficiently unseated, might one day get full control again. Full exterritorial autonomy (except for military weapons and organizations) for the remaining hardliners – and for all middle-of-the-roaders and for all dissenting groups! Most urgently, all of them need some education on and practice of monetary freedom. Otherwise, galloping inflation will have its usual despotic effects. – J.Z., 9 Jan. 94.

SOLDIERS AS MURDERERS, HIRED BY THE STATE: See: KNOBLAUCH, JOCHEN, Alle Soldaten sind Moerder! 2 S.: 72, in PP 1456.

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SOLNEMAN, K.H.Z., Warum leben die Armen am teuersten? 6 S., in PP 1351. – Wieder nur ueber den “Sozialfonds”, aufgebaut auf eine private Umsatzsteuer in Kurt Zube’s WIR Plan. Als ob der Kreditbedarf nicht auch auf viele andere Arten gedeckt werden koennte. Aber er wollte seine Haende an dieses potential riesige Kapital kriegen (wie die Politiker) und damit seine Traeume verwirklichen, z.B. das Ideen Archiv und zins verbilligte Kredite, vielleicht auch sein Roulette System, ueber das er in wenigstens 3 Ausgaben der PERSOENLICHEN INFORMATIONEN schreibt. – With my low income, I consider myself as poor but I certainly do not live expensively, going e.g. for the cheapest foods, and second-hand clothing, furniture and books I can find. New or old items, some surprising bargains can be found by those willing to look for them. Naturally, that requires some time investment. But it is usually more fruitful than participation in prize competitions. – J.Z.

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SOLOVIOV, MICHAEL, Project for Permafrost Burials in Russian Lapland, 4pp: 361, in PP 1293/95.

SOLUTION PARTIES, 736. (Parties could become that only as exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers, experimenting freely. J.Z,)

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SOLZHENITSYN, ALEXANDER, The West’s Decline in Courage, WSJ, June 13, 1978, 2pp, in PP 1,019. (Much more than courage is missing. A.S. has not got a worthwhile program, either. But his descriptions of the Soviet’s totalitarian regime are excellent and may have significantly contributed to its downfall. – J.Z.)

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some 1987 leaflets on R. Solyom’s case, 6pp, 29x, in PP 735.

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SOMERSET, GLANVILLE, The Modesty of Lawyers, 1p, in PP 1336 – 39: 73. – He wrote many more satires in this magazine but I didn’t list them. Did I overlook any positive idea in them? That would have been unintentional. – J.Z.

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SOUND CURRENCY, 1896, by Reform Club Sound Currency Committee, 1896, A Compendium of Accurate and Timely Information on Currency Questions, intended for Writers, Speakers and Students, 628pp, indexed, 24x, in PP 350-354. (This work is so rich and large in contents, especially in its material critical of forced paper currencies and legal tender, that I will not attempt to specify it here, especially since its own abstract, in 30pp of close print, has been reproduced in the Peace Plans Nos. 760-765, PP by Nos. listing. (Sheets 198-227.) Unfortunately, the print is very small and imperfect and a good photocopier at the Berlin Staatsbibliothek could not make up for this defect. If any monetary freedom advocate has access to a good scanner and to a laser printer, then this text is a worthwhile task for automatic transcription, even if this means an easily legible print-out of ca. 1500-3000pp. I intend to film this work again, reformatted, from better and enlarged photocopies that I have made. Also the 1895 issue which is on hand. Most of its issues are available on roll film for ca. $ 50. – I intend to transcribe some of these articles for filming in this series – if and when I get around to do this. -J.Z.)

SOUND CURRENCY, Gold or Denationalization? PP 735, 791.

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SOUND DOLLAR COMMITTEE, 2pp leaflet by R.L. Solyom, July 88, in PP 791.

SOUND OF FIFE, Freedom Is For Everyone, Palo Alto, I/1, Nov. 1987, 12pp, only sample on hand, in PP 1116.


SOUTH AFRICA, PP 425, 691, 861, 869, 925, 1007, 1163.

SOUTH AFRICA, See: WILLIAMS, WALTER E., Duped Again, 1990, 2pp on South Africa: 95, in PP 1515.

SOUTHERN CROSS CAPITAL EXCHANGE, Bulletin No. 2, July 1984, 16pp. (Something like a credit union between education reformers.) 29x, in PP 743.

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SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, THE, 4/1974 – 10/1977 issues, incomplete & marked, 11/1977 – 12/1979, complete, 24x, in PP 149-154. – Jan. 80 – Apr. 87, 29x, PP 746-752. – May 87 – Feb. 88, 126pp, 29x, in PP 768. – March 88 to April 89, 351pp, 29x, in PP 899 & 900. – Was published by John T. HARLEE, deceased and rare and unique in its humour. Missing copies are wanted for fiching. – J.Z.

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SOVIET GOVERNMENT, documents, 1917-1929, as published by Martin Lawrence Ltd., London, and introduced by Henri Barbusse, here only those relating to the one-sided peace declaration by the Soviet delegate, on pages 23-41 in PP 878. – A perhaps unique precedent for a strategy that might be pursued in a better cause. – J.Z.

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SPACECRAFT RESEARCH FOUNDATION, Space Venture, 1p leaflet, n.d., & a 2pp leaflet, incomplete, in PP 817. (I do seek more material on private space research for microfilming. SF fans have usually read dozens if not hundreds of times about the microfilm options in their favourite literature. But how many of them have used that present-day option as yet, even for their favourite o.o.p. and out of copyrights literature? Rare SF magazine sets are fully available practically only on microfilm. So far NASA made much more use of the micrographic option than SF fans did. Why let yourself be beaten by statist bureaucrats? – J.Z.)

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SPANISH CIVIL WAR, See: CAPLAN, BRYAN, The Anarcho-Statists of Spain: An Historical, Economic and Philosophical Analysis of Spanish Anarchism, n.d., 54pp, in PP 1541/42. – A long overdue correction . – J.Z.

SPANISH REVOLUTION, PP 876, 1028/29, 1140, 1156/7. (I heard or read somewhere that ca. 3,000 titles exist on the Spanish Revolution. I will not even try to get that kind of collection complete onto microfiche. However, there are so many anarchists sympathizing with that revolution. Why don’t they get active on this project? – J.Z.)

SPANISH REVOLUTION, See: ANARCHO-SYNDICALIST FEDERATION (MELBOURNE), INTERNATIONAL WORKERS’ ASSOCIATION, To the Daring Belongs the Future, Anarchist Achievements in the Spanish Revolution, 1986, 36pp: 83, in PP 1483. – Caesar, Mussolini, Lenin, Stalin, Franco, Hitler, Mao, Castro, Idi Amin, etc., etc., thought so, too! – Contains contributions by Souchy, Leval, Goldman, CNT, Ackelsberg, Kaplan et al. Much of it is in Spanish. Since these enthusiasts for these events have not always bothered to supply clearly legible print, why should I labour hard to make up for their deficiencies? Over 3,000 books have been written on this civil war and quite a few of them are accessible through anarchist book services. – J.Z. 20.5.98.

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SPARKASSE BREGENZ, Goldsparplaene, 1986, 16pp, 29x, in PP 738. All optional value standard offers should be publicized much more. They indicate that the legal tender and correspondingly depreciating and fluctuating paper standard is no longer ruthlessly enforced everywhere. I wish the official CPI that determines my pension, would be replaced by an honest one – while inflation goes on. – J.Z.

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SPORTS STADIUMS, subsidized, PP 1103/4, 1105. Why should any as popular activity as sports be subsidized at all? That amounts, via taxes, to a coercive exploitation of those not interested in sports. – J.Z.

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SPUNK PRESS, Printout of its computerized catalog of anarchist texts available on line, 19pp. Obtained at the computer corner of the Visions of Freedom anarchist conference in Sydney, 95. In PP ??? 474?

SQUATTING IN OTHER PEOPLE’S HOUSES, PP 679. (Private squatting does now even get some assistance from the main squatter, the government. J.Z.)

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STANDARDIZATION OF MEASUREMENTS: WATNER, CARL, Who’s To Say”, Part 1, 10pp, in PP 1432/1439: 1643. – On the standardization of measurements, privately or by governments?

STANDARDS OF VALUE, Gold and Silver, con: PP 373 – 375 (Spooner), 645, 865 (Hayek, Borsodi & Swann). Nothing less than free choice of value standards could possibly satisfy all but those with totalitarian aspirations. – J.Z.

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STAR SPANGLED SPENDERS, A Transcript of a Television Program, produced by Amagin, Erie, 23pp, n.d., with some comments by Walter Williams, Milton Friedman, Sen. W. Proxmire, William Simon et al, in PP 997. See WILLIAMS, WALTER, Star Spangled Spenders, An Expanded Commentary, 13pp, in PP 997.


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STARCHILD, ADAM, Campione, 1p, in PP 1404/06: 280. – A backroad route into Switzerland residency? Only in an emergency, when nothing better is on offer! I was not too pleased with Swiss statism during my short stay in Switzerland, in 1959, before I had the chance to emigrate to Australia. – J.Z.

STARCHILD, ADAM, Nomadic Survival, the PT concept inspired by Harry Schultz, 1p, in PP 1318/1319: 110.

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STARCHILD, ADAM, Rape as Punishment, 1p, in PP 1132. (Rape in prisons. But note that that is usually done by prisoners against prisoners. Conjugal and girl friend visits should be allowed, mainly because such visitors are usually not criminals but also punished by coercive separation. – J.Z.

STARCHILD, ADAM, Tax Havens, 1p, in PP 1404/06: 297.

STARCHILD, ADAM, The Altering of Court Transcripts, 91, 1p, in PP 1343/44: 2013. – Almost all bureaucrats habitually “purify” or censor or lose records, to cover themselves. That begins with secrecy acts and the “editing” of parliamentary debates in their records. – J.Z.

STARCHILD, ADAM, The Drug Issue, 1p extract from LIBERTY MAG, in PP 1382/85: 403.

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STARR, TIMM, Capitalist Enclave Swallowed up by One-Party State, 1p: 122. On the closure of ISIL book store in S.F.: 123, in PP 1472. – Sydney’s libertarian book store did not last long, either. But in spite of all these difficulties, libertarian and book mailers have not yet united for a common listing, nor have libertarians made sufficient use of alternative media so far, which would make expensive shop-front stores unnecessary. The predominantly anti-free market book stores of the anarchists fared a bit better, since their members did not expect to make profits anyhow. Two of them still battle on in Sydney alone. I do not have a list of those in the rest of the world. General bookshops, combined with coffee houses, have become somewhat fashionable but libertarians are not among these pioneers, either. Nor have they drawn one of the conclusions from their small numbers: Concentrate on affordable media, individual secessionism and exterritorial autonomy for volunteer communities – for libertarians, anarchists and all others, establishing a new federation of all as tolerant minority groups. Nor have the free marketeers studied the micro-economics of affordable alternative media as yet, nor the marketing requirements for all new and radical ideas, e.g. a special ideas archive and information service. – ISIL had planned a large libertarian directory but the closure of the store-front bookshop might have delayed that project. New Zealand libertarians had planned a 1000pp libertarian bibliography but seem to have run into the usual financial difficulties. But Chris Tame seems to feel still sure that his planned 3 volume bibliography of ca. 1,800 pp will come out soon. I do hope that he is right but do not see any good reason why neither of these projects made use of their microfiche, floppy disk, ZIP disk, CD-ROM or on-line publishing options. Why remain addicted to expensive paper tigers? – PIOT, J.Z., 19. May 1998.

STASSINOPOULOS, ARIANNA, After Reason, Stein & Day, 240pp, 2pp review only, by JSEPH C. TOWLE: 313, in PP 1529- 33.

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STATE BANKRUPTCY, See: TIMM, UWE, Der Staatsbankrott, 4 S.: 118, in PP 1456. – But especially see the classic: MANES, Staatsbankrotte, in PP 635. Like so many important works it has not yet been translated into other major languages. – All the old mistakes are repeated over and over again, in ignorance and under prejudices. See also PP 19C on how libertarians could bankrupt a State with overwhelming support from the electorate, simply by guaranteeing each of them, in form of securities, his share in all remaining government assets. – No one else could offer them as much before an election and could keep his promise. In Australia pro head over 1 million dollars (in capital assets only) would be “available” for this. An L.P. could finance its campaign to victory via a commission or brokerage fee on this largest ever capital deal or take-over bid. – J.Z., 12.6.98.



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STRAND BOOKSTORE, NYC, Leaflet, 6pp: 129, in PP 1475. – I would love to browse in such a bookstore every month. One day in 1990 was all I could ever afford. That day, people browsing through its hundred-thousands of titles were accosted by a guy, carrying a single book and asking them: “Do you want to buy a book?” One can laugh about that simpleton – but the response of most people to the offers of libertarian literature is no better. To them it seems to be no more significant than some religious nut offering them some religious tracts. In Wall Street, on the kerb sides, many used books and magazines were sold from blankets or tables. The police would jump on such attempts in Sydney and, perhaps, in most other cities. Among the numerous used book stores that I browsed through, for much of 12 months, in 1990/91, only a very few had special sections on freedom, peace and longevity books. Perhaps these few should be specially listed on the Internet? – J.Z.

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STREET VENDORS, See: WISEMAN, JON D., Leave the Street Vendors Be! 1p, in PP 1312/1314: 240. – In Australia they want to force high tech “barrows” or collapsible stands upon them, at the cost of $ 250,000 each. That might kill of this kind of free trading almost completely. – Compulsory licensing for them was bad enough. – If such restrictions were enforced e.g. in N.Y.C’s Broadway, against its numerous sidewalk vendors, a major race riot might result, for most of is vendors are negroes. – Most of its taxis are probably black market taxis, too. – My youngest sells his arts and crafts from a blanket on the street, in the Sunday market in Hobart. Why force people to use more and more expensive equipment in their “business” than they think they need and their customers require? – J.Z., 12.6.98.

STREICHER, JULIUS, Sample of his Nazi hate sheet, see: STUERMER, DER, Nuernberg, Deutsches Wochenblatt zum Kampfe um die Wahrheit, Herausgeber: Julius Streicher, an infamous Nazi, issue of 9.4.1942 as a sample of his antisemitic hate press, 4pp: 119, in PP 1514. – Some publications do not have ANY redeeming features. However, one should learn to know all of one’s enemies and their particular fixed ideas, since, during crisis times, they can become national and even international threats. This can easily happen under territorial rule. How much anti-semitism & hatred and blaming of “aliens” would remain after e.g. panarchies, monetary freedom, cooperative production and fully freed trade had been introduced for at least 10 years? PIOT,J.Z., 3.9.98.

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STUDENT MOVEMENT, REVOLUTIONARY, PP 176. Before they have studied liberty, peace and justice sufficiently? – J.Z.


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STUDENTS OF LIBERTY, PP 1036. Without a Freedom University, Freedom Library, Freedom Information Service, Freedom Encyclopedia, Freedom Bibliography, Freedom Abstracts etc? Without an Ideas Archive, without micrographic reprints of all freedom writings? – J.Z.

STUDENTS, LIBERTARIAN STUDENTS, Should they opt out of print on paper, at least partly, and adopt microfiche reading and publishing opportunities, to save time and money and get access to more information? PP 907/10.

Studies, home page, 3pp, in PP 1543/45: 792.

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STUMM, JIM, Libertarian – Decentralist Xeroxing, services provided by Jim Stumm, 2pp. – If only a few more libertarians collaborated in such efforts, then much more comprehensive collections of individual libertarian and also much better libertarian library services – providing copies from excellent copies – would become possible. It is bad enough when only all too few libertarians have so far utilized microfiche. But what excuse do they have for not even fully utilizing photocopiers, in a more organized and collaborative or competitive form? How much can one expect from this movement while it is guilty of such basic omissions? Merely pumping out the latest libertarian fashions of thought in print on paper and letting most of the libertarian tradition remain out of print and inaccessible, is just not good enough for a movement that deserves the name. It amounts to more stagnation than movement ahead, with the aid of the best that the past has to offer us. Even of contemporary writings by famous libertarians – so much is inaccessible to most people, most of the time, in most places and languages. Does that fact have nothing to teach to you? – J.Z. 12.6.98.

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STUMM, JIM, see LIVING FREE, Buffalo, Nos. 49 – 63, April 89 – August 91, 120pp, in PP 1171. Editor and publisher: Jim Stumm. He also offers a range of booklets and papers for sale and a photocopying service for o.o.p. libertarian magazines and has been very helpful towards LMP. His sharp mind brightens almost any discussion in print. And he specialises on the freedom now options, even for life in suburbia. – J.Z.

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STYLE, PHILOSOPHY OF, PP 199, 830. If there is such a philosophy and it does consciously or unconsciously work, why then are there so many beautifully styled absurdities and so many unstylish truths? – J.Z.


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SUBSIDIZING DEFORESTATION, PP 1052-1061 (LA Ec. Notes 30). In Australia, for many years, a prospective farmer could only get free title out of his lease of crown land if, within a few years, he cleared at least a large fraction this land of its trees. Afterwards, for a while, one needed a special licence to cut down any sizable tree, even on long established private farms. Now farms are often coercively expropriated and tree planting is subsidized and coercively declared natural parks and “wilderness areas” have been turned into unmanageable bush fire hazards, of which some of them, very recently, burned out, with loss of lives and housing around them. I have not much trust in governments, either, when they are protecting or planting trees. See also under Zoning, Building Codes. – J.Z.

SUCCESS, Becoming Famous, PP 25/26, 697, 1135, 1052-61 (LA Psychological Notes 7).

SUCCESS, WOMEN & SUCCESS, PP 1052-61 (LA Pamphlet 13). If women had not been so ready to merely blame the popular image of their sex for the lack of success with their creative efforts, they should have been even more motivated to search for the real reasons why innovators rarely succeed and would have established something like an Ideas Archie and Talent Registry and Information Service long ago. Among all innovators they merely bore a more than average handicap. – J.Z.

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SUPERCOMPUTER SYSTEM & SUPERCOMPUTER CLUB, proposed in PP 20/21. It was to start with its list of 1000 libertarian projects and subscriptions to, initially, only to paper archives and photocopied information, but not enough “clerks for liberty’ and libertarian computer fans could be found for this large project. Thus I took up fiching, to at least increase my own productivity about hundredfold. – J.Z. – Annual page output (not sales!) increased 189 times! – J.Z., 6/99.

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SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, THE, Global deal to open up markets, Dec. 15, 1977, 2pp: 124, in PP 1495. – Alas, the “fat cats” are still involved, this time posing as “liberators” with their trade and financial “deal”. One thing they and the national “trade” ministers are not going to allow is secession by individuals and dissenting groups from their “tender care, concern & help”. – If we had “Free Trade for Free Traders” and “Protectionism for Protectionists”, then it would soon become obvious which group would be better off. – J.Z.

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