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MANHATTAN REPORT, Panel Discussion, on Idle Resources, Easy Money & Hard Choices, 11pp, 1982, in PP 1538: 49. – Between: MR, Robert Lucas, Anna Schwartz & Robert Mundell. – The easy choice of full monetary freedom is not discussed there. – J.Z.

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MANN, FREDERICK, Dear Esteemed T.L. Customer, Aug. 15,95, 2pp; How to Build a Fortune in 6-12 months, 6pp; Co-op Advertising, 2pp; Program P, 2pp; How I Increased Terra Libra’s Revenue, 4pp; How to Revolutionize Your Life, 8pp; in PP 1359. I have not heard of them lately. Is it still active? I was told that Mann himself got sick of T.L. going off into x directions at once and that he wanted to take his educational message on-line. I did not find his “get rich quick” schemes very educational. – J.Z.

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MANN, FREDERICK, Individual Free – Market Economic Power is the Greatest Liberating Force on Earth, Nov. 94, 3pp. – Many had and have this power – but did little for liberty. While they can make their personal lives more pleasant and comfortable, in order to acquire and maintain their riches, they had also to pay greatly in leisure and energy – and that often kept them from enlightening themselves and others as much as they otherwise could have. They, too, are in a particular but largely self-chosen treadmill. How often have I heard: “I will really do something for liberty — once I get rich!” or: “…once I am retired.” – Whether they become rich or not, after decades of such efforts, they are usually too pessimistic and exhausted for many and prolonged direct liberty efforts. – And if they have bought themselves more leisure, they all too often waste it almost exclusively on sensual pleasures and entertainments. Sensible and consistent freedom ideas are a much more important force – if properly organized, publicized and mobilized, than mere purchasing power. There is much purchasing power behind governmentalist ideas and propaganda – but it has not yet fully conquered the market and may never do so, no matter how poor its opponents are. – Throwing money at a problem can be a fallacy among freedom lovers, too. Undertaking prolonged labours of love CAN be more fruitful although, under present marketing conditions for freedom ideas, it will certainly not be so always or mostly. – J.Z.

MANN, FREDERICK, Project Terra Libra, 1p, May 28, 93 & T.L.: The World’s First Truly Free Country, 2pp: 231, in PP 1293/95. – “Country” is a misnomer, here, too. – J.Z.

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MAPA, a project for an APA on Microfiche, that did not even reach its first fiche issue, 1p, 29x, in PP 710. A single periodical, using a new medium, new to most people, cannot expect to launch the medium and be successful immediately, as a periodical using this new medium. This is why LMP is so patiently assembling many titles on microfiche and is trying to list all libertarian interest titles offered by other publishers on microfilm. But this should not prevent small circles of information activists to produce much on fiche by each member and for the benefit of the other few members. “Wie fruchtbar ist der kleinste Kreis wenn man ihn wohl zu pflegen weiss” – sagte Schiller. (How fertile is the smallest circle, if it is well cared for!) Compare the MULTILOG project and see under BRAINSTORMING. At least this project induced Victor Koman to publish an introductory booklet to the microfiche option. See: Koman. – J.Z. 5/89. How can one raise awareness of all the freedom periodicals available now on microfilm and of the self-publishing options the medium offers potential publishers and editors of periodicals, who have, as usual, only very limited funds and circles of subscribers? My 1986 appeal to the libertarian press on this was in vain. – Most seem to think that they have already achieved all that can be when they manage to continue their periodical few pages for a few years. – All printed libertarian periodical should at least be willing and able to point out, in every issue: All our back issues are now available on microfiche and thus we are among the xyz libertarian journals already fully or partly available in this format. – But they seem to begrudge their microfiche options even this little effort. – J.Z. – Later Koman was involved with SOFTSERV, an attempt to popularize floppy disk use for publishing SF and libertarian texts. It flopped but K. became successful as a published (printed on paper) SF writer. Persistence with both alternative media was lacking. Some people insist on instant success and profit for the freedom struggle that has been going on for hundreds of years. – J.Z., 7.6.98.

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MARK, JEFFREY, The Modern Idolatry, being an Analysis of Usury & the Pathology of Debt, Libertarian Social Institute, Bombay, n.d., 239pp, 188-262, in PP 1447/49. – Piet Bouter selected, copied, cut & pasted (wastefully, by my standards) this title from my library. I would have postponed filming it indefinitely, being already deterred by the sub-title and every attempt at delving into the text. On every page I feel compelled to contradict the author. Not sharing the author’s and a still too wide-spread anti-interest bias, nor his ideas for monetary despotism, I do not consider this to be a libertarian book but rather one that harks back to the dogmas and prejudices of the Dark Ages. Alas, they are held also by still too many of the modern anarchists and libertarians and are thus, obviously, not yet sufficiently or widely enough refuted. Anyone who speaks of “free money” and then goes on to advocate central banking & legal tender, and attacks debt and interest, has really understood neither. His notions on money “creation” are those of “Social Credit”. He praises Major Douglas e.g. on pp 132/33, favours “money control” by the government on p 141 and legal tender on p. 142. Government debts “paid” by legal tender paper money issued against them: p. 198. On page 60 he seems to favour freedom of note issue but not of “credit creation”. Nor did I notice any discussion of sound and unsound tax foundation money. But at least on pages 213 & 214 he did defend the people who undertook barter and scrip experiments. On p. 214 he does not seem to understand that “independence of money” tokens can only be achieved via fully free clearing. To me it is one of the worst books on money that I have seen. If we can ever manage to automate, via a special computer program, the extraction of economic prejudices, then this book will probably turn out to be a treasure chest for them. As far as possible, their confrontation with the best refutations so far found should be automated, too. The recognition of the importance of money is not enough when not accompanied by enough right ideas on money. Does he anywhere sufficiently differentiate between voluntarily taken up debts and granted credits & their free payment and repayment arrangements, including agreed upon interest, and IMPOSED debts like taxes and government insecurities and the use of government insecurities as “backing” for the issue of government paper money? Does he distinguish between debts taken up for wasteful government projects or e.g. private gambling or drug use and debts to finance productive investments? To condemn all of them alike is simply absurd. Does he show any awareness that almost all due debts, of productive people, could be settled by clearing? He remains unaware that that debts tend to become a major problem mainly when the creditors are given the authority to demand scarce legal tender in repayment while, based on the laws of monetary despotism, refusing possible and desirable clearing arrangements, which most honest and capable debtors could provide, if free to do so and informed on how to do so best. Every exchange involves mutual debts. Instead of raving against debts and interests, he should have explored how everyone could be enabled to pay or clear his way without the provision of any supposedly “ideal” money provided by any government. How developed would our economies be if we did invest all our savings merely in jewellery and hoarded gold or silver coins and bullion? Having fiched this text – and some others – no one can any longer truthfully say that I do film only those texts that I do largely agree with. But I do hold that any discussion should be like a board game. It should introduce a continued discussion of a “game” that will be won. The idols worshipped by the author are much worse than those he attacks. – PIOT, J.Z., 27.11.1997.

MARKE, RON to ZUBE, JOHN, from The Rationalist Association of N.S.W., 17.11.85, 1p: 84, in PP 1496. – They, too, seem to be more concerned with copyrights than with getting their message out in full, cheaply and permanently. As for the last paragraph: People who got old and are sufficiently interested in reading in spite of an eye handicap, should know about and get themselves either proper reading glasses or a magnifying glass with a convenient holder for it. Alternatively, they can use an enlarging photocopier. Publishers are not the slaves of the readers. They do not have to supply any of them with the crutches they may require. People ought to be self-responsible. – J.Z.


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MAYO, KATHERINE, Volume Two, 1931, 262pp, in PP 1443/44: 108-170. “To those persons in India who strive to end Hindu child marriages”. – I found this recently at a local bookshop, when I checked out the availability of “Mother India”. The bookshop, Berkelouws, had 4 copies of Mother India and one of Volume Two. – I read and was impressed by Volume Two as well. It concentrates on the case against child marriages. Girls, IF allowed to live, were and are apparently still perceived, by all too many Hindu parents, as mere burdens, to be disposed of, as soon as possible, to the families of their husbands. The “obligatory” dowry seems to be fixed all the lower the younger the girl is. Mayo reports even a princely family in India, which did not allow its girl children to live, for all of ca. 400 years, because marrying them off would have been “too expensive” for it. Child murder was cheaper! Hindu customs and marriage laws seem to see to it that these girls are not highly appreciated in the husband’s family, either, and are easily replaceable there. And once they are rejected by the husbands and the families of the husbands, too, without property, support payments, education, jobs and respect, then, in this environment, only prostitution and begging seem to be open to them. Thus they tend to suffer almost any abuse all too patiently. – These abuses form some of the strongest cases for children’s and women’s individual rights but advocates of such rights often end their concerns for them at their national borders. To see these conditions in context and without jumping into collective “judgments”, we should remember how relatively recent hygienic life styles were for European people, too, how neglected individual rights of children still are, and those of women were, until early in this century, and that, according to some reports, the minimum marriage age in England, before WW I, was also down to 12 years for girls. Nor do the abortion figures in Western countries speak for a large appreciation of the rights of children there, in the period before their birth. The West has its “caste” system, too, in form of segregated and privileged trade and professional unions. And our “Brahmins” are the top politicians and bureaucrats, who treat us as voting cattle and milking cows or sheep to be shorn & slaughtered, and pay only some lip service to our individual rights and liberties, while infringing them in uncounted ways, often quite legally, with laws passed for this purpose under one or the other pretence – to their advantage. Under the pretence of wanting to help our youths, they passed and maintained minimum wage laws for them which rendered in Australia up to 40% of them unemployed! The government-miseducated masses give the sanction of the victims to this and began to howl in protest when the current prime minister, John Howard, merely suggested that we review these laws. Alas, the same guy introduced severe anti-gun laws and could not even uphold the proposal of a very limited experiment that would have done away with some of the anti-drug laws. So we do not really have enough reasons to be proud of ourselves in comparison with the conditions reported by Mayo. – Herbert Spencer, in “Social Statics”, pointed out that we cannot expect a sufficient appreciation of individual rights while those of women and children are still widely neglected. – Today’s paper reported atrocious working conditions for children in China, in e.g. shoe factories financed from the West. But that happens under special conditions, the background of an underdeveloped country, held back by communist “economics” for decades and with ca. 200 million unemployed. – Would such conditions have arisen and persisted under full employment conditions (full monetary & financial freedom, in addition to all the other economic liberties) for all able and willing to work? – I can only hope that this book will not be perceived as a racist book. It attacks just one orthodox religion in India, not any particular “race” there. But it also points out what the persistence of such beliefs and customs can do to the survival chances, liberties, health, life style and mentality of people engaged in them. Judging by Mayo’s books one could say that orthodox Hinduism has promoted and maintained paedophilia and child murder in India. If that is conceded, then one should ask oneself, as a freedom lover, whether one should advocate free migration and the right to asylum not only to the victims of such a religion but also to its practitioners, its victimizers. I knew an Indian who was convicted of having killed his 12 year old daughter. He had taken all the blame upon himself but it seemed that the mother was also involved in this killing. Would we want many such immigrants and should we be tolerant towards such actions in other countries? Can we reduce them more effectively than by spreading knowledge, appreciation and practice of individual rights, everywhere? – Knowledge of the then existing and partly still continuing conditions in India might help to undermine the image and followership of various Indian gurus, whose “teachings” keep people from their moral and rational tasks as rational beings. – Mayo, too, showed the English colonial government more as a protector, developer, educator and liberator than as an oppressor. However, while eliminating some internal warfare and oppression, e.g. the burning of widows, their freedom promoting influence was not strong enough. They still imposed territorial laws and did not see to it that all somewhat enlightened people could freely opt out from under them and the prevailing customs. – How would India have developed under a VOLUNTARY caste system, permitting individual secessions and individual associations, with justice between these voluntary caste groups and other voluntary communities, all doing their own things for and to themselves only? Would the better examples then have been widely enough copied by now? Replacing English territorial rule by Indian, Pakistani and Bangladesh territorial rule was not good enough. The governments of Pakistan & India, too, are now nuclear giants and ethical infants, as Omar Bradley said. There were even people joyfully dancing in the street about this! (May/June 98. – Nor, apparently, did the Christian missionaries bring enough enlightenment. They rather added their prejudices to the existing ones. – Have the fans of the Indian non-violence movement shown sufficient concern with the violence inherent in these Hindu customs? – In very general terms this book, too, shows what human beings are often capable of and what they are often incapable of. – J.Z., 9/9/97, 7.6.98.

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MEDIA DISTRIBUTION COOP, 1987, 1p hint, in PP 808. – Rather than just another attempt at more efficient distribution of information to the mass media, hoping for coverage by them, I would like to see a widespread distribution and optimal use of alternative media, using e.g. the micrographic option for cheap Reproduction of whatever one likes, making it thus PERMANENTLY accessible upon demand, at the lowest cost & effort so far readily available to almost everybody. The task consists, mostly, not in reaching the masses of disinterested people but, rather, the few who would be interested and who would, sooner or later, act as opinion-makers or become enabled/liberated, to do their own thing. Why duplicate any information beyond that requirement? Whoever wants to be enlightened ONLY through his favourite medium may not deserve any further enlightenment efforts by others. – J.Z.

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MEDIA: GROSSBERG, MICHAEL, Freeing Up the Media, 1p, in PP 1378/81: 405. – As usual, only the mass media are considered. Ignore them. Do your own thing on alternative media, which are already free and much more affordable and lasting. On them you can accumulate as much wisdom that finally the mass media will have to come to you – or you can shoot down their spokesmen quite effectively, one by one, with the best assortment of arguments and facts so far found. – J.Z., 12.5.97.

MEDIA? See: PP 633. How can one talk about them and study them and write books about them and run scientific institutes, concerned with them – while completely ignoring the micrographic media? This is done, all the time, almost everywhere, by many people and associations. What they mean is MASS MEDIA and ACCESS to THEM, NOT media which each member of the masses can freely use for his concerns – and can afford to use. Microfiche use, theoretically, could become as widespread as the use of cameras and tape recorders and PCs. And not only libraries have a good motive to save shelving space with microfilms. Few private homes have sufficient space for large private libraries. And they are so hard and costly to move – and to bring into order again after each move. Nor are they portable in any significant selections. They are also almost impossible to duplicate for one’s children, in print on paper, in a way that one can be sure they will take them along, through all their moves, during their lives. So, go fiching – for liberty! Or uses floppies and CD-ROM text issues. But do no longer consider print on paper as a miracle weapon for achieving sufficient enlightenment. – J.Z.

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MEDIEVALISM, See: KROEGER, JUDITH, Medievalism: Mr Lippmann’s old home remedy, 3pp, in PP 1377: 49. – We could do, though, with some of the autonomy then existing for voluntary associations, as well as its armed and trained citizens, standing up for their rights against the kings and feudal lords of their times. – J.Z.

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MERGERS, See: SHORTT, BRUCE NEVIN, Are Mergers Victimless Crimes? Is Big Bad? 1p, in PP 279: 121. – See also PP 724. – I hold that citizens should make a merger & take-over bid for all remaining assets in government hands, to get them finally under their own control and management, in a capitalistic or cooperative way, as they please, within their own voluntary and autonomous associations. The government is certainly under- performing and wasting many of OUR remaining public assets. Piecemeal privatization does not help much and rather puts more money into the hands of bureaucrats and politicians than our own. The government is our greatest debtor – and one that does not pay us, in balance, but rather taxes us, on and on, more and more, while holding on and continuing to mismanage huge public assets. How can we put up with it? How can we stop it? See PP 19C. In such a merger, if well planned and run, governments could come to disappear – for all but voluntary statists. – As it is, we are all more or less and INVOLUNTARILY merged with numerous government “anti-enterprises”. – A citizen-run take-over bid, for the assets now controlled by bureaucrats and politicians, could bring every Australian ca. $1 million in certified and transferable assets. – And still they remain apathetic towards this option. Not enough imagination! – J.Z., 7.6.98.

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MEULEN, HENRY, Henry Meulen speaking or: Peace through Enlightenment on Individualism, 6pp, edited by John Zube, 24x, in PP 12. – Most of his books ended up in the hands of GOVERNMENT librarians & he destroyed most of his correspondence! To that extent he was still a statist and self-destructive. – J.Z., 7.6.98.

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MICROFORM INTERNATIONAL MARKETING CORPORATION, a leaflet, 1p, 29x, in PP 367 & 426. I have not got a single sale through that international corporation as yet, or through any other that I was in touch with as far as I can remember. If I could outdo large corporations in this respect, many other individuals and small cooperative and partnership groups could, too, in many if not all respects. – J.Z.

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MIDDLE EAST, See: ROTHBARD, MURRAY N., Reflections on the Middle East, 3pp, in PP 1312/1314: 121. Alas, he discusses only the difficulties of territorial statism, not the solution of exterritorial autonomy for all parties. – J.Z.

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MIESES, STANLEY, The Blaring of the Zines, 1989, 1p, on alternative small presses, as represented by FACTSHEET FIVE, in PP 1158. I have not yet seen a sample under the new editorship, J.Z.


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MILLIONAIRES, Hooray for all those 25, 661 Millionaires, 724. By properly expropriating the bureaucracy, there could be 17 million Millionaires in Australia alone. See 19 C. – J.Z.

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MINUS ONE, Nos. 17, Jan/Feb 1967 & 22, June 1968, 27pp: 36-62, in PP 1465. – I acquired these two issues from the libray of Jack Grancharoff, after I had already compiled my incomplete set for microfiching. – J.Z.



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MISES, LUDWIG von, The Master of Economics and fearless champion of freedom, 1p, from SUNDAY INDEPENDENT, June 28, 1981, in PP 1,019. Some libertarians proposed, after the death of Mises, that he should be elected president and decide and act on the basis of all of his writings. If only those fans of his had at least gone ahead and compiled all this writings and fully indexed them as the Mises Encyclopaedia for Liberty. At least they themselves could have learned much more from such an effort. Some other libertarian writers deserve such treatment, too, and at last all writings by all of them should become collected, available and indexed, abstracted reviews and combined in general and special bibliographies. No one who does not work towards such an aim, at least to some extent, does truly LOVE liberty ideas, arguments, facts, proposals and options. – J.Z. – Anyhow, anyone’s wisdom or foolishness could serve in presidential position for any volunteer community that is only exterritorially autonomous. To the shame of the libertarian and anarchist movements, they have not yet put their kinds of wisdom together and made them easily and cheaply accessible. – J.Z., 17.6.99.

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MOLEX, Products for Micrographics and Information handling, leaflets, 13pp, in PP 907-910. – If you want to compile the individual frames on your own fiche yourself, & update them, these are the people to contact. They supply special sticky sheets for arranging the master fiche yourself. I rather get the fiche produced automatically and refilmed if necessary, through an automated and efficient micrographic agency. But if you want fancy page arrangements and want to use many different formats on the same fiche, this may be the way to go, for you. It is also a way to update fiche masters without refilming the lot. J.Z.)

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MONETARY DESPOTISM, PP 42/44, 201, 385, 423, 428ff:S.2309, 544, 586/87, 745, 777, 804, 815, 994/95. See: CENTRAL BANKING, LEGAL TENDER, MONEY MONOPOLY, MONOPOLIES, RIEGEL, BECKERATH, MONETARY EXPERIMENTS, FLAWED, see WAERA, in PP 731 & 791 & under WOERGL.

MONETARY FREEDOM HANDBOOK, Project. Listing of terms that it should deal with : 740. Compare the index to PP 9-11 in 11. Compare the Index to Henry Meulen’s THE INDIVIDUALIST, the index to Tucker’s LIBERTY, the index to 61/63, and the indexes in some of the monetary freedom titles listed and filmed. An individual can only provide a pilot scheme. There are still many titles I have only heard of and never as yet seen. So how could I review them for such a handbook? And the material collected and filmed by me is already too large to be comprehensively indexed and abstracted and reviewed in a handbook, by myself alone. So any help is wanted and needed for this project, preferably in filmable print-outs & on ASCII disks. There are periods in the breakdown of empires and satellites and during civil wars and revolutions, where the existing monetary despotism could simply be ignored by people sufficiently informed on the monetary freedom options and technologies. Most of the required knowledge does already exist – but is still all too wide dispersed, to make a successful monetary freedom revolution not only possible but likely. – J.Z.

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MONETARY FREEDOM! – NEWSLETTER – AND …M I C R O F I C H E, Some initial notes, by John Zube, in pages 67, 139, 141, 144 in PP 913. No.1, Nov. 86, 6pp, 36x, in PP 736, 29x, in PP 708 & 731. – First 4 issues, Nov. 86 to Feb. 89, 24pp, 29x, in PP 867. A subscription to 4 issues, $ 8 ord. mail, $ 10 airmail, entitled to the subscriber’s choice of 8 monetary freedom or other microfiche offered by LMP. I have not bothered to put together another issue because there were so few subscribers. The one or two who have paid in advance can claim their value in my microfiche. After No. 4, I suspended further such issues but may take them up again if sufficient interest is shown. Otherwise, all such material will be offered only on fiche. I had hoped to draw up to 100 subscribers for such a newsletter and wanted then to pass the editing and publishing to someone else. An Obituary, or, No. 5, as a “free” supplement”, 12pp, in PP 1182. Also in PP 1195. – However, the microfiched monetary freedom and free banking series goes on and on! – J.Z.

MONETARY FREEDOM, See: 33 diverse contributions in PP 25.

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MONETARY FREEDOM, See: CHRISTIANSEN, GREGORY B., Mont Pelerin Society Buries Monetarism, competing currencies discussed instead, 1986, 1p, in PP 1378/81: 29. – I have not sighted any of these discussions yet. They keep them more or less buried. – J.Z.

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MONETARY FREEDOM, See: POPP, EDWARD E., Dr., The Great Cookie Jar. Taking the Mysteries out of the Money System, 1978, 184pp, indexed, in PP 1360: 72. He defines basic terms alphabetically & proposes a degree of monetary freedom.


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MONETARY FREEDOM, See: UNWIN, J.D., Our Economic Problems and their Solution, 1944, 148pp, an extract from “Hopousia”, but rearranged, in PP 1398: 1. – It advocates some monetary freedom and has been all too long out of print, although the number of unemployed and underemployed has by now reached 1 billion! But so far not even one in a million of these victims shows a serious interest in monetary despotism as the main cause and in monetary freedom as the main cure. – J.Z.

MONETARY HISTORY OF THE U.S., See: AMERICAN INSTITUTE FOR ECONOMIC RESEARCH, Barrington, ECONOMIC EDUCATION BULLETIN: The Pocket Money Book. A Monetary Chronology of the U.S., XXIX, No. 12, Dec. 1989, 51pp: 291, in PP 1506/07.



MONETARY LEGISLATION, H.R. 516, 101st Congress, 1st Session, Congressman Crane’s bill to authorize the Treasury to issue gold-backed bonds to the holders of accounts in federally insured financial institutions that are insolvent, 1p, in PP 1240. – Even that would not change their inherently wrongful nature as “investments” in tax slaves. – J.Z.

MONETARY LEGISLATION, H.R. 843, 101st Congress, 1st Session, Congressman Crane’s bill to provide that all federal Reserve notes and other currencies of the U.S. shall be redeemable in gold, 1p, in PP 1240. – That would introduce just another kind of exclusive and forced currency or monetary despotism rather than monetary freedom. – J.Z.

MONETARY LEGISLATION, H.R. 844, 101st Congress, 1st Session, Congressman Crane’s bill to audit the Fed, 1p, in PP 1240.

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MONETARY LEGISLATION, what happens if it is absent, repealed or ignored? PP 589/90, 428ffp1651. – On a peaceful and fruitful as well as fast monetary revolution.

MONETARY LEGISLATION: H.R. 4358 To Repeal the Federal Reserve Act, 97th Congress, 1st Session 1p, in PP 1247.



MONETARY REVOLUTION, PP 8, 61-63, 399-401. See Monetary Freedom, Unemployment, Inflation.

MONETARY RIGHTS, PP 589/90, 428ffp1651,



MONETARY UTOPIA, PP 589/90, 428ffp1651,





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MONEY REFORM, PP 586/7, 738, 743, 791, 793, 971/2, 1065 (Ezra Pound), see Gesell, Douglas, Kinney.

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MUELLER, KARL von, has produced his first few microfiche. They are still somewhat imperfect, but then my first ones were far from perfect, too, at least with regard to the reduction rate and the number of pages they contained. Direct all your enquiries and orders to him, not to me. I have only samples of his output on hand so far. Address: KARL VON MUELLER, EXANIMO PRESS, P.O. BOX 18, SEGUNDO, CO 81070, USA. His titles: EXANIMO 1: Karl von Mueller, Vibrating Gold Concentrator, 49pp, 1 fiche, EXANIMO 2: Tron Miller, Gold Rocker Handbook, 40pp, 1 fiche, EXAMIMO 3: Karl von Mueller, The Coinshooters Manual, 48pp, 1 fiche, EXANIMO 4: Warren Merkitch, The Beachcomber’s Handbook, 48pp, 1 fiche, EXANIMO 5, Deek Gladson, Treasure of the Valley of Secrets, 37pp, 1 fiche, Exanimo 6 (?, unmarked as such!) CoC-1, Small Business Legal Handbook, 272pp, on 5 fiche, EXANIMO 7, Gold Dredger’s Handbook I, 45pp, sideways! on 1 fiche, EXANIMO 8, Gold Dredger’s Handbook, II, by Karl von Mueller, 48pp, on 1 fiche, EXANIMO 9, Legal Unlicensed Radio Broadcast Stations, 40pp, on 1 fiche, EXANIMO 10, R.J. Santschi, Modern Divining Rods, 69pp, sideways! on 1 fiche. Prices unknown. Why should I bother to list other libertarians, who so far produced even less on fiche and mostly of less quality, too? When they have a number of quality fiche to offer, I will gladly list them, too. An effort like the production of a single fiche hardly deserves much praise. And those who produced a dozen should not expect to conquer the world with them – unless there are hundreds to thousands like them, and they do run at least a common listing. – J.Z.

MUELLER, MILTON, Affirmative Action: Quota to End all Quotas? 4pp, Jan. 79, from THE LIBERTARIAN REVIEW, in PP 1234. I hold that all back issues of this journal ought to be made cheaply accessible on microfiche. I hold quite a few issues but not the complete set. All book reviews of all libertarian books should be made easily accessible. I would also love to see, for each important book, not only a compilation of its published reviews but also of most of the other discussions of it, reproduced at least on microfiche. J.Z.

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MUELLER-VOGG, HUGO, Fuenfundsechzig Bedienstete fuer 41 000 Einwohner. Privatisierung in Amerika, II: 79, in PP 1493. – Aus DIE WELT ? 11.12.1986. – That is still 65 too many. Let at least those who want to run their own lives independently opt out from this reduced bureaucracy as well. – J.Z. 5.6.98.

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MUIR, ANDRES, in TC, No. 149, of 24 July 87, on CYGNUS bulletin board, page 511, in PP 907-910. (Are there libertarian bulletin boards open to submissions on floppies, by mail, from LMP, containing some of its writings and its literature lists? J.Z.)

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MULFORD, PRENTICE, Wie man sein Unternehmen foerdert, 2 S., Selbstrationalisierung, Grundstimmung, frei bearbeitet und verkuerzt von Sir Galahad, IDEEN ARCHIV, in PP 1330-1332: 190.

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MULTATULI (E.D. DEKKER ), Fuerstenschule, Schauspiel in 5 Aufzuegen, 95 S., n.d., in PP 1251.

MULTICULTURALISM, PP 721. It ought to be advanced, from cultural to political, economic and social autonomy, on an exterritorial and voluntary basis. Otherwise it is just another form of more or less democratic or republican imperialism or federalism. As practised now, it amounts rather to compulsory than voluntary integration, since its voluntary segregationism is confined to a narrow view of culture, which excludes e.g. private monies and alternative justice systems. J.Z.


MULTI-HYPOTHESIS VS. SINGLE-HYPOTHESIS THINKING: MATIASZ, JORJ, Polarity Thinking vs. Integrative Thinking, 3pp, in PP 1432/1439: 645.

MULTILOG PROJECT OF JAMES KOEHNLINE, PP 907-910. More on this was fiched. See: Koehnline. Perhaps some of those he contacted, and those contacted by Victor Koman, for his MAPA project, could still become micrographically activated? – I tried it with some, in vain re MULTILOG. I have so far no information on the number and the responses of the MAPA project. A mere dozen micrographically active people can already do so much for themselves and for others. The output of hundreds could be listed together and accessed in parts but could no longer be fully read by anyone, during current lifespans. Thus, if you can interest and motivate into micrographic publishing action a mere dozen people, please do so. You could realize Friedrich Schiller’s saying: “How fertile is the smallest circle, if it is well cared for!” – J.Z.

MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS, See: AUREOUS, SKY D’ & HALL, NATALEE, Multi-National Corporations – Cause for Optimism, 2pp: 659, in PP 1457/62.

MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS, See: PETERSON, MARK, The Multinational Corporation, 6pp: 147, in PP 1529- 33.


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MURRAKUT, TO MOULD THE WORLD, The Story of the Fabians, Options Series, September 1984, by the Australian Adam Smith Club, 20pp, in PP 980. Also in PP 923. – People with a bad memory like mine, tend to repeat their jokes and their other reproductions. – J.Z.

MURRAY, CHARLES, In Pursuit of Happiness and Good Government, here only a 1p review, by OVERVIG, ARLEN, in PP 492.

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MURRAY, CHARLES, The American Experience with the Welfare State, 16pp, CIS, in PP 1147.

MURRAY, TOM, Meet the New Alternative to the Post Office – IPSA, an interview with Tom Murray, president of the Independent Postal System of America, in ADVERTISING & SALES PROMOTION, Jan. 1969, 2pp, in PP 1,019.

MUSCALUS, JOHN A., Dictionary of Paper Money, Bridgeport, Penns., 1947, 16pp of text & many illustrations of paper money, private issues included, in PP 980.

MUSIC IS BRAINFOOD, See: LLOYD, JAMES, Music Is Brainfood, 1997 clipping, 1p: 92, in PP 1489.

MUSIC, DEVELOPED, PP 199. A Melbourne anarchist (Ian Syms?), who recently has died, told me in 1986 that rock music tends to collectivize the listener and stops thinking while classical music would tend to individualize and stimulate thinking. Has any research been done on this and published? If true, to some extent, then to what degree is such “treatment” effective? Does it differ for each individual? Have we become the puppets of rock musicians? What about folk, country, jazz, etc.? According to a recent radio report, public classical music playing at Bankstown Railway Station (Sydney) has reduced vandalism, hooliganism and mugging there. I would like to hear more about such experiments. – J.Z.



MUSKELKRAFTFLUG DES MENSCHEN, 2 S., in Ideen Archiv, in PP 1330-1332: 45. Forschung, Flugwisssenschaft. – Inzwischen erfunden. J.Z.


MUSSOLINI, See: MCCABE, JOSEPH, The Pope and the Italian Jackal. – How Mussolini’s Invincible Legions Were Blessed, Haldeman – Julius Publications, The Black International No. 8, 1942, 31pp, in PP 1225.

MUSTE, A.H., Where Are We Going? The Fellowship of Reconciliation, N.Y., n.d., 1941? 23pp, in PP 1267. Do they know, by now? J.Z.

MUSTE, A.J. & OLMSTEAD, FRANK, Peace Is Their Profession, on conscientious objection, 6pp, in PP 1097.

MUSTE, A.J. to BIDDLE, FRANCIS, 4pp, on conscientious objection, in PP 1097.

MUSTE, A.J., Getting Rid of War, National Policy and Personal Responsibility, 1959 speech, prepared by him for publication, distributed by American Friends Service Committee, 12pp, in PP 1267. – The close relationship between individual liberties and peace remained unknown to him – and to most other peace writers and activists. – J.Z.

MUSTE, A.J., MEMORIAL INSTITUTE ESSAY SERIES, Nos. 1 – 12, 579pp, in PP 1123. Obviously, most of these essays were written by communists and State socialists rather than libertarians or anarchists. But they contain some libertarian voices. The essays are separately listed by author.

MUSTE, A.J., Orbituary for A.J. Muste, Feb. 11, 1967, 1p, from Fellowship of Reconciliation, in PP 1,015.

MUSTE, A.J., Portions of Memorandum of April 3, 1942, 5pp, on conscientious objection, in PP 1097.

MUSTE, A.J., Wage Peace Now! The Fellowship of Reconciliation, N.Y., n.d., before or during W.W. II, 31pp, reading list, in PP 1321. I’d rather microfiche more anarchist and libertarian peace writings. Alas, they are still rare. For my own see especially PP 16-18 & 61-63, with the latter, in German, in PP 399 – 401. – J.Z.

MUSTE, ABRAHAM JOHANNES, Who Has the Spiritual Atom Bomb? 1968, 33pp, from the A.J. Muste Memorial Institute Essay Series, in PP 1123. A misleading analogy. The atom bomb is not powerful but merely destructive. Or was he thinking not of spiritual fission but fusion? I find Leonard E. Read’s “Release All Creative Energies!” much more enlightening. and hold that e.g. individual secessionism and exterritorially autonomus panarchies, monetary freedom, tyrannicide, rightful war and peace aims, ideas archives and talent registries, encyclopedias of the best refutations of popular myths errors and prejudices, slogans for liberty compilations, unilateral free trade and propertarian cooperative productive experiments, as well as microfiching, have much to offer in this direction. – J.Z.

MUSTO, DAVID F., Lessons of the First Cocaine Epidemic, 1885 – 1920s, WSJ,June 11, 1986, 1p, in PP 1362/63: 27.

MUTUAL AID, PP 229, 621.


MUTUAL CONVENIENCE RELATIONSHIPS vs. SINGLE CONVENIENCE RELATIONSHIPS, PP 390, 865, 987. See Don Werkheiser. (I have the unfinished manuscript of his magnum opus – but have not yet got around to transcribe it. If he had computerized himself, he would probably, by now, have finished it. Some people are glacially slow in adopting micrographics. Some are even slow in adopting PCs. Never mind how bright they are otherwise. J.Z.)


MUTUALISM, PP 197, 957,

MUTUALIST ASSOCIATES, THE, L.A., What Mutualism Is, n.d., 8pp, in PP 957.

MYCALL SUNANDA UNIVERSITY, World Peace Game, 14pp: 131, in PP 1475. – To run a worthwhile brainstorming session one must have some knowledge, ideas and brains. Otherwise, as in most peace congresses: GIGO. – J.Z.

MYER, RUSSELL, So You Want to Be Your Own Boss? 1p comic, in PP 1271.

MYERS, DAVID MICHAEL, Letter, re: Archy & Anarchy: The state of the debate, by TIBOR R. MACHAN, 1972, 1p: 668, in PP 1457/62.

MYERS, Notes on panarchism, in TC 123-155, with comments by J. MYHRE, OYVIND, Science Fiction: A Vision of Liberty, 1986, LA Cultural Notes No. 9, 4pp, 29x, in PP 696.

MYINT, H., Adam Smith’s Theory of International Trade in the Perspective of Economic Development, ECONOMICA, UK, 44, Aug. 77, 231-248, summary only, 1p, in LITERATURE OF LIBERTY, in PP 1200p319, headed: Free Trade and Development.

MYKLEBUST, JOEL B., An Equitarian Analysis of Some Problems for Libertarians, 5pp, in PP 274.

MYKLEBUST, JOEL B., An Equitarian Analysis of some Problems for Libertarians, 5pp, in PP 274: 111.

MYOB, PP 981.

MYOB, See: SUMMER, BRIAN, On Minding One’s Own Business, 1p: 504,in PP 1529-33. – If libertarians really bothered to mind their own business, namely, to make all libertarian knowledge cheaply and easily accessible to anyone interested, they would have long ago adopted some of the alternative media for this. – J.Z.