Not taking requests (yet), and why.

I received the following (truncated) email recently:

I am writing to inquire how to go about getting a copy of The Madison Report, March/April 1990, Vol. 4, No. 2, which can be found in the Libertarian Microfiche Publishing Project’s website index here:
Could it be scanned and sent over to me for a fee? Please let me know and thanks!

and I had to respond:

¬†Thanks for writing. That will probably be a service I can provide in the future, but I’m currently fundraising to buy a set of the microfiche in the first place. The item you’re looking for it on microfiche PP1107 .
If you’d like to donate to the goal of rescuing a set f microfiche, find out more here:¬†

which prompted the short reply:

Happy to give a donation if you can couple that with maybe scanning those documents for me? Thanks for your response!

when I finally detailed:

So, part of the problem is this – I’m not going to promise something I can’t be sure that I can do, or have no idea when I’d be able to do it. I just sent off payment for 200 ‘fiche, and donations are slow. It may be a few months before people have donated enough money for me to send another order in. I expect this to be a money losing investment into preserving knowledge. I won’t do something that would also give people a reason to get angry if I haven’t been able to accomplish a task in any amount of time. I also don’t want to then start keeping track of various promises of what to scan for who on what fiche, etc. etc.
So, at this time, I’m not willing to make any promises connection to donations outside of “they’ll be used to purchase microfiche”. I hope you understand. Please keep an eye on the blog. We’ll make updates as things progress.
Thank you,
Kevin I. Slaughter


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